It’s Not You, It’s the Collar

Being just under your neck, the shirt collar plays a major role in the look and feel of your outfit. The right one can give you a splash of class and sophistication, and the wrong one can make you seem tacky, tasteless and rather lazy. Shirt collars come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes. It can be a daunting task to choose the right one for your collection of outfits. While I can’t help you pick the right collar for you, I can make you a bit more knowledgeable when choosing your next one.

Spread/Cutaway Collar

Via Enzovaccari
Via Enzovaccari

This type of collar design is continuously growing in popularity. Finding its way to more and more suit setups, the Spread is trending. The traditional Spread, unlike the popular and traditional point collar, has collar points that rest further apart from each other. This allows the wearers to try diverse and often thicker tie knots like the eldredge and trinity. But beware men with round faces, this type of collar is known to further accentuate the face.

Point Collar

Via Brooks Brothers
Via Brooks Brothers

While traditional in style, it is a timeless style that remains a safe choice amongst the more eccentric and trending designs. This collar comes in at different styles as well. The button down point collar is no different from the traditional except that it has a button at the tip of the collar point. This allows you to fasten it to the shirt itself. The second style is the narrow point collar. In this design, the collar points are taller and closer together, making it suitable for skinny ties. It is also the right design for men with rounded faces. The narrow point collar gives the illusion that the head is slimmer than it actually looks.

Club Collar

Via Manuel Racim
Via Manuel Racim

The Club or Eton Collar harks back to a time when suits and derby hats were common place. A product of the early 20th century, the Club has rounded collar points and work well with traditional ties coupled with a collar pin. However, it is more on the snappy side of collars, so it may not work for wearers who are looking for a more discreet yet stylish look. Sorry men with round, curvy faces, this is also not a style for you. Much like the spread, it gives off the same undesirable look.

Wing Collar

Via DuchampLondon
Via DuchampLondon

Traditionally found on tuxedo shirts, the Wing or Wing Tip collar is finding its way onto more traditional shirts. However, it is still a style meant for a gala or a black tie event. Often worn with a cut-away coat and a bow tie, the collar points are tucked behind the bow. If you are a fan of bow ties and like to make a statement everywhere you go, the Wing Tip should be something right up your alley.

Via StylingMode

Mandarin Collar
While the Mandarin is on the more eccentric spectrum of collar designs, it is worth mentioning due to its rarity and unique design. Taken from Imperial China, the Mandarin seems like something a bond villain would wear. But, it is also a design worn by tux wearers. For the more attention conscious man, make sure you couple a Mandarin with a matching Mandarin Collar coat to complete the look.

Edited by Zain

Best Dressed Bond Villains

My love affair with the international man of mystery started with GoldenEye. Enjoying replays of the movie and basement matches on the N64, this infatuation continued throughout college where I spent hours watching every Bond film from Dr. No to Skyfall. And in every film, Bond’s mannerisms and suits were a common sight. But, to the pimple faced pre-20s self it was just another star in a suit. It was the car chase scenes and fist fights in lethal situations that tickled my fancy, the rest was irrelevant.

But, spending time in the fashion industry changes you. Your taste and eye for the finer side of men’s fashion turns your attention to the outfits the character’s wear.

While re-watching some of the more memorable movies in the Bond lineup, I turned my attention away from Bond and took a look at what the baddies wore. My research resulted in a collection of villains with a variety of selective and rather dynamic outfits that added that extra bit of menace. Some of the villains’ outfits were colorful and unassuming and others were dark and forceful. And this attraction for evil outfits started with the most pleasant yet menacing baddie of them all, Tiago Rodriguez; better known as Raol Silva.

Played by Javier Bardem in the most recent Bond film, Skyfall, Silva is a heavily damaged ex-Mi6 agent with a taste for revenge. Best known for his sinister monologues and conversations with Bond and M, Silva’s getups compliment his blond hair. In the server room scene where Bond is tied to a chair, he is sporting a brown checkered shirt worn under a solid brown vest, matching pants and brown shoes. To complete the look, he wears a khaki coat over it all. The coat has sloping shoulders, two buttons in the front and four buttons on the sleeves; providing a modern look for a modern villain.

via Columbia Pictures
via Columbia Pictures


Le Chiffre
Next on the list of best dressed villains is the scared, poker face Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen in the movie Casino Royale. He is usually seen in a black shirt and black suit; fitting of his intimidating and sinister appearance throughout the film. The look is rather simple and devoid of any flair or color, but it deserves high marks for how well it emphasizes his outward appearance.

via Columbia Pictures
via Columbia Pictures


Francisco Scaramanga 
Made famous by Christopher Lee in the film Man with the Golden Gun, Scaramanga plays an high-priced assassin with a love for cool, southern outfits. Sporting a calm demeanor, his white suit seen throughout the film seems a bit dated. It has three buttons in the front (all buttoned), a shorter and wider lapel, loose sleeves and is longer than most coats. Even though the look may be tacky, it adds that extra bit of flair and swagger to Lee’s character.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions


Franz Sanchez 
Seen in the film License to Kill, Sanchez (Robert Davi), is a leader of a powerful drug cartel with a strong grip on the fictional Republic of Isthmus. Reminiscent of Al Pacino’s character in Scarface, this cigar smoking drug lord is seen wearing light summer colors. White and light navy suits are common in Sanchez’s wardrobe. His light colored outfits and smooth mannerisms make him the perfect villain from South America.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions


Dr. Julius No 
The first villain in the Bond series, Dr. Julius No is part of the mysterious group known as Spectre. Portrayed by Joesph Wiseman, he is often seen wearing a white Mandarin shirt and matching coat. Born from German and Chinese parents, the Mandarin outfit plays a key part in showcasing the Chinese side of his two part ethnicity. His hands crossed behind his back, Dr. No, along with his Mandarin suit, gives the appearance that he is wise beyond his years.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions



Best Fashion Apps for Men

It can be difficult to stay fashionable whilst having other obligations and hobbies. Venturing into a store with the objective of getting one particular item can lead to hours of searching only to find that your desired item is sold out, or if you do find it, to leave feeling like you spent way more than you should have. With more and more stores providing online shopping it is easier to avoid hectic stores and shop from the comfort of your home or office. However, just as you would spend grueling hours combing shops for the right shirt, so can you be burdened with searching through thousands of selections in hundreds of online stores. That is, until the most recent shift in fashion, from physical stores, to online ones, and now to apps.

Shopping via app is growing more and more popular because of its convenience. There are apps that allow users to view a specific item while seeing similar things at rivaling prices. Some apps alert you through email upon the arrival or restocking of an item that interests you. Apps such as Cool Guy (not in U.S currency), Jack Threads, Mod Man and Frank and Oak are only a few that have been getting good reviews from app users all over. Some stores like Mr Porter and Givenchy Men have also set roots in the growing field of app retail.

via Apple
via Apple

Cool Guy which is targeted towards European men of style allows for its users to browse from a decent selection of clothing and accessories. After selecting they have the option of adding an item to their closet and then arranging it with other items for different looks. Overall, it’s a great app to have because it minimizes the time needed for creating outfits and packing for holidays. Similarly, Jack Threads allows users to view brand name items at reduced prices. They update their inventory everyday at 12 pm and offer description of each item so the shoppers know exactly what they are getting.

via Apple
via Apple




Shoes: Try these Pair of Extravagance

In this country of extravagance and excess, it’s easy to find an expensive, over-the-top pair of shoes. The recipe is rather simple. First, find a pair of high quality shoes. Then, cover it in expensive metals (preferably gold, silver or platinum). Lastly, take a handful of high carat diamonds, paste it all over the shoes and slap a high price tag on it.

But truly expensive pair of shoes are made with love, passion and a healthy dose of quality; not a pair of loafers covered with 24 carat diamonds (Nick C. I’m talking to you). Often made by luxury brands like Salvatore Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton, the prices rarely exceed $10,000. But, they are tastefully designed and sold at a price that will make you feel like you just got your money’s worth. Some designs may have some gold or diamonds, but they are subtle and difficult to spot from a distance.

Moro Monk Strap by A. Testoni
Made with alligator skin, the Moro Monk is a labor of love. Meticulously put together, these shoes are made to be durable yet soft and comfortable in any weather condition. Testoni also offers an option to add a gold, diamond encrusted buckle.

via Fast Life Luxury
via a.testoni

Manhattan Richelieu by Louis Vuitton
Also made from alligator skin, Manhattan Richelieu is put together using complex stitching methods and subtle designs expected from a $10,000 pair of shoes. It even comes with a discrete LV badge on the side of the shoe.via Louis Vuitton


Stefano Bemer Bespoke Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of shoes made just for your spoiled feet, Stefano Bemer bespoke shoes should be your first choice. Taking about 4 weeks to put together, each pair is specially built to match every curve on your feet. Customers can choose hides from a large collection of common and exotic animals (sting-ray and hippopotamus being just a few).

via Stefano Bemer
via Stefano Bemer


Aubercy is a family owned, high-end shoe brand based in Paris. Much like Stefano Bemer, they offer bespoke services to perfectly match the customers feet. With impeccable craftsmanship and dedication to absolute perfection, these shoes will mostly require a kidney or two.

via Aubercy
via Aubercy


Rapiécés Reprisés by Berluti
Put together with supple and high quality leather and inspired by Andy Warhol, Rapiécés Reprisés are for the gentleman committed to the high style. The shoes are made with complex stitching methods and finished with great scrutiny. Made in small quantities, they are truly a symbol of status.

via Rapiécés Reprisés
via Rapiécés Reprisés






Ermanno Scervino Shows During Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2014-15


Multi-functionality describes was what was shown here by having an individual pattern and fabric being used with various designs and outerwear. That concept embodied the different materials that included wool, leather, fur and the luxurious yet under-utilized velvet. Each design, pattern and material usually had three different versions to show its multi-functionality with different styles. The show opened with a gingham pattern that featured white gingham wool trousers with a gingham shirt, tie and a gray and black gingham wool double breasted pea coat. Flowing with the multi-function theme that same patterns was also worn in a two piece wool suit with the same colors and pattern combination and a leather weekender bag that included the gingham pattern and design. Prince of Wales patterns were also used in various pea coats, scarfs and fedoras displaying the pattern’s versatility. However, designs and patterns weren’t the only cross-functional pieces in this collection. Colors and fabrics were also used in variations to show options for materials. Blue was a widely used color that varied from navy to royal and used as both the prime color and accented trims.


Blue puffer jackets walked down the runway with black fur linings and with royal blue wool lining as well. Including jackets that were reversible, so depending on where you were going and the weather that day. For the elegant look, it would be the blue wool as the outer shell and if it rains then reverse it and have the royal blue nylon on the outside to stay dry. Blue was also used as an accent trim with a houndstooth cardigan. The cardigan had the blue outline trim that also featured a horizontal stripe at the base paired with a blue and gray wool scarf. Leather made a crucial appearance being made into leather pants that were paired with royal blue wool blazers, pea coats and in their own set of double breasted coats that also included a motorcycle jacket. The most luxurious material of the night was shown at the end because the best is always saved for last. That material was velvet. Used in a two piece suit with both single and double breasted renditions, an overcoat and trouser combination and the best of all when velvet is always a hit, with a velvet shawl collar tuxedo combination featuring silk lapels. The show ended with all the models wearing capes of the previously shown designs and fabrics. Even further expanding the collections versatility, style and functionality which showed how a single material and color can be transformed into the needed style. Ermanno Scervino is someone you should definitely look out for.



Little Italy Street Art in an Instant

On a busy Labor Day in Little Italy, I went looking for street art on Mulberry street, between Kenmare and Canal. Wiping some dust off of my Polaroid SX-70, I took it out into the humid air with a fresh pack of Impossible Project’s color film loaded up. It seemed appropriate to use a historic camera at such a historic location. The place was packed with tourists and locals, so finding murals hidden amongst outdoor restaurant tables and umbrellas was quite the chore. It wasn’t until I came across a fenced  empty lot between Hester and Canal, I started to get a glimpse of some of the art I was actually looking for. Ron English’s now popular “Temper Tot” a.k.a “Baby Hulk” stood on a side facade in all its glory. And on the other side of the lot was “MonaLister” by Anthony Lister (shown above).




These works of street art is the result of the L.I.S.A Project, an acronym for “Little Italy Street Art”. Almost three years old, this project invites street and pop artists from all over the world to the culture and history heavy Mulberry street. Founded by Wayne Rada and RJ Rushmore of, their artistic influence spreads beyond Mulberry to the surrounding streets.


When planning a tour of the street art in the area, carefully schedule your visits. Trips to the area during peak hours will make it difficult to capture the whole piece without the occasional and unintentional photo bombing by passing pedestrians.




If you’re traveling south on Mulberry, don’t forget to check out Solus’s mural (or what’s left of it) near the corner of the intersection shared with Kenmare street. Much of the original mural is now covered by a newsstand from Mulberry Iconic Magazines, but you can still enjoy the mural. This piece titled, “Punch Above Your Weight”,  is a tribute to Irish and Italian immigrants.




A bit further down the street before the corner of Broome and Mulberry is a delicious looking mural by Buff Monster. Due to its colorful and comical nature, it is rather easy to spot.




Just across the street at Caffe Roma is a colorful interpretation of “Audrey Hepburn” by artist Tristan Eaton. Found on the Mulberry side of the building, it is wedged between the side entrance to a cafe and an ATM. During peak hours it is usually covered by tables and seats, but you can still get a good look at it.




After crossing Hester street, you’ll see the mural titled “Jerk of Steel” by artist Jerkface painted on a door between Giovanna’s and Anthony Shops.




The final mural I find worthy of immortalizing on an expensive piece of Polaroid film is another piece by Tristan Eaton titled “Liberty.” It can be found on the side facade of the building Cha Cha’s which, Boca Al Lupo is in. If that doesn’t help, look for the Most Precious Blood church. The art piece is found directly on the right side.

There are a handful of murals that are not mentioned. That is due to running out of Polaroid film and local businesses covering the art. Still, every piece is worth checking out. So, get your ass down to Little Italy, enjoy a cannoli at Caffe Palermo and check out the art on almost every corner.

A Tribute to the Leisure Suit

In honor of that special thematic day that arrives every Thursday (Throwback Thursday for those not familiar), we’re celebrating the casual suit that took the 70s by storm. Synonymous with the Hustle and disco clubs throughout America, the Leisure suit was the staple of the times.

via Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog
via Lee

It started out as a sign of rebellion. Breaking from the more traditional and well established black suit, the youth, during the first half of the 20th century embraced this comfortable, often loose fitting getup. The popular fabric for most Leisure Suits was polyester. Invented in the 1940s, the polyester suit gained its popularity in the UK. A few decades later in the 70s, Lee Jeans brought the trend to America by calling them “Lee-sure” suits. The “look” was a combination of a suit shirt (suit jacket that looks like a shirt) and matching pants. They were also designed in a variety of different colors and styles.

via Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog
via Levi’s

Some Leisure Suits were made with large lapels and enormous front pockets. The suits were also matched with colorful polyester shirts that had massive collar points. Bell bottoms was also the must have design to complete the look.

via Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog
via Hardwick

While the look is now just a memory, it lives on as a memory for those who hustled their way through that era. The Leisure Suit often reappears in pop culture, film and Halloween costume shops; further emphasizing its significance to American culture.

via rustyzipper
via rustyzipper


Photos by Linghao

Givenchy’s School Backpack

From the tribal complexions of Spring/Summer 2014, to influences from the Bauhaus art school, the graphic collection presented by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy is the product of combined diverse inspirations. Tisci’s executions reveal a raw, street vibe to the collection, portraying the gang/thug style. The label’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 pre-collection encompasses a bold mix of urban culture and features.

The Black Abstract Portrait Backpack is the latest Givenchy accessory that is being admired widely. With its multicolor mural with an ethnic street vibe vibrant stamp, the backpack surely defines the urban look.

Givenchy has had major success with the line of backpacks that include: Madonna Backpack, Givenchy Black & Yellow, Givenchy Airplane Backpack, and Givenchy Black Bambi Print Backpack.



Top Five Places to Take Your Girlfriend

1. The movies theatres; indoors or outdoors

via Flickr/Sara Robertson
via Flickr/Sara Robertson

Out of all honesty, the most common place in the world is actually one of the safest yet enjoyable places to go. Around NYC, you can find a couple of local parks showing some featured films. Talk about romantic, enjoy a movie with your sweetheart as the sunsets. Bring a cozy blanket, have some popcorn to dazzle your date with. Or you can kick it indoors in the good old air conditioning. By the way have you seen the new Transformers film yet?

2. The Sex Museum

via Flickr/Ðariusz
via Flickr/Ðariusz

Explore the art of sex with your date. Who says you can’t have fun and observe sex in a different platform? If you purchase your tickets today, you can receive a discount! Filled with wild visual art, stroll over to the bar and grab a drink or two.  Beauty or you can say art, is in the eye of the beholder.

3. Bowling

via Flickr/Ginny
via Flickr/Ginny

Places like Lucky Strikes and Frames are fun and cozy. You can throw on a nice fitted blazer, a V-neck tee, some slim cut jeans while bowling in style underneath dim lights and good music. Play a game or two before the bowling alley actually become a lounge. Loser buys the first round of drinks.

4. Dave and Busters


Explore your inner big kid. Fun arcade games, drinks and good food, Dave and Busters is a great affordable place to go on a date. It is also a fun date to break the ice if this is for your first. What is a better way to get to know someone than through cashing in all your winnings to buy them an arcade prize? Ring pops for two or a bag full of candy usual does the trick.

5. Casual Dinner


Dine at places such as Soco, that serve their infamous red velvet waffles and chicken or Sofritos, where you can enjoy good quality Latin food. Have your girl throw on a nice dress and you compliment her style with a casual trousers and a pair of loafers. More importantly, intimate gatherings are what make dates memorable. Set aside the outside world and focus on just you and your girl. Sample each other’s food, while exchanging comments on how each other’s day was at the office was or what they did in class today.  Candle lights, wine or lemon and water are fine.



Bow the Tie

Clearly the outfit below is heading towards the bow tie route, so ladies fasten it. A brief history of this must wear accessory for the Fall/Winter season won’t hurt nobody:

Roots: Croatian
Date: 17th century
Originally: Cravat
First adoption: French upper class
Came to fame: Since birth and became a staple in men’s fashion by the ‘90s
Today: Worn by you
When talking bow ties, the mind drifts towards a generic black bow tie and that is normal. But this season we are stepping aside from generic and aiming towards the large loose hanging schal bow tie. Just think of Hedi Slimane’s big debut collection at Yves Saint Laurent back in 2012 and the image is drawn.


Whether you are opting for the tuxedo look or simply dressing down with a sweatshirt, do not hesitate to address a bow tie. Many designers have integrated the bow tie concept to their collection this season and the best idea is you don’t need to buy it because you can make it.

The two-step procedure will keep you trending all season long: Just grab and wrap a simple schal.


Issey Miyake Debuts His New Scent During NYFW

A melange of all things sensual and alluring, Issey Miyake introduces a seductive cologne during New York Fashion Week entitled “Nuit D’Issey”. A mix of all things necessary in a fragrance, Miyake seems to have hit the perfect balance between light and dark. The light bergamot gives off a very sweet and citrus aroma which is backed with just a hint of black pepper giving a unique pinch to the users nose. But given that light cologne wears off quite easily, Miyake gives the fragrance a firm background of black woods and vetiver, giving the cologne a strong woody essence, effectively allowing the user to have the scent attached to him throughout the day.

The presentation of the cologne is striking as well, given that the bottle was designed and modeled with the help of visual artist Ryan Hopkinson. Together, Miyake and Hopkinson capture the elements of night. The bottle has quite a smokey gradient to it, reminiscent to that of the moonlight, while the box has a similar dual tone.

But the cologne itself is not perfect, nor can it be. The idea of perfection is one that men chase but can never catch up to, and with that being said Miyake has come quite close to having an ideal, well rounded scent that anyone and everyone can enjoy, giving it the status that is a step towards perfection. If I had to give a rating to the scent, it would be a solid 8/10. On my recommendation, I feel that this is a perfect cologne for a working man. After running around all day for Fashion Week, one would imagine that they would need a spritz of cologne before they begin attending the after parties, but I find that while wearing “Nuit D’Issey”, I do not need to apply that second air. The cologne stays strong through a rough day and would fit the criteria for any professional, boss, or boyfriend that has little time for themselves. It would be a great gift considering that it is well worth the money you pay for a cologne.

via Nuit D'Issey
via Nuit D’Issey



Ricardo Seco Presents His S/S15 Collection At NYFW

A mix of all things colorful and bold, Ricardo Seco presents his S/S 15 collection “DREAMS”. On the tenth floor of 7 World Trade Center, the designer presented a slew of classic silhouettes mixed with colorful essentials in his brand new collaboration with New Balance. The designer states that this isn’t just a collaboration with New Balance but ” with the Wixárika, an indigenous community from Mexico, who are known for their beadings.” He goes on to state that the tribe creates “each bedded piece” that they “put their dreams into their work.”
A chic mix of all things fashionable and trendy, the collection was the first time the designer displayed both mens and womens wear together. A mix of all things essential, the collection featured leather jackets, jumpsuits, swimsuits, shorts, pants and a few other things. A mixture of suede, neoprene, cotton and silk were among the fabrics present and all were perfectly constructed. Many elements and inspirations could be found among the designer line. Most important were the elements of Wixárika culture, such as trippy, peyote graphics and geometric designs based on the Eye of God mixed with a very New York vibe. It will not be surprising to see the clothing fly off the shelves next year and your favorite fashionistas rocking it next year.
Images by Isaac Nho



NYFW Street Style S/S 2015

New York Fashion Week is in full swing. Outside of the Lincoln Center, men are looking more FashionMister than usual as they arrive to BCBG and Richard Chai’s shows. Most came dressed in traditional style suits with the added flair of a patterned button up. Others are a little more bold while embracing big splashes of color.

Blue is a trending color for this year fashion week. Whether it is dark, navy or bright blue, many FashionMisters are wearing blue suits.  Unisex fashion is also very prevalent, skirts don’t only have to be for women. To add masculinity, they are paired with a sports jersey, a shirt and a bolo tie.

Just in case you’re wondering what a FashionMister is:
It is: “Someone who isn’t afraid of fashion.” -Walter Hurley, wardrobe stylist.


Haze Collection S/S 2015

The story is simple, but the outcome is an architectural inspired eyewear collection that offers a distinctive mix of eclectic aesthetics and exceptional manufacturing quality.
For the Haze Collection S/S 2015 presentation during New York Fashion Week, the team brought together family, friends and loyal customers to not only reveal the latest line but to also try the pieces while enjoying an open bar and live music setting at the Hudson Hotel Pent House Tent.
The eyewear collection can be described in two words “Modernly Classic”. While you would find a vintage feel to most of the pieces, you will be interrupted with modern elements such as shield pieces or chrome lenses. The piece that stood as a forerunner in the Haze Collection S/S 2015 was in fact the Shield.
The Shield’s pattern is inspired by architecture from the Ming Dynasty, and is individually laser-cut into slices of gold-plated metal. While trying on the Shield during a fun photo booth session, I learned how functional it was because the shield was removable and was held in place with internal magnets, which facilitates the styling of choice.
So whether you are feeling the modern boldness or simply in the mood for a unique frame for the upper body display, Haze Collection will serve your feelings to the dot.
Haze Collection S/S 2015
Haze Collection S/S 2015
Haze Collection S/S 2015

New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 Street Style Day 2

Day 2 of Fashion Week was all about the blue. Whether it was dark, navy or bright blue many FashionMisters were wearing blue suits.  Unisex fashion was also very prevalent, skirts don’t only have to be for women. To add masculinity, they were paired with a sports jersey and a shirt and a bolo tie.


What is a FashionMister?
“Someone who isn’t afraid of fashion.”

FashionMR Fashion Week6JPG

“It’s all about the blue suits.”


Here are our favorites for day 2.



New York Fashion Week S/S 15 Street Style Day 1

New York Fashion Week is upon us. Outside of the Lincoln Center, men are looking more FashionMister than usual as they arrived to BCBG and Richard Chai’s shows. Most came dressed in traditional style suits with the added flair of a patterned button up. Others were a little more bold while embracing big splashes of color.

Here are our favorites for day 1.

Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker
Photo by Ashley Zucker

Get Blue with Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby

It is not rare to witness a collaboration between an artist and a designer. But it can be, when they produce a complete collection with consistent style and extreme attention to detail.

Back in January, Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, collaborated with L.A. based contemporary artist Sterling Ruby on his F/W 2014 collection. Each piece in the collection brings together the two creative minds, leading to the design of a shirt partway between a spoilt, blue-collar worker’s shirt and a subtle tie-dye. The collection also features pants duplicate to the shirt. So for fall don’t shy away from exaggerated prints and keep it fun. For a subtler look, you can mix the pieces with solid colors.

Simons himself called the collection “our collection”, implying that the clothes were a truly joint vision, not dismissing anyone’s’ role. This is not the first time Simons has collaborated with artists back in 2003 his F/W 03 collection featured various garments printed with classic Peter Saville designed album covers.


Accessories for the Nonconformist

Unless you’re a skilled artisan that makes his own clothes, you’ve probably had an awkward encounter with a stranger wearing the same outfit. The style-less, juvenile self won’t mind, but you’re no longer that guy. You now have more sense than that. Situations like this now phase you, leaving a bad taste and that sinking feeling that your wardrobe is inadequate. In a world of overly done rice rockets, rhinestone covered denim jackets and flimsy iPhone cases, the next logical step to standing out is to accessorize your outfits. Bags, watches, ties, cuff links and hats are just some of your run of the mill conventional choices. They will help you add a personal touch to your outfits, but you can also make waves using some of these unconventional choices.


Minimalistic Single/Fixed Gear Bicycle


Not all fashion accessories are slung on a shoulder or worn around the neck. This accessory is of the sitting variety, and probably the most utilitarian option. But, be very careful about choosing the bike’s color scheme. If the colors are too bright you just might find yourself in hipsterville. Single speed setups with a healthy mix of chrome and leather give the bike a more vintage look. When choosing a frame color, traditional colors like navy, black and grey are always welcomed and safe choices. But bolder options like olive green, cream white, and teal work equally well with a healthy pairing of chrome and leather.


Vintage Film Camera

(Via Menstyle1)

Disclaimer: For this next accessory, it helps if you are a photography enthusiast. So, feel free to skip this one if you think a vintage camera only adds strain or arrogance to your neck.

Most camera snobs know and believe that the most quality and “built-to-last” cameras were made pre-80s; before the dawn of cheaply made plastic monstrosities. The prime example amongst a laundry list of cameras is the German made Leica Rangefinder camera. These German made beauties of brass, metal and leather are known for their photographic pedigree and reputation for quality. Adorned in front of any clothing ensemble with a matching neck strap, is sure to add a level of sophistication.


A Pen

(Via Flickr)
(Via Flickr)

While not quite an unconventional accessory, it doesn’t get enough consideration for how stylish and useful they are. A quality pen, ball point or fountain, provides that extra splash of class and sophistication. Whether it’s a Mont Blanc, Aurora or Cartíer pen, it deserves a permanent place in the front coat or shirt pocket.


Lapel Pins

(Via Etsy)
(Via Etsy)

A rather simple accessory, the lapel pin is a cheap and cheerful way to add flare to your outfit. Whether you plan to match it with your tie or pocket square, the lapel pin is another accessory that doesn’t receive much recognition (popularity on the rise).


The Clutch Bag

(Via Closetfreaksblog)
(Via Closetfreaksblog)

Yes, It is technically a bag, but the clutch bag is often free of shoulder straps. Designed to carry the bare essentials, the name explains how it should be carried; held up at the pits or clutched between your arm and torso. The bag usually comes coupled with a leather strap and made to carry a smartphone, wallet and at times some essential toiletries.


Collar Pins

(Via Rothschildt)
(Via Rothschildt)

Designed to hold the collars together and to accentuate the knot portion of the tie, collar pins are growing in popularity among shirt wearers. It is usually tucked away and out of sight, but it adds a subtle flair to any outfit it’s paired with. The ends of the pin also come in a variety of different designs, adding extra style to your collar.

September Guide for a New York Bag

Having a style that falls in the unisex category, and a wardrobe that could style a man perfectly, I will attempt to minimize the feminine direction of the article and place importance on objects needed by both genders.
Now please keep in mind that is an open discussion and having not lived in New York during September, I will need your experienced expertise as well. I have done enough research, random street conversations and major summer experiences to allow me to list essentials that I am positive you will nod your head with approval.

The number one essential is, the “Umbrella” because no you can’t stand under anyone’s umbrella, since half the people will be running to escape the rain. Always have on in your bag, New York is the moodiest when it comes to weather and you will never now when the emotional feeling hits and it starts to cry.

Via Flickr/Gwenael Piaser
Via Flickr Gwenael Piaser

Number two goes to “Band-aids”; you are probably staring at a blister this very moment and agreeing “So True!” New Yorkers are fortunate to have the choice to walk anywhere and even if you don’t like walking at one point you have to walk. So with that, I am sure each person reading this has had the worse blister experience and it’s painful I know.

Via Flickr/sarawestermark
Via Flickr sarawestermark

Falling in third place, the “Portable Cell phone Charger”. The sad part is, not many people know it exists, but the happy part it does. Do yourself a favor and head to the nearest Duane Reade and buy yourself one.

Via Halo2Cloud
Via Halo2Cloud

Number four, “Cash”. If you are a brunch person, happy hour person, pizza person or simply a person, always carry cash with you. Most spots in New York have ATMs that will charge you an extra fee and cause an extra hassle.

Via Flickr/Tax Credits
Via Flickr Tax Credits

And for the finale, “Bottle of Water” if you ever get stuck on a subway for 30 minutes you will thank me.
Awaiting your feedback.

Via Poland Spring
Via Poland Spring


Photo By Alice

Ralph Lauren Hops on the Wearable Tech Train

Being the sponsor of the ball girls and boys at the U.S Open, Ralph Lauren found the perfect event to surround its latest invention, the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirts with biometric tracking capabilities with present/potential consumers and the media.
The U.S. Open marked the debut of the Polo Tech “smartshirt,” a snug black nylon compression shirt, through some ball boys. None of the players will be wearing the shirt and the availability of the shirt in the market will not be present till next year.
NCAA singles champion Marcos Giron stated that he would be wearing it during his practice sessions for the U.S. Open. In addition, Ralph Lauren launched a video for the latest piece with the ultimate futuristic fee.
The price point of the “smart shirt” has not been released yet, but given the price of some relating tech inspired pieces the assumption between is $ 150 to $ 250.

Photo By Alice