Williams-Martini Racing join for 2014 F1 circuit

Williams and Martini joined forced in the worldly popular Formula 1 racing circuit. The Williams team is one of the top racing teams in the top echelon of F1 competitions. By joining with Martini on a sponsorship deal brings the Martini name back into the racing circles. “We are thrilled to welcome MARTINI to the Williams family and officially launch WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING,” said Sir Frank Williams, Founder and Team Principal, Williams. “Williams and MARTINI share a rich history in the world of motorsport, and the values of our two brands and our shared passion for racing make this partnership a natural fit. It will be great to see the distinctive stripes of MARTINI Racing return to Formula One once again in unison with Williams.” Their new car will also be a first and it will be the Mercedes Benz FW36, with the iconic Martini racing stripes on both the car and the driver’s suits.

The Williams Mercedes FW36 is one of the most technologically advanced Formula One cars produced by Williams. It is the culmination of years of research and development by the team’s technical departments and it incorporates the power unit from the team’s new partner, Mercedes-Benz. The new engine is a brand new fully integrated hybrid engine as opposed to partial hybrid of previous versions and will be the first eight speed gearbox in Williams’ history.
The drivers for the newly formed Williams Martini Racing team will be headed by Felipe Massa a Brazilian born driver with over ten years of experience who most recently driven for the Ferrari racing team and has race wins at the French, European and Brazilian Grand Prix events. He will be joined by Valtteri Bottas a Finnish born driver who started his Formula racing career in 2007 and is with the Williams racing team since 2012.

The WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING-branded FW36 car made its race debut on March 16, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia, kicking off the 2014 F1 season and the next race upcoming race for this newly formed Williams Martini Team is March 28, 2014 in Malaysia for the Malaysian Grand Prix.


Williams Martini Racing Team Launch
Williams Martini Racing Team Launch

The Casualization of Men’s Suitable Attire

Designers and customers are breaking the rules. Formerly functional and drab, menswear is now undergoing a renaissance. And social media is catalyzing the shift.

“Fashion is the first and universal language,” said Kenneth Cole Mar. 25 to open a panel on the casualization of menswear sponsored by Fashion Group International and GQ magazine.

GQ Vice President Chris Mitchell moderated the panel, which included Cole, GQ Senior Style Editor Will Welch, Saks Fifth Avenue Vice President and Fashion Director Eric Jennings and designer Todd Snyder.

A Menswear Renaissance

A few years ago, men relished taking off their suits after eight hours at the office. That ship has sailed – more than half of American men have included formal wear in their casual aesthetic. Now that they do not have to wear a suit uniform everyday, they have more opportunities for sartorial creativity than ever.

“Men’s dressing has changed drastically from five to ten years ago,” Cole remarked, starting off the discussion.  In fact, the growth of men’s fashion has outpaced women’s over the last ten years. The shift in lifestyle has caused a shift in fashion awareness and aesthetic – particularly for the millennial generation, which has adopted a youthful, casual yet polished look.

“The blazer is the basis of men’s fashion, said Cole, as it doubles as formal and casual wear. Because form exclusively follows function in this piece, designers can do anything they want – make it as drab and office-like as the suit of old, or make it modern, with shoulder patches and unexpected colors, patterns and fits.  The blazer (and trousers) have been updated and are more tailored and fitted than ever before.

The well-dressed dandy from the 1800s has truly returned, and wears suits with pocket squares, ties, topcoats and vests  to go to clubs and on dates – men actually want to have their clothes tailored. Jennings attributed this to the increasing visibility of such accouterments on celebrities and NBA players, whom we see leaving the locker rooms dressed as a menswear designer’s dream, and increasing number of rappers singing in part about suits.

“The appetite is like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” Welch noted.


Separates are Key

Men’s fashion is like a chef (carefully) throwing ingredients together to create a chef d’oeuvre. “We are limited to the number of pieces we have,” Snyder said of man’s fashion plight. So men have to mix the things they know together to have an edge. How would one do this?  He suggested combining a formal blazer with a sweatshirt or military-style pieces. “I’m really trying to push my customer to try new things,” continued Snyder, who currently retails a suit at Nordstrom for $795.

“Take suits and dress them down,” said Welch. He proposed jeans paired with a suit jacket and tie. “There are always new directions … no end of things you can do.”  Designers need to give people what makes them feel good, but is also unexpected – something dynamic but also true to them, said Cole. He boldly claimed that “They want your interpretation of what they want.”


No Longer Afraid of Fashion

A designer’s success or failure hinges on timing. For men as much as for women, designers cannot introduce novel styles so soon that they alienate the customer. But they have to introduce them early enough to be a leader.

When people hear “blazer” they immediately think: preppy, private school, gold crest. But we need avant-garde to change us. Today, men want something other than the traditional preppy look – they want something a little more edgy, something that will identify them rather than lose them in the fashionable yet anonymous crowd.

You would be surprised by how many men – even quote-on-quote manly, “I don’t care what I look like” men – are actually converting to the casualized formal menswear phenomenon. Jennings visited a group of over 100 new recruits for the NBA earlier this year to give a tutorial on how to dress well and follow the NBA’s dress code. Amazingly, every single audience member – all around 19 or 20 years old, ‘macho’ football players who spend most of their waking moments sweating profusely and downing protein powder shakes – were highly interested in fashion, and knew exactly who their favorite designers were.

Millenial men are just “not afraid of fashion anymore,” said Snyder. With social media and men’s magazines like GQ and now NBA players, whom Snyder calls them “basically the best dressed men nowadays,” men have access to so many people’s personal styles – from designers to their peers. Street style and the music world are having a huge impact on men by demystifying fashion and making it more accessible. Looking like well-dressed NBA players and other guys on the street is a lot less terrifying than feeling like you’re part of a runway show or an androgynous man in a glossy airbrushed ad.


The Price Point.

Snyder attributes part of this aesthetic shift to the recession of 2008. “Guys are realizing that the better dressed you are, the more likely you are to succeed, whether it be in business or in dating.”

Men buy suits for a reason – a big event, a job, for longevity. They have no problem investing and choosing new things if they know it will last. So it is the company’s job to tell the story of why a piece is the best quality, fit and cut. Hot items like sneakers have no price resistance, whereas tailored, better quality and more expensive items like suits have much higher price resistance. “The make, fit and brand of the suit defines its price,” said Cole. The brand, in particular, defines expectations with its consistent quality, aesthetic, and acceptability. “Price is important… I want to dress a lot of people,” said Snyder. And the way to do that is by selling menswear at affordable prices – like his $795 suit.

Many young men get into suits through fast fashion – buying a $100-200 suit and then “graduating” to one of better quality.  Indeed, “the more trendy, the less pressure on tailoring,” said Cole. “Suit tailoring is a different mindset, a different purchase,” Welch concluded. Today’s man is starting to buy tailored items the same way he buy sneakers for the season.


The Future

Now that the spark has been lit in so many men’s minds, and is being stoked by increased social media exposure and designers’ attentive to the sartorial transition, the trend may turn into a way of life. As it is particularly affecting the younger generation, it is likely that this fashion-aware mindset will travel with them through their careers. Will we continue to see men buying their milk in ratty old shirts and sagging sweatpants? Certainly. But start keeping a tally of the blazered and pocket-square-wearing men in your grocery store. I guarantee the number will surprise you.


Men Blazer with Jeans / MACY’s
Men Blazer Casual look with Jeans / MACY’s
Men Blazer with Pants / MACY’s


Pharrell and Adidas unite for a “Happy” collection!

Pharrell, the Grammy winning singer and producer is now Adidas’ newest collaborator on their adidas Originals product line. Pharrell who is behind the worldly phenomenon and currently one of the most popular songs “Happy” will join Adidas with his own textile company Bionic Yarn which manufactures sewing yarn from recycled plastic bottles. Bionic Yarn is also partnering with “The Vortex Project” which is a global initiative to remove the plastic debris from various vortexes formed in the oceans around the world. According to the Vortex Project’s website, their goal is to “clean up shorelines and oceans, boost new technologies and turn ocean plastic into smart consumer products to create funding and awareness.” Including Pharrell’s quote “wear the responsibility for the oceans.”

Both sides feel great about the partnership, Dirk Schoenberger, the global creative director for Adidas’ sport style division stated “Williams is a pop-culture icon that never fails to inspire, not just through his musical talent and craft, but through his many other interests. He is the perfect fit for the multifaceted company that is Adidas.” According to Pharrell “Working with an iconic brand like adidas is such an incredible opportunity. From the classic track suit, to growing up in Virginia wearing Stan Smiths, adidas has been a staple in my life. Their pieces are timeless. This is an exciting partnership for both me and for Bionic Yarn.”

This will be the first time that Adidas has collaborated with a designer who had their own textile company as Pharrell does. Their previous collaborations include the likes of Yohji Yamamoto, and TopShop and others who currently produce Originals collections for Adidas like Opening Ceremony and Porsche Design. Adidas announced their partnership on March 27, 2014 via Twitter stating that “Pharrell gear drops in summer” and a teaser of the collection is visible on the adidas Originals YouTube channel.

In an interview with WWD Williams stated that “Adidas is giving me a great opportunity to develop products which I love and will also be using Bionic Yarn and is more of a partnership than a collaboration as we look to work together for the next few years,”. Pharrell also stated that “It’s my line so it comes from my heart and mind,” he said. “I’m taking this very seriously. [It’s for] basically everyone. [I’m] not doing this for any specific demographic; I hate being put in a category anyway.”

This is a new move for both Adidas and Pharrell in the sense that their collaboration or partnership as Pharrell calls it, is indirectly partnering with a global initiative to try and clean up the world’s ocean debris. Pharell is also working with G-Star denim and creating a denim that is made up of his Bionic Yarn material, and according to the Bionic Yarn website “G-Star and Bionic Yarn have joined forces to create a denim collection made in part with recycled plastic materials retrieved from the world’s oceans and shores. Available at G-Star Raw stores worldwide and online beginning Aug. 15.”

The Bionic Yarn webpage has two key phrases. One being “Stronger Thread. Greater Good” when explaining his yarn material and the other being “Let’s reap more from what we sew.” It’s not enough to just talk and preach about being environmentally and earth conscious, something has to be done about it. Pharrell is doing just that while building his own conglomerate empire. Doing good doesn’t have to come at an expense and now you can see how it can actually be profitable.

2014 Tribeca Film Festival is almost here !

Robert De Niro’s post 9/11 community combining film festival, the “Tribeca Film Festival” which is presented by AT&T will take place from April 16 – 27, 2014. It will be the 13th Annual event and the festival is not like any other major movie screening either. It’s a combination of Comic Con, a movie premiere, and panel discussions rolled into one. Anyone and everyone who has a love for film and the industry comes here to support. Including fans and regular movie goers, with Hollywood actors and actresses being involved as well.

This year the festival will again feature the Heineken “Green Room Sessions.” According to the TFF website “after each show, audiences will have the unique opportunity to mingle and talk with the creative people (directors, actors, producers and assorted crew members) behind the film in a venue near the theater.” You just have to bring your ticket stub from the corresponding screening and a valid ID. After all, it is sponsored by Heineken, so there will be beer there and you have to be 21 to be there too.

If you want to meet the major A-list celebrities then you will have to check out the “Tribeca Talks” series which is sponsored by HBO, Barnes & Noble and will feature discussions with director Ron Howard, Lee Daniels, Alec Baldwin, and Michael Douglas among many others. The program includes in-depth discussions with those various panelists so you will hear how they achieved their films, and what made everything happened among other behind the scenes type events.

April 21-26, 2014 will be part of the “Tribeca Innovation Week.” It will be a place for gamers, coders, hackers, screenwriters, futurists, directors, financiers and anyone who has a story to tell. One of the included events will be the “Disruptive Innovation Awards”. “Tribeca Film Festival and the Disruptor Foundation in association with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, father of disruptive innovation theory, presents its Fifth Annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards to recognize disruptors and disruption of major consequence across a broad section of traditional and non-traditional domains.” This event will take place on Friday April 25th at 11:00am, in the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

One of the more unique concepts is the “Tribeca Hacks” event where according to the TFF website “for two days during the Tribeca Film Festival, established filmmakers will unite with innovative technologists and designers to imagine and invent new possibilities for storytelling in an increasingly mobile world. Join the participants and other Festival VIPs at an exclusive finale party to glimpse the future imagined via these groundbreaking creative collaborations.”

The best part of the event which of course is saved for last and towards the end of the festival. It’s called “Film For All Friday” and according to the festival’s press center “The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) announces that AT&T, the new presenting sponsor, has created FILM FOR ALL FRIDAY – where individual tickets to all film screenings on Friday, April 25 will be FREE.” So go ahead and catch a movie, or take in the whole eleven day event. No matter how you do it, come out and support the local film community.

The future S-Class: The 2015 S-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz just pushed another envelope over the edge of excitement and exhilaration by introducing their 2015 S-Class Coupe, a two-door sporty model of their flagship S-Class sedan. Why take a perfect car and “Coupe” it up? Because that’s what the people want. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues to be the world’s best-selling luxury sedans. According to Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, in February, 6,985 units of the sedan were sold around the world, more than twice as much as in the same month of the previous year. The same occurred for their E-Class model. What started as a four-door sedan eventually transitioned into also being a coupe, a convertible, as well as a wagon version. As any great company does, you meet the market’s demand and as any breakthrough company does also, if there isn’t any demand, then you go ahead and create the demand and the market yourself.

The S-Class Coupe which premiered at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show is being called by Mercedes-Benz “an aesthetic, exclusive high-end coupe” and “the dream car that was just a dream, until now.” The car will come powered by a 4MATIC 4.7L V8 Bi-turbo engine producing 449 horsepower. It will also include driving features like the world’s first active curve tilting which enables the car to lean into bends and curves like a motorcyclist or skier, thus reducing the lateral acceleration on the passengers and driver so they sit more firmly and comfortably throughout the ride, which is part of the MAGIC BODY CONTROL, the first “suspension with eyes.” It works by scanning the road and if the scan detects unevenness, it slightly adjusts the active suspension to deal with the road condition. “You almost glide over the road, as if you are on a flying carpet” explains Stefan Cytrynski the project manager who is responsible for the feature.

According to their press release, “sensual purity as an expression of modern luxury – this was the focus for the designers, and the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. The aim is to create clear contours and smooth surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal. Mercedes-Benz creates a bridge between modernity and avant-garde, between tradition and progressivism.” The cars exterior will feature the long hood with a dropping line and the iconic three-pointed star and one louvre on the grill. The headlights will be full-LED headlamps and include a unique optional addition of having 47 Swarovski crystals. The taillights will come with two horizontal rows of LED lights and look similar to their most expensive model the SLR and the SLS coupe.

The interior will feature an array of state or the art luxury and technological options while at the same time embody the ultimate in luxury by utilizing some of the best leather and craftsmanship known in the car industry. Having options that include Nappa designo leather with diamond backstitching patterns gives both a sporty look and a luxury feel to the car and the design. The high-tech dashboard will also have a two-part wide-screen display placed in what they call a “hovering” position in front of the trim surface. As an option a heads up display is available and will bring all the important information to the driver’s direct field by projection the vehicle speed, navigation instructions, and any important driver assistance system messages onto the windshield on an 8 inch by 3 inch virtual display appearing to float around 6 feet away above the hood. To add to the technology factor, the interior includes a touchpad that operates the head-unit and as on a smartphone the touchpad allows it to be operated using finger gestures while also being able to handwrite letters, number and special characters using one of the head-units languages. Combining both luxury and technology one of the more unique features of both the interior and the exterior is the “MAGIC SKY CONTROL” panorama roof. This new roof allows the user to switch the transparency from light to dark, so when light the roof is almost completely transparent giving an open-air experience and when dark less than one percent of light comes through. Adding a touch of elegance to the interior there are is also an ambient lighting feature that includes seven different colors of LED ambient lights that you can choose from. Not at the dealership when you purchase the car, but when you finally drive it home, you can have it light up in any of the colors, and switch it whenever you feel and are in the mood for something different. It’s not your basic beige and dimmed cream, you have the options of red, violet, teal and others to decide between wherever you decide to go. Pair that with their Burmester 3D surround sound system and you will have the ride of your life every time you decide to drive.

The new 2015 S-Class Coupe will be a welcoming addition to the flagship S-Class sedan line that is already considered one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world. It will be another option for consumers to choose when deciding on their next dream car. This car is a dream car, taking the luxury from the class leading S-Class, and adding a sporty feel by making it a coupe. You have to wonder if this is just the beginning of a Coupe revolution for the masses. Coupes are becoming sedans, but more so than not sedans are transforming into coupes. An S-550 sedan features options like a reclining passenger seat, so you can be driven around in comfort and style, but with this new coupe version set to hit the market, you will want to jump into the driver’s seat yourself and never get out.

It’s All In The Bag – A Guide to Men’s Bags and Functions

The bag has been usually synonymous with a purse, an over the shoulder object that women wear. But guys had to sometimes carry it if the woman had too much other more important items to hold on to like her shopping, which the guys would then swap in an exchange for the bag leaving them with hands full of shopping bags that outweighed their workout dumbbells. During all that carrying, how much of the man’s stuff was in any of those bags? Probably a miniscule amount if any. Then a revolution came and man saw the light realizing that an over the shoulder bag is much easier and more convenient to carry and pack than the standard one or two handle old fashioned briefcase and thus man’s bag varieties were born.

The most professional and business appropriate bag, isn’t really a bag at all. It is still a modern briefcase and attaché. A new variation that still features clasp closures, the new style is to have them on the outside usually with a flap or buckle. The new styles also feature zipper closures with a shoulder strap for an easy carry experience and a top handle for a traditional carrying style. Instead of having a large open rectangular section with an inside pocket, the new styles come divided into sections for your documents, laptops, and also come with both inside and outer slip pockets for your everyday non-essential documents and extras. Business is always changing and we have to adapt to the new ways business get done. Changing our briefcase should be part of the job requirements to stay up to date in all the phases of our lives.

A slightly more casual appearing bag to the eye, yet many times is just as functional as a briefcase and usually less expensive is the messenger bag. A more street wear designed bag and fits in more with the youth and college crowd because of its practicality. Still with a large interior laptop/documents section, interior pockets for the pens and work accessories, these bags usually feature an outside pocket that is either zippered or hidden below a flap for those times you need to reach for something quickly and not have to take the entire bag off your shoulder.


The all-purpose bag to use every day whether you are carrying your gym clothes or going away for a couple of days or the weekend is the duffle bag. Which is also called a weekender bag. This is the biggest and most versatile bag of the bunch because it has the most uses and can accommodate as little or as much as needed. It usually consists of one main center compartment with small side pockets for the small but necessary items. The bulk of the items is meshed together in the center. Enough to fit your work items and a change of clothing if necessary and are layered properly. Though these are more for the non-executive files because they could bend or wrinkle and nobody wants to sign non-polished looking paperwork, it would just be a disgrace. For all your other needs this style of bag will work wonders. It is easy to carry because it has handles, an over the shoulder strap, a zipper closure and you won’t have to worry about over stuffing it because there in ample room for whatever you might need. Unless you’re going away for a week or a month, then you are better off with a piece of luggage.

The tote bag is the median between all the bag styles. It has modern look and feel to it and has enough room and function to carry the casual items that are needed for the day. It isn’t something that can really carry business documents, even though they can fit, it was not designed for that type of work. It is for the everyday stuff like magazines, a tablet, a folded newspaper and other daily accessories and items that a guy would carry with him. A bag that belongs more on the beach than in a boardroom, but has the functionality for both. Usually consisting of just carrying handles or straps, tote’s have an interior center all-inclusive pocket with smaller interior pockets. The bag has a casual style because of its easy open design and layout where most of the items can be thrown in, with the case of packing for the beach, then most of the items will be taken out regardless. A great bag to have nonetheless, it has a modern and fashionable style with a lot of casual usefulness.

A small ultra-sleek and trendy version of a messenger bag is the hobo bag. Primarily used to carry only the little things like a tablet or the essentials, it’s perfect for the person on the go and will be able to hold the necessities, keeping the handles clean and free. Not much else could fit into the bag, but to carry the important tech and gear this will surely do the job. Plus it also creates a modern fashion statement and exudes confidence without taking away any of your masculinity. It only adds to the modern FashionMR look and style.

Whether moving around the city or traveling out of state, being prepared is of the utmost importance both in business and style. Knowing how to carry yourself and your belongings is just as important. With these bag styles a FashionMR will always have the upper hand in dealing with anything that comes his way with work, play, or anything in between because he will always be ready to take on everything and have the right style to do so. You wouldn’t travel to Antarctica without the right equipment and belongings? Then why not carry your stuff in the right modern trendsetting bag of your choosing?

Cash and Credit – How the fashionmister can carry them in Style

Not long ago or maybe it was long ago, every man was carrying a tri-fold wallet containing all of their personal belongings. It was all your files packed into a couple of tiny compartments. The ID’s had their own clear section, the credit and debit cards had their own section, the cash had its own section, and the receipts combined other useless papers that we managed to scrap up during the week were falling out of their own section. The times changed, receipts started to be emailed, cards were being accepted in more and more places, and now sometimes we don’t even have to take out our wallet to pay. We can use our smartphones and a variety of payment apps.
Just like payment processing and fashion trends have been evolving, the wallet you carry and what’s inside should evolve as well. There are however lots of choices regarding the what, and how to carry your necessary cards, cash, and ID’s.

One of the main options is the Bi-fold wallet. It has become a go-to for those of us who decided to slim down a bit from the pocket bulging tri-fold style of yesteryear. The more modern bi-fold design usually features six card slots which can accommodate your bank, credit, store cards, ID’s and has either a single or a double billfold compartment for your necessary cash. Some versions are also equipped with an attached money clip in the middle and center so the cash is waving side to side like pages in a new book. If only you could open up your favorite book and find money in it. The bi-fold wallets do have vertical versions which are just as practical, but have a different orientation of the same design to give the owner another level of comfort when choosing what suits them best.

The cardholder is another even slimmer option to carry what you need. It is an ultra slim design with no folds or extra compartments. Usually consisting of three to six card slots for your everyday necessity cards and ID’s with an open center where if needed you can keep a couple of emergency bills. This cardholder does not take up a large amount of space in any of your pockets and it’s a sleek version wallet style for the ultra-trendy.

Going truly modern, the money clip is the sleekest carrying accessory of them all. It is also the least formal. It does do the job it’s designed for, you can put your cash, cards and ID’s into the clip, and it will take up less pocket space than any other item, it’s when it comes out, that it can be a mess and make the wrong statement. On the other hand it can also make the exact statement you want by being the contemporary and style accessory that this generation uses. If our cards are on our phones already, the only thing we really need is a money clip. At the end of the day, we really only need to carry one ID, one or two cards, and some cash. The money clip has more than enough space for those couple of items. It will even leave extra pocket space for the car keys, if they aren’t already the smart keys which could stay in your pocket the entire time you open, drive and lock the vehicle itself.

Ultimately, the choice is yours with these carrying necessities to take you into the modern times of life and style. Most of the options come in a variety of different leathers that include soft, calfskin, and reptilian skins with each brands unique logo’s and designs and have different stitching and color combinations. You just have to choose what suits you best, carry it proud and take it out to show it off when necessary.

Ferragamo cardholder front
Ferragamo cardholder front
Ferragamo cardholder
Ferragamo cardholder
MontBlanc money clip
MontBlanc money clip


Magnetic Money Clip
Magnetic Money Clip



Giorgio Armani Pebbled Leather Card Holder
Giorgio Armani
Pebbled Leather Card Holder


Bosca 'Hugo Bosca - Old Leather' Trifold Wallet
‘Hugo Bosca – Old Leather’ Trifold Wallet







It’s a GOAL: FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Trophy Tour- The much anticipated football (Soccer) world cup!

The FIFA World Cup, a global event is falling upon the world again as it does every four years. Thirty-two of the highest skilled soccer countries in the world will battle it out starting this June. June 12, 2014 – July 13, 2014 is the month long event when the world soccer elite will showcase their skills and represent their respective countries. This time around the event will be hosted by Brazil, who is also the next summer Olympics host country. However, it’s all about the World Cup right now. Considered to be one of the favorites, as they always are historically having some of the best players to ever take the grass which include Pele, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho. This time Brazil’s goal is to win it as the host country.

The World Cup Trophy is one of the most famous trophies in the entire world. According to FIFA.com “The authentic, one-of-a-kind FIFA World Cup Trophy is 36.8cm (14.5 inches) high, 6,175g (13.61 pounds) heavy, and made of 18-carat gold. The base contains two layers of semi-precious malachite while the bottom side of the Trophy bears the engraved year and name of each FIFA World Cup winner since 1974.” It’s not the biggest, nor the brightest, but it only gives you a chance at its glory once every four years, and not just anyone can try and win it, there are qualifiers to even get the chance.

But as tradition goes, before every World Cup the trophy takes a tour around the world, in its private Coca-Cola sponsored airplane. It will in total visit eighty-nine countries and take two hundred and sixty seven days to do so. The Trophy Tour began its journey in Rio de Janeiro on September 12, 2013. Departing from the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, the FIFA World Cup Trophy will travel around the world for nine months before returning to the country that will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is Brazil. The total distance the trophy will travel during the tour will be 92,942 miles, more than three times the circumference of the earth.

At each stop, usually a player from that country’s soccer team will be present to welcome this iconic prize and fans will be able to take a close up picture of the authentic trophy that otherwise would be unattainable. They will also be able to have a chance to take their pictures and meet the official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Mascot, Fuleco because he too, will accompany the trophy on various stops throughout its journey. The trip has already spread the soccer and World Cup fever throughout the world with kids and adults getting into the spirit in every way they can. By coloring their faces and juggling soccer balls with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and the Red Square in Russia as backdrops.

The trophy is due to arrive in the United States on April 14th-16th, 2014 and April 18th-20th, 2014. Then it will return back to its starting point on April 21st, 2014 to its host country: Brazil.

Every four years the World Cup unites the soccer fans of the world for one goal. To cheer on their team, to hope and sometimes pray that their country, like in any international event of unity, sportsmanship, pride, and skill will bring home the ultimate prize. In this case, the one-of-a-kind 18K gold statuesque trophy that no one can ever take away. Only four years later they can try and claim it for themselves.

Enduring Classic: The Harrington Jacket

So much of contemporary men’s fashion draws inspiration from the 1930’s through the 1960’s, considered the golden age of tasteful dressing.  Instead of wearing an inspiration, a FashionMR should sometimes seek out the genuine article, something that remains unchanged from those days of yesteryear.  Enter the Harrington jacket, a classic piece of lightweight outerwear that had its heyday in the 50’s and 60’s but has never really gone out of style; likely, it never will.


The Harrington is a light jacket that comes to waist-length, where it is held in place by a ribbed band of elastic; it closes with a zipper, and it has a high collar that often buttons at the top.  It’s typically made of cotton or polyester, though there are variations made of suede or even wool.  On the outside, Harringtons usually come in a solid color.  Basic jackets are found in navy blue and khaki; more adventurous dressers can wear jackets in yellow, red, green or any number of colors.  Classically, it’s the interior of the Harrington jacket that speaks the loudest: it is traditionally lined in a vibrant plaid pattern, most often the Fraser tartan.

The Harrington jacket stands well enough on its own, but in the 1950’s and 60’s it got several high-profile endorsements that sent its popularity into the stratosphere.  Elvis Presley wore it in the movie King Creole.  Steve McQueen wore it on the cover of Life magazine.  Frank Sinatra could be seen cadding about in it.  Even the name we know it by was granted by a famous wearer: Ryan O’Neal sported it so frequently in the soap opera Peyton Place that people began to call the jacket after his character, Rodney Harrington.

This jacket has stood the test of time and continues to look great on any man.  There are plenty of companies that make Harrington jackets, but if you want the genuine article, go straight to the source: the Harrington jacket’s inventor, British clothier Baracuta.  Baracuta still makes the original Harrington jacket, the model they call the G9, unchanged since 1937.  Wear it over anything short of suit when the weather i

s cool but not cold.  If it’s only slightly chilly, you can unzip it halfway, giving passersby a glimpse of the tartan lining.  It’s a subtle, elegant statement of good taste, everything a FashionMR should desire.

The Bachelor Pad – Versace Home style

When we dream, we dream of owning a high priced mansion somewhere by the ocean like Miami Beach or in Tuscany, we think of the celebrity homes and their furnishings. However, few people can afford those over the top mansions like the Miami Beach Versace Mansion. Once listed for $125 million, the Miami Beach mansion formerly owned by the late Gianni Versace has been sold for $41.5 million at auction. Not everyone can drop that amount of cash on a house, or the estimated $33 million dollars on improvements. However you can still live like Versace and not have to spend millions doing so.

To outfit your own palace, Versace has a couture line of home furniture for every room in the house so the iconic logos and patterns can be all around if you so choose. Feeling like the perfect collection for a most eligible bachelor to live in style, you don’t have to fly to Miami and go to the Versace Mansion, the Versace Home collection will come to you. The collection has everything for every room in the house, so you can get the couch, the bed, the tables, chairs and the overlooked items like glassware as well. Just don’t forget about the two most important pieces of furniture in any home is the living room sofa, and the bedroom set.

The living room collection bolsters a “Couture” modular sectional which features a metal frame with wooden armrests, polyurethane foam upholstery and is available in fabrics and leathers from the collection. The sectional also features the iconic Versace pattern at the wrap around rim of the sofa with a white square pattern on the cushions. Which can be perfectly complimented by the black or white and chrome “Curve” chaise that features a three layer design and a truly modern feel.
For the bedroom it’s another masterpiece that should be displayed because that is where the mood is set and the magic happens. The “Greca” bedroom set will be the perfect fit with its velvety texture and the embossed Versace pattern throughout the bed, and nightstand which is also shaped in the Versace maze pattern and features a wood structure with chrome metal inserts on the sides and a base with mirror inserts in the bed.

Having a designer bachelor pad is also all about the details like tableware and silverware as well. Otherwise it feels like a bed with no mattress. So to compliment the design the “Medusa Lumiere” glassware collection by Rosenthal will fit right in. With its clear long drink glasses having the engraved Versace Medusa logo at the base of each glass, every time you finish your beverage you will have a smile knowing that you are living the Versace dream, and drinking from his glass.
Being a bachelor is a lifestyle, and how you live aka your bachelor pad should complement that lifestyle. When you want to live like a celebrity you do what the celebrity does and act like a celebrity acts. That doesn’t mean always being a diva, it just means being confident, have the things you want in life and enjoying them. The designer pad is filled with those must love items that are personal to each of us, so why not have an ultra-luxurious lifestyle to return home to every night? Dorothy said it best in the Wizard of Oz, “There is no place like home” and there is no better place to have the luxuries in life you deserve either.

Couture-modular sofa
Couture-modular sofa
Curve chaise
Curve chaise
Greca bed
Greca bed
greca nightstand
greca nightstand

Vivienne Westwood shows during Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2014/15

Her concepts and designs always bring out a thought provoking look. During Milan’s Men’s fashion week it was a fight against fracking. According to her “**Attention** Fracking is the Big Fight. In England we must all challenge the irresponsible behaviour of our governments who are trying to force fracking upon us with no consideration of alternatives. The public must be informed. One thing is sure: At this point in time we must think before we rush into further action to fracture our Earth.” This might explain her inspiration for various designs that include a chemical theme. Her collection was also very edgy and colorful with various design patterns and prints. Her use of color block patterns, striped and mosaic designs gave a contemporary feel to traditional suit designs and colors. Her fracking inspired designs might be connected to the first couple of looks and towards the end of the show as well. It included a black leather and padded motorcycle jacket with pants combination followed by a gray tracksuit with dual zippers on the sweatshirt and zippers on each of the legs. Which potentially might have resembled a fashionable version of a bio-hazard suit. Another version of that might be the gold tracksuit, showing a different version of the same idea.

The collection also consisted of classic tailored suits in both gray and purple tones with modern flare. Her version of the gray suit had a charcoal color block design both on the blazer and pants. Other suits in the collection consisted of mosaic and tribal style prints, with one having a cropped blazer, while another was loose fitting and had a double breasted style blazer containing a single row of buttons. As modern looks go, this show did not disappoint in the end with an over-sized quilted jumper sweatshirt paired with mesh sweatpants for the ultra-comfortable street wear look. Her inspiration and cause was visible throughout the collection which included a quilted cardigan with a ’Vegetable Oye’ patch. It was worn over a light blue printed tee with multiple designs that included a propaganda tape, Merry Xmas ornaments and phrases that encourage discussion and debate about the world’s problems. A statement was made with this collection both in the fashion industry and with the social community to inspire thought, discussion and debate. Ultimately fashion gives us that avenue for voicing our inspirations without even saying a word.

John Varvatos – Milan Fall/Winter 2014-15 Review

Clothing fit for your inner rock star is how this collection was portrayed. Especially when you see some of the models wearing “Kiss” face makeup and get to see the band “Kiss” walk down the runway at the end of the show with John Varvatos himself. The collection was inspired by the inner rock star of Varvatos by utilizing the three main colors of rock and “Kiss.” Black, white and silver. Tones which were the primary and predominately displayed colors of the night. Silver stole the show though, accenting and dominating every look it was part of. Starting first and foremost with the first piece that was shown which was a silver crocodile motorcycle jacket with a rear neck accent zipper. The silver crocodile skin was also used in a black motorcycle jacket with the crocodile shoulder trim and full length sleeves with the tote and weekender bags also made from the same material. Having a rock star look is not complete without the boots and wallet chain. These were all part of the look and theme of the show where every model usually had one of the two if not both. The silver wallet chain accented all the black leather looks and there were plenty of them. Both leather pants and jackets were used in collaboration with the silver tones. Distressing the jackets to give them a wrinkled and worn pattern was also a staple tonight. Not stopping there, it continued with a collection of white pieces that gave brightness and showed us that black is not the only color of rock.

By pairing a white double breasted fur shearling coat with silver buttons and wrist epaulets, white trousers and black monk strap shoes we got to see what the other side of rock star status looks like on their days off. There were three standout items that completely out-shined everything else. The first was a gray three piece suit with silver streaks throughout with the ever so popular silver crocodile folio bag. The next standout look of the collection was a purple dual lapel dinner blazer with silver leopard style prints and silk besom pockets. The lapels themselves were a combination of a silk peak lapel and a leather outlined notch lapel right on top contrasting each other in a complimentary style however. The main look which was the look of the night was a black overcoat with black raven type feathers on the shoulders and back. Of course the model had “Kiss” face makeup and did the signature Gene Simmons tongue routine completing the look and feel of the design. Even though the clothes were what everyone went to see, what truly amazed and surprised was the actual band “Kiss” coming out at the end. The show seemed like it was themed after them but the question was why? That was quickly answered once the band walked the runway making the crowd rock with excitement.

The Shawl Collar

A collar is arguably the most important part of a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, a sport coat.  It swathes the neck, it frames the face.  It can determine our stance and posture as we walk or as we sit.  On an article of clothing that closes in the front, like a jacket or a cardigan, it can even help shape our torso as it appears to observers.  The collar, or the lapel on a jacket, is vital to creating our image.  As the weather turns cool, one variation among the collars on your upper pieces you should consider is the shawl collar.  From sweaters to tuxedo jackets, the well-dressed FashionMR can rely on the shawl collar to bring elegance to his comportment.

There’s no mystery to the shawl collar.  It is what its name suggests: a collar that resembles a shawl wrapped around the shoulders.  Rendered in wool, cotton, or cashmere, it softly swathes your body in a rolling curve, creating a gorge even around the neck.  In a pullover sweater, the shawl collar frames the face like a turtleneck, while allowing the shirt beneath to show through, and giving you more freedom to move your head.  Coming around the neck and close to the jaw, the collar provides additional warmth, making the shawl collar ideal for colder Fall days.  It does not take ties as well as v-neck sweaters, making it best suited for casual settings.  A shawl collar sweater is your best companion during a lazy Fall weekend, keeping you warm and granting you some style on the side.

The shawl collar can also be stretched, broadened, to take on the role of lapel on front-closing garments.  Shawl-collar cardigans are a potent Fall style item: they can, in some settings, take the place of sport coats.  Wear a pair of corduroy pants below, and pair a gray shawl-collar sweater with a white shirt and a colorful knit tie, and you’ll be the toast of any office party.

Perhaps the ultimate form of the shawl collar is its use in evening wear.  The shawl lapel not infrequently takes the place of the peak lapel on dinner jackets, where it accentuates the strong torso of a well-dressed gentleman.  A shawl-collar tuxedo demonstrates discernment, good taste.  It shows a FashionMR who cares about how he looks, who puts thought into his appearance.

NCAA March Madness – Upsets Galore – WATCH NOW!

Once again the NCAA Final Four tournament aka March Madness is upon us. Everyone is talking brackets. “Bracketology” is now a science and even our President, Barack Obama gets involved in the non-political atmosphere of the college basketball championship tournament with his own Final Four bracket named “Barack-etology.” This year the President picked the Michigan State Spartans to win it all. Joining in on the trend, Warren Buffet and Quicken Loans this year came up with a Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge with the prize being one billion dollars to the person who can fill out the perfect NCAA tournament bracket. Brackets are everywhere so no matter what you do, and where you are in America you probably either filled out a Final Four bracket and maybe even ten of them. Or are on the complete opposite end where you don’t want to hear the word bracket ever again. This is considered by many the greatest day in sports in the U.S. and is debated plentiful.

There are sixty four teams seeded within four sections and each section has seeds one through sixteen. Now history tells us that there will usually be at least one number twelve seeded team that defeats the number five seeded team in the first round. This year was no different, the number twelve seeded Harvard University went on to upset the number five seed Cincinnati by a score of sixty-one to fifty-seven. Another more closely battled upset came to Ohio State at the hands of Dayton by only one point in a sixty to fifty-nine battle that came down to the final seconds. However this was not the upset of the tournament so far. The biggest upset came when the number three seeded Duke University lost to a number fourteen seeded Mercer. Duke usually one of the perennial favorites every year for the fact that they have one of the best coaches in history to ever coach college basketball in Mike Krzyzewski, who also happened to coach the Men’s US Olympic basketball team most recently. They are also a very talented and reliable team with one of the top college players in Jabari Parker, a lock for the NBA whenever he decides to become a professional basketball player and enter the NBA Draft. Duke lost by the score of seventy-eight to seventy-one in what is considered the upset of the tournament thus far. Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski went into the Mercer locker room after the game to congratulate the team and said “If we got beaten, at least we got beaten by a hell of a basketball team.” In life it’s important to always be a class act no matter the outcome of the situation, and this is why no matter what, every year Duke is always a favorite.

Missoni shows during Milan Men’s Fashion week – Fall/Winter 2014-15

Everything here was all about the knit wear and the relaxed look. Knitwear was used in every aspect that featured sweaters, jackets, suits, blankets covering some of the models and the vibe that came was a relaxed hipster feel. The designs had the Missoni zigzag patterns in most pieces which included cardigans and knit turtlenecks with shoulder buttons to adjust the neck line and relax the design even further.

The dark orange, red, and bronze colors that were used in these designs gave a safari and California sunset feel in the beginning of the show while the grays and purples presented a more subtle tone to the night. The zigzags also gave a psychedelic touch to the looks adding to the hipster and relaxed theme.

The most relaxed touch of design came from the shoes. Even though they weren’t actually shoes rather than leather strap slippers with fur. Those embodied the relaxed vibe and gave the impression that the model was going out for the night to a beach camping around a fire and telling stories without a care in the world. A fall and winter collection wouldn’t be complete without some coats and Missoni didn’t disappoint with a white fur lined knit overcoat and also a fur collared pea coat. As much as the zigzag design was part of the collection so were the horizontal Bengal patterns that were used in various sweaters and cardigans. The iconic Missoni zigzag was also varied by designing the pattern from various colored harlequin patterns to form the zigzag formation and by also applying their zigzag patterns in ways that created extra patterns that included waves and vertical stripes on some of their V-neck sweaters.

The relaxed hipster mood was set right from the beginning with the knit wear that involved the leather and fur slippers. That is the most relaxing feel of all, going casual used to be wearing a suit with sneakers or loafers but now casual and relaxed got a brand new meaning with a knit suit and slippers. Even though it’s a fall and winter collection it yearns to be a sixty to seventy degree fall and winter style.

Google announces new Android Wear – Wearable gear by Google

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones, smart technology and technology that is readily available at our fingertips with these new smart watches that information is going to be available on our wrists. Powered by Google and the Android brand will let you have easy access to whatever you might need throughout your day without having to even take out your phone anymore. You will be able to get the weather, directions, find places, and even respond to text messages just by using your voice. You might say that is already available on mobile phones and it is. The main difference is that your phone does not need to come out of your pocket anymore. The technology is based on the same functions as your phone’s Google Now and Google cards features. Where based on your previous searches and inputs Google gives you updated information about what you might like and where you might need to go. All that will be required are two simple words. “OK Google” then either ask your question if looking for information like “where is the nearest flower shop?” Or say a command like send a text, or reply.


Google announces new Android Wear - Wearable gear by Google
via Android Wear – Wearable gear by Google

LG is partnering with Google to bring you the new Android wear which is scheduled for a Q2 2014 release. The G watch is the common square version of a smart watch and will include functions that will enable the consumer to call for taxis, make reservations and also have their tasks updated. Pretty much allowing them to use the Google functions without their phone making the technology at the fingertips much easier.

A newer version is also in the works by Motorola as well. It will be called the “Moto 360” which is set to arrive in the summer of 2014. There aren’t many details about it yet but the main feature is that it will look and feel like an actual watch. It will have the iconic round bezel with traditional hour, minute and seconds hands. Also featuring a leather band which can be interchangeable if necessary, will be water resistant and have gesture support “with just a twist of the wrist you can see who’s emailing or calling, what time your next meeting is or a friend’s latest social post.” One of the unique functions of the watch is that no matter how you wear it, whether it’s on the left hand or right hand, it is orientation free and that the screen will self-adjust to the relative viewpoint. Like most products it will run on the Android OS and by saying “Ok Google” followed by the phrase of choosing will enable it to function as you wish. LG’s Moto 360 concept is marketing itself with the slogan “It’s Time” and yes it is, it’s definitely time.


Iceberg – Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 Review

Inspired by the Batman and Bruce Wayne alter egos, this collection had all the looks needed to be both a crime fighter to a playboy billionaire. The colors that were used in this collection are both formal and on the contemporary side. Using blacks, grays, blues, reds, and creams they created a modern feel with classic designs. We get to see the mix between Bruce Wayne and Batman with a gray neoprene and cotton Shetland style crew neck sweater which had a Two-Face inspired design that included Batman with a distorted Bruce Wayne face print. For Batman’s look there were various sporty style jackets and overcoats made with neoprene fabric giving him the comfort and ease to switch into his Dark Knight suit when needed. But in-case there was no need, those coats had dual silver zippers to give him a sense of style when not fighting crime. The Bruce Wayne counterpart on the other hand is a billionaire playboy with a distinct sense of style. He wears classic and timeless articles of clothing made from luxury fabrics. His style would include clothes like a gray two piece Prince of Wales pattern suit and various mohair sweaters.

The sweaters in this collection are what any modern classic style should incorporate. A colored mohair sweater with a pattern to distinguish it from all the other stale colored items. An essential part of being an individual and showing your style. This was done by having a teal mohair turtleneck sweater with red stripe patterns to exemplify the trendy side of luxury. The same can also be said for the red turtleneck mohair sweater with navy blue stripe patterns. What made the collection different was that most of the designs that had the Prince of Wales patterns had parts of the pattern stretched out diagonally and distorted to give a 3D feel to the clothing. That feeling was also felt because whenever that color theme and pattern hit the runway the background video screen had that same pattern visualized by the music’s changing amplitude patterns. Combining classic design patterns with music is a unique approach when redesigning clothes with amplitude spikes stretching across and distorting the pattern to create a new look. One might have to look for a bit longer to realize what was happening with the design but as it is said “a picture is worth a thousand words” which still might not be enough to appreciate this unique design.

Ports 1961- Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 review

When the entire collection features spread collar white shirts underneath jackets and sweaters while sitting over mock necks and turtle necks, the thoughts that come to mind were prep school and after work street wear. Having the backpacks and various tote bags did help that cause. Though not everyone wears a backpack anymore, it’s now about the messenger and the tote bag that is around the arm and not the back. The preparatory school and street wear look was the highlighted in a collection of suits and overcoats on top of hooded sweatshirts of various fabrics and colors. Grays and purples were the two main colors on display being used in items such as full length coats and with zippers on the bags. Velvet also had a shine in the collection as a black crew neck sweater with besom zipper pockets. There was also a unique but understated item in the show, a gray charcoal two piece suit. What made it a little different from the rest of the suits is that it had no jacket pockets. Instead there were two suit style flap pockets on the hips of the pants giving the suit a modern cargo style look. The collection was otherwise filled with overcoats, raincoats and the in-between hooded rain cape that was worn over a double breasted suit. The colors that really stood out were the purples and the burgundies. Those are subtle dark colors but they are noticeable because they are not your basic grays, blues, and blacks. They are a dark version of red which is a very bright and outspoken color. The burgundy coat that stood out was a leather high street coat with fur lapels, collar, and inner lining accented by wrist epaulets. Being preppy and modern at the same time is a good thing. You can go and fit in anywhere and nobody can say anything negative because you’re in style no matter the situation. That’s what the Ports 1961 collection is all about, being comfortable and stylish in any and every situation.

7 Hottest Men of the Oscars

The Academy Awards are widely known for the fashion, of the women that is. But let’s give it up for the sharply dressed men who made our jaws drop and made us fantasize. This is a list of just 7 men at the Oscars who made us remember, “It’s not the suit, but the man in it”.

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama

Most would agree that Zach Galifianakis is a funny man. Ok, you may not know him by name but, definitely his character in the hangover movies.  In his 18th episode of  Funny or Die, President Barack Obama sits down with Zach Galifianakis for his most memorable interview yet.  Life’s too short. We all need some sense of humor, don’t you think? But whats the point of it all? To promote the Affordable care act. Another creative commercial or informercial huh?  It seems to be working, we think.

Old Spice saying “Goodbye forever – I hope to never see you again” – A must watch hilarious video…

Not many brands are able to get the attention they yearn for. If a brand’s commercial goes viral accumulating over 1.6 million views within a day, you know they are doing something right or wrong perhaps? Either way, you are getting the attention and brand recognition and thats the point.  Old spice commercials seem to do a very good job getting our attention with some sense of humor, although sometimes over the top.  In this video featuring Terry Crews,  it show how saying “Goodbye forever—I hope to never see you again” to an old friend is so much easier now with the new Old Spice face-shaving machines.

Noah – opens in U.S. theaters March 28, 2014

The movie is based on the story of Noah’s Ark but this story is focused on the trials of building the Ark with the human element of fight and struggle between other humans and not just the struggles in building the vessel. It stars Academy Award winner Russell Crowe as Noah, Oscar winner Jennifer Connolly as Nameeh, Emma Watson plays the role of Il-La and Anthony Hopkins who is also an Academy Award winner stars as Methusela. Supposed to open in U.S. theaters March 28, 2014 it has been a very controversial movie from all angles. The director Darren Aronofsky wants everyone to go see it, and even cautioned the religious viewers calling Noah as “the least biblical biblical film ever made.” The reason behind that is that the story of Noah and the Ark is taught in a lot of different religions and is one of the first and most important stories about life, hard work, faith, trials and tribulations. That means that there will be groups of people that will watch it and take it as a literal meaning of the story of Noah, which is not what is supposed to happen. Hollywood of course puts a dramatic twist on a religious story and anytime religion is involved controversy will follow. The film is a Hollywood depiction about the story of Noah’s Ark so liberties will be taken in both the script, the scenes, and how the story is told for dramatic effect. That doesn’t mean however that the movie will not be a blockbuster in 2014. At the end of the day it is still just a movie whether you agree with the story line or not. Then decide what you would do differently if you were to make the movie yourself. Because that’s the debate that always ensues directly following us leaving the theater anyway.

BERLIN, GERMANY - MARCH 13:  (L-R) Douglas Booth, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Jennifer Connelly, director Darren Aronofsky, producer Scott Franklin and Ray Winstone attends the premiere of Paramount Pictures' 'NOAH' at Zoo Palast on March 13, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures) *** Local Caption *** Ray Winstone; Douglas Booth; Logan Lerman; Jennifer Connelly; Darren Aronofsky; Scott Franklin
BERLIN, GERMANY – MARCH 13: (L-R) Douglas Booth, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Jennifer Connelly, director Darren Aronofsky, producer Scott Franklin and Ray Winstone attends the premiere of Paramount Pictures’ ‘NOAH’ at Zoo Palast on March 13, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures) *** Local Caption *** Ray Winstone; Douglas Booth; Logan Lerman; Jennifer Connelly; Darren Aronofsky; Scott Franklin



Canali shows Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15

A true depiction of elegance, tradition and style was seen from the first second when a classical pianist walked out and started playing a soft melody that can only be appreciated by listening and immersing yourself in the movement. The runway collection was a testament to the classical styles and traditional looks much like the pianist, only these classical styles were updated for the modern times. Think of the band “Bond” who are a classically trained string quartet and put a modern tempo to their songs. The collection consisted of those ideas as well by including shawl collared double breasted overcoats with waist belts to give a relaxed at home feel of wearing a robe. A very luxurious robe style coat with a fur collar and a full length fur style was on display in various traditional brown and gray colors, and to modernize a traditional look Canali showed a mohair wool light gray and pink coat with duffle coat style loops that are fit for button and not toggles. The coats were worn over wool shawl collared sweaters as well with jacquard prints and scarves to give a relaxed feel to the traditional look. Because Canali was and is a traditional suit maker they did not stray away from their mainstays of fine tailored suits. Which included various two piece double breasted designs with jacquard patterns and prints.

Though as tradition moves forward new styles emerge and showing that was his collection of velvet blazers with trouser separates in various color combinations that included hunter green, pastel pink and navy blue double breasted blazers. Paired with complementing velvet trousers in a different shade of the prime color. The suits were set over shiny silk shirt and tie combinations to either show a professional version or a silk scarf under the blazer for a more casual look. All in all, Canali being a classical luxury outfitter showed exactly what was expected and then some. Ultra-fine tailored suits, coats, fine wool and fur fabrics while including velvet blazer-trouser combinations in non-classical modern colors. The pianist set the classical theme for the show and the collection exemplified what a traditional look and modern design can become.

Damir Doma show Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

Fabric blocking and patterns come together in this collection. Wool and nylon make an overcoat that is a very modern take on a timeless classic. Having a four button design takes you back some years and then using nylon as the main sleeve fabric moves you to the future some years too.  Redesigning the notch lapel was a great touch, by folding over the collar with the extra wool exposed gives the notch lapel a new and third dimension that isn’t seen in today’s suits or coats. Another design concept is the loose thread stitching of the pants and jackets, by doing that it seem as if the items aren’t fully sewn. It’s just loose extra material that adds dimension. A lot of the designs also give the impression of being in a forest because of the stitching patterns that resemble tree barks. The various textures and fabrics that are compiled are true experiments and futuristic designs. But coming next season the future will be here.

Dries Van Noten shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

Bold describes this collection and no other word should come close.  Bold pink, then purple, then blue, after that yellow and finally mellows out to hunter green and gray tones. Some patterns belong in “Tron” while others are just the ones that your teenage child would love to have. Dye and acid washed shirts with pants, both in pink and purple. The most basic crew neck purple sweater had gray horizontal dye stripes patterns. Can’t wear that to the office any more, but it would definitely look great with a gray pair of pants or jeans during the weekend. This collection surely turns neck, and the one piece that will turn the most necks is the item that will keep your own neck warm. The scarf, made from various dyed furs like yellow, blue, gray and hunter green, it’s as if a fox tail was around your neck. Now that would be a great story for the weekend.

Tillmann Lauterbach shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

 His collection should be classified as a notch above the rest. Well not a notch as in a class, but in regards to lapels. Using various coats ranging from Mac (Macintosh) to bomber jackets that feature white shearlings on the outside as opposed to the norm. His collection is full of color, and void of color at the same time if that’s possible. His white, gray and black color blocked leather jacket with wide notch lapels really makes it easy when choosing what color jacket to wear. Just choose that one and chances are it will coordinate with anything you have on. His sweaters are unique too, having a grey wool sweater with black color spots bleeding through also having a horizontal wool knit pattern around the neck and sleeves. Well if you aren’t one that likes to be in those gray areas, how about a black wool, with blue leather sleeve sport jacket. However, the most unique piece that walked down the runway was a gray, black and white horizontally patterned and color blocked faux suede anorak, with a rolled up second outer layer that was held together by a yellow metal and cable knit belt in the back. Something to almost end the show with a wow factor.

Frankie Morello shows during Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2014/15

Taking traditional and classic designs and looks then putting a modern and futuristic spin on them is the inspiration behind the collection by Frankie Morello. Classic styles do evolve over time because looks and fabrics evolve over time as well and so do the people that are wearing them. This is why a suit is now paired with sneakers and loafers for a more causal feel instead of always being worn with dress shoes. His collection did start off with a modern grown up feel with a Mister Morello embroidery on a silver sweater with a black chevron shoulder and chest pattern. Then 3D patterns and effects were introduced with clothing that included sweaters, suits and trousers. The 3D patterns started with an argyle sweater of black and gray diamonds outlined by black and white wool trims. The show goes into a full 3D effect when we see a gray and black cubed print suit combo complimented by a light blue lanyard and key chain paired with black sneakers. This takes the suit to a whole new casual atmosphere. Casual looks might be all the rage nowadays and being original with the designs is a unique trait. Just pairing a blazer with sneakers does not make an automatic casual look. It has to be the right style blazer with the right trousers and sneakers or else there is a three style vibe going on that won’t ever work. A great classic and casual design is a cable pattern that is commonly knitted into sweaters. Taking that traditional look and modernizing it again this time with a cable knit pattern printed on a gray blazer paired again with a light blue lanyard key chain, high top sneakers with a Mister Morello velcro strap and a blue baseball cap with a Mister Morello and a dual Pegasus embroidery.

The futuristic and space inspired designs were also shown on sweaters with an astronaut inside a space shuttle print, and mixing the past and futures with a print of a spacesuit standing behind a renaissance painting. Blue was a major part of this collection and was involved in many aspects featuring various plaid pants, wool bomber jackets with chevron patterns and as striped trims. However the most modern, sporty and futuristic look came in the form of a white neoprene overcoat with quilted forearms with a padded “M” embroidery and a padded shoulder embroidery of their signature “22.” Transforming classic looks with modern and futuristic designs is a fine line that was not only crossed but raised with this collection. No more choosing between styles because they are now combined and in the present. We just have to be brave enough to wear them.

Dressing For College

‘College style’ might seem like an oxymoron.  Go to any campus and watch the students walk to class.  T-shirts and jeans are the order of the day.  Some of them show up in their pajamas.  Your average college student takes their wardrobe as casually as they take their studies seriously.

To which we say: why be average?  College is your first taste of adulthood, the time to discover the man you want to be.  It’s also perhaps the first time you have the opportunity to make clothing purchases without your parents looking over your shoulder, so rather than lapse into lounge pants and sweatshirts, dress to the nines.  If it increases the workload on laundry day, so be it- it’s high time you learned to wash your own clothes, anyway.

The classic college dress code comes from the Ivy League universities, what we might today call ‘preppy’- but it was Ivy League before it was prep.  If you’re operating on a limited budget, focus on a few essential elements and combine them.  You need a pair of gray flannel pants to ground nearly everything else you wear.  You need a navy blazer, then another sportcoat, preferably tweed.  For colder climates you’ll want at least three sweaters in wool, and at least one should be a bright color that will make you stand out in a crowd.  A few Oxford cloth button-downs can be dressed up or down, even worn with a tie if the need emerges.  Speaking of ties, if your college has a crest, get a tie with that on it.  The original point of the necktie was to declare allegiance to a club or fraternal order; why stray from that?

For the summer, instead of a t-shirt, spring for a polo shirt, which you can wear under a blazer or on its own.  A pair of khaki pants are your casual style skeleton key.  Finally, spend some decent money on one good pair of shoes, preferably brown, preferably lace-ups.  They’ll last you from Welcome Week to graduation and carry you with aplomb.

If this seems like a short list, it is.  These are the essentials if you want to strut around like the big man on campus.  From here, shop carefully, and buy what you feel speaks to you.  As you advance in your studies, you’ll discover more about yourself, and this will shift your personal style.  You want to dress like you- not like someone else.


Andrea Pompilio – Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 review

Bringing the fun back into fall and winter is Andrea Pompilio. Because polka dots are fun and colors are fun as well. Fun to look at, fun to describe and playfully bright. They bring a childlike feel to any piece of clothing. Ask yourself, at what age did you stop wearing polka dot patterns and why? Well now you can start wearing them again. By using this pattern in two piece suits, trouser separates, bomber jackets and full length overcoats they were classed up and modernized. Colors were also in full effect with a bright yellow neoprene duffle coat, an emerald green military coat, motorcycle jacket, and a sky blue quilted shirt fitted over a cream colored turtleneck. White buttons were the focal point accents of most designs because they drew your attention to them in items that included a cropped double breasted wool jacket with those white buttons and shoulder epaulets, and with a navy double breasted fur coat. Another bright spot was the use of orange and white combinations with an orange boucle sweater that featured horizontal white chalk stripes. Also with a double breasted shawl collar cardigan having the same white buttons. Going with more subtle colors, a two tone shearling color blocked duffle coat was shown in navy and gray with a Navy top portion and gray boucle style bottom portion and around the wrists. Though with colors there is always an athletic and speed feeling that sets upon us. Using print details consisting of a male in various poses resembling a variation of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man was another element that was used in both fronts of shirts, and various backs of overcoats to modernize an otherwise traditional look. The two things that really stood out though with the collection after the colors and the polka dot patterns was that most items had some form of accentuated look. Either with a fur hat, gloves, a silk handkerchief of a bright contrasting color and pattern, or holding an essentials pouch. This collection broke the rules of fall and winter with the bright colors and designs. But if those seasons aren’t going to be enjoyable, then like the planet Pluto why not remove them from consideration?

Calvin Klein shows during Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-15

Three words came calling out at the CK show for fall 2014. Obsession, Eternity, and Escape. Maybe that’s because they were imprinted of numerous sweatshirts throughout the show. All of which are the fragrance collections of the CK brand. Cross marketed with the new line of clothing made for the male going to combat or the jungle was the theme here. Dominating the show with brown, beige and military greens it feel as if hiding in the sand dunes was a daily routine. To do that you have to be comfortable and that’s why the sweatshirts made so much sense here. It could feel like an eternity, and all you may want is to escape. It would definitely have to be an obsession to be in that environment. But if you are there, then comfort again has to be key. Being comfortable comes easy with the various loose fitted trousers in both beige and army green. Also having a dual use design with the quilted bronze military style flap jacket not only created functionality but substance to keep warm during the harsh fall and winter months this is meant for. If it’s a battle with the elements you seek, a set of puffer and bomber jackets should be your best friend. Style was a major factor and even though there were the browns, grays, and army green dominant styles, each design had various shades layered on top of one another to contrast the different looks. No great collection is complete without some great leathers with the distressed leather jackets, backpacks and moccasin boots. The show did return to a suited theme in the end with a caramel colored blazer and ending the show with three black tuxedos all with different colored lapels in black, metallic gray, and burgundy. Taking a chance on a military and safari color and theme is a slight gamble and runways are meant for expressions and taking chances. Once it reverted back to the suits and tuxedo’s everything felt normal again and the battle was over. Not that it wasn’t a great journey, just that some things we love for what they always are.

Rynshu – Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014/15 Review

Inspired by the ability to have a unisex collection and multi-functionality most of his designs are able to be worn by both males and females. That is exactly how the collection started, with a woman coming down the runway in a blue leather pea coat with black bubble prints and matching pants. Then the guy wore the same style dinner jacket. Same materials and having the exact same design just with a different cut. A lot of his collection was made with that intention. Being able to interchange clothing between the sexes and if not interchanging then just matching together. Imagine arriving to a special occasion with not just matching your tie to the dress and vice versa. But having the same style patterns and designs. It doesn’t even have to be the blue color, it can be one of the other pieces like the suede two piece suit with the pleated suit jacket both available for him and her. Matching wasn’t the only attraction in this collection, it was the use of different leathers and patterns that include the aforementioned bubble pattern also variegated rugby stripes, tapes and the use of a snakeskin design both with fabric and patterns on matching jackets and pants.

This collection does have both a rock and an elegant flare because of the pants. They are skinny pants that have horizontal tears starting at the thigh and going below the knees. They are however transformable into nighttime wear because each tear has an attached zipper. So if you don’t want the tears to show then just zip them up giving you have a perfectly un-torn pair of pants that can compliment your dinner jacket. Functionality and versatility are keys to this collection. Items can be made both formal and casual within seconds while being wearable by males and females alike. Next time, go anywhere with matching Rynshu jackets and pants with one person wearing the pant tears open and the other zipped up. Then after some time switch the styles around and see the reactions. Both people will have a laugh and a great time showing off their personal and unique style even if the looks were swapped.

Men fashionable bags spotted on the runway during Milan fashion week fall/winter 2014 collection

Bags are necessary accessories to any man’s wardrobe.  These are some of the fashionable bags from the runway during Milan fashion week fall/winter 2014 collection.  Which one is your favorite?

John Richmond shows Fall/Winter 2014-15 during Milan Men’s Fashion Week

The standout in this show were the shoes and the blazers. They had the most unique and intricate designs, styles and colors. Embroidery was a big part of this collection that included Asian inspirations, geometrical shapes, and song lyrics. First off, to start the show with red soled shoes set the tone for the whole event. You start wondering what will come next and what colors will I see? So you look for colors and see fabrics like a gray and purple shaded fur bomber and waistline jacket. Coloring the stage again comes a red leather asymmetrical zippered motorcycle jacket with a geometrical pattern of a half circle resembling a sunrise or a half moon depending on your mood and outlook. Paired with black trousers and red patent leather monk strap shoes. Wanting more red comes a red checkered coat that had a black velvet collar, flap pocket details together with matching trousers and another pair of red soled shoes. In between all the reds and leathers, there were numerous blue leather and suede loafers with cross designs that accented the dark look and gave a light blue skies feel and also featured were white shoes that contrasted the leather jackets and pants. Leather was used in various designs being the focal point and being the accenting detail as part of a down jacket with leather sleeves, or when used as the centerpiece in a complete black design involving a chevron leather blazer that has wool patch pockets and sleeves with black leather monk strap shoes having metal cross details. One of the finer fabrics, silk, was used in a variety of ways being introduced with a black bomber jacket having a print of a crying female angel statue surrounded by fully bloomed red roses. That same print design was used with a silk shirt and a neoprene sweater showcasing the print applications to various fabrics. However, when it comes to fabrics, velvet is one that you either love or hate.

John Richmond used velvet as both accents with collars and trims but mainly as one of the main components of a look with numerous velvet pants. His silver velvet two piece suit really portrayed what velvet could do in the right environment. Gray is nice, silver velvet is for the bold though. Another look that was for the bold was a leather jacket with diamond studs and his white silk x-ray shirt with python embroidery applications on the sleeves. When it comes to being bold, just saying it is only half the battle. Wearing and doing something bold is the other half. The boldest piece in the whole collection was also the last item showcased. It came in the form of a traditional black dinner blazer. Only this dinner blazer had Lou Reed lyrics embroidered all around the jacket. Front, back, shoulders, sleeves. The only parts that were left untouched were the lapels, the collar, and the silk besom pockets. Although it would have been so much more bold if the lapels were embroidered too. In the end John Richmond gave us a collection that showcased numerous bold colors, designs, patterns and stitching details along with fabrics that otherwise most would not dare to wear. Maybe bold will be the new subtle and in that case this collection would still be bold.

The Bomber Jacket

The military has long been a source of inspiration for men’s fashion.  It gave us chinos, as well as the color khaki; it gave us the navy blazer; it gave us the peacoat.  Military gear continues to drive trends in fashion because it is strong, simple, and functional, three qualities that men prize in themselves and in their clothes.  The leather bomber jacket fits all of those criteria, so it should come as no surprise that it has migrated from military apparel to a style staple of men the world over.  Especially as the cold weather comes swirling down our streets and onto our doorsteps, a bomber jacket should quickly become a good friend of any FashionMR wanting to brave the chilly outdoors.

Also known as the flight jacket, the bomber jacket has its origins in the First World War, the dawn of military aviation.  In those days, airplanes did not have closed cockpits, and pilots flying sorties needed something to keep them warm in the cold upper atmosphere.  This need grew more pressing during World War Two, when the altitudes at which aircraft flew rose tremendously- and though planes had closed cockpits by that time, those were not insulated, making a thick coat essential to ward off the frigid temperatures.  The result was a closely cropped, thickly lined jacket with a high collar and elasticized bands at the sleeves, along with elastic around the waist.  Like so much military apparel, after the wars it found many fans among civilians as it became associated with heroism and daring.

Bomber jackets have remained similar in their basic shape, though they do change between manufacturers.  Some have pockets on the chest, while others maintain two simple pockets for a more streamlined look.  The material they are made of also varies: many are made of leather, while others are made of nylon or other synthetic fabrics.  All are classic pieces that should find a versatile place in a FashionMR’s wardrobe.  Pair a classic brown leather bomber jacket with chinos or corduroys for protection from the cold.  If you prefer to be more adventurous, try a jacket in another color, or even a cotton bomber jacket with a patterned exterior.  Unlock your inner flight jockey and dress for adventure.

Raf Simons & Sterling Ruby shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

 This one is just a complete “you have to see it to love it philosophy.”  The items here look like an art project, but the debate is by whom? First it feels as a journey through a punk rock culture with sweaters being made from a single knit fabric then having more than three other knit design patches sewn onto it creating the variation in colors and depth. It’s a collaboration or art in its most simplistic form. The coats in this collection are the epitome of originality and simplicity. With a plain trench coat being redesigned by adding sewing patches of various fabrics and materials like velour, multiple knitted colored fabrics all in distressed cut forms shows the imagination for simple yet unique design. It then becomes a psychedelic feel with the colors and patterns changing to more of a dyed design style using galaxy and planet prints in the coats and t-shirts. Ending with an art show or colors and patterns on wool canvases, by using the overcoats and adding various geometric style patterns of colored tape, sewing in various fabrics and adding prints of pictures. That once plain and basic wool coat, became a masterpiece of color and fabric blocking art.

John Lawrence Sullivan Fall/Winter 2014-15


JLS takes us on a fabric journey from basic gray wool’s, to space age foam and Macintosh style shirts and coats. He starts off with a simple gray wool two piece low cut suit with the jacket having a one button closure that is on a black sateen diagonal strap sewn onto the jacket. He then goes on to show off some sateen shirt style jackets with outlines and chest patch pockets. What is really interesting about this look is that the jacket is so thin that it looks like another low cut shirt that’s tucked into the pants. Only then you realize that it’s a jacket tucked into the pants, which is another style statement in itself. The journey then continues on to a patterned look and feel comprising of rugby designed faux-fur sweaters in blue and black, and burgundy and black colors. Keeping with the patterned theme he then shows off some gingham patterns and besom pockets in his red, and blue single breasted suits. Now he gets to the space age materials, making blue and burgundy duffle coats from foam and fiber materials with rubber hooks, patch pockets and epaulets on the sleeves. Finally comes the truly unique look. A charcoal two piece PVC material suit that if worn in the rain will be the best feeling in the world. Everyone else running, and you are just strolling along waterproofed like there is no rain at all.

Cerruti 1881- Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014-15

Formal, retro, old fashioned are the words that comes to mind for  this new collection. The designs are very modern and formal, with the colors of brown and navy being the old fashioned. Consisting of dark fabrics with bright contrasting accents while having all the staples of relaxed formal attire. Packet with various Shetland crew neck sweaters and pea coats both double breasted in a 4X2 Belstaff style, and ones with jigger zippers and buttons as well to provide a more modern and sleek look and feel. Using various shades of brown, hounds tooth and glen plaid designs in the same piece on multiple coat styles to showcase that a single design can transfer over to various products. Then varying navy blue with white accents to highlight and contrast the different fabrics that are used.

Fall and winter are the seasons when it gets dark early, but with the Cerutti brown combinations even a normally dark color is varied by the various design patterns. It would be no surprise if his collection would be used in “The Great Gatsby” or another box office blockbuster like “American Hustle.” A staple in relaxed formal wear is the cable knit sweater, which is shown complimented in the collection by a white striped dress shirt with its collar contrasting the navy crew neck Shetland sweater itself. The best design of the night had to be the dark gray pea coat with eyelet fabric patterns in the underarms and wishbone pattern throughout. The use of this pattern is new idea, going away from the widely used and also popular patterns of herringbone, hounds tooth, and basic plaid designs. The wishbone pattern shows a different style while still maintaining the class it deserves. Cerruti has not only brought the autumn and winter feel to this collection, he also made it possible for anyone of any age to wear it. Whether it’s for comfort or style these classic and unique looks were popular generations ago and will be just as modern for generations to come. If I could, I would use that wishbone design to wish for this collection to stay timeless.

I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur

 Today I’m thinking about elegance—what it is, what it means, and what forms it can take.

    Much of our contemporary idea of elegance derives from the lifestyles and attire of the often frankly inelegant celebrities about whose lives we seem never to tire of hearing, and not only their fabulous vacations and torrid affairs but also the minutiae of their daily existence.

    Though the intensity of the modern West’s obsession with celebrity culture, and the massive cottage industry that has grown up around it, are wholly new, in matters of style the public has looked to distinguished individuals for guidance at least since the Duke of Windsor and Fred Astaire became synonymous with male elegance in the 1930s. And in this regard—elegance—it must be said that the paragons of yesteryear, whether heads of state or silver screen idols, outshone many of their latter-day counterparts.

    Michelle Obama wearing Junya Watanabe, adoring press notwithstanding, has style but lacks elegance. Carla Bruni, on the other hand, seems to have elegance in spades, as one might expect of a former model—yet she remains a model, wearing clothes well but without her own unifying aesthetic.

    What then is elegance? And what purpose does this palpable yet unquantifiable attribute serve, other than to aestheticize human existence and to draw the occasional admiring glance?

    These questions, never less than embers in my mind, were fanned into flame recently by my receipt of a rather astonishing photo book entitled Gentlemen of Bakongo: The Importance of Being Elegant. The subject of the book is sapeurs, the acolytes of a “religion of clothing” unique to the Congo, and the photographs depict real-life sapeurs in their native environment—the streets and open-air bars of Brazzaville and Kinshasa, the capital cities of the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, respectively, which lie in sight of one another on opposite sides of the Congo River.

    This book, as its title indicates, focuses exclusively on the sapeurs of the famous Bakongo neighborhood of Brazzaville. The photographer, Daniele Tamagni, has done an admirable job of capturing these rare birds in their often squalid environs. Indeed one might come away from her book with the impression that the streets of Congolese cities are positively crowded with peacocks young and old, nattily dressed in European finery.

    What youthful Japanese are often said to have removed from the Western styles of dress they’ve co-opted—namely, their emotional content—even while perfecting them to excess, these Congolese men have restored and heightened. Harajuku girls with more or less sunny dispositions may think nothing of draping themselves in black lace as Gothic lolitas, but for Congolese sapeurs elegance neither begins nor ends with colorful plumage.

    Tamagni writes, “Members [of SAPE] have their own code of honour, codes of professional conduct and strict notions of morality. It is a world within a world within a city. Respected and admired in their communities, today’s sapeurs see themselves as artists.” They are gentlemen, and although many younger sapeurs, unlike their forefathers, have organized themselves into competing gangs, they rarely brawl but instead engage in sartorial stand-offs, using their Sunday best as weapons.

    And yet many of these young men are unemployed or make pitifully small wages. Some must save up for months to buy a single designer ensemble. Many is the girlfriend and mother, one can imagine, who wishes that her lover or son would put his money toward more practical goals—like buying a house. Foolish as their indulgence in clothing they can scarcely afford may seem (and in fact is), it’s clear that sapeurs have found a way to transcend their filthy surroundings. That fashion is the vehicle for this transcendence does not invalidate either the goal or the achievement.

    It is easy sometimes for us to forget that money has no intrinsic value, and is useful only insofar as it can obtain for us goods and services that we need and desire. These things which money can buy, whether tangible possessions or intangible attainments such as an advanced education, do have value, either as means to an end or as ends in themselves. So although there is a sense in which the sapeurs, especially those in the younger generation—some of whom seem to compete with one another for gaudiest attire—dress to the nines for the sake of elegance alone, and although there is wisdom in urging them to use their incomes to better themselves, rather than merely their wardrobes, there is also much to be admired in the way they have forged, against the grain of their milieu, confident and unique self-identities.

    Forced to confront daily a world that offers them little encouragement or opportunity, the sapeurs don their elegant suits as a defense against poverty, hopelessness and death. And in so doing, they inspire the next generation to look beyond the dark world in which they are raised and dream of what might be.


I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur
I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur


I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur
I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur


I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur
I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur


Walter Van Beirendonck made the biggest statement during Men’s Paris fashion week

The biggest statement of Men’s Paris Fashion Week was made by Walter Van Beirendonck. The Native American headdresses say it all, “stop racism.” His collection was just as jaw dropping. Using vertical multi-colored striped suit patterns with eyelet cutouts and cutting the suit jacket to make a two piece combo jacket. Whether he used velour, cotton or a mix of fabrics and materials the stripped patterns resembling Native American statues were vividly noticeable. Combining various designs including striped wool suit jackets with Fair Isle patterned pants, the color blocking was the focal point of every outfit. Going from dark to bright and back again all in one glance. You also can’t help but notice the WWII style wool helmets that almost every model wore no matter the colors. The sweaters were in a class by themselves as well by taking basic cotton crew necks and applying patterns when stitching various fabrics to form the face of a Native American statue. Combining the various wool, cotton and leather fabrics in one look is a design statement altogether, but what is most unforgettable after the extreme color blocking techniques are the messages within the clothes which was the main message altogether.

Paris Men Fashion week: Melinda Gloss Fall/Winter 2014-15

When you want a fairly relaxed collection that has all the necessities to stay warm, then Melinda Gloss has you covered. Their theme this season was nature and forest tones. Whether it’s a two tone color blocked pea coat, or the nature green wool pea coat with shoulder epaulets, looking casual and staying warm is simple. They mix and match wool and cotton fabrics and color block the basic black, gray and various green tones. With wool patch pockets on the outside of a casual single breasted jacket and wool notch lapels for the casual and modern look and feel. Their main forest themed design is their olive faux-suede shearling lined coat with a gray rugby stripe below the collar. This jacket is actually reversible to a shearling coat with the faux-suede lining. This way you can always change your coat’s look throughout the day without having to go shopping again, because who wants to go coat shopping anyways?

John Galliano – Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014-15

The use of sports fabrics and designs makes this collection more like a sports wear runway. Bright colors and patterns that include green vertical stripes, orange diagonal stripes and leggings with almost everything imaginable. Now the leggings stole the show themselves. Ranging from various patterns to colors, they not only stood out from all the coats and sweaters but they were the focal point in most cases. Having their own designs, prints and variegated stripe patterns. Being this bright in the fall and winter is surely an art form. This collection is a form of Expressionist art even Kandinsky would be proud to attach his name to. That is if Kandinsky could splash his imagination on leggings and coats instead of canvases then he would have the 2014/15 Fall/Winter Galliano collection. Taking summer colors and combining them with fall designs like mock necks, turtle necks and crew neck shirts is a must have. Stitching both peace signs and mouse pointer icons onto various jackets that point to various directions is a sign of what’s to come. In the sense that you don’t really know where he will go next and the ride you will be taken on. You just have to have his leggings and running sneakers on to be completely comfortable and submersed in the designs. When stripes of various fabrics and patterns aren’t enough for the everyday fashion show, here come the jackets which include windbreakers made of satin materials that also have the usual varied stripes and are color blocked as well. The most appealing design after the expressionist style leggings, jacket and shirt is the harlequin pattern satin blazer. It combines a relaxed pattern with an exquisite material to bring home an otherwise sporty collection. When standing next to the right colors and patterns it can have a chameleon effect even though it will shine in a crowd. It’s the formal sports coat with a design that is sure to start the usual questions of who, where and how can I get one myself?

Men shoes on the runway during Milan fashion week Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Ever heard the saying, “the shoes maketh  a man” ? And so it does make your outfit look even better. We already know women love shoes, and yes the fashionmister loves his shoes too. A well polished dazzling shoe can get you that job, attract attention or perhaps get you a compliment. Women are always checking you out , starting from your shoes, so put your best shoes forward. Here are few of the men shoes for the fashion conscious man, the fashionMR., for work, dinner or just a casual outing we spotted on the runway during Milan fashion week Fall/Winter 2014 Collection:  Give us your thoughts on your favorite.