How a Tudor Fabric Watch Strap is Made

Here at FashionMR, we’re fans of awesome watches and the lengthy processes it takes to make such quality timepieces (helps us try to make sense of some of the ridiculous prices). So, it’s obvious for the team to go “gaga” over this video.

Posted by Tudor Watches, it documents the steps taken to make a fabric strap. While pretty antiquated, the straps are carefully put together by a loom. The video goes on to show the clever harmony between physical hands and mechanical devices working in unison. It is definitely worth the look if you’re a fan of Tudor or Nato watch straps.


A Wain That’ll Put the Real Wayne to Shame

Wain, pronounced the same as the cape crusader/ trust fund baby Bruce Wayne, isn’t your average run of the mill architect in a black suit. He’s a murse carrying, suit wearing, pocket square flaunting professional that’ll put the real Mr. Wayne to shame. Whether he’s spending a night out on the town or surveying a New York building, you can bet your ass he’s doing it in style and class. One can say that he’s a heroine in his own right; a fashion heroine upholding the idea that men can look damn fine too.


Christopher Wain is one out of many embracing the idea that men can be snazzy, chic, elegant and sophisticated. From top to bottom, the first thing you’ll notice is his hair. Adding several inches to his height (5 1/2’’ to be exact), it is his trademark. To achieve the Tower of Babel that is his hair, Chris uses potent Japanese wax, ample amounts of hair spray and overall patience.

“It does take quite a bit of work. The secret is to blow dry the beast, have it fully dry and shape your hair before you even add any product.”

The process doesn’t end here.

“I use a Japanese wax to create the style I’m looking to achieve for the day, then finish it off with a strong hair spray my hair stylist recommended.”

These two pieces tame the doo pretty well. It towers above his scalp and combats gale force winds, humidity and sweat filled days.


His sense of style harks back to his adolescent days of first dates, pimple taming and SATs. When asked about the origin of his style, he recollects calmly.

“I decided to recreate my image in my junior year of high school, so I took a few chances and took control of my style.”  

Chris would slightly shiver at the sight of his former self, but he shows no remorse for the way he used to dress himself.

“When I wore those clothes, it felt right, so I have no regrets.”

Leaving that part of fashion history behind, his current style is an evolution, years in the making (But, more on that later).


Working in New York City, Chris draws inspiration from styles he sees on the street. This is his way of keeping his style fresh and different. But no outfit is complete without a splash of his own character and flair. And every outfit is over the top. So, Chris easily stands out in a field that embraces casual, comfortable and often loose fitting clothing. He tackles fashion mediocrity with a collection of setups rich in detail, color and swag. But, Chris has one important ground rule:

“Once you’re dressed, you’ve got to embrace your outfit. The biggest part of style is confidence. If you own up to your fashion choices for the day, you’ll be fine.”

Chris also draws inspiration and confidence from the soccer and fashion extraordinaire David Beckham. Keeping a close eye on his outfits on the red carpet, magazine spreads and TV appearances Chris emulates a lot of his style. But it doesn’t end there. As a strong believer of evolving his own fashion, he doesn’t shy away from recent trends.


He struts his goods in a grey H&M suit. The black vest and pants, also from H&M, creates a bit of contrast to the entire ensemble. Chris blends in with the style savvy, cobblestone laden streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Even on a day when the temperature continues to climb, he tries to fight the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. And despite the heat, he showcases his love for detail with a heavy focus on fitment.

“I definitely pay much more attention to details, in particular, the fit of all of my clothes. Without the right fit, the articles of clothing don’t work as well.”


As the interview came to a close, Chris provided some knowledge for men just getting into fashion. And much like the view he had throughout the interview, he closed it by emphasizing it some more.

“Most people think that fashion starts and ends with the clothes that you wear. You couldn’t be any more wrong! Fashion is all about confidence, being bold and staying true to yourself.”

That’ll do Mr. Wain, that’ll do.



Fast Friday: Toyota FJ40

Every Friday on FashionMR’s Facebook page (like us if you already haven’t), we showcase notable vintage cars. In the past we’ve shared images of a Ferrari 250GT, Porsche 907 racecar and even a resto-mod BMW motorcycle. So instead of isolating these posts to Facebook, we’ve decided to show some vintage car love on our site as well.

via vintageoffroad
via vintageoffroad

For the inaugural post of “Fast Friday”, we bring you the timeless and rugged of all 4x4s, the Toyota FJ40. While this isn’t a classic concrete screamer, it’s an icon worth knowing for its longterm history and impact on the 4×4/jeep market. In its own right it deserves a place at the top next to the Ford Bronco, the Willys Jeep and the Land Rover Gen 1.


So why does it deserve the designation of “icon”? Well for one, this jeep has remained in production for 24 years; 1960 to 1984 to be exact. Initially called the J40, it was given the nickname “FJ40” for the use of F-series engines. And during its 24 year production it came in different variants. Commonly manufactured in a two door configuration, it was also made into a pickup as well as a 4 door SUV.

via Ebrahim-jamal/Wikipedia
via Ebrahim-jamal/Wikipedia

In the span of 20+, the brand and the model built a reputation for being a tough, off-road ready, “dune-scaler”. The longevity of the model played a key factor into building its reputation as a quintessential off-roader. Over the years, the engine as well as the general reliability of the FJ was gradually refined and improved. By the end of its manufacturing period, it claimed a chunk of the SUV market share and built up a diehard fanbase.

If you’ve owned one before and looking to relive some of your past memories, you’re out of luck. A nicely restored FJ40 is sure to break the bank. However if you plan on slowly restoring a barnfind, you’re in luck. Because of the large fanbase the J40 has built, there are many support groups as well as parts suppliers. But if you’re just starting out, check out the Toyota Land Cruiser Association for tips, interesting reads and member events regarding the FJ40.


5 Notable Lookbook Bloggers You Should Be Following

Many fashion conscious individuals live and die on inspiration. Whether it’s through online sources or from people watching on the streets, inspirational styles can be had easily (that’s if you live in a fashion rich city like NYC). When it comes to social media, sources like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr are full of style bloggers who passionately display their style through hashtags like #ootd and #picoftheday. And religious followers flock to these pages to get the “latest and greatest” styles from very attractive users.

Lookbook is another source for inspirational fashion. Much like a “Facebook for Fashionites” (if you didn’t know already), it has a global reach with members based in many different parts of the world. If you’re a Sartorialist junkie like myself, you’ll be happy to know that it is filled with Sartorial inspiration; so much so that it’s hard to pick your favorite. But here at FashionMR, we strive on making those tough decisions. So, here is our list of top 5 notable Lookbook bloggers to look out for.

Marc Galobardes

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Marc is a styleblogger with a healthy dose of sartorial and casual looks. And mostly taken while standing, his images are staged but bordering on organic. While he only has 66 images in his archive, you can find more of his looks on his site Carrouselmc.

Marcel Floruss

With over 37,000 followers on Lookbook, Marcel is an established styleblogger and founder of the site, OneDapperStreet. And much like Marc, he shares a mix of dapper and casual styles. Based in NYC, his styles are clean, well thought-out and down right classy. But simply telling you about it doesn’t do his styles justice. Take a look for yourself!

Christopher Michael

From the west coast, Christopher’s styles are dapper with a mix of casual. Many of his looks are very thorough. Showcasing all aspects of each outfit, viewers get to not only see the entire ensemble, but the individual parts that makeup the whole (i.e.: accessories and shoes). Check him out on Lookbook and on his personal site UnbearablyStylish.

Marc Bueno

North of the border, Marc Bueno is another styleblogger that offers up refreshing looks bordering on avant-garde territory. And with a fresh array of looks and a helpful collection of links to copy the look, Marc is definitely someone who you should be looking out for. Find him on Lookbook or at his blog, TheBuenoFashionisto. Kang

A jack-of-all trades (singer, song writer, designer and fashion blogger), Kang is the founder of the blog mela-blog. Known for his casual looks, each of’s outfits are tastefully put together and displayed to mostly showcase his style. His face is usually cropped out from the rest of the picture.



The Need for Tweed

We’ve talked about patterns here on FashionMR before, but this is more of a love letter to the king of fall/winter patterns: tweed. Timeless in design, it’s a staple item in the fall wardrobe. I know fall is behind us, but it also deserves a rightful place in winter fashion. Whether it’s on a suit, shirt or sweater, the pattern or fabric is tastefull and classy for the season; making it a rather popular option in the sartorial community. While it’s favored by high fashion enthusiasts, the pattern has a more humble and rugged past.

via TheTweedFox
via TheTweedFox

Dating back to the 19th century, Tweed was an invention that originated from rural Scotland and Ireland. Commonly worn as a hunting jacket, the patterns rise to fame began when it became popular with the British elite. At the time, the northern estates in England became an attractive purchase for the British upper class. They wanted to purchase or rent these estates not just as a status symbol, but also as a place to spend their time taking part in leisurely pursuits; shooting, hunting or fishing. The demand and popularity of tweed increased with the British royalty embracing the pattern. Throughout the years, tweed established itself as a casual pattern appropriate for social functions and even commutes to the office.

via Sunshineandfeelingfine/Tumblr
via Sunshineandfeelingfine/Tumblr

If you’re thinking of adding some tweed to your ensemble, you’re making the right choice. The various colors and patterns offered in this fabric, allows for some contrast to an outfit without being too bright and colorful; that’s what the summer months are for. If you’re trying to go with a tweed suit, feel free to match it with a blue shirt and navy vest combo like the image below. And if you’re thinking of throwing a tie into the mix, try not to pick a tie that would overpower the suit’s color. Allow the clothing you’re trying to showcase, make the most statement in color. But most importantly, whatever color/pattern setup you’re trying to achieve, commit to it and wear it with confidence.