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Kanye Allegedly Ripping Off Another Artist for Yeezy Supermoon Ads

Instagram account Diet Prada is an account that specializes in pointing out the not so coincidental copying that goes on in the world of fashion today. As we all know there is no problem with drawing inspiration from someone whether it be their design, runway setup, or just the overall theme of a collection. But there is a very clear difference between pulling inspiration from something or someone and blatantly stealing an idea and crediting it as your own. Diet Prada since their first post in 2014 calling out Raf Simons for using designs very similar to Prada, hence the name, has been diligent to point out those who do not give credit where it is due.

In Diet Prada’s most recent claim they are accusing Kanye West of taking the ideas of photographer Minissi and a series of photographs she took in 2015 that explored identity and the wanted of oneself to reconnect with their own body, a very deep subject. I believe what Diet Prada feels what Mr. West is most guilty of is the fact that he drew inspiration from this very deep emotional photo shoot and turned it into a not safe for work sneaker advertisement. Myself, similarly to Diet Prada see it as a little distasteful considering the subject matter of the original photographs.

This would not be the first time though that Diet Prada has made claims against not just Kanye West but the West family in general. In July of 2017 Diet Prada accused Kim Kardashian West of very blatantly using the designs of Comme Des Garcon designer Rei Kawakubo and Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia for children’s pieces for Kim’s brand The Kids Supply. Kim said that the pieces were being made as an homage to the designers and that the pieces would be named after them, clearing the air about the whole copycatting fiasco. But Diet Prada was not done there also accusing Kim of ripping off the makeup done on Beyonce for a Flaunt magazine cover for Kim’s makeup collection, which Kim did not address. The last claim Diet Prada made against the West’s though was when Kanye in May tweeted sketches that appeared to be taken directly from ex-Nike designer Tony Spackman just with his name for the sketches photoshopped off the top of the sketch. This was another accusation that Kanye would not address.

With these most recent accusations made by Diet Prada against Kanye West, many are left unsurprised by his actions. Many without real ears to the ground in this industry and this culture believe that Kanye West is a very original one of a kind thinker when it comes to his ideas. What many don’t know is that Kanye West just like all of us draws inspiration from the things he hears and sees around him in his day to day life. The only problem with what he’s doing right now is by not giving credit to this original photographer, if that is where he drew the inspiration from, he is disrespecting the whole entire series of photographs she did and the message behind them. The fact that he recreated them as a way for him to sell sneakers too just adds salt to the wound.

Model who brought down Harvey Weinstein returns to runway

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, the Italian model who helped bring down the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein by reporting him to the police back in 2015, is getting her career back on track.

Gutierrez will be taking the runway at the 2018 New York Fashion Week on Wednesday after having spent several years being rejected by designers after her allegation became public. She said in a recent interview that it became so hard for her to land a gig because of the incident.

“I had castings with Armani and Cavalli and Dsquared2 — these are the ones that really build your portfolio,” she said. “After that it was so difficult to even get normal brands to work with — it was a disaster.”


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Gutierrez states that the slip of her career caused her to develop depression and gain weight, hampering her modeling career.

“I saw so many shows with girls that looked exactly like me and nobody ever tried to send my photos out because it was so difficult to sell me because my name was bad,” she said. “It was impossible because (designers) didn’t want to hurt their brands.”

But now that Weinstein has been convicted of the allegations, work has finally been coming Gutierrez’s way, and she can finally get her career back on track.

Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Guest Appearance

Amy Schumer has been making huge strides recently not only in the movie industry but in the comedy world as well.

She was recently honored at the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards where she gave an unforgettable and hilarious acceptance speech. In her speech, she joked about her weight, beauty magazines in general, as well as the other women who were honored that night. Of course, in typical “Amy Schumer Humor,” the jokes were raunchy, and she ended her speech saying,

“I feel like I’ve burned all the bridges possible.”

Her latest project is the movie Trainwreck, which she is the lead actress in, and she also wrote the film.

To promote the film and the magazines, GQ and Glamour, in which she is on the cover, Amy was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This episode is one for the books, making Jimmy and the audience laugh all the way through her appearance.

The funniest part of her appearance is when she is explaining how she ‘sexted’ Katie Couric’s husband:

The comedienne goes on to explain how she feels about actor Bradley Cooper:

Jimmy and Amy end with an emotional interview that you do not want to miss:

Amy had one of the funniest guest appearances on The Tonight Show. She has definitely proven that women are funny and can make it in an industry that is predominantly male.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for her new movie Trainwreck, you definitely need to check it out. Or, go watch the film which is in theaters July 17.

Top Five Places to Take Your Girlfriend

1. The movies theatres; indoors or outdoors

via Flickr/Sara Robertson
via Flickr/Sara Robertson

Out of all honesty, the most common place in the world is actually one of the safest yet enjoyable places to go. Around NYC, you can find a couple of local parks showing some featured films. Talk about romantic, enjoy a movie with your sweetheart as the sunsets. Bring a cozy blanket, have some popcorn to dazzle your date with. Or you can kick it indoors in the good old air conditioning. By the way have you seen the new Transformers film yet?

2. The Sex Museum

via Flickr/Ðariusz
via Flickr/Ðariusz

Explore the art of sex with your date. Who says you can’t have fun and observe sex in a different platform? If you purchase your tickets today, you can receive a discount! Filled with wild visual art, stroll over to the bar and grab a drink or two.  Beauty or you can say art, is in the eye of the beholder.

3. Bowling

via Flickr/Ginny
via Flickr/Ginny

Places like Lucky Strikes and Frames are fun and cozy. You can throw on a nice fitted blazer, a V-neck tee, some slim cut jeans while bowling in style underneath dim lights and good music. Play a game or two before the bowling alley actually become a lounge. Loser buys the first round of drinks.

4. Dave and Busters


Explore your inner big kid. Fun arcade games, drinks and good food, Dave and Busters is a great affordable place to go on a date. It is also a fun date to break the ice if this is for your first. What is a better way to get to know someone than through cashing in all your winnings to buy them an arcade prize? Ring pops for two or a bag full of candy usual does the trick.

5. Casual Dinner


Dine at places such as Soco, that serve their infamous red velvet waffles and chicken or Sofritos, where you can enjoy good quality Latin food. Have your girl throw on a nice dress and you compliment her style with a casual trousers and a pair of loafers. More importantly, intimate gatherings are what make dates memorable. Set aside the outside world and focus on just you and your girl. Sample each other’s food, while exchanging comments on how each other’s day was at the office was or what they did in class today.  Candle lights, wine or lemon and water are fine.



Who is Emily Ratajkowski?

She’s graced the cover of GQ and made headlines after her racy “Blurred Lines” appearance, but who exactly is this bombshell? Emily Ratajkowski is a talented young model and actress hailing from Westminster, London, famous for many different ad campaigns and starring in the upcoming movie “Gone Girl.” During her childhood she moved from place to place spending her summers in Ireland and Spain while coming home to sunny California for the school year. She attended San Dieguito Academy and later attended UCLA for a year before dropping out to pursue her career in acting and modeling. She had minor roles in a few films and even starred in a few episodes of iCarly.

via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook
via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook

Born with a Polish descent, she debuted at the young age of 14 with Ford Models, who also signed the likes of Janice Dickinson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Amber Rose, Lana Del Rey and a ton of other famed celebrities. Ratajowski started off working with Forever 21, Nordstrom, as well as many other lingerie campaigns. But she had her real breakthrough when she worked alongside Tony Duran, whose work has been published in nearly every single major publication. Shortly after that Ratajkowski was offered a role in the “Blurred Lines” music video, but initially declined to participate, only to be later convinced by the director. Following her music video she gained national notoriety posing for GQ, FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and Esquire. Her talent has taken her as far as landing a role with famed actors Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, and Neil Patrick Harris in the movie Gone Girl.

via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook
via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook

What does the future hold for the smoldering Ratajkowski? More movie deals, more modeling deals, maybe she will become a spokesmodel for a major company, who knows.