Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Taps Sam Riley

Ermenegildo Zegna Couture debuted images from the F/W 2014 ad campaign this past week. British actor Sam Riley, 34, is featured as the new model for menswear line, replacing Jamie Dornan. This isn’t Riley’s first encounter with the modeling world. Riley first entered the fashion realm with the Burberry Prorsum line. He worked alongside Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, modeling for their A/W 2008 line.

Photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, teamed up to shoot for the campaign. The set of the Italian luxury brand’s campaign features minimalist decor. One shot features 8 men, all dressed in grey. The background contains a silver map of the world in what appears to be a conference room. The map signifies the leaders in the male fashion world, who are included in the shot. The group images primarily focus on Riley. He manages to maintain his dark sophistication, establishing a statement for Ermenegildo Zegna Couture under the styling of Stefano Pilati.

Although much of the shoot advertises the couture brand’s business attire, Riley also exhibits chic items from their more casual, sporty collection. This look will be among the themes in 2015 winter collection. Riley has been in films such as On the Road, Brighton Rock, Control, and the upcoming Disney flick Maleficent. He was seen wearing a tailored Ermenegildo Zegna Couture tux at the Maleficence premiered on Wed., May 28.



Item of the day: Dsquared Mask Print Espadrilles

Move over TOMS!  These Dsquared mask print espadrilles are just the shoe for your summer wardrobe. Summer is all about comfort and being free. It’s time to give your sneakers a rest. These artsy espadrilles are  made in Italy and they add humor,  vibrant hues, and patterns to your ensemble.  Pair these with chinos, shorts, denims, linen, and t-shirts. Not many people like Espadrilles, but here is something new and different to consider for purchase for Spring/Summer Fashion. Price 253.61 Buy Here


Pop star Justin Timberlake has teamed up with Milan-based English-bred designer, Neil Barrett to create a new wardrobe to kick off the second leg of his 20/20 Experience World Tour. The designer helped create new costumes for the singer himself, his band, and his dancers. The line reflects what both Barrett and Timberlake embody—modern cuts and sleek, tailored fits that combine elements from both informal street wear and formalwear. Barrett is known for his dark, modern cuts and lines, and this signature look is seen in JT’s tour collection.

Timberlake has donned Barrett’s designs in various music videos, such as “4 Minutes” by Madonna and his own “Take Back The Night.” He’s also sported the designer’s looks during his Legends of Summer 2013 Tour and at the 2013 MTV VMA’s. He rocked the new look on May 23 at his Abu Dhabi show at the Du Arena. JT looked positively handsome, simple and sleek in his various short sleeve patterned button downs and slouchy black pants. The singer even wore—and pulled off– a stylish fedora. Damn! The star looks sexy in just about everything, and this new collection is no exception. View few images of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S WORLD TOUR: ALL DRESSED UP IN NEIL BARRETT !

Athletic-esque footwear: Tom Ford Launches Luxe Sneakers for Fall 2014

American designer, Tom Ford,52, is launching a line of high end sneakers for this fall. This is his first venture into athletic-esque footwear. Ford has purposefully resisted this venture until recently. He is now satisfied with his ability to create a tennis shoe design that also exhibits his signature, chic style.

Tom Ford is expected to receive the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s most significant honor, the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award at the CFDA Awards on June 2. Ford commented on this award saying he would like it to be a “mid-life award” as he still has so much more that he would like to accomplish. This line of high-end sneakers is moving Ford in the right direction. It is compelling him to expand his capabilities as a designer.

The sneakers will be made by top artisan cobblers. They will be carefully constructed hand which will be followed by a 10 day “resting” period, to ensure their top-notch finish, and 3 days of hand polishing. The shoes will be manufactured in Italian workshops where detail orientation will be prioritized in order to ensure production of an optimal shoe shape.

The minimalist shoes will be only the very best quality and will contain white rubber soles. Ford will offer these retro styled shoes in high and low-top models. Providing seven different color options in leather and five in velvet. Some leather colors include brown, chestnut, oxblood and forest green

Images of the shoe line have already been released. They were initially presented at London Collections back in Jan.

The price range for these shoes ranges from $690 for the low top velvet sneakers, and $990 for the leather high tops. They will be available at Tom Ford stores in NY, Las Vegas, LA, Chicago, and Dallas.

Item of the day: Jimmy Choo The Hertford Messenger Bag

Men,  the trending color of the season is blue, and  this Hertford Messenger Bag is the bag to get. It has a biker boy’s edginess with a touch of sophistication to it. What a way to carry essentials in, with its relaxed and chain detail. A perfect item  for any day. You will have this bag for a lifetime so make the investment. Price: $1,795.00 Buy here








Item of the day: Gucci Round Vintage Inspired Sunglasses



 Round Vintage inspired bio-based sunglasses


The new shades from Gucci  will make your warmer days much brighter. These round vintage inspired bio based sunglasses come in neon colors like yellow and orange. These shades have 100% UVA protection and the lenses are either grey or brown depending on the frame you choose. Neon  has been trending for the season and that is why these Gucci shades are so in the moment. These trendy and stylish shades can work for any outfit that you put on: denim or linen shorts paired with a t-shirt. Gucci sunglasses are always on trend and classic. Gucci gets more innovative with design elements and the creation is more like a work of art than an accessory. So embrace your sexy side and feel sophisticated in these new editions, and it is not being cocky to be confident with your appearance! Price: $245.00 Click here to purchase

10 Items Guys Should Ban From Their Regular Wardrobe

1 ) Mid-Calf socks with salmon shorts: With the return of spring warmth comes the inevitable “lacrosse bro” uniform, and this means that mid-calves are back in season. An unfortunate trend for boys who never completely escaped tenth grade, mid-calves (especially when paired with salmon shorts), should be abandoned.

2) Sweatpants featuring the logo of your Alma mater: This should be an obvious one. Sweatpants are to be worn studying in your dorm room or while watching Scandal.

3) Destroyed boat shoes: Just keep your shoes in good condition. Nothing says unkempt quite like your heels rolling over the backs of your worn-down Sperry’s.

4) Tube socks: Socks should not be thicker than the material of the shoe itself.  Memorize this truism.

5) Running sneakers (except when you’re running): Men, find yourselves a nice pair of casual shoes to wear on Saturday afternoons.

6) Explicit graphic tees: You’re not cool if you think that advertising curse words on a t-shirt makes you cool.  This is a simple fact.

7) Excessively baggy Eminem jeans: These are only remotely okay on Eminem, just because he’s Eminem.

8) Chains (vintage pocket watch excluded): Again, very few men can pull off chains on pants. If you really feel you can (please ask first), choose wisely and think minimalist.

9) Too many little whales and alligators: Yes, we know you own a yacht, no need to advertise it anymore. Your investment banker father taught you better. One alligator shirt and one belt with whales please.

10) Cargo pants: You are no longer in fifth grade. These were pretty great when you went to the Aquarium for your birthday in elementary school, but you’ve moved onto bigger and better things now. Leave the past behind.

Saint Laurent : Baby cat print sneakers


Baby Cat-Print Sneakers 

Fashionmisters, what prints are you gravitating to this season?  The season’s hot pick of the week would have to be Saint Laurent baby cat print sneakers, very trendy black and white canvas with white leather trim linings gold brand stamp off, and lace-ups also comes with spare laces. Luxury truly at its best. Trade your vans for these baby cat print sneakers. Kicks the summer off right  in Saint Laurent; easy to slip on, sleek, trendy, leather  textured.

Saint Laurent baby cat-print sneakers have been seen worn by some of the trendy celebrities such as Dwayne Wade, Kanye West, and Usher. Pairing the sneakers with: over rolls, joggers, denim, and shirts, – add some pop by also paring it with Michael Kors Large Runaway Watch as Rihanna would Say “Oh Naa Naa”!! You know the rest. Price : Price: $395



Aston Martin stays Handmade!

Aston Martin (Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.) which is one of the only cars still assembled by hand and also features the name of the final technician who worked on it for every car, so you know exactly who the tightened the final screw and Ok’ed the car for the customer. It is also one of the only ultra-luxury cars that isn’t owned by a larger manufacturer as compared to Volkswagen’s Porsche and Bentley lines. Each car requires about 200 hours of labor. Because of this non-usage of machines, Aston Martin can price their cars at around a 40% discount as compared to their counterparts said Hanno Kirner the company CFO stated.

According to Bloomberg and Daimler Mercedes-Benz representatives who Aston Martin teamed up with to provide engines for their upcoming editions. “The brand is very fascinating” and cooperation with Aston Martin is “developing well,” Daimler’s Weber said. The car maker plans to stick to its heritage of building refined sports cars like the DB9 and doesn’t plan to rush after up-market competitors, including Maserati or Volkswagen’s Bentley, in developing an SUV. “We are quite happy with our core portfolio” including the four-door Rapide, said Kirner. “One messes with icons at one’s peril.”

This strategy can limit the demand for unique super cars that are a little different generation to generation, unlike Aston Martin who pretty much keep the same look year on end. “There’s plenty of growth available,” said Kirner. And if there’s interest in an SUV down the road, then “the Daimler cooperation gives us options, but there’s no decision” on building a crossover.

So this means that eventually, like all other ultra-luxury car makers are currently trending towards, there will be an Aston Martin SUV in production and on the roads. It’s the same old phrase whenever someone completely denies something but says that they are leaving their options open. It’s another way of saying, “It’s not happening right now per say, but it will soon.” Eventually you have to either set the new trend, follow the trend or get left behind by the trend, and getting left behind is never a good option.

Segway inventor gets FDA approval for Prosthetic Arm!

The first prosthetic to get FDA approval is just the start of being able to fully function even if you are an amputee and have prosthetic limbs. To no surprise, the company that designed this invention was founded by Dean Kamen. If you do not recognize his name, maybe the term “Segway” will ring your bell. He is the inventor of the Segway, that two wheeled self-balancing scooter type machine that tourists often use for sightseeing tours.

According to their website, DARPA launched the Revolutionizing Prosthetics program with a radical goal: gain U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for an advanced electromechanical prosthetic upper limb with near-natural control that enhances independence and improves quality of life for amputees. Today, less than eight years after the effort was launched, that dream is a reality; the FDA approved the DEKA Arm System.

This new prosthetic arm nicknamed “Luke”, based on the Luke Skywalker character from “Star Wars” who got his arm cut off in a light saber duel with Darth Vader. The DEKA Arm system allows for simultaneous control of multiple joints using a variety of input devices including wireless signals generated by innovative sensors on the user’s feet. The battery-powered arm system is of similar size and weight to a natural limb and has six user-selectable grips.

Technology has sure moved a long way since basic hooks and peg legs. We can now walk, run, jump without even the slightest hesitation of not having natural movement. This new arm will not only allow wearers to do the everyday things they used to before like picking up food, and grabbing items, but it will feel like nothing was ever lost.

View the DEKA Arm in action below.

Divorce can freeze Clippers Sale!

In another twist of the Clippers saga, which is seeming more and more like a reality TV drama, than an actual horrific event now might feature a season of divorce court. That is because according to Shelly Sterling the wife of Donald Sterling, the man caught on a tape recorded using racial slurs and comments and was banned from the NBA for life even though he owns the LA Clippers who have just been eliminated from playoff contention by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

When the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling for life, and publicly stated that he wants the team sold, even though he personally has no actual authority to sell the team the outcry started. How fast will it sell, and who will buy the team? But now a new wrench is being thrown into this plan.

Because both Donald Sterling and wife Shelly Sterling own the team, Shelly is arguing that she wants to and should be allowed to keep her 50% portion of the franchise, and will not be selling. The major problem that may result is this: if Shelly Sterling officially files for a divorce which she stated to Barbara Walters that she eventually will, and that she already signed the papers, just didn’t file them yet it could end up tying up the LA Clippers in a divorce settlement which can freeze any transaction for potentially years to come. So not so fast NBA. This move is considered by many to be the nuclear threat of the entire situation. One that can railroad any planned outcome and definitely has an effect on the potential suitors that want to buy the team.

Who wants to buy a 50% stake in a franchise that is frozen in a divorce settlement? So the ball is in Shelly Sterling’s court. She has the detonation codes to this whole scenario and all she has to do is walk into court and file the divorce papers. The sale of the team will then be frozen until a settlement is reached. But since she hasn’t actually filed the papers yet, there might be some hope of a quick resolution after all. Is it an empty threat to the NBA or a play to help her ownership stake? Either way, she just might be the one holding all the cards. The only potential saving grace is that “under the NBA Constitution, if a controlling owner’s interest is terminated by a 3/4 vote, all other team owners’ interests are automatically terminated as well,” according to a statement from NBA spokesman Mike Bass. Let’s hope this rule applies in our court system as well.

Alexander Wang : The Wallie Weekender Bag

Wallie Weekender
Alexander Wang: The Wallie Weekender Bag

To be or not be is the question in fashion- you either have style or trendy: Alexander Wang Wallie Weekender Bag made with 100% lamb luminous texture vibrant displays a leather strap, zippers. There is a wrinkle design element in this bag, adding great texture to it. All black never look so rich- Alexander Wang does timeless collection edginess putting the innovation in motion.

What bag is on your list? When choosing a bag make sure that it is excellent in durability. Longevity is a plus, quality ensures the length of time you will have  and enjoy the bag for. Black is a color that can be worn from season to season. Paring this weekender with harem pants, public school mid top sneakers, Michael Kors lager runaway watch. Carry a weekender bag that others can not resist taking  a pictures of , or perhaps you can just snap a selfie. Price: $1,135.00 Purchase here


Imagine a car that needs no fueling? The car of THOR!

Imagine an element that can power a car for a hundred years without refueling. Or can power an entire town without having to use electricity. That’s exactly what Thorium, named for THOR the Scandinavian God of War can potentially do and become. Back in 2009 Cadillac came up with their new version of a non-fuel vehicle, the World Thorium Concept and most people didn’t think anything of it, just kind of brushed it off, with some like Top Gear even poking fun at it calling it the Cadillac WTF.

One company however paid really close attention to this new idea and is leading the charge to have Thorium technology be used in everyday society. That was the Connecticut based Laser Power Systems (LPS). According to their website, “Imagine a NEW power generation systems with UNLIMITED POWER that is emissions free, and totally green. System sizes from 5 Kw to Megawatts that are cheap to build, safe to operate and can be used to power homes, business, transportation, cars, trucks, ships, military equipment, even planes and spacecraft. Thorium is the best alternative to oil, gas, coal and conventional Nuclear power plants and is the replacement technology internal combustion engines. The amount of free energy contained in thorium fuel is 20 million times the amount of free energy contained in a similar mass of chemical fuel such as coal, making thorium an ideal source of energy.”

Dr. Charles Stevens, the CEO of Laser Power Systems, told Mashable that thorium engines won’t be in cars anytime soon. “Cars are not our primary interest,” Stevens said. “The automakers don’t want to buy them.” He said too much of the automobile industry is focused on making money off of gas engines, and it will take at least a couple decades for thorium technology to be used enough in other industries that vehicle manufacturers will begin to consider revamping the way they think about engines. “We’re building this to power the rest of the world,” Stevens said. He believes a thorium turbine about the size of an air conditioning unit could more provide cheap power for whole restaurants, hotels, office buildings, even small towns in areas of the world without electricity. At some point, thorium could power individual homes.

A Nobel Peace prize winning physicist Carlo Rubbia expressed his view and positive opinion on Thorium Energy saving that thorium has “absolute pre-eminence” over all fuels including uranium as well as fossil fuels. He said it must become a staple of nuclear because it leaves less long-lived waste than uranium, is far more plentiful, is resistant to weapons proliferation and has a much higher energy content so that reactors will require less of it.

So in all, it’s safer, less wasteful, and can ultimately become cheaper over time as with all technologies. Imagine powering your home with not only solar energy, but nuclear energy and not having a bomb like eerie feeling while watching TV. That’s what Thorium can potentially be, not soon, not during our generations. But if needed it will happen, and when needed will be in demand.

David Beckham Launches New Swim line with H&M

The football [soccer] icon, David Beckham is back at modeling and he is  the face of his own H&M’s men’s swim line this summer.

This man is no stranger for being in the limelight for his modeling, being the face of many ad campaigns from Armani to his own line. In the 2000’s, David Beckham became the man to sell the underwear, and women appreciated every second!

The smaller line of swimwear for H&M, was unveiled in London this past week and was definitely the party to attend with everyone from Ellie Goulding to Liam Payne from One Direction in attendance.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the line has everything from solid to variations of color for board shorts, swim shorts, and trunks ranging from $25 to $34. It’s definitely a small price to pay to be rocking the fashion forward Beckham’s line. For the curious fashionMR., the line goes on sale May 22nd! Beckham is hoping to have the line be classics for men.

Leather and Suede Sandal by Lavin


Show your feet off this summer in luxury sandals walking like a fashion gladiator. LAVIN leather and suede sandal adds a great compliment to your outfit. Two colors mix so well given you so many options to style with.

Closure on the back of the sandals in white with suede lining insteps adds pure classic, about the toe area of the shoe beige leather done in a block form gives volume to the sandal visual appearance, studding going all over the lower part in gold, “ Its magical delicious”. How do feel about these sandals? Want to step into summer the right way? Well look no further, your sandal has  just arrived.   Price $945  Shop here.


Skechers in the running to buy NBA LA Clippers

It is rumored that Skechers, an LA based shoe company wants to buy a stake in the LA Clippers as well. Joining the many hopefuls that include Oprah, David Geffen, Larry Ellison and Magic Johnson. “As one of the five-largest athletic footwear companies in the United States and with roots deep in Southern California, we believe acquiring an interest in the Los Angeles Clippers is a natural fit for Skechers,” CEO Robert Greenberg said in a statement. “Like Skechers, the Clippers are a great Los Angeles brand with a loyal following and recognition that extends way beyond Southern California.”

However, according to Silver said last week that no decisions have been made regarding members of the Sterling family other than Donald. “This ruling applies specifically to Donald Sterling and Donald Sterling’s conduct only,” the commissioner said. So Shelly Sterling hopes to keep ownership of the team.

Skechers is another name in the hat of potential new owners that include Oprah, David Geffen, Larry Ellison, Magic Johnson, and Floyd Mayweather. Who ultimately will be the new owner on the Clippers no one knows and we might not for some time. It can get even more complicated if Shelly Sterling the wife of Donald Sterling is allowed to keep her 50% share of the team.

Christian Louboutin Dada Flat Loafers soft on the feet…

Spring/Sumer 2014 is all about Gentleman looking stylish and dapper. Trade in your black and put some beige on your feet. These Spring/Summer Collection of Christian Louboutin Dada Flat Loafers are Mans’ best friend. Step with your best foot forward. Swathed in a luxe calf finished with studded tassels. Designed for the dapper gentleman or better yet, the fashionmister. Loafers are excellent shoes to put on when you don’t feel like wearing shoes with laces.

Walk the Christian Louboutin beat, you feel like “A Million Bucks” or at least with confidence out the roof. What makes the Dada loafers so unique is the fact that they can be worn for any event and or occasion. Wearing them with trousers or jeans rolled so your color-blocked socks can also be a show-off piece. People hear you coming, they notice you, in these Dada Flat Loafers. First, spotting the signature Christian Louboutin red soles. Secondly, the softness of color that the shoe has from the tassels to the soles. FashionMisters, get ready for a classy summer day. Price: $895.00  – Click here to buy!

Alexander McQueen: Leather Covered Skull Backpack

Alexander McQueen Pre Autumn/Winter 2014 Leather Covered Skull Backpack, with a studded skull in the front, adjustable strap with metal latch. The bag is cotton lined features sleekness with soft leather. Backpack done in luxury that will have you run to class, work, social events, and this bag will do all the talking for you. As people feel the fiber content they will see that it’s not just any backpack. Alexander McQueen Backpack is elegant and a great conversational piece.  Price: $2, 295.00 – Check out some details and shop for the bag here



Diddy ventures into making Tequila the new luxury spirit of choice?

When we think of Diddy, what comes to mind? Rapper, personality, entrepreneur, mogul, Ciroc vodka? Well now there is a new phrase associated with Diddy, its DeLeon Tequila. That’s right, he and the world’s top distilled drinks company, Diageo have joined forces and powers to buy the DeLeon brand. This is the second time that the two will work together. They both merged with Ciroc Ultra-Premium vodka and it paid off exponentially the first time around. Because according to Diageo, the sales of Ciroc grew from 50,000 cases a year to nearly two million cases per year since partnering with Sean “Diddy” Combs and his Combs Wine & Spirits brand.

This is the first time that the two are going into the business on a 50/50 global partnership as stated in the Diageo press release. According to Sean Combs the Ciroc experiment was a date. In his interview with Reuters, Combs said “With Ciroc, we dated. Now with DeLeon, we’re married,” “this deal is way better. This makes me a true owner.”

Diageo was also inspired by the idea of owning another tequila brand. According to the Wall Street Journal, Diageo already owned one tequila brand, Don Julio, but has long thirsted for another high-end label that it could use as it attempts to move the Mexican spirit upscale, especially in the U.S. This will be a business venture based on the luxury tequila product line, because each bottle has a cost ranging from around $80 a bottle to over $250 dollars for their Extra Anejo version. What make this tequila so unique is that the DeLeon founder and CEO Brent Hocking refuses to use any of the allowed artificial ingredients, making DeLeon the purest tequila on record, as documented by the Consejo Regulador Del Tequila (Tequila Regulatory Council). While most tequilas are distilled three to five times, DeLeon is only distilled twice to preserve the natural character of the agave. The bottle itself is a heavy square glass bottle created by one of the world’s finest glassmakers, with the stopper being designed by Bill Wall and is hand carved from a one pound silver ball giving the brand its iconic design. The brands highest class of tequila, the DeLeon Tequila Anejo has been aged in 150 – 200 year old Haute Futaie French Oak for seventeen months, then finished in French Sauternes barrels from the most revered winemakers of our time.

Based on research done by Neilsen, “unlike with Scotch whisky or vodka, the market for luxury tequila is tiny, although it is growing fast. Tequila priced at more than $60 a bottle makes up only 0.6% of the U.S. tequila market” and according to Mr. Schwartz of Diageo “The market is there, one day this could transcend tequila and become a pure luxury product.”

Diddy being the marketing genius behind not only his own brand but also products that he endorses, posted this on his twitter page, “BREAKING NEWS!!The WORLD’S BEST tequila has arrived ppl! The @DeleonTequila wave starts NOW! #DeleonTequila READ THIS”

If anyone can take a brand known only to a few individuals and transform it into a global must-have, it will be Diddy. If you need more proof, other than the 80 proof and higher tequilas, look at his other projects, Sean John which is a staple in menswear fashion, and of course as mentioned previously, Ciroc, which went from obscurity to a leading name in vodka. He doesn’t just transform a brand, he builds it into a lifestyle necessity. Tequila like any spirit is an acquired taste and will be an acquired lifestyle very soon. If the trend persists the luxury spirit of choice won’t be cognac or champagne it will be tequila and Diddy might have everything to do with that renaissance.

FatFace plans to raise $186M with London IPO!

FatFace, an English clothing company, ”began in 1988 with two guys enjoying life on the slopes in the French Alps and desperately trying to avoid working for a living. With money running out, Tim and Jules had a plan; print some sweatshirts and t-shirts, sell them at night, and ski during the day. With that simple formula, the FatFace brand was born with the name even being inspired by their favorite black mountain run in Val d’Isère, La Face.” According to their website, and their vision and values are that “absolutely everything we do is designed to be loved by all our customers for life outside the 9 to 5”.

Now has finally come a time that a company can no longer just sell t-shirts from their van in the Alps. Especially that they had opened up their 200th store back in 2012. The current owners of Fat Face include Bridgepoint, a private equity group, who owns a 78% stake since 2007 with the original founders of FatFace Tim Slade and Jules Leaver owning a 0.2% share. The IPO plan is expecting to raise $186M US Dollars. This would let the company to pay off debts and bank related fees that it has acquired through the course of operations. It will also allow the company to have an easier expansion into the US market which is its current and prime focus.

This Initial Public Offering would circulate about 25% of the company, while at the same time giving Bridgepoint an exit strategy. Because this is private equity groups ultimately want, to make money. The IPO will be advised by Citigroup Inc., Jefferies International, and Lazard Ltd.

Koenigsegg Agera R – The Need for Speed, Style, and Comfort!

In 1994, Christian von Koenigsegg captivated the automotive world when he penned the original Koenigsegg Competition Coupe (CC). Four car generations later, the Agera was born. As we all saw in the Need for Speed movie, the newest hottest car from Koenigsegg is their Agera R. The R edition features even more toys and upgrades for the driver to experience. According to the press release “The name Agera means “to take action” in Swedish and is short for the ancient Greek word ageratos (ageless).” Koenigsegg doesn’t use the term “Supercar” to describe what they produce they call their cars “Hypercars.”

Starting of course with the engine, which gives off 1140hp from a bi-turbo powered 5.0L V8. Gets you going from 0-60 in under 3 seconds and tops out at 273 mph. The car comes with Dihedral Synchrohelix doors (Lamborghini style) and is a two-seater, so you won’t be taking it on family vacations any time soon. Unless you are just taking a drive, then it’s the perfect vehicle. Another first is its Dynamic Rear Wing System. Unlike heavy pre-programmed hydraulic systems, the lightweight Dynamic Rear Wing adjusts its angle of attack with actual wind pressure to always maintain the perfect balance and control at any speed.

The interior cockpit features Koenigsegg’s iconic “circle of buttons”, also having innovative technology such as the multifunctional infotainment system and configurable instruments to provide unsurpassed functionality. The instrument cluster features digital gauges to give the feeling of being strapped in to a fighter jet. This car might be just as fast as one at takeoff. When you are in the mood for some fresh air, you can take the carbon fiber removable roof off and store it inside the hood. Because the engine is in the trunk as is with most high end supercars.

Driving this car would not only be a dream joyride but also a remarkable privilege and a dream worth having.

2014 Time 100 Gala: #1 was a no show!

This year Time magazine again had its annual Time 100 Gala. Where 100 of the world’s most influential people are invited to attend and just talk and joke and laugh amongst themselves for a brief time. Beyoncé was named Time’s most influential person on the year, but was a no show at the ceremony.

Among the people that did show up for the star studded event were Seth Myers, Amy Adams, Jenji Kohan who is the creator and writer of “Orange is the new Black” on Netflix. Barbara Walters, Martha Stewart and Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is an astrophysicist and currently hosts “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.”

Performing was Pharrell Williams and Seth Myers who jokingly said that after looking at the list of the Top 100 “he is at best mid to high 90’s on the list.” Seth Myers also joked that “Dr. John Kovac is here tonight, that’s right, you and I are on the same list buddy. The guy who discovered gravitational waves in space and proved the Big Bang Theory to be true and the guy who makes Rob Ford jokes in the middle of the night.” While pointing to himself.

You can check out a quick two minute recap of the event below.

Apple announces 7-for-1 Stock Split

Apple announced another stock split that will occur on June 2nd 2014, and begin trading at the lower split adjusted price on June 9th. This one is a little different than before. Not in any financial way, just that this time it will be a 7-for-1 split. This will not have any direct impact on the company’s financials, it will simply dilute the shares and ownership percentages while making it easier monetarily for the average investor to purchase a share of the stock. At the closing price of $594.09 as of 4/28/14 it would be a little more difficult for the average investor to purchase that one share of Apple Inc. However, after the stock split, one share would then only cost $84.87. The number of authorized Apple common shares will increase from 1.8 billion to 12.6 billion as a result of the split. The major difference is that one share gets one voting right, but now that same share would still get the same one voting right, just there would be seven times the shares out in the market, so your percentage of company ownership which each share of stock entitles you to have is minimized proportionally.

On the Apple Investor Relations page website when asked “Why have you decided to split Apple’s stock?” The reply was “We want Apple stock to be more accessible to a larger number of investors.” This will be Apple’s fourth stock split since going public. Apple’s common stock split on a 2-for-1 basis on May 15, 1987, on June 21, 2000 and also on February 18, 2005.

How this affects the investor. If you ever wanted to buy a share of Apple stock, but had the mindset that it was too expensive for you to afford, now that will change. You will be able to buy a share at 1/7th of the current price, so getting a share at under $100 will be very possible and likely as of June 9th 2014. You should consult with your financial adviser before jumping into any stock, but if you always wanted shares in Apple, but the price was always too high, this will be your chance to jump in.