Saint Laurent Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

Saint Laurent’s Heidi Slimane rocked the end of Paris Fashion with a surfer styled collection with a hint of contemporary notes. There were over 60 looks in the complete collection, giving critics as well as fans much to admire, and of course critic. 

The collection was entitled, Surf Sound, “A Tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture.” The Southern Californian artist, Billy Al Bengston, was an inspiration for the collection, as he was associated with SoCal motorcycle culture in the 60s. 

The models strut down the runway to a soundtrack specially made for the show, composed by Cole and Max Becker and recorded by the band, Swimmers, in Oakland, California. 

There were lots of stars in the audience; Selma Hayek Pinault, Jane Birkin, Betty Catroux, as well as Johnny Hallyday. Pierce Brosnan was in attendance as his son Dylan walked in the show. 

Many of the looks were completed with Kurt Cobain-esque white sunglasses in tow, others with trucker hats. 

The night ended with YSL logo shaped confetti falling from the ceiling; all in all, a successful night for Saint Laurent. 

Raf Simons Men’s RTW Spring 2016

It’s a wonder most of the models were able to get down the runway untroubled at the Raf Simons Men’s RTW Spring 2016 show. Making their way down the runway, their vision was impeded by checkered scarves, sending some of them tripping off the catwalk onto the concrete floor below. While it might not have been the greatest idea to obstruct his model’s vision, Raf Simons presented a very youthful and energetic collection.

From the oversized macs decorated with grommets in geometric formations to the oversized grommet-studded nylon rucksacks dragged from heavy chains over the shoulder, there was a punk inspired feel to the lineup. However, there was also a return to the normalcy of typical Raf Simons wear in the rest of the collection. Shrunken sweater vests helped exaggerate the oversized pants, and tailored jackets were seen as lean or slightly oversized in sturdy woolens. 

The image of a model’s head draped in a scarf is quite haunting, making this collection stand out by a mile from many of the other shows this season. 

Russell Westbrook Steps Out at Milan Fashion Week

Oklahoma City Thunder’s basketball player, Russell Westbrook has always loved fashion and is seen as one of the most fashionable professional athletes. He even made GQ’s Most Stylish Men Alive this year. As Vanity Fair’s correspondent at Milan’s Fashion Week and apart of his daily diary, Westbrook wrote,

“This is the best Ferragamo collection I have seen thus far. It’s going in a young direction [for] the line and taking inspiration from the 50s era—using the old incorporated with the new.”


Westbrook was seen wearing one of his collaboration long sleeve t-shirts with Barneys New York. This line has over thirty pieces of clothing (including t shirts, tanks, sweatpants) as well as shoes, bags, and wallets. This collection came out earlier this year, the second of partnerships between Westbrook and Barneys New York.


Photos via: Westbrook XO Barneys New York

On Trend Hair Styles For Men

More recently, men have been trying new ways to wear their hair. Men test new products to try and achieve a new style they have seen and get different haircuts to try out new looks. Men are getting adventurous when it comes to their hair, and it is appreciated. Here are some of the more popular hair styles men have been wearing.


A textured cut that is slicked to the side has become very popular. This look and cut works the best on guys with pretty thick hair. Men, there is finally a way to tame that thick head of hair of yours. To achieve this look, you can start with a texturizing spray. These are things you can get at the drugstore. If you want more control over the look, blow dry your hair into the shape you want. Then place the hair as you see fit on the sides and front. Don’t be afraid to use a light hairspray to keep the hold of the look. Thick hair likes to do what it wants so the hairspray will help fight that.


A more James Dean look has remained popular for years and with good reason. It is similar to the first but with more volume. Add a white t-shirt and some jeans to look like the classic bad boy. To achieve this look, blow dry the wet hair and use a brush to achieve the volume you want and the control you need to style it. Now take your pomade and slick the sides and the front up for slightly more volume. If you want to feel like a 50’s greaser, you can use a little comb to sweep the side and front to where they need to be. Add some hairspray for hold, and you can meet up with Pony-boy and the gang.

via "Thrift Shop"
via “Thrift Shop”

A look that has become more notable since Macklemore has hit the scene is long on the top with shaved sides. This is a very versatile haircut for men because they can slick their hair back or to the sides and be able to make it volumized on the top. For slicking back pomade will be your friend. It isn’t as heavy as regular gel and has a more natural finish. For the volumized look, a volumizing mousse to start is always very helpful. After adding the volumizing mousse, blow dry and brush through the hair to achieve that really volumized look you want. Then try to round the hair at the crown of your head, add a little hairspray and there you are, as fly as Macklemore.

Guys a little product never hurt anyone. They are your friends, and they will help you achieve the looks you want. There is no shame in the hair styling game, especially when you look so good.

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Blue was a common thread in Z Zegna’s Men’s RTW Spring 2016 lineup. Creative directors, Paul Surridge and Murray Scallon, showcased their line on the runway with pieces that were sporty and held high-tech elements. 

Tailored pants and loose fitting shorts walked down the runway, mostly in muted colors, some of the pieces in repetitive patterns. They were paired with fitted jackets and plain tee-shirts. 

Outerwear’s finest piece was a blue and white waterproof anorak. It was cinched around the waist with a belt and paired with Bermuda pants. The ensemble did not end there – it was topped off with a PVC hooded zippered jacket with black details. This gave off a graphic vibe to the outfit, making it stand out from the rest of the collection. 

While most of the lineup consisted of blues, black, and white hues, orange as well as a muted red were featured in a few of the pieces. It was not an overwhelming amount of color, but it popped in just the right amount to make the collection lively and fun. 

This lineup proved to be a great success for Z Zegna; each of the pieces were very wearable for any occasion.

Mackintosh Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Mackintosh, the Scottish based and influenced menswear brand debuted its fashion for the first time in Milan this past week. 

The collection focused on outerwear, specifically longer and mid-length jackets. The colors ranged from orange, to turquoise, to beige, and even a murky yellow. The one exception was a long beige poncho with an elongated collar and buttons slanted up the side. 

Of the new prints was one called Liberty, which was overblown and printed over one of the longer coats.

Each of the coats were paired with straight leg pants; shades in black or tan. 

Mackintosh recently collaborated with the Japanese brand, Hyke, and created a selection of military looks in dark colors. 

Everything You Need to Know About Cutting Men’s Hair

Let’s face it, haircuts can get expensive. Especially for guys who keep their hair really short with either an undercut or just a buzzcut. It doesn’t look bad when it grows out a little, but it isn’t how you want it to look. Maybe considering cutting your own hair? Well thankfully the website Buzzcut Guide exists. It is a blog dedicated to helping men keep their hair, or lack of hair, looking good. 

The guide starts with what type of tools you will need to accomplish this task. As you would imagine you will need clippers with different guards and blades, scissors, and a comb. These are the essentials to what you’re going to need to cut your hair, and of course something to cover your clothes and mirrors. There are also some other tools that are optional, but for beginners this may be enough for the time being.

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Your next step is pretty simple and will be the easiest part of this whole experience. Just pick the haircut you want. Maybe you want to be more like a punk rock king and get a mohawk, or if you want to be more on trend, then a really cool undercut is the way, or you can just get rid of all your hair with a buzzcut.


Now the actual cutting. Before you take your clippers to your head you should become acquainted with your clippers and the different types of blades and guards you have. This will just make your life so much easier when you start cutting. When it comes to the actual cutting the general rule of thumb is to cut in the opposite direction of your hair growth. If you’re not sure which direction your hair grows, you can figure it out by just running your hands through your hair.


Once you have cut the longer hairs, change your guards for the shorter hairs. Then once you have the general shape and look you want, you can move to the sides and the back. Buzzcut Guide suggests to do one side and then the other instead of going around the whole head like barbers do. This is to keep the sides even and to keep you from forgetting what you did on the other side.


Now the daunting task of doing the back of your head. Buzzcut Guide suggests to either have someone else to do it or at least fix it, but Buzzcut Guide has also come up with another technique.


“Anyway, the best technique I invented was to lay my left hand (I’m a righty) horizontally on the back of my head to prevent myself from cutting too high or unevenly. Then simply drag clippers through hair until you hit the edge of your hand and use the ‘simple fading technique’ (read “Fading” chapter of this guide) to blur out the transition.”

Look you did the hardest part! Buzzcut Guide goes into more detail about fixing the top and how to fade. You can checkout the post and look so fly people will want you to cut their hair.

Sneakers vs Boat Shoes: The Pros and Cons

Comfort is always a must for the casually fashionable. Entering the summer months with global warming rearing its ugly head, one must adjust accordingly. Looking specifically at footwear for the summer, the fashionMR has a plethora of options. For the younger generation, the question begs: sneakers or boat shoes?

Walking around we peep the style of our peers and weigh who we are, along with how we want to be viewed. Am I a sneaker guy or am I a boat shoe guy? How comfortable do I want to be? How much do I sweat? All of these are relevant questions when picking the perfect pair of shoes for this summer.


First one must assess sneakers. Comfortable, yet sometimes brutally hot, sneakers can be the perfect accessory. For many sneaker-heads there has been a movement back to the retro. Very popular amongst younger markets has been Nike Air Max. Under the umbrella of Air Max, there has been a specific yearning for the Air Max 90’s, an undeniable classic. With an assortment of color combinations and a relatively low price point depending on the model (starting at $90) vintage Air Max have been, and continue to be a clutch, classic option. To supplement your summer sneaker, socks are a must, but not all socks were created equal.

When wearing sneakers, mid-calf socks are the way to go. No-show socks are another option, but many times when the elastic wears out or the size isn’t perfect, those no-shows slide down off your ankle and wrinkle in the shoe, creating wrinkle and ankle blisters. Ankle socks are not the look unless you’re going for that ‘classic’ old man with Asics running sneakers and a stained free tee shirt style. Since no one actually wants that look (some may be born with it), steer clear at all costs.

Another sneaker option that has carried weight this season is vans supplemented with mid calves. When looking at vans however, one should tend toward more muted color patterns, as that type of shoe should not be the eye-grabber of an outfit. The subtlety of Vans are their beauty, so getting multi-colored or tiger striped patterns is probably not a good idea.

The pros of sneakers boil down to these simple facts: they provide ample support for your feet when you want to go on a nice summer walk, socks will always be an acceptable complement to the shoe and there is a tremendous variety to choose from. The same does not apply for boat shoes.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are great. Arguably the best part of boat shoes is that you can dress them up or dress them down. Boat shoes are ideal for cocktail parties or barbecues; the country club or the beach; the city or the suburbs. Essentially, boat shoes are acceptable anywhere unlike sneakers.

There are certainly shortcomings to wearing boat shoes. The first and perhaps most prominent concern is foot sweat. On those sweltering city days when the sidewalk is hotter than the air, which in turn is hotter than your oven when slow-cooking beef brisket, your feet sweat more than a boat shoe can handle. Sticky and stinky in no time, the leather wears easily and frequently onto your foot, leaving leather stains in more places than one would care to mention.

Foot sweat is not the only concern with boat shoes; the leather boat shoes are made with sometimes cuts consumers’ feet, others say they do not provide enough support, and still other grumble that the laces constantly come undone.

One might ask “why not wear socks with boat shoes? That seems like an easy solution to all those complaints.” This is certainly valid, and some do rock this style, however, the look is not ideal. Sneakers, unlike boat shoes, were built to wear with socks, especially since their profile tends to go higher up on the foot. However, one should notice that the tongue of a boat shoe is abbreviated. This shortened tongue reveals much of the upper foot for the un-socked gentleman. In turn, with simply less shoe to attract attention, the sock tends to overpower the boat shoe, drawing attention away from the carefully selected shoe and toward your bland white socks.


The choice seems clear. If you find bare-foot-boat-shoes more comfortable, that’s all you since one pair can fit all your summer social needs. However, for those that prefer the casual sneaker, consider an additional investment in mid calf socks to avoid social and physical discomfort.

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Menswear Brands and Sites Worth Shopping

Admittedly, sometimes closets face a lot of neglect, and over time it develops its own label homogeneity. It’s never a bad thing to throw in some new players, every once in a while.

Here are eight brands to add variety to your line-up.


The brand name translates to “Global Citizen.” It promotes a socially motivated lifestyle, empowering communities worldwide. Oh yeah, and they also have pretty nice clothing.

Need Supply Co.

A beautifully curated space located in Richmond, Virginia, Need Supply mixes renown brands with independent designers from the U.S. and foreign soil.

The credo: “a well designed product can have a very real and tangible effect on our everyday lives.”

Band of Outsiders

When you have a former hollywood agent as the creative face behind a brand, you can surely expect unique takes on American classics. The high end clothing label based out of Los Angeles is known for its modern yet defiant looks.


With outstandingly huge product line offerings across menswear – over 60,000 independent brands and own label – ASOS has no shortage of sartorial goodness. The online fashion retailer stands as one of the UK’s largest.

All Saints

Ruth La Ferla, of the New York Times, describes the brand’s identity as having a

“brooding aesthetic… built on the fusion of modern technology and the crudely mechanized cosmos of the late Victorian age.”

If that doesn’t pique your interest in the British retailer, then it’s a fairly good thing the list doesn’t end here.

Credit: Steve Russell
Credit: Steve Russell


Priding itself on well-made and aesthetically classic products, UNIONMADE is an independent menswear shop offering top of the line brands in casual and fine clothing.

Rogue Territory

As another menswear brand coming out of California, Rogue Territory caters to the person interested in the subtleties. It separates itself through its handcrafted quality that is almost reminiscent of a bespoke fit.

Wings + Horns

The young menswear label is a Canadian project that attributes much influence not only to its home landscape, but also to the Japanese’s approach to details. Given its deliberate thought to fabrics, it’s no wonder the brand has made itself quite popular in the world of men’s fashion.