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Industry and Fashion With The Asian Tigers

Many people are unfamiliar with the idea of the Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and most importantly South Korea). The reason these nations are referred to as tigers is simply because they have had an unprecedented amount of industrial growth in the past couple of decades. Now you may be thinking, what does industrial growth have to do with fashion and brands? In one word, everything. With the mass industrialization, there has been an influx of upper and middle class individuals, all of which were willing to dole out their new found money. These new money millionaires were looking for ways to show off their wealth and fashion.

Designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and Givenchy are opening shops all around Shanghai and Hong Kong and many other brands are branching out to locations such as Seoul, South Korea. These big fashion brands are bringing in a ton of profit, but they face really strong competition from local brands. In nations similar to the Asian Tigers, the local brands are producing high quality items at a fraction of the price other designer brands are selling. And the consumers and celebrities are noticing.

When Ryan Gosling was asked about the designer suits he wore in the movie “Only God Forgives”, Ryan stated that he got them tailor made with quality wools for a lot less.

In addition to high end brands trying to take a share of the tiger market, many street wear brands have been taking claim to the Asian market. Recently, rapper Pusha T ushered in the new House of Vans store in Seoul. Following the steps of the recent launch in China, House of Vans made sure to launch the store with a bang by bringing in the likes of local bands and super stars such as G-Dragon. The store managed to create a five hour wait prior to opening.

What does this mean for the future of the Tiger Nations? It could mean many things. Along with industrialization, the Tigers are already feeling the effects of globalization. But the ideas emerging from these nations are quite unique to those cultures themselves; rather than being a product of western influences.

Issey Miyake Debuts His New Scent During NYFW

A melange of all things sensual and alluring, Issey Miyake introduces a seductive cologne during New York Fashion Week entitled “Nuit D’Issey”. A mix of all things necessary in a fragrance, Miyake seems to have hit the perfect balance between light and dark. The light bergamot gives off a very sweet and citrus aroma which is backed with just a hint of black pepper giving a unique pinch to the users nose. But given that light cologne wears off quite easily, Miyake gives the fragrance a firm background of black woods and vetiver, giving the cologne a strong woody essence, effectively allowing the user to have the scent attached to him throughout the day.

The presentation of the cologne is striking as well, given that the bottle was designed and modeled with the help of visual artist Ryan Hopkinson. Together, Miyake and Hopkinson capture the elements of night. The bottle has quite a smokey gradient to it, reminiscent to that of the moonlight, while the box has a similar dual tone.

But the cologne itself is not perfect, nor can it be. The idea of perfection is one that men chase but can never catch up to, and with that being said Miyake has come quite close to having an ideal, well rounded scent that anyone and everyone can enjoy, giving it the status that is a step towards perfection. If I had to give a rating to the scent, it would be a solid 8/10. On my recommendation, I feel that this is a perfect cologne for a working man. After running around all day for Fashion Week, one would imagine that they would need a spritz of cologne before they begin attending the after parties, but I find that while wearing “Nuit D’Issey”, I do not need to apply that second air. The cologne stays strong through a rough day and would fit the criteria for any professional, boss, or boyfriend that has little time for themselves. It would be a great gift considering that it is well worth the money you pay for a cologne.

via Nuit D'Issey
via Nuit D’Issey



Ricardo Seco Presents His S/S15 Collection At NYFW

A mix of all things colorful and bold, Ricardo Seco presents his S/S 15 collection “DREAMS”. On the tenth floor of 7 World Trade Center, the designer presented a slew of classic silhouettes mixed with colorful essentials in his brand new collaboration with New Balance. The designer states that this isn’t just a collaboration with New Balance but ” with the Wixárika, an indigenous community from Mexico, who are known for their beadings.” He goes on to state that the tribe creates “each bedded piece” that they “put their dreams into their work.”
A chic mix of all things fashionable and trendy, the collection was the first time the designer displayed both mens and womens wear together. A mix of all things essential, the collection featured leather jackets, jumpsuits, swimsuits, shorts, pants and a few other things. A mixture of suede, neoprene, cotton and silk were among the fabrics present and all were perfectly constructed. Many elements and inspirations could be found among the designer line. Most important were the elements of Wixárika culture, such as trippy, peyote graphics and geometric designs based on the Eye of God mixed with a very New York vibe. It will not be surprising to see the clothing fly off the shelves next year and your favorite fashionistas rocking it next year.
Images by Isaac Nho



Who is Emily Ratajkowski?

She’s graced the cover of GQ and made headlines after her racy “Blurred Lines” appearance, but who exactly is this bombshell? Emily Ratajkowski is a talented young model and actress hailing from Westminster, London, famous for many different ad campaigns and starring in the upcoming movie “Gone Girl.” During her childhood she moved from place to place spending her summers in Ireland and Spain while coming home to sunny California for the school year. She attended San Dieguito Academy and later attended UCLA for a year before dropping out to pursue her career in acting and modeling. She had minor roles in a few films and even starred in a few episodes of iCarly.

via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook
via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook

Born with a Polish descent, she debuted at the young age of 14 with Ford Models, who also signed the likes of Janice Dickinson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Amber Rose, Lana Del Rey and a ton of other famed celebrities. Ratajowski started off working with Forever 21, Nordstrom, as well as many other lingerie campaigns. But she had her real breakthrough when she worked alongside Tony Duran, whose work has been published in nearly every single major publication. Shortly after that Ratajkowski was offered a role in the “Blurred Lines” music video, but initially declined to participate, only to be later convinced by the director. Following her music video she gained national notoriety posing for GQ, FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and Esquire. Her talent has taken her as far as landing a role with famed actors Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, and Neil Patrick Harris in the movie Gone Girl.

via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook
via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook

What does the future hold for the smoldering Ratajkowski? More movie deals, more modeling deals, maybe she will become a spokesmodel for a major company, who knows.

Athletes Take It All Off For ESPN Annual Body Issue!

Athletes gone wild! Or so it looks like with this years ESPN’s Body Issue. Starting in 2009, ESPN decided to combat the decline of their subscribers and release something fresh and new, and what’s better than racy photos of some of the worlds most elite athletes. After the release of the original issue, featuring many famous athletes like Lolo Jones, Ryan Lochte, and Manny Pacquiao, ESPN tried to rival the readership of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. The strategy was quite the success with readership up 35% giving the company a pretty fair profit and giving these sometimes misrepresented athletes a very new appeal to the public. Go ahead and pick up a copy of this years edition over here.

Venus Williams via espn


The Sartorialist: Dinner in Florence

Picasso was once quoted saying “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Keep that in mind as you watch the featured video of some of the most fashionable men and take notes on their style. A persons style should be something that is reflective of one’s own personality, take note from these gentleman on how to dress and break the rules. The video is a culmination of all things a fashionmister is supposed to be, take example from fashionmisters like Lino Leluzzi, Simone Righi, John Malkovich, Kogi Motofumi, and many many other stylish gents.

Back in 2005, Scott Schuman started “The Sartorialist” with dreams of becoming something much bigger then what his environment in Indiana provided him. With the simple idea of shooting photographs of stylish persons, Schuman built an empire working for the likes of Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and many other names. “The Sartorialist” not only became one of the most popular blogs in the fashion world, Schuman helped many other business men such as Lino Leluzzi’s tailor shop, Carlos Casillo’s Man, and Japanese store United Arrows find clientele from all over the world. You can find Schuman’s “The Sartorialist” here.

Do You Really Know Lebron James?

Lebron James is a FashionMR. You may know him for his astounding NBA career, some know him for his debacle this NBA season, others know him as the rookie who was compared to Michael Jordan his first year of play. But do you really know Lebron James?

Via Kingjames Instagram
Via Kingjames Instagram

Little known about Lebron James is that he was born to a 16 year old mother, who had to give James up to an adoptive family when he was only nine years old. His adopted father, a basketball coach, began to show James the ropes and teach the young James how to play ball. From that day, James was on the top of every single league, finishing high school with a nearly perfect record and having been named Ohio’s Mr. Basketball.

Via Kingjames instagram
Via Kingjames instagram

But his basketball career is just one aspect of his very successful endeavours. Little does everyone know, James is also the owner of the Miami boutique, UNKNWN. Which is ironic because this fact is basically unknown to the public and that the store stocks premium Nike shoes, but also stocks classic, and fashionable goods from 3.1 Phillip Lim, A.P.C, and Band of Outsiders. Keep in mind, James donates a good portion of the sales from his store to go into his foundation that he started, called the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Radiant visuals of the stores interior Via
Radiant visuals of the stores interior

James has also been the first black man to grace the cover of Vogue, all the while being the third man to actually appear on the cover. The cover was quite controversial considering the fact that it resembled King Kong advertisements. Controversy aside James has also gave a charitable amount to elect Barack Obama into office and has sat and joked around with Michelle Obama.


All in all, James is not only a renaissance man, he is a fashionMister. If you are looking for more information and history on one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, take a look at the documentary More Than a Game by Kristopher Belman.

How to Dress Like A Rock Star (While Still Looking Classy)

Everyone wants to be a rock star. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to be one? They get all the girls, go on tour to see the world, and make millions, a lifestyle people dream about. But the question is, how can you become one? Simply put, just dress like it and play the part.

Photo by Roger Deckker.
Stylistically challenging the norm, all the while making it cool to be a rebel.
Photo by Roger Deckker.

Lets start with the basics. Grab your favorite suit and be prepared to layer. Throw on your favorite bomber and go ahead and top it off with your favorite blazer and matching pants. You can choose to change it up by picking a plaid shirt, or maybe a shirt you wouldn’t usually think of wearing with a suit. Take a look at The Strokes, they flawlessly pull of the rock star look. Think rock star, break the rules and be daring.

Switch up the matching suit and pant combination and change your colors, for a retro rock star look. Image via
Switch up the matching suit and pant combination and change your colors for a retro rock star look.
Image via

Kick it up a notch and throw on a beat up pair of boots or sneakers, break the barriers but do it in a fashionable way. The key here is to make a statement that is bold, not bad. With that in mind try slipping into a corduroy or velvet button up, maybe something even more unique. Just go ahead and throw on a watch you would never wear with your gentleman attire. Pull it all off and in no time will you have the ladies singing about you.

Go ahead, run to your neighborhood thrift store and grab the ost abstract suit you find. Photo via Spin
Go ahead, run to your neighborhood thrift store and grab the ost abstract suit you find.
Photo via Spin

Lastly, just make sure you look confident in what you wear. With no confidence, the best outfits turn into the worst. Make sure that when you rock your new look that you own it, and just like that, you are all set to be a rock star.

Just remember, keep your cool and be confident, in no time will your room and outfit look like this. Photo via Fender
Just remember, keep your cool and be confident, in no time will your room and outfit look like this.
Photo via Fender

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 at Paris

After the departure of Stefano Pilati in 2012, Hedi Slimane was appointed the Creative Director with one thing in mind, to reinvent the brand image. Along with designing a ready-to-wear line that flew off the shelves, Slimane shocked the world by changing the brand’s iconic name, Yves Saint Laurent, to the modern Saint Laurent. And this year, Slimane has once again set the fashion world ablaze with the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 15 collection. Inspiration this year comes from the eccentric dress code of the hippies mixed with the modern silhouette of Slimane’s designs. All in all, this line is definitely something to watch out for next summer.

Check out the pictures here.