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How a Tudor Fabric Watch Strap is Made

Here at FashionMR, we’re fans of awesome watches and the lengthy processes it takes to make such quality timepieces (helps us try to make sense of some of the ridiculous prices). So, it’s obvious for the team to go “gaga” over this video.

Posted by Tudor Watches, it documents the steps taken to make a fabric strap. While pretty antiquated, the straps are carefully put together by a loom. The video goes on to show the clever harmony between physical hands and mechanical devices working in unison. It is definitely worth the look if you’re a fan of Tudor or Nato watch straps.


Fast Friday: Toyota FJ40

Every Friday on FashionMR’s Facebook page (like us if you already haven’t), we showcase notable vintage cars. In the past we’ve shared images of a Ferrari 250GT, Porsche 907 racecar and even a resto-mod BMW motorcycle. So instead of isolating these posts to Facebook, we’ve decided to show some vintage car love on our site as well.

via vintageoffroad
via vintageoffroad

For the inaugural post of “Fast Friday”, we bring you the timeless and rugged of all 4x4s, the Toyota FJ40. While this isn’t a classic concrete screamer, it’s an icon worth knowing for its longterm history and impact on the 4×4/jeep market. In its own right it deserves a place at the top next to the Ford Bronco, the Willys Jeep and the Land Rover Gen 1.


So why does it deserve the designation of “icon”? Well for one, this jeep has remained in production for 24 years; 1960 to 1984 to be exact. Initially called the J40, it was given the nickname “FJ40” for the use of F-series engines. And during its 24 year production it came in different variants. Commonly manufactured in a two door configuration, it was also made into a pickup as well as a 4 door SUV.

via Ebrahim-jamal/Wikipedia
via Ebrahim-jamal/Wikipedia

In the span of 20+, the brand and the model built a reputation for being a tough, off-road ready, “dune-scaler”. The longevity of the model played a key factor into building its reputation as a quintessential off-roader. Over the years, the engine as well as the general reliability of the FJ was gradually refined and improved. By the end of its manufacturing period, it claimed a chunk of the SUV market share and built up a diehard fanbase.

If you’ve owned one before and looking to relive some of your past memories, you’re out of luck. A nicely restored FJ40 is sure to break the bank. However if you plan on slowly restoring a barnfind, you’re in luck. Because of the large fanbase the J40 has built, there are many support groups as well as parts suppliers. But if you’re just starting out, check out the Toyota Land Cruiser Association for tips, interesting reads and member events regarding the FJ40.


5 Notable Lookbook Bloggers You Should Be Following

Many fashion conscious individuals live and die on inspiration. Whether it’s through online sources or from people watching on the streets, inspirational styles can be had easily (that’s if you live in a fashion rich city like NYC). When it comes to social media, sources like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr are full of style bloggers who passionately display their style through hashtags like #ootd and #picoftheday. And religious followers flock to these pages to get the “latest and greatest” styles from very attractive users.

Lookbook is another source for inspirational fashion. Much like a “Facebook for Fashionites” (if you didn’t know already), it has a global reach with members based in many different parts of the world. If you’re a Sartorialist junkie like myself, you’ll be happy to know that it is filled with Sartorial inspiration; so much so that it’s hard to pick your favorite. But here at FashionMR, we strive on making those tough decisions. So, here is our list of top 5 notable Lookbook bloggers to look out for.

Marc Galobardes

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Marc is a styleblogger with a healthy dose of sartorial and casual looks. And mostly taken while standing, his images are staged but bordering on organic. While he only has 66 images in his archive, you can find more of his looks on his site Carrouselmc.

Marcel Floruss

With over 37,000 followers on Lookbook, Marcel is an established styleblogger and founder of the site, OneDapperStreet. And much like Marc, he shares a mix of dapper and casual styles. Based in NYC, his styles are clean, well thought-out and down right classy. But simply telling you about it doesn’t do his styles justice. Take a look for yourself!

Christopher Michael

From the west coast, Christopher’s styles are dapper with a mix of casual. Many of his looks are very thorough. Showcasing all aspects of each outfit, viewers get to not only see the entire ensemble, but the individual parts that makeup the whole (i.e.: accessories and shoes). Check him out on Lookbook and on his personal site UnbearablyStylish.

Marc Bueno

North of the border, Marc Bueno is another styleblogger that offers up refreshing looks bordering on avant-garde territory. And with a fresh array of looks and a helpful collection of links to copy the look, Marc is definitely someone who you should be looking out for. Find him on Lookbook or at his blog, TheBuenoFashionisto. Kang

A jack-of-all trades (singer, song writer, designer and fashion blogger), Kang is the founder of the blog mela-blog. Known for his casual looks, each of’s outfits are tastefully put together and displayed to mostly showcase his style. His face is usually cropped out from the rest of the picture.



The Future of Winter Wear?

Nudown is out with an interesting line of outerwear. Calling it “Nutech Technology”, each jacket or vest (only comes in two designs) comes with a built in pump. The pump allows the wearer to manually force air into air pockets found on the outer linings of the clothing; creating a layer of air between the fabric and the outside temperature. The air then traps your body heat creating further insulation from the winter chill. If you start feeling hot, just release some of that air to cool yourself down. Coming in at $350 for the jacket and $250 for the vest, this is another example of how fashion designers are trying to merge tech and style.


Dat Hoang: Fly In So Many Ways

Showcasing different outfits for different occasions, Dat Hoang starts his posts by asking how his audience is doing. “Hope you guys are having a good week” or “Hope everyone is doing great” are just a few of the pleasantries Dat uses before displaying his many outfits. And along with each post, he provides detailed descriptions for each item in his setup.

Dat makes good use of contrasting colors in this setup. Wearing a tan coat over a maroon suit is the key to this look. From there, he rocks a watch from Daniel Wellington, a Burberry tie and shades from Dharma Eyewear to add to the finer details of this look.

In this next look, Dat goes seasonal with a coat over suit setup; avoids the bright colors of the spring/summer. However, he adds variety by throwing some patterns into the mix. The patterns on the tie as well as the scarf help in completing the look.

This next rather dapper gem comes all the way from Instagram. Rocking a “time-machine” of a look, Dat is seen wearing a gray coat over a navy suit and black slacks. And in order to add flavor to the entire setup, he throws in a polka dot tie.

Dat is the real deal folks. With almost daily updates, each setup has a strong attention to detail. So, if you’re looking for sartorial inspiration or something simple and casual, you won’t be disappointed visiting his site.



Men in Suits Doing Crazy Things

Who says you can’t skydive in a suit? How about surfing? These men are breaking conventional norms and indulging in their favorite activities without worrying about damaging their suit. And why the hell not! They’re only pieces of fabric elegantly sown together. You buy them to wear them and sometimes you want to feel elegant and dignified while jumping off airplanes, swimming with sharks or fighting lions in a pit. Disclaimer: If you have a die hard passion for suits, you might feel a bit squeamish about the abuse these suits get.

Fresh Looks by Mike Q

Photographer and style blogger, Mike Quyen shows off his classy looks on his site, Quyenmike. Predominately sartorial in style, Mike’s outfits are tastefully framed and edited. He applies his photographic prowess to provide unique and rather clever shots that make you not only love the outfit, but respect the image as well. Mostly shot on outdoors on the streets, it’s very common to look at an image and wonder how it was taken. Often when the images are this creative, it is easy to get distracted from the most important part of each photo; the outfit. But, the outstanding outfits in his collection make it difficult not to pay attention to them.


Here is a clear example of a shot that can get the viewer distracted; especially with the beautiful image of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Mike combats this with his stylish set. With a black suit and a matching suitcase, he adds a bit of contrast with an overcoat by Marsay. Mike completes the look with a necklace and ring by Topman.

mikeq2_fashionMRIt’s images like this one that makes Mike Q standout from the rest. While most style bloggers are busy taking unoriginal and rather played out “walking across the street” shot, he breaks boundaries by applying a creative touch to what was already an amazing shot/outfit.


Yeah, yeah levitation photography is nothing new. But, Mike takes it up a notch by adding a touch of his own style; stylishly and photographically. For this look, he makes use of a light colored jean jacket and matching jeans to provide a more casual/urban setup. Mike then finishes up the look with a casual shoes from Clarks.

Photo Credit: All Images by Mike Quyen


Coolest Ugly Xmas Sweaters You Can Buy

So the season for egg nogs, festive storefront decorations, Rudolph’s red nose adorned in front of car and truck grills and ugly Christmas sweater parties. And finding the best sweater to standout can be just as stressful as finding clever costumes over Halloween. Well that’s what we’re here for; to find you the most whimsical and festive ugly sweater; just don’t expect affordable prices. Disclaimer: Some of the items below may be “geek-tastic”.

via tipsyelves
via tipsyelves

If you’re still confused about where “lemon-flavored” snow comes from, this sweater clearly explains it through threads. In this depiction of Saint Nick, gifts aren’t the only things that he delivers, so be careful and think before you try some fallen snow. ($74.95)

This next ugly sweater deserves to be on the list due to its creative design. Made with two halves of a stuffed reindeer on the front and back of the sweater, the 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater is a bit of a celebrity. With appearances on Live! with Kelly and Michael, it’s a cute and clever way to impress your friends and family. ($59.99)

via Yellow Bulldog
via Yellow Bulldog

If you’re a product of the 90s, this next sweater should be a pleasant trip down memory lane; if you choose to buy one. Adorned with the two iconic Street Fighter characters, Ken and Ryu, this ugly Christmas sweater is tastefully put together. So if the attendance at the party consists of geeks and nerds, the Street Fighter sweater is sure to turn heads. ($44)


Being part of the “United States of Wu”, this next sweater really hits home. But being a fan, it’s going to be tough choosing between the Ugly Sweater Party and a night with your best headphone and favorite Wu-Tang tracks. ($79.99)


The most famous transforming automaton is back; this time in the form of a sweater design! Adorned on the front of this sweater is Optimus Prime; coupled with subtle Autobot logos found on the chest and sleeves. ($79.99)







“Jon the Gold” Strikes Gold

Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, Jonathan Zegbe is the founder of “Jon the Gold” and a purveyor of clean, chic and à la mode looks. And from sartorial to dapper, he showcases it all in properly framed images. Jon prides himself in displaying his fashion prowess, and it shows. The looks on his site go beyond the predominately sartorial looks. Casual and urban looks are also commonplace throughout the archive of images. And he doesn’t shy away from edgy or risky ensembles, but embraces them; “striking gold” every time.


Franko Dean: Fresh to Death

A self-proclaimed socialite and menswear blogger, Franko Dean provides his followers with a classy mix of outfits ranging from sartorial to urban. But Franko provides a bit more than you’re usual style blogger. Along with the collection of ensembles showcased on his site, he provides videos for some of the outfits; can see the setup through still images and in action. And unlike most bloggers in this field, he actually provides text and translations in Spanish; in order to reach a broader audience.

For this setup, Franko goes casual with this navy blazer, denim setup. There is also a clear attention to detail. The bright red tie in a dominantly navy style, adds a bit of contrast; with the mustache tie clip to complete the look.
via Franko Dean
via Franko Dean

As stated earlier, Franco isn’t afraid to mix it up and go urban. In this look, he’s doing exactly that with jeans and a jean vest. Overall it is a clean and simple setup that prevents the outfit from looking to “busy” to the eyes.

via Franko Dean
via Franko Dean

In this video, he gets a bit edgy with a black leather shirt and denim. This look has a more post-modern vibe in comparison to his other outfits. It is definitely a bold move from some of his other ensembles.

A photo posted by Franko Dean (@frankodean) on

Franco shows his sartorial prowess with this clean setup. With a pair of Ray Van Clubmasters, semi-spread collar, camo tie, vest and tapered slacks, he goes completely dapper; paired with brown loafers to finish off the look. This ensemble is a “win” on so many levels.



The Hat Game

When striving for the perfect outfit, there needs to be an attention to detail. Whether it’s the subtle pattern on a pocket square or the inclusion of bracelets to compliment the watch, accessories help emphasize your attention to the finer details of your outfit. And if the accessory can check both form and function boxes, it makes the item more desirable. In the case of the hat, you’re going to fulfill both requirements. But if you’re a casual hat wearer, occasionally committing to the baseball cap, it’s time to graduate to something a bit more chic and classy.


via HarveyNichols
via HarveyNichols

Popular, the Fedora is a timeless hat design that remains a staple in many hat collections. Dating back to the late 1800s, the Fedora owes its fame to Prince Edward, who started wearing them in the 1920s. While it is best used to compliment the suit, the fedora can be used with business casual as well as urban/street wear outfits. Match them with your jacket, shirt or nothing at all. Find a color that works with you and commit to it; the Fedora is made to compliment various setups.


via Hackett London
via Hackett London

By choosing to wear the Derby (or Bowler), you are inching toward “dandy” territory. Created by British soldier and politician Edward Coke in 1849, the Derby seems like a piece from a Charlie Chaplin Halloween costume. But, this hat is more than that. Much like the Fedora, the Derby is finding its way into the sartorial culture. Thus, it can be worn and matched much like other chic hats; while keeping your hair in check and away from the elements.


via Drake's London
via Drake’s London

Contrary to the name, the Panama finds its origins in Ecuador. While similar in design to the Fedora, it plays a different role. Made for the warmer, summer months, these hats come in lighter fabrics and seasonal colors. Along with the traditional felt material, Panama hats are put together with straw; making it more breathable. So, you’re more than likely to find them paired with seersucker suits in bright, summer hues.


via DapperDean
via DapperDean

Made famous by the Barbershop Quartet and the recent movie, “The Great Gatsby”, the Boater hat is very similar in purpose to the Panama. Put together with straw, it is often paired with a seersucker suit in spring/summer colors. Adding the Boater hat provides a splash of dandy to any sartorial outfit.


via J.Hansen
via J.Hansen

Also called the Flat, Cabbie and Jeff Cap, this hat dates back to the 1500s Europe. Once seen as a “bonnet”, this hat was given the title of cap in the 1700s. The Driver comes in a variety of fabrics; most notably in tweed or wool. It’s another timeless design that goes with many outfits; from urban to bespoke. So whether you’re in a bespoke suit or in denim and boots, the Driver’s Cap will be right at home.


5 Cars, 5 Outfits

The team here at FashionMR love vintage cars. Whether it’s European, Japanese or American, if it’s in stick and has a mean “vroom,” we’re hooked; not to mention the fact that cars of a certain vintage have more love and soul. We also believe that a nice outfit should be complimented by an equally nice car. It’s no secret that a beautiful vintage car is like one expensive, steel and rubber fashion accessory. A shiny ride is that missing piece in any outfit that will help facilitate the turning of heads as you cruise or burn rubber down the street; a vintage car even more. So, lets play a little game and match five outfits we love with five classic cars we lust after.


1. Turtleneck, Blazer and Slacks x Ferrari Daytona

(via Gant)
(via classicdriver)
(via classicdriver)


2. Check Blazer and Green Slacks x Lamborghini Miura

(via jamesnord)
(via jamesnord)
(via Erik Fuller)
(via Erik Fuller)


3. Double Breasted Herringbone Suit x Jaguar MkII

(via Gant)
(via Gant)
(via Berthold Werner)


4. Cream Fedora, Navy Shirt and Denim x Fiat 500

(via mugenstyle/tumblr)
(via mugenstyle/tumblr)
(via The Hamster Factor/Flickr)
(via The Hamster Factor/Flickr)


5. Double Breasted Vest and Matching Pants x Porsche 356 “The Outlaw”

(via bohemianparis)
(via bohemianparis)
(via Michael Bugler)
(via Michael Bugler)


We’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to include your car and an outfit setup of your own in the comments below!


Gingham Shirts by Twillory

Whether you’re a cubicle creature, a king of the hill or a window office executive, a nice clean shirt is a staple in your wardrobe. In the meeting room, a sit-down with clients or social gatherings, a form fitting shirt could make or break any situation. And even if you are stylishly oblivious, you might’ve noticed that the shirt pattern that looks oddly familiar to a traditional picnic table cover is trending. Because of this, the shirt game is saturated with brands that carry this style. First off, if you’ve been calling it the “picnic table pattern”, lets start off by calling the shirt design by its rightful name, “gingham”.



Twillory follows this same design trend with a collection of gingham shirts; with spread and button-down collar options (for more info on collars). Made in five colors, all the shirts ooze quality and an attention to detail. Any brand can stitch similar fabrics together and sell it for competitive prices. But the gingham shirts from Twillory, give the feeling that you are getting more than what you paid for.


The fabric is hardy yet smooth and it feels like the shirt can handle many washes and battles with the iron. At a 120 cloth count, it is tightly woven. Also, the cuffs provide an extra bit of adjustability with another set of buttons. Up front, the shirt is adorned with mother of pearl buttons; commonly found in high-end shirts. And remember that “attention to detail” feel mentioned earlier, well the spread collars come with steel collar stays.


For $79, it is rather affordable for what it offers. But, be sure to know your measurements. An individual with a small body frame might find a medium, loose fitting for a tailored fit. Find them at Twillory.


Shortcut: The Barbershop in Your Pocket

In a world of on demand everything, the Shortcut app brings you yet another service right to your door. But instead of offering taxi service, it connects customers to door-to-door barbers. Offering high quality haircuts in various styles, Shortcut is quite simple in practice. Download the free app on the Apple App store, create an account and request a service. The app will then choose a barber to suit your style and send them to your door. A cut for one person is rather expensive, but it gets cheaper if you add more customers to a single visit. Shortcut provides service from 8am-12am; more hours than a local barber. For more info, check out the Shortcut website.


China’s Answer to the Iphone 6 Pocket Bulge

Now that iPhone 6s are rolling out in China, customers are dealing with the same pocket issues western users have been having for the last month. The bulge from tight, stylish pants are becoming more prevalent. While it does deserve the hashtag “#firstworldproblems,” it doesn’t mean the concern shouldn’t be addressed.

A few weeks ago in Amsterdam, the local mobile service provider KPN, took a creative step in solving this problem. A bicycle powered mobile service offered potential iPhone 6/6+ customers the option to resize their pockets as they waited to purchase their devices. Customers temporarily traded pants for white gowns as their pockets were tailored to accommodate Apple’s new, larger phones.

China took the next step in fighting the iPhone pocket bulge. A telecom company, China Unicom, offered tailoring services to new iPhone customers. Coupled with a decorative kiosk and tailor, People’s Daily China shared some images of the setup at Shanghai’s Unicom store.