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Men’s Facial Hair Styles

Facial hair is nothing new for men and is something they deal with every day. Over the years, the way that men wear their facial hair has changed. From completely burly beards, to more tidy mustaches and goatees, and then to completely clean shaven, men have been able to express their personal style by the hair that is on their face. Now men wear their facial hair in any way that they please, and there has been an increase of grooming products for men’s facial hair.

More recently, the term “lumbersexual” has been floating around. This word means that, for some men, that they look ultra masculine. These men have super burly beards and some of them are rocking the man bun. These guys look like they just walked out of the woods from cutting down trees all day, hence “lumbersexual.” They don’t really do anything for styling their hair, maybe tie it up, but that’s about it. The long beard is essential and has grown very popular.

On Trend Hair Styles For Men

More recently, men have been trying new ways to wear their hair. Men test new products to try and achieve a new style they have seen and get different haircuts to try out new looks. Men are getting adventurous when it comes to their hair, and it is appreciated. Here are some of the more popular hair styles men have been wearing.


A textured cut that is slicked to the side has become very popular. This look and cut works the best on guys with pretty thick hair. Men, there is finally a way to tame that thick head of hair of yours. To achieve this look, you can start with a texturizing spray. These are things you can get at the drugstore. If you want more control over the look, blow dry your hair into the shape you want. Then place the hair as you see fit on the sides and front. Don’t be afraid to use a light hairspray to keep the hold of the look. Thick hair likes to do what it wants so the hairspray will help fight that.


A more James Dean look has remained popular for years and with good reason. It is similar to the first but with more volume. Add a white t-shirt and some jeans to look like the classic bad boy. To achieve this look, blow dry the wet hair and use a brush to achieve the volume you want and the control you need to style it. Now take your pomade and slick the sides and the front up for slightly more volume. If you want to feel like a 50’s greaser, you can use a little comb to sweep the side and front to where they need to be. Add some hairspray for hold, and you can meet up with Pony-boy and the gang.

via "Thrift Shop"
via “Thrift Shop”

A look that has become more notable since Macklemore has hit the scene is long on the top with shaved sides. This is a very versatile haircut for men because they can slick their hair back or to the sides and be able to make it volumized on the top. For slicking back pomade will be your friend. It isn’t as heavy as regular gel and has a more natural finish. For the volumized look, a volumizing mousse to start is always very helpful. After adding the volumizing mousse, blow dry and brush through the hair to achieve that really volumized look you want. Then try to round the hair at the crown of your head, add a little hairspray and there you are, as fly as Macklemore.

Guys a little product never hurt anyone. They are your friends, and they will help you achieve the looks you want. There is no shame in the hair styling game, especially when you look so good.

Everything You Need to Know About Cutting Men’s Hair

Let’s face it, haircuts can get expensive. Especially for guys who keep their hair really short with either an undercut or just a buzzcut. It doesn’t look bad when it grows out a little, but it isn’t how you want it to look. Maybe considering cutting your own hair? Well thankfully the website Buzzcut Guide exists. It is a blog dedicated to helping men keep their hair, or lack of hair, looking good. 

The guide starts with what type of tools you will need to accomplish this task. As you would imagine you will need clippers with different guards and blades, scissors, and a comb. These are the essentials to what you’re going to need to cut your hair, and of course something to cover your clothes and mirrors. There are also some other tools that are optional, but for beginners this may be enough for the time being.

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Your next step is pretty simple and will be the easiest part of this whole experience. Just pick the haircut you want. Maybe you want to be more like a punk rock king and get a mohawk, or if you want to be more on trend, then a really cool undercut is the way, or you can just get rid of all your hair with a buzzcut.


Now the actual cutting. Before you take your clippers to your head you should become acquainted with your clippers and the different types of blades and guards you have. This will just make your life so much easier when you start cutting. When it comes to the actual cutting the general rule of thumb is to cut in the opposite direction of your hair growth. If you’re not sure which direction your hair grows, you can figure it out by just running your hands through your hair.


Once you have cut the longer hairs, change your guards for the shorter hairs. Then once you have the general shape and look you want, you can move to the sides and the back. Buzzcut Guide suggests to do one side and then the other instead of going around the whole head like barbers do. This is to keep the sides even and to keep you from forgetting what you did on the other side.


Now the daunting task of doing the back of your head. Buzzcut Guide suggests to either have someone else to do it or at least fix it, but Buzzcut Guide has also come up with another technique.


“Anyway, the best technique I invented was to lay my left hand (I’m a righty) horizontally on the back of my head to prevent myself from cutting too high or unevenly. Then simply drag clippers through hair until you hit the edge of your hand and use the ‘simple fading technique’ (read “Fading” chapter of this guide) to blur out the transition.”

Look you did the hardest part! Buzzcut Guide goes into more detail about fixing the top and how to fade. You can checkout the post and look so fly people will want you to cut their hair.

Men’s Suits: Where to Buy Them and how They Should Fit

It isn’t a secret that a man in a suit is probably one of the sexiest things ever. Need evidence? Watch Mad Men and see how good a suit can really look on a man. Or even just look at pictures of David Beckham on the red carpet. The defense rests. So guys, are you on the hunt for a new suit to start looking a little more dapper in your life? Or maybe you need one for the new job? Suits can get pretty expensive as Barney from How I Met Your Mother expressed, but they are a good investment.

Where can you get a great suit? You might want to visit a tailor of some sort if you can afford one. If you want something more on the reasonably priced side, JCPenny’s can be a good way to start. This way you can start to see how suits fit and how to wear them. It also helps you decide what types of styles you like when it comes to your suit. Do you prefer the three-piece suit with the vest or just the suit jacket, pants, and shirt?

When you have moved on from JCPenny’s and can afford a nicer suit, there is always Macy’s and Express. Both have great options for suits. Macy’s is home to many different designers, so there are more choices to explore. Express has nicer clothes as well, just not a large variety of suits.

Once you start wearing suits you have to be sure that you’re wearing your suit correctly — especially when you first start out and aren’t entirely sure how it is supposed to fit. When trying on shirts, relax your arms at your sides to see if the shirt fits. If it covers your wrist but still remains above your thumb, that is usually the right fit. When it comes to the shoulder, the shirt should be lined up with the end of your shoulder. (This might be difficult to tell on your own, so ask a sales associate, and they will help you.) Don’t be shy when it comes to asking for help when it comes to suits, guys; it can be difficult to figure out by yourself.

When it comes to pants you want a straight back and a small crease in the front. Ill-fitting pants are the absolute worst because you spend most of your day adjusting.

When it comes to jackets, they really depend on your body type. Trying on different types of jackets is a long journey, but trying on different styles is worth the time.

Suits take time and patience to figure out; they are more complicated than men usually think. A well-fitting suit can bring confidence, and honestly, who doesn’t want that? In no time, you’ll start adopting that coveted Mad Men sense of fashion!

Men’s Wedding Attire

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and it is time to start thinking about where you are going to get a suit. Guys, it may be the bride’s day, but she wants you to look your best. This is one of the few times that you get to dress to the nines. When it comes to tuxedos, the best option is to rent. Buying a tuxedo will cost you an arm, a leg, and probably your soul if you want any accessories as well. However, if you are not in the wedding party, you won’t have to worry about this, so a great suit will work instead.

This is the time to wear a cool suit with a vest. Vests have a more formal feel than a suit that just has the jacket and pants. It will look like you put forth some extra effort, which the bride will appreciate, especially if the wedding has a formal dress code. Now, the question is, where does one get a nice suit for this wedding and the many weddings to come? You don’t want to buy something that will cost you the same price as your rent or bills. When looking for a nice suit, remember that your bills are far more important.

JCPenney is not necessarily the route you really want to go for a more formal suit. Buying one really great suit is probably the best option seeing as you can get a lot of use out of it. A man can wear the same suit to every event, and no one says anything, so go buy one! Maybe buy two if you can afford it!


Express: Jacket $198; Pants $88

Express is usually a place where you can get a pretty affordable suit, and they have suits specifically for formal events.


Macy’s: Kenneth Cole Suit $300

Macy’s is also a great place to get a pretty nice suit for a more affordable price. If you are the type of guy who needs to try on a suit before purchasing, then Express or Macy’s is the place to go.


Men’s USA: Dark Grey Wool Blend 3 Button Suit $139

If you want to get an entire three piece suit for less than $300, then check out the website Men’s USA. If you know your measurements pretty well, then purchasing a suit online could always be an option. Men’s USA has pretty low prices and has a guarantee on the quality of their suits;. Men’s USA has a three piece suit that is only $139, which is incredibly low for this type of suit.

There are always cheaper options around, but you still want to look your best. Now, you are ready for wedding season. All you have to do is practice your dance moves. The robot is always a crowd-pleaser!