Avoid That 5 O’clock Shadow With These 23 Luxary Shaving Creams

Sometimes when you cut yourself shaving it’s either your razor or you’re in some sort of hurry. Other times, it’s the shaving cream’s fault! There are many products on the market for wet shaving, available in different scents, shapes, texture and sizes. Check out these twenty-three different companies with have products that will have your face feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

1. Acca Kappa

acca kappa

avilablae at Acca Kappa, $39.95

Made for tough beards, the coconut oil,  glycerin, aloe vera and the hemp oil soften the beard, lubricate and nourish the skin thus preparing the skin for the action of the razor without causing irritation.

2. The Art of Shaving


available at the Art of Shaving, $25.00

Shaving cream that generates a rich and foamy lather that helps protect the skin by improving the razor glide. It softens the beard for a close and comfortable shave. The Shaving Cream hydrates your hair for shaving and leaves your skin feeling smooth. It can be used with or without a shaving brush. This cream comes is unscented, Sandalwood, Lavender, Ocean Kelp, and Lemon.

3. Baxter of California


available at Baxter of California, $18.00

Baxter’s Super Close Shave Formula was the winner of Allure‘s Best of Beauty Award, probably for the fact that this product is coconut-derived which provides a protective cushion between the skin and razor for a close shave without redness or irritation. Botanical extracts like menthol and tea tree oil refresh and soothe skin.

4. Bee Bald

bee bald

available at Bee Bald, $8.99

This shaving cream will go on lightly and come off just as easily which makes for a quick and easy shave. Reviews of this product express that Bee Bald Shave can cut shaving time in half as well as makes your razor last even longer.

5. Dreadnought


available at Dreadnought, $19.00

This barbershop quality shaving cream features a miracle ingredient called DECELERINE™ – a scientifically proven marvel that within a few months use actually reduces the appearance of hair which in turn makes your shave closer and more comfortable.

6. Dovo Shaving


available at Fellow Barber, $24

One of the slickest shaving creams available, Dovo offers  soap-like density in the tub and superlative smoothness once applied. Rich lather works to reduce irritation and soothe skin. Can come lightly scented with either mint or eucalyptus.
7. Dr. Harris Windsor
dr harris
available at Dr. Harris, $17.08

This solid white soap of finest quality is triple-milled to increase the profuseness of the lather and is fragranced with Almond essence. Coming in a stick like this with a cap to cover makes this product perfect for traveling.

8. Edwin Jagger


available at Edwin Jagger, $22.00

Made with environmentally-friendly ingredients, perfect for men with dry and/or sensitive skin, has a warm and spicy scent of cedar and sandalwood or limes and pomegranate.

9. Geo F Trumper


available at Trumpers, $26.52

Available in coconut oil, rose, sandalwood, violet, and almond extract, this product is suitable for soft skin and only requires a small amount for a lasting effect. You can also get this in a travel size for $15.60.

10. Gentlemen’s Tonic


available at Royal Shave, $30.00

This traditional shave cream is designed for those who prefer a lathering shave cream. This luxurious cream is made with Manuka Honey as the main ingredient which is added to heal the tissue rapidly and protect the skin.  Babassu Oil is also added to act an moisturizing agent. It creates a wonder lather to insure the smoothest shave possible.

11. Floris London


available at Floris London, $31.20

A super-smooth cream for a close shave and an expert finish. It has natural extracts of aloe vera and camomile work in harmony to help soothe and condition the skin, leaving it feeling comfortable and refreshed. Only a coin-sized amount is needed for a perfect shave.
12. Institut Karite
available at Institut Karite Paris, $15.15
Rediscover the pleasure of traditional shaving with this soap. Extra-gentle shaving soap is enriched in Shea Cream, recognized for  its hydrating and nourishing virtues. For a comfortable shave, especially formulated for sensitive skin.
13. Kent
available at West Coast Shaving, $24.95
Kent’s specially formulated shaving cream with cooling menthol, produces a luxurious lather that lifts the beard allowing a closer and easier shave. This jar will last a regular shaver two to three months.
14. Kiehls
available at Kiehls, $20.00
Made with menthol and camphor, this best seller from Kiels will leave your face fresh feeling for 12 hours without the fear of that 5 o’clock shadow. This product also protects skin from abrasion, prevents nicking, and allows a very close shave.
15. Molton Brown
available at Molton Brown, $25.00
A luxurious shaving gel blended with notes of mandarin and African whitewood extract to combat shine and prep both bristles and your skin for the closest shave
The fragrance
Top note: Mandarin
Middle note: Jasmine and violet.
Base note: Musk, sandalwood and vanilla. – See more at: http://www.moltonbrown.com/store/mens/mens-shaving-products/razor-glide-shaving-gel/MR054/#sthash.BWrT3CLb.dpuf luxurious shaving gel blended with notes of mandarin and African whitewood extract to combat shine and prep both bristles and your skin for the closest shave

Luxurious shaving gel blended with notes of mandarin, jasmine, violet, and African whitewood extract to combat shine and prep both the razor and your skin for the closest shave. You can also buy the same product for sensitive skin for the same price.

available at Royal Shave, $18.50
This shaving cream proves even small amounts produce an abundant, dense lather. Beeswax and vegetable glycerine nurture the skin. Sea buckthorn is suitable for all skin types, aloe vera pampers sensitive skin, sandalwood is predestined for normal to dry skin types.
17. Musgo
available at Classic Shaving, $16.99
A a rich, lathering cream that can be used either with a brush or  applied by hand. The natural base softens and moisturizes your beard, allowing the blade to come closer to your skin for a closer, smoother, longer lasting shave while  lubricates and protects from razor burn and irritation.  Choose from six different scents:classic scent, lavender, lime basil, orange amber, oak moss, and spiced citrus.
18. Pankhurst
available at Pankhurst, $37.44
This shaving cream will give you that profession feel right in your own bathroom. Best applied with a shaving brush, shaving with the grain and then again against the grain will give you the best results. Than bathing your face with cold water in order to close your pores.
19. Penhaligon’s
p shave
available at Penhaligon’s, $59.29
Made with scents of Bayolea for a conditioning cream to facilitate shaving, the vegetable soap based formula produces a rich lather softening the hair and protecting your skin. Enriched with glycerine, the unique alcohol free formulation lubricates the skin for the perfect shave.
20. Taylor of Old Bond Street
available at Taylor Old Bond St, $21.76
Pure and organic, this shaving cream is made from 95% natural raw materials, is gentle on the skin, and kind on the environment while still offering a fantastic Taylor shaving experience. Containing Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Vitamin E to nourish your skin. Fragrance, Paraben and Preservative free and ideal for sensitive skin.
21. Triumph & Disaster
available at Triumph & Disaster, $29.95

Triumph & Disaster says, “this Old-Fashioned Shave Cream reminds us that shaving is a skill passed down from generation to generation and as such, a thing of true value, like a good piece of advice. It’s part ritual, part preparation, all man time.” Their shaving cream will soften and prepares your skin, creates a perfect, full lather and delivers a smooth, close shave for any blade. Get at least 90 shaves out of this bottle!

22. Truefitt & Hill


available at Truefitt & Hill, $22.00

Glycerin-based shaving creams are an excellent way to achieve an incredibly close, yet comfortable shave. This shaving cream leaves the skim smooth and not irritated.  Scented with the 1805 fragrance and perfect for traveling with.

23. Zirh


available at Zirh, $27.50

Hydrates, soothes, smooths, comforts and provides anti-aging benefits to keep looking youthful and glowing while you shave. Helps protect the skin from environmental damage and replenishes moisture to the skin with every shave.