Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Men’s Flat

If you are looking for a summer must have this season, then Christian Louboutin’s new line is a must. The Rantus Orlato men’s suede multicolored flats are a fan favorite. These kicks are perfect for this current season. Christian Louboutin has been emphasizing  color and pattern within his latest line. Fans feel that certain pieces this season are innovative and functional.

The color spectrum in this line reminds many of candy. If you already have a sweet tooth, you might as well show it off in your closet and save yourself the cavities.  Besides, it’s always better to be sweet than sour.

Price: 845.00 buy here




Facial: The Feral Trendy Beard

Voluminous beards are back in style, more so gone feral. However, are guys taking it too far? In New Zealand, Hipsters are taking this trend to the next level by sculpting animals into their beards, complete with lifelike faces.

The pictures are part of an advertising campaign for Schick razors and in an attempt to prevent men from having feral beards, the brand has launched a competition. Bearded men can post pics on their social media, under the hashtag #Freeyourskin with the chance to win beard-taming tools or cash. 

Recent studies prove that women find men more attractive when they grow their beards rather than be clean shaven. In that case, why would men that have taken so long to grow their beards take a razor to it? Hey, money can make us do strange things.

schick -Feral Beard -FashionMR
Overgrown … this hipster beard is just wrong. Picture: Schick NZ Source: Facebook


schick -Feral Beard-FashionMR
Overgrown … this hipster beard is just wrong. Picture: Schick NZ Source: Facebook


Overgrown ... this hipster beard is just wrong. Picture: Schick NZ Source: Facebook
Overgrown … this hipster beard is just wrong. Picture: Schick NZ Source: Facebook


Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys

Russell Westbrook, point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team might just be a modern day Renaissance man. More than just a basketball star, the 25-year old athlete is taking his talents into the fashion world by collaborating with Barneys New York. The Fall collection, called Westbrook XO (Exclusively Ours) Barneys New York will be available in stores this July.

The California-bred athlete turned into a fashionmister as he got older and earned enough money to really explore the fashion world. He names some of his favorite labels as Givenchy, Naked & Famous, and Rick Owens.

He tells Women’s Wear Daily: “I wasn’t able to buy things when I was younger, but now my fashion game has expanded.” Expand it did. The athlete is now known for his eclectic, bold fashion statements off the court with his signature bold patterned shirts, lensless glasses, and fitted trouser pants.

The fashionmister admits he is certainly not an outfit repeater. “I never wear the same shirt twice. Maybe I’ll wear jeans more than once. But some of the things I wear are loud, so once I wear them, that’s it. I give them away to friends or family,” he tells WWD.


Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys
Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys – Photo: Courtesy Photo

Westbrook will be sharing some of his stylish pizazz in his exclusive collection containing over sixty pieces. The looks include sportswear, eyewear, leather accessories, footwear, luggage, and denim. The athlete has partnered up with labels including Nike, Del Toro, Marcelo Burlon, Naked & Famous, Selima Optique, Globe Trotter, and Want Les Essentials de la Vie. Barneys executive vice president for men’s wear, Tom Kalenderian quoted in WWD said they “chose they designers because they were experts in their field and there was a natural fluidity with Russell’s style and taste”

Westbrook told WWD that he was “very involved” and “hand-on” in selecting the items of the collection, which Kalenderian attested to. He said Westbrook was “very accessible and stayed close” and “everything was very collaborative.” The collection will be shown later this month in Paris.




Maison Martin Margiela : Leather High-top Sneakers



future leather high-top sneakers 

What colors are on your list for Spring/Summer 2014 season? Maison Martin Margiela future leather high-top sneakers brings summer right to you, featuring; leather and suede upper with a leather lining, padded insole, and  rubber soles. The FashionMister or a fashionable Man chooses the color yellow for so many reason, it’s a color of sunshine, associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy so this shoe is perfect. Maison Martin Margiela future high-top sneakers are of many dimensions with refine details, which pop right at you. Visual appearance displays excellent craftsmanship.  Price: $880.00 here in:

Garçon Model shows its support for WorldCup and Brazil

Canadian Men’s underwear brand “Garcon Model” shows its support for The 2014 FIFA World Cup and introduces a new campaign with a partnership “NGO Grupo Ruas e Praças”. The campaign  aims to  help homeless children and youth who are are the victims of violence, drugs, gang activity, and prostitution in the city of Recife in East Brazil.  In order to support this project, Garcon Model is re-releasing the  top selling Brazil Trunks and remodeling its with Brazil Flag.

Garçon Model/Klaus Thymann
Garçon Model/Klaus Thymann

They are  donating the entire profit that they make from Brazil trunks for this fundraising campaign. The campaign launched with an advertising campaign, BBH London with Nicholas Jayr.  Since the campaign picked up very well, the advertising agency decided to make a short promotional video collaborating with a filmmaker and photographer, Klaus Thymann. The campaign titled as #TemVidaNasRuas which means “Life In The Streets” in portuguese.

Garçon Model/ Klaus Thymann
Garçon Model/ Klaus Thymann

The short-film introduces the heartbreaking life of youth in the streets. It demonstrates that no matter how difficult the conditions are, goals are still possible to reach. Each child and teen in the video briefly talks about their own storyline and how difficult the conditions are. However, with all these struggles still deep in their heart, they show that they still have hope. They believe that one day they will make it to mainstream and they will have a chance to help out children and teens  like them.


Garçon Model/ Klaus Thymann
Garçon Model/ Klaus Thymann

“We want guys to show their support for Brazil and enjoy the World Cup but at the same time raise funds and awareness to help educate and inspire the youth, to keep them safe and engaged with society,” says Co-founder of Garcon Model, Mehdi Mebarki. Check out the heartbreaking, yet inspiring  video below.


Item of the day: Mark McNairy Contrast Sole Saddle Derby Shoes



Contrast Sole Saddle Derby Shoes 


Walk in these classic  Mark McNairy  derby shoes  this season, which has white details in the sole and laces and has a baroque design, and you will be looking dapper in no time.  They look similar to shoes worn in Grease, the movie. The English Gentleman trend is on the rise and various designers are creating shoes to cater to it. These shoes are a perfect finish to a preppy outfit but you don’t have to dress preppy. These shoes will class up any outfit for the fashionMR. Price: $435.00 buy here




Cyprus born, British based designer, Hussein Chalayan has announced that he will be relaunching a line for men for spring 2015. Consisting of 22 looks, “Moor’s Chorus” is the designer’s return to menswear designs after a long wait. After cutting ties with Italian manufacturer Gibo eight years ago, Chalayan’s menswear work was limited. Known for his innovative, elegant ready-to-wear designs and beautiful draping, Chalayan is excited to delve back into designing for men.

In the words of the designer himself, the line is all done in lightweight fabrics, but is still smart and casual with both structured and slouchy elements, as well as many different textures and prints.

“I missed men’s wear, and this has been on the cards for a long time. We had a really good following, especially in the worlds of art and architecture, and our costumers haven’t stopped asking about it. Some are still wearing their old clothes,” the designer said.

The collection will be manufactured in Italy. Prices range from 140 euros, or $190, for a T-shirt to 600 euros, or $816, for outerwear. Sweaters are priced at about 350 euros, or $476, and dress shirts are priced at 230 euros, or $313.

The designer, proud of his collection asserts that: “It’s clothing I would wear. And the fit is important – we worked a lot on that.” While there are no plans to showcase the collection on the runway, fans of the designer are eager to see what he has conjured up for men this spring!


CFDA Honors Tom Ford with Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Ford 

The CDFA honored Tom Ford with its Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards. The annual event gives recognition to the contributions made to American fashion by designers of womenswear, menswear and accessories, as well as fashion journalist for their achievements. On WWD, Bridget Foley acknowledged Ford by writing a 3000+ word interview with the designer.

During the interview, Ford talks about botox, photoshop and how fatherhood has changed him. He also admits that he just wants to be more successful.

In the Foley interview with Tom Ford, he explains that he has decided to age ever since he had Jack, his adopted son. Ford admits that he has not had botox injections ever since becoming a father, “I haven’t had time.” He admits that his son is the most important thing in his life and that he stopped caring about everything else, including his appearance. “It has really changed me” said Ford. Then he goes on a rampage about retouched images. “ A photograph used for advertising is no longer a photograph of a person. It’s an image… it’s not meant to be the exact replica of the person. We’re talking about Fashion. Fashion is about communicating a dream.”

The show will be hosted by film director and screenwriter John Waters on Monday, June 2 at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.


Item of the day: Stefano Ricci Micro squares silk tie and solid-trimmed pocket square





SilkTie & Pocket Square Set

Embrace  your inner dapper selves with  a Stefano Ricci micro squares silk tie and solid-trimmed pocket squares this season. Ties are always a good addition to a suit and skinny ties are sleek and trendy.   Stefano Ricci’s  skinny tie  is done in a bold red hue with a contrast of blue at the tip.Colors that will work with this will be navy blue, and crème  and shoes can be  classic oxfords, or wingtips in black or navy. Its not finish looks if you do not have the pocket square to match: Stefano Ricci elegant micro squares tie is 3 dimensional with the touch of royal flare style grace, and pose. Men don’t be afraid to wear pocket squares. Price: $360.0 buy here