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Future Hip Hop Star Jirias Releases New Single, “Box Me In”

With every year that passes it seems there are multitudes upon multitudes of new artists popping up, doing their best to receive recognition for their skills and ideas, so much so that it often becomes extremely difficult to find artists hidden in the rough, there is just too much white noise obscuring us from finding true talent. That is where we come in, we dive into the sea of new artists to emerge with the fresh catch of the day, and today that is Jirias with his latest released song, Box Me In.

Jirias is a unique example of modern day hip-hop; eschewing the “club banger” beats and overplayed samples in favor of creating a sound profile that features both classic motifs interposed with modern sensibilities. Hailing from New Jersey and wearing his inspirations on his sleeve, Jirias is an artist to keep an eye on.

Box Me In’s four-minute and sixteen-second runtime tells you right off the bat that Jirias isn’t going for some bubble gum two-minute long club affair. Featuring an upbeat instrumental backing that inspires the vision of driving a fast car at night through an empty city. In fact, Jirias’ use of imagery continues to his lyrics as well, with many scenes playing out through his use of wordplay and storytelling.

Confidence is another major aspect we here like about Box Me In. Jirias has an almost palpable swagger on display; he just positively exudes star qualities in his flows and deliveries, he makes you believe every word he says, it doesn’t simply feel like he is reading off a sheet of paper or trying to emulate another artist, he is simply Jirias being Jirias, and it is a breath of fresh air in a stagnate industry desperately in need of something new.

Jirias is a favorite among us here, and we forsee big, big things for his future. To hear more from Jirias, check out his Soundcloud for his latest releases, and the Spotify link below to listen to his latest album relase, Castle:

Music Spotlight Highlight: Chris Stylez, R&B Sensation

How do you describe the future of R&B music, and music in general, in just two words? That is easy: Chris Stylez. A native of Ottawa, but based out of New York City, Chris Stylez is a name you will soon become very familiar with, if you haven’t already, that is.

Rocketing up the ranks as a rare triple threat talent – a singer/songwriter/producer – Chris Stylez made his break by becoming a Vine superstar, collecting over 50 million loops of his songs through the popular service. He has quickly found himself touring around the world based on the fruits of his hard work and dedication.

But Chris Stylez hasn’t let his success affect him, he manages to stay humble in the face of mainstream popularity:

“I’m thankful everyday to be able to do this [music] full-time, I have friends who have struggled to maintain through the high’s and low’s of this music business, so for that, I stay humble and appreciative day after day, that I’m still here.”

Chris Stylez

When asked about how he approaches songwriting and music videos in regards to his song, “Who Is” (linked below), Chris Styles had the following to say:

“To appreciate this record is to open yourself up to uncomfortable conversation, I wanted to keep the minimalistic approach of the music consistent in the visuals. This is about more than the physical aspect of sex; it’s about the complex emotions involved.”

For those interested in hearing more from Chris Stylez, his EP can be found here, and you can connect with him through Facebook and Twitter.

Get Blue with Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby

It is not rare to witness a collaboration between an artist and a designer. But it can be, when they produce a complete collection with consistent style and extreme attention to detail.

Back in January, Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, collaborated with L.A. based contemporary artist Sterling Ruby on his F/W 2014 collection. Each piece in the collection brings together the two creative minds, leading to the design of a shirt partway between a spoilt, blue-collar worker’s shirt and a subtle tie-dye. The collection also features pants duplicate to the shirt. So for fall don’t shy away from exaggerated prints and keep it fun. For a subtler look, you can mix the pieces with solid colors.

Simons himself called the collection “our collection”, implying that the clothes were a truly joint vision, not dismissing anyone’s’ role. This is not the first time Simons has collaborated with artists back in 2003 his F/W 03 collection featured various garments printed with classic Peter Saville designed album covers.


The Empire State will light up silver for 50 Anniversary of Warhol’s Empire on 7/25

“I never liked the idea of picking out certain scenes and pieces of time and putting them together, because… it’s not like life… What I liked was chunks of time all together, every real moment.”

The late American Artist, Warhol stated this after producing the most unique film of the 20th century. He was known for his ambiguous productions of art. He stuck by his own visions and perception of beauty and gave his viewers a journey through his eyes. His love for the Empire State building was so grand; he created an eight hour filmed dedicated to the building.


All throughout July you can catch a Viewing of the film Empire in the Empire State building. Also details of the artist and his creations will be accompanying this tribute to Warhol and the building.

On July 25th, the building will be will filled with thousands of white lights dedicating the honor of the film’s anniversary in 1964.

Be sure to hashtag #WarholEmpire while tweeting your pictures!


Photo via Linghao

Tupac Inspired Broadway Musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me” Closed!

The hip hop infused broadway musical “Holler If Ya hear Me,” delivered not only a love story but realistic emotions of the streets to Broadway.

Although, some were very critical of the use of Tupac’s music and lyrics, others seemed to embrace the show and Tupac’s more poetic side. Sad to say, the production’s last show was July 20th. So if you didn’t get a chance to see if, you probably missed out on a gem.

tupac_holler_fashionmr_002(via hollywoodreporter)

On opening night, interviewed the cast, director and couple celebs after the performance. One of the interviewees was in fact Tupac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur. He briefly shed some light that he and the late rapper were well involved in the arts at a young age.

Rolling Stone writer, Jason Newman, grasped some insight from cast member, Saul Williams, on why the production didn’t last long.

Williams said, “One of our producers came in really angry because he had spoken to one of the TKTS people [who man Broadway ticket-selling booths] — not saying she was a producer — and asked them, “What about Holler? Should I see that?” And the response of the person who is supposed to guide tourists to plays stated that ‘It’s a bit of a downer. It’s not necessarily as fun as’ whatever other play they mentioned.”

Click Here for the full article.

Furthermore, he led into a comment that Harry Belafonte told him after the show, expressing that “you took an afrocentric-themed play and placed it on a eurocentric stage. The problems you’ll face are larger than you think.”

Is the reason for the production closing early deeper than just financial issues?

tupac_holler_fashionmr_003(via essence)

Overall, cast members emphasized on the shows huge success inside the theatre. With standing ovations after every performance; a crowd sing-a-long to “California Love” had the atmosphere grooving. The talented cast seemed to have had enjoyed the experience while it lasted.

More importantly, to even have Tupac’s work be brought so far from a lyrical aspect to an actual live show is something worth noting down as another accomplishment of Hip-Hop.


Watched it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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