Suiting on a Budget

Finding the perfect suit can be trying at best especially with the large divide between design and affordability. Then, when you take into consideration shirts and accessories, looking good can amount to quite a lot of effort and money. Never to fear, the fashion world had heard your complaints and many brands and designers, some having experienced the difficulty of finding the right suit, have created their take on men’s suits at a much lower price.
First up is Brooklyn Tailors ( You might have heard of this brand started by Husband and wife duo Brenna and Daniel Lewis. Their accent began modestly with them catering to a few locals out of their apartment in 2007. Four years later, they made the leap of opening their first store and selling their own line of already made clothing. Brooklyn Taylors boast crisp suits, pinstripe button downs, and colourful ties for an all together hipster businessman look.
Indo Chino ( ) is a men’s store offering a wide array of suits, shirts and accessories. The brand was created two friends, Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko, who agreed that the men’s suit industry needed a revamp after Heikal had a bad experience trying to purchase one. Together they started planning a company that would create custom suits for each man’s body type. IndoChino has expanded greatly since its birth and like many great ideas it was born because of someone’s intolerance for inconvenience.
It’s no secret that JCrew ( ) is a big name in menswear. They and other brands like Topman provide designer quality suits for less than designer prices. Their Ludlow Suits comes in a variety of colours, styles and fabrics and feature quality workmanship that will stand the test of time.

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JCrew Ludlow Suit-
Image of Brenna and Daniel Lewis-

Tupac Inspired Broadway Musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me” Closed!

The hip hop infused broadway musical “Holler If Ya hear Me,” delivered not only a love story but realistic emotions of the streets to Broadway.

Although, some were very critical of the use of Tupac’s music and lyrics, others seemed to embrace the show and Tupac’s more poetic side. Sad to say, the production’s last show was July 20th. So if you didn’t get a chance to see if, you probably missed out on a gem.

tupac_holler_fashionmr_002(via hollywoodreporter)

On opening night, interviewed the cast, director and couple celebs after the performance. One of the interviewees was in fact Tupac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur. He briefly shed some light that he and the late rapper were well involved in the arts at a young age.

Rolling Stone writer, Jason Newman, grasped some insight from cast member, Saul Williams, on why the production didn’t last long.

Williams said, “One of our producers came in really angry because he had spoken to one of the TKTS people [who man Broadway ticket-selling booths] — not saying she was a producer — and asked them, “What about Holler? Should I see that?” And the response of the person who is supposed to guide tourists to plays stated that ‘It’s a bit of a downer. It’s not necessarily as fun as’ whatever other play they mentioned.”

Click Here for the full article.

Furthermore, he led into a comment that Harry Belafonte told him after the show, expressing that “you took an afrocentric-themed play and placed it on a eurocentric stage. The problems you’ll face are larger than you think.”

Is the reason for the production closing early deeper than just financial issues?

tupac_holler_fashionmr_003(via essence)

Overall, cast members emphasized on the shows huge success inside the theatre. With standing ovations after every performance; a crowd sing-a-long to “California Love” had the atmosphere grooving. The talented cast seemed to have had enjoyed the experience while it lasted.

More importantly, to even have Tupac’s work be brought so far from a lyrical aspect to an actual live show is something worth noting down as another accomplishment of Hip-Hop.


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Bags From the Rising Sun

Land of the Rising Sun, Nihon, Nippon, Japon or what ever you like to call it, export more than just Playstations, Toyotas and Cameras. Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation, it’s no secret that this small island nation is at the forefront of Asian fashion. Brands like A Bathing Ape, Uniqlo, and Yohji Yamamoto are making their mark on the American fashion scene, and the market is ripe for more Japanese designed goods. Dedicated fans of Japanese couture continue to salivate over new collections from brands like Comme des Garçons and Visvim. Lines wrap around stores with most big releases and consumers don’t shy away from the outlandish amount of cash-money needed to buy them. And it’s not just the clothes that fans go gaga over, it’s the accessories, especially bags, that draw a significant amount of attention; notably high-end brands like Headporter.

master-piece (MSPC)
Price: $100-$600

bagsarticle_fashionmr_002(via master-piece)

Established in 2012, these fairly small accessory makers pride themselves on designing and manufacturing simple, stylish, unique and quality bags. masterpiece has a growing collection of bags ranging from casual totes to rugged rucksacks. Handmade near Osaka, Japan, every gear in their collection oozes quality.

North Face Purple Label
Price: $50-$200

bagsarticle_fashionmr(via nanamica)

While not quite Japanese, North Face Purple Label is a branch of North Face established in collaboration with a active lifestyle brand Nanamica. For this reason many of their collections are manufactured in limited quantities and often difficult to find outside of Japan (there is a small collection at Rakuten Global however). With an eye-catching twist on the original logo, many of their items are designed using unconventional patterns and colors; giving it unique look.

Hobo Bags
Price: $100-$400

bagsarticle_fashionmr_002(via Hobo)

Inspired by the Depression era wanderer, Hobo (not to be confused with the US bag maker Hobo International) is a Tokyo bag maker that provides a collection of practical, unique and stylish bags. Their collection ranges from totes to fannypacks and even wrist swag. Much like North Face Purple Label, it is rather difficult to buy outside of Japan without a proxy.

Bag ‘n’ Noun
Price: $5-$200

Bag ‘n’ Noun offers a large variety of wears from messenger bags to wallets. Many of the bags use earthy, springtone colors to be worn in all kinds of settings. While somewhat obscure, Bag ‘n’ Noun can actually be found outside of Japan (notably in European online shops); you just have to do some searching.

Arai Tent
Price: $100-$300

bagsarticle_fashionmr_004(via arai tent)

With about 40 years of manufacturing and design under their belt, Arai Tent is a seller of high-end camping equipment. Rugged and durable outdoor equipment is their bread and butter. The brand offers everything from hiking bags to boots; all designed with a minimalistic theme. Arai Tent also makes formal to casual totes, rucksacks and daypacks  in the Persimmon collection.



Three Must Have Apps For Becoming Smarter

Are you the friend that everyone thinks lives under a rock? “Who’s Taylor Swift dating again?” “Where did I put my umbrella?” “I wish I could teach myself French.” Well here are a couple of apps that are sure to increase your IQ by a few points.



It’s a brain training website and app that base their games off neuroscience research. The games are really entertaining, and it doesn’t feel like you’re learning, but you’ll notice the improvements when you’re the first person in the group that can remember the name of that actor that was in that movie, doing that thing, that came out that year. The only downside is to get the full experience of all their games you have to pay for a subscription, but the app is free, and there’s a few games, so you can start training your brain right away.



It’s a free language instruction app. It tracks your progress through their very intuitive and engaging lessons. And you’re able to compete with your friends. It’s free and there are no ads. The languages available for now are Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

Flipboard and Zite


Want to know where your friends are getting all those great articles…well here it is. Flipboard markets itself as your personalized magazine, which you can share with your friends. The way it works is you pick from a selection of topics to receive a bunch of articles in that field, then later fill your personalize magazine. While Zite does the same thing, I think it’s more intuitive because it has an algorithm which fills your feed with similar articles that you have actually read in the past.

Pitti Uomo

It is truly heaven on earth at Pitti Uomo, the world’s most important platform for menswear. Pitti Uomo is a biannual trade show in Florence, Italy, where buyers, retailers, editors, and the fashion-exposed men of the world gather together to stroll the cobblestoned Italian streets to view the latest menswear collections. Think many, many gorgeous men, looking their most dapper, all congregating in the alleyways and piazzas of Florence. Think the best, most stylish menswear in the world.

From impeccably crafted blazers, to pastels, to pocket squares, ties, and bowties, Pitti Uomo is Mecca. It is also a launching pad for the future of men’s fashion. For inspiration and unveiling a collection, Pitti Uomo is the place to be for designers, retailers, and those who can’t help but adore a man in a great outfit.



The Man: Accessorizing Your Look…

One of the hottest trends out there for men right now is accessorizing your look. Whether it’s to go into to town to grab a bit to eat or to a formal soirée; accessorizing the basic pieces that you are wearing will catch some welcomed glances. In the accessory closet for men the list continues to grow with fervor and intensity. Sooner than later without accessories you’re going to run out of different looks and probably become bored with your wardrobe.  

When it comes to accessorizing it seems that women most often take the crown because they have more opportunities. They have purses, extravagant hair pieces, oversized sunglasses, necklaces and the earrings to match. These details have always separated the merely well-dressed from truly stylish mind. Gentlemen, we know matching and looking put-together every day can seem daunting, however, it is easier than you may think.  There are more accessories than I am going to mention but here are a few that are a bit different.

The tie clip: This invention is absolutely awesome, on those chilly windy mornings, the last thing you want is your tie flying up in your face, or when your meeting with your boss ran through lunch, your stomach growling, and you wolf down your food; you don’t want your tie to become doused in ketchup, mayonnaise or whatever else. The clip conveniently clips the tie to your button down for the simple refined look. Style wise, the tie bar can come in an assortment of colors and designs to match or offset your tie or dress shirt.


Bracelets: Depending on the day and the purpose you want your bracelets to be dignified and simple but have some flash if warranted. For a beach day, perhaps some double braided anchor bracelets to go with the nautical theme. On one hand should be your time piece and leave the other wrists to experiment with different bracelet combinations.

Pocket Squares: Everyone can dress themselves in fine tailored suits but, many times they forget to polish off the look. This is were pocket squares come into play. A clever and classic way to finish off your suit and tie combo, and a very nice way to add a bit of flare to your outfit. This is definitely a must have accessory for anyone who wish to take their suit game to another level.


Three Steps Towards Becoming A Man

The three easy steps to improve your life and become a better man.

First Step: Think Manly

Think about the type of man you’ve always wanted to be, inside then out:

  • Who does he look like?
  • How does he act?
  • What makes him happy?
  • What does he eat?
  • Where does he eat?
  • How does he dress?
  • How does he think?
  • Where does he work?
  • Why is he different from every other guy?

And become him.

Most of the time self-improvement starts at the gym and ends at the dinner table. But first, I recommend you actually take some time to do some maintenance inside. Your internal dialog should always be positive and confident, when the world beats you up enough, stop giving yourself the cerebral black-eye. More importantly, surround yourself with people that build you up, not cut you down.

Second Step: Dress Dapper

Pick a person who’s style you admire, and model your own style after theirs. Maybe even combine two or three famous men who’s taste in clothing you respect. Make sure that you have similar body types. And create a visual list of clothing pieces you would like to add to your arsenal of clothes. I cannot stress this enough, but make sure that you are constantly improving, your appearance as well as your style. When you start to make these improvements you’ll see why it’s so crucial in your mission to becoming a better man.

Via Lionsgate UK
Via Lionsgate UK

Third Step: Live a Macho Life

This touches on the point I made in the first step, surrounding yourself with people that build you up. If you have a friend that you’ve always thought, “he’s got it all figured out,” then ask him about the tools that helped him build the man that he is today. Don’t be afraid to develop a team of people that have qualities you admire. Through your interactions with them you would have already become a better man. Go out and do all the things you think a man should be doing, chopping wood and catching fish with your bare hands. Be an active member of the world, join rec teams, and seek out a new experience away from the computer.  Because that’s very macho.

Macho is as Macho does, take note from Clint Eastwood
Macho is as Macho does, take note from Clint Eastwood Via United Artists


Cultural Appreciation, Fashion and Music with Solange Knowles

Cultural appreciation is frequently exhausted through media. Rather it is through a simple tweet, an art piece or a visual for a music video, culture is everywhere. A case in point of cultural appreciation is an artist’s expression shown through music. Solange’s hit song “Losing You is a funky and vibrant song with an inimitable visual.

Produced by Dev Hynes and Solange, the song originally released on October 2, 2012 off of her EP True and grabbed headlines and the attention of many. Coming in at No. 22 on the UK Indie charts, the public loved her sound. Solange mentions with an interview with the South African Sunday Times that the influences of the song are from the 80’s and African percussion instruments. It is indeed a song of Rhythm and Blues also with a dash of electronic wave.

The visual of “Losing You” was directed by Melina Matsoukas; director of Grammy Award Winner “We Found Love” by Rihanna. Matsoukas’s resume is pretty dope, filled with projection done like Ne-Yo’s “Because of You,” Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction”, and many videos for Solange’s older sister Beyoncé. Did you see the On the Run Tour Promo video yet? Yes? It was done by Matsoukas herself.

Moreover, the video was directed in the township of Langa in Cape Town, South Africa. It was inspired by Italian Photographer Daniele Tamagni’s book Gentleman of Bacongo.  The book is filled with photos from Le Sape Society, also known as Society for the Advancement of People’s Elegance. The VIBE Vixen mentions that she was styled by Ty Hunter and selected by Elle South Africa fashion director Asanda Sizaniwas. Solange wears bright colors and exciting patterns by Suno, KenzoDiane von Fürstenberg, Opening Ceremony, and J. Crew in the visual.

via Daniele Tamagni
via Daniele Tamagni

The video is a combination of fashion and cultural tributes to African culture and also to correlate to the lyrics of her song. The words express someone who is realizing they are losing their lover. She sings “Tell me the truth boy am I losing you for good, We used to kiss all night but now there’s just no fuse, I don’t know why I fight it, clearly we are through.”

Her awkward placement in the video gives viewers the vibe of when something is going wrong with your love life and your feelings start seeping through your pores. You become still, you become out of touch with reality but yet you yearn for someone to notice you. She sings blankly in the camera while people move around her not realizing she is standing there or yet alone dancing in their work places. She identified herself not as Beyoncé’s younger sister, but a woman who walks to the beat of her own drum. She has received positive feedback from MTV’s Buzz Worthy Blog, where its mention only Solange could pull off this style.

Observe and absorb the cultural appreciation of Solange’s creation.



Brooklyn’s Hip Hop Festival 10th Anniversary

In honor of Hip-Hop, the Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival shut down the scene in Williamsburg, in a positive way. From July 9 to July 12, the festival held some of Hip-Hops greatest moments. Not really a surprise, this was such successful turn out because it is consider one of the biggest events acknowledging the Hip-Hop cultural in all of the five boroughs.

Similar to Hot 97’s Summer Jam or, 98.9’s Power House, or Rock the Bells. Since 2005, BHF has been sponsored by Brooklyn Bodega, alongside founder Wes Jackson joining the team in 2006.Every year they draw more hip hop legends and up & coming artist for the BHF.

Daily Motion recently collaborated with Brooklyn Bodega to help stream the BHF live for viewers who couldn’t join this year. And the results were outstanding. Hosted by Uncle Ralph McDaniels and Torae, with performances by Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Electronica, CJ Fly of Pro Era, Cyhi the Prince, DJ Rob Swift, The Audible Doctor Kydd Jones and many more artists.

via bkhiphopfest/Instagram
via bkhiphopfest/Instagram

If you didn’t get the chance witness the three J’s come to Brooklyn, then you missed out on history. The goal for Brooklyn Bodega was to have the three J’s come to Brooklyn; J.Cole, Jay Electronica, and Jay-Z. With hashtag #WEMADEIT trending on Facebook and twitter, performances struck the BHF online streaming so hard, it crashed the network. Thanks to technology, you can actually view the performances online.

Getting rapper Jay Elec wasn’t easy, but likes it’s said, patience is a virtue. “Eventually conversations with Jay Elec started up again and while he rejected offers from Coachella, Governor’s Ball, Bonaroo and others he accepted our offer.” said on an updated post of the BHF on their website. The rapper came through with special guests Mac Miller, J. Cole, Talib Kweli and The Boss, Jay-z. Jay and Jay-z even shared a moment when Jay-z takes off his NGE Chain and put it around Jay Elec’s neck.

Jay Z and Jay Electronica Rock The Brooklyn Hip… by BKHipHopFestival

It was a blissful day in Brooklyn, especially when legendary Raekwon touched the stage bringing out Brooklyn rising star Bobby Shmurda, Papoose, AZ, Troy Ave, and Lil Fame of M.O.P.

Enjoy some of BHF Best Clips here!

via bkhiphopfest/Instagram
via bkhiphopfest/Instagram
via bkhiphopfest/Instagram
via bkhiphopfest/Instagram



Kenzo Printed Derby Shoes

This season a lot of art influences have gone  into design aesthetics. Kenzo black printed derby shoes feature: a round toe, lace-up front fastening, white doodle print, and blue white rubber sole with low block hole. With these Kenzo shoes you can be a part of the art and fashion world. FashionMisters,  the season has begun and it is full of color and creativity, walk down the streets of New York City in your Kenzo printed derby shoes. Paired with trousers, drop crotch, denim, chinos, and shirts. Price: $631.00 buy here

Who is Emily Ratajkowski?

She’s graced the cover of GQ and made headlines after her racy “Blurred Lines” appearance, but who exactly is this bombshell? Emily Ratajkowski is a talented young model and actress hailing from Westminster, London, famous for many different ad campaigns and starring in the upcoming movie “Gone Girl.” During her childhood she moved from place to place spending her summers in Ireland and Spain while coming home to sunny California for the school year. She attended San Dieguito Academy and later attended UCLA for a year before dropping out to pursue her career in acting and modeling. She had minor roles in a few films and even starred in a few episodes of iCarly.

via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook
via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook

Born with a Polish descent, she debuted at the young age of 14 with Ford Models, who also signed the likes of Janice Dickinson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Amber Rose, Lana Del Rey and a ton of other famed celebrities. Ratajowski started off working with Forever 21, Nordstrom, as well as many other lingerie campaigns. But she had her real breakthrough when she worked alongside Tony Duran, whose work has been published in nearly every single major publication. Shortly after that Ratajkowski was offered a role in the “Blurred Lines” music video, but initially declined to participate, only to be later convinced by the director. Following her music video she gained national notoriety posing for GQ, FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and Esquire. Her talent has taken her as far as landing a role with famed actors Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, and Neil Patrick Harris in the movie Gone Girl.

via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook
via Emily Ratajkowski/Facebook

What does the future hold for the smoldering Ratajkowski? More movie deals, more modeling deals, maybe she will become a spokesmodel for a major company, who knows.

Thom Browne Spring 2015 Inspired by Tron

Attending a Thom Browne show is an experience. It is not just the clothes that attendees admire as they strut down the runway, but it is the story that Browne puts behind each show he organizes. For his spring 2015 menswear collection, Browne was inspired by the movie ‘Tron.’

In Paris, 20 models donning plastic masks stood in rows of five. They were wearing gray tailored suits as they silently waited for the show to commence. As the show began, two guardsmen marched out in wool-suit armor. According to the New York Times, after the guards followed the models, who were split into two groups, those wearing puffy jackets and trousers, and those strutting sharper, spikier shoulders.

Browne staged a competition. The competition was between man and machine.

Browne commented, “It would be too easy for us to use Star Wars.”

Every show that Thom Browne puts on is just that. A show. Besides the beautifully crafted suits, there is always a deeper message that Browne hopes the audience takes with them. Many of the shows give off a haunting vibe, as if the set is something that you could imagine in your worst nightmare.

Although Browne has said, “they all lose in the end. That makes man a two-time loser.”



Photos: Murs

Raf Simons and American Apparel

American Apparel’s style is known throughout the world as a particular kind of modern. It’s not bohemian contemporary, like Free People or Anthropologie, but American Apparel owns its own kind of look that is ultra city-chic.

After an attempt to reconstruct 21st century standards of female beauty by putting pubic hair on their mannequins, American Apparel came into the spotlight for being even more in touch with the zeitgeist than the fashion world originally thought. But as well as this brand creates and develops funkier and funkier ways of wearing Lycra, the element of couture is not often apparent.

Introducing Raf Simons’ Spring/Summer 2014 collection, a myriad of looks seemingly evolving from the archetype of the traditional New York University hipster.

There is, of course, androgyny. Male models wear pink collared shirts, and even appear to be wearing skirts. The color palette is very 90’s, hinting at those well-known artificial turquoises, mustard yellows and bubblegum pinks. But there is also an element of the superhuman in this collection, or maybe the impeccable blend of masculine and feminine is still so futuristic that individuals aren’t fully able to grasp it yet.

No particular look strays more toward one gender, considering the openness in fashion, with regards to androgyny.

Raf Simons’ Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is the American Apparel Haute Couture dream collection; it’s revolutionary without stating so. It’s simplistic, modern, and dark with a touch of neon light.

Here are some looks from the collection.




Athletes Take It All Off For ESPN Annual Body Issue!

Athletes gone wild! Or so it looks like with this years ESPN’s Body Issue. Starting in 2009, ESPN decided to combat the decline of their subscribers and release something fresh and new, and what’s better than racy photos of some of the worlds most elite athletes. After the release of the original issue, featuring many famous athletes like Lolo Jones, Ryan Lochte, and Manny Pacquiao, ESPN tried to rival the readership of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. The strategy was quite the success with readership up 35% giving the company a pretty fair profit and giving these sometimes misrepresented athletes a very new appeal to the public. Go ahead and pick up a copy of this years edition over here.

Venus Williams via espn


72 Hours to Shop in NYC

Whether you’re in NYC for business or pleasure, not having the time to enjoy the sites or shop is a point of concern. And in a city full of boutiques and pop-up shops, a brief search of local men’s fashion shops can turn into a time consuming endeavor. You can choose to go down the list and visit every brick-and-mortar spanning all five NYC boroughs. This can be a worthwhile endeavor, but far from rational. So whether your stay is 24 hours or 72 hours, take the time to visit one if not all the shops mentioned below.

By Robert James

M-S: 10Am-8PM
Sun: 10AM-6PM
74 Orchard St., New York, NY 10002

Even at first glance, Robert James’s work screams passion and quality. Located in NYC’s Lower East Side, By Robert James is a boutique shop that offers a vintage 70’s flair to the stylish gent. Designed just upstairs from the store and manufactured locally, the store carries items ranging from shirts, jackets, pants and even bespoke services.

Fine and Dandy
M, W-S: 12PM-8PM
Tues: Closed
Sun: 1PM-8PM
445 West 49th Street, NYC 10019

Located in Hell’s Kitchen, Fine and Dandy carries a comprehensive collection of dapper accessories. If you’re shopping for ties, pocket squares or socks, it can be found in this store. Keeping to the vintage theme of the store, Fine and Dandy sells vintage memorabilia and accessories from board games, greeting cards, to flasks.

fineanddandy_fashionmr(Photo Credit: Donna Alberico/NYTimes)

Billy Reid
M-S: 11AM-8PM
Sun: 11AM-7PM
54 Bond St., New York, NY 10012

Making his mark in the fashion world as early as 1998, Billy Reid designs and sells goods for male and female customers. With a splash of southern styling, his collection ranges from formal wear to more casual outfits like chinos and polos.

billyreid_fashionmr(via billyreid)

Brooklyn Tailors
Mon: Closed
T-F: 12PM-7PM
Sat: 12PM-6PM
Sun: 12PM-5PM
358 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 

Established in 2007, founders Daniel and Brenna Lewis are taking a piece of the dapper style cake. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the shop offers bespoke services as well as made to order items ranging from formal and casual suits to shirts and shoes; making it a one-stop-shop for all formal men’s wear.

bklyntailors_fashionmr(via brooklyntailors)

Brooklyn Circus
Mon: Closed
T-S: 12PM-7PM
150 Nevins St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

Founded by graphic designer Ouigi Theodore, Brooklyn Circus provides outfits for the classy, urban gentleman. Along with a healthy mix of vintage stylings, this boutique shop offers a diverse collection of hats, shirts, jackets and shoes. And much like the other shops in this collection, the consumer is welcomed with a vintage motif that extends all the way outside. So, it’s highly recommended that you go for the products and stay for the ambience.

bkylncircus_fashionmr(via brooklyncircus)


The Sartorialist: Dinner in Florence

Picasso was once quoted saying “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Keep that in mind as you watch the featured video of some of the most fashionable men and take notes on their style. A persons style should be something that is reflective of one’s own personality, take note from these gentleman on how to dress and break the rules. The video is a culmination of all things a fashionmister is supposed to be, take example from fashionmisters like Lino Leluzzi, Simone Righi, John Malkovich, Kogi Motofumi, and many many other stylish gents.

Back in 2005, Scott Schuman started “The Sartorialist” with dreams of becoming something much bigger then what his environment in Indiana provided him. With the simple idea of shooting photographs of stylish persons, Schuman built an empire working for the likes of Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and many other names. “The Sartorialist” not only became one of the most popular blogs in the fashion world, Schuman helped many other business men such as Lino Leluzzi’s tailor shop, Carlos Casillo’s Man, and Japanese store United Arrows find clientele from all over the world. You can find Schuman’s “The Sartorialist” here.

Uniform Wares : The 302 Series

Watches are always a great piece to compliment any outfit. Brand Uniform Wares 302 series chronograph stainless steel wristwatch  is the accessory to have in your arsenal.  In Jet Black, this minimalist watch is beautifully crafted with a black lacquered dial and a mineral crystal lens. This watch can be paired with Alexander McQueen’s Skull Low-Top Sneakers, a pair of relaxed denim, and a Givenchy t-shirt. Men’s watches are an essential item to have from season to season and leather wrist watches seem to be trending a lot in men’s fashion. This watch is  clean cut and perfect for every FashionMISTER.

Price: $1,000
Buy Here:







Do You Really Know Lebron James?

Lebron James is a FashionMR. You may know him for his astounding NBA career, some know him for his debacle this NBA season, others know him as the rookie who was compared to Michael Jordan his first year of play. But do you really know Lebron James?

Via Kingjames Instagram
Via Kingjames Instagram

Little known about Lebron James is that he was born to a 16 year old mother, who had to give James up to an adoptive family when he was only nine years old. His adopted father, a basketball coach, began to show James the ropes and teach the young James how to play ball. From that day, James was on the top of every single league, finishing high school with a nearly perfect record and having been named Ohio’s Mr. Basketball.

Via Kingjames instagram
Via Kingjames instagram

But his basketball career is just one aspect of his very successful endeavours. Little does everyone know, James is also the owner of the Miami boutique, UNKNWN. Which is ironic because this fact is basically unknown to the public and that the store stocks premium Nike shoes, but also stocks classic, and fashionable goods from 3.1 Phillip Lim, A.P.C, and Band of Outsiders. Keep in mind, James donates a good portion of the sales from his store to go into his foundation that he started, called the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Radiant visuals of the stores interior Via
Radiant visuals of the stores interior

James has also been the first black man to grace the cover of Vogue, all the while being the third man to actually appear on the cover. The cover was quite controversial considering the fact that it resembled King Kong advertisements. Controversy aside James has also gave a charitable amount to elect Barack Obama into office and has sat and joked around with Michelle Obama.


All in all, James is not only a renaissance man, he is a fashionMister. If you are looking for more information and history on one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, take a look at the documentary More Than a Game by Kristopher Belman.

How to Dress Like A Rock Star (While Still Looking Classy)

Everyone wants to be a rock star. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to be one? They get all the girls, go on tour to see the world, and make millions, a lifestyle people dream about. But the question is, how can you become one? Simply put, just dress like it and play the part.

Photo by Roger Deckker.
Stylistically challenging the norm, all the while making it cool to be a rebel.
Photo by Roger Deckker.

Lets start with the basics. Grab your favorite suit and be prepared to layer. Throw on your favorite bomber and go ahead and top it off with your favorite blazer and matching pants. You can choose to change it up by picking a plaid shirt, or maybe a shirt you wouldn’t usually think of wearing with a suit. Take a look at The Strokes, they flawlessly pull of the rock star look. Think rock star, break the rules and be daring.

Switch up the matching suit and pant combination and change your colors, for a retro rock star look. Image via
Switch up the matching suit and pant combination and change your colors for a retro rock star look.
Image via

Kick it up a notch and throw on a beat up pair of boots or sneakers, break the barriers but do it in a fashionable way. The key here is to make a statement that is bold, not bad. With that in mind try slipping into a corduroy or velvet button up, maybe something even more unique. Just go ahead and throw on a watch you would never wear with your gentleman attire. Pull it all off and in no time will you have the ladies singing about you.

Go ahead, run to your neighborhood thrift store and grab the ost abstract suit you find. Photo via Spin
Go ahead, run to your neighborhood thrift store and grab the ost abstract suit you find.
Photo via Spin

Lastly, just make sure you look confident in what you wear. With no confidence, the best outfits turn into the worst. Make sure that when you rock your new look that you own it, and just like that, you are all set to be a rock star.

Just remember, keep your cool and be confident, in no time will your room and outfit look like this. Photo via Fender
Just remember, keep your cool and be confident, in no time will your room and outfit look like this.
Photo via Fender

Dsquared2 Sexy Ad Campaign for 2014

Canadian based brand “Dsquared2” created by two twin brothers, Dean and Dan Caten who spent many years at Parsons School of Design in New York City,  just launched its new underwear ad campaign for 2014.

Courtesy of Dsquared2
Courtesy of Dsquared2

Compared to last year’s ad campaign with Matt WoodHouse, this year the ad campaign features three american models. The campaign features Travis Hanson, Rich Stinger and Sean Sullivan. The pictures were shot by a photographer Steven Klein who also shot the pictures of Woodhouse and the entire collection for the 2013 ad campaign.

Courtesy of Dsquared2
Courtesy of Dsquared2

The focal point of this year’s ad campaign was about branding, a very different angle from last year. The promotional images of this campaign do not just promote the underwear line of the brand, but also the accessories from the brand itself.

Courtesy of Dsquared2
Courtesy of Dsquared2

Check out the exclusive first looks of this sexy line below.

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 at Paris

After the departure of Stefano Pilati in 2012, Hedi Slimane was appointed the Creative Director with one thing in mind, to reinvent the brand image. Along with designing a ready-to-wear line that flew off the shelves, Slimane shocked the world by changing the brand’s iconic name, Yves Saint Laurent, to the modern Saint Laurent. And this year, Slimane has once again set the fashion world ablaze with the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 15 collection. Inspiration this year comes from the eccentric dress code of the hippies mixed with the modern silhouette of Slimane’s designs. All in all, this line is definitely something to watch out for next summer.

Check out the pictures here.

La Perla Men’s Collection Slated For Pitto Uomo

When people think of La Perla, they think of luxury lingerie for women. La Perla is an italian clothing company that specializes in women’s lingerie, like corsets and lace panties. Well apparently, under new ownership, the company has decided to relaunch a version of their menswear label at Pitto Uomo in Florence on June 19th.

Emiliano Rinaldi, the company’s creative director has been given the task of completing the project. Rinaldi released that the collection is “inspired by the submarine world.” The designs in the collection will have a lounge wear feel, but will also have beachwear. In the past, La perla had designed mostly fine t-shirts for men and “hasn’t ever been reminiscent of sportswear” says Suzy Biszant, La Perla’s CEO of North America.

There will be cameos of jellyfish, giant oysters, fish and sea horses. Sounds like a bad school trip to the Aquarium, so why are we so interested. 2014 has been the year of the selfie explosion, and with that being said guys have been taking more pictures of themselves in their tighty whities  than ever before. Now would be the time that a luxury lingerie company might make their move to gain attention of the FashionMister by releasing more luxury loungewear for men.

There will be a runway collection and a main collection. The collections will be reaching La Perla boutiques Spring 2015.

5 Must Attend July 4th Events in NYC

Picture this: the smell of burgers and franks on an open grill, sound of kids playing in the pool and the bang of fireworks bursting over the East River. Yes, the big bad city is getting into the July 4th state of mind. You can choose to participate in the traditional, patriotic festivities this weekend, or find other ways to add some spark to your weekend. If you’re leaning towards the latter, here are some events to consider.

Williamsburg Flea
Time: Sunday July 6th (10AM-5PM)
Place: 50 Kent Ave. (Btwn. N. 11-12 St.) Brooklyn, NY 11249


Brooklynite vendors seasonally congregate to this location to showcase their vintage, antique and handmade goods. So, shop around this July 4th. Who knows, you may find that “diamond in the rough” vintage rocking chair you always wanted.

Pig Roast Block Party
Time: Friday July 4th (12PM-6PM)
Place: The Iron Horse 32 Cliff St., New York, NY 10038


Meatlovers rejoice! The Iron Horse is hosting yet another pig roast. This downtown bar is closing the street for a block party. Come hungry this weekend and be ready to gorge on some free burgers and dogs.

“Red, White, and Brew” PubCrawl
Time: Friday July 4th (4PM-4AM)
Place: Bar None 98 3rd Ave. (Btwn. E 12-13th St.) New York, NY 10003


The best way to enjoy your brew this weekend is with a colossal pubcrawl. Jump from one watering hole to the next, while indulging in your favorite brews. So bring your friends and family and go nuts this July 4th! It’s America’s birthday!

Rooftop Films
Saturday July 5th (8PM-1AM)
Place: The Old American Can Factory 232 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

185702440_0926ab0008_o (1)(flickr)

Fan of obscure indie films? Rooftop Films will be screening “The Notorious Mr. Bout” on the roof or the courtyard of the Old American Can Factory along with live music, Q&A with the directors and an afterparty. If the movie isn’t to your liking, sneak a view of the local surrounding. After all you’re on a roof.

July 4th at the Sky Room
Time: Friday July 4th (4PM-4AM)
Place: 330 W 40th St. (Btwn. 8-9th Ave.) New York, NY 10018


Fancying a pleasant environment with a scenic view of the city? Spend your July 4th at the Sky Room. This elegant rooftop lounge in Hell’s Kitchen is NYC’s highest rooftop lounge. With a great view of the fireworks, a 4 hour open bar and a buffet, this is not a location to pass up.

Acqua Di Giò – Scent of Freedom

Armani presents a new fragrance for men collaborating with an Italian Olympic swimmer Luca Dotto. Armani recalls the fragrance “Acqua Di Giò – Scent of Freedom”. The fragrance itself derived from a variety of things. “A light distinguished fragrance  inspired by fresh sea, warm sun and richness of the earth” as Armani portrays. The collection includes the cologne itself, body spray, deodorant stick, hair and body shampoo, and aftershave.

In the advertisement, the fragrance splashes all over the rocks and joins with nude Luca Dotto. He then runs towards the light and flies into infinity as he sets himself free. Check out the official video below and some behind the scenes of the advertisement.

The 2011 World Championship Silver Medalist is also the face of Armani Underwear and Eyewear campaigns.