Domenico Vacca Gives Look At New Flagship

Press got an early look at the new Domenico Vacca boutique and the consensus was: wow! Domenico Vacca himself had this to say about the new flagship: “I got carried away.” That statement sets up quite an expectation, but the boutique itself blows even the most jaded of expectations away.


Domenico Vacca is a name that is familiar to those who follow the Red Carpets and Men’s fashion, and his many stores (including a few in New York) have been an invaluable asset for those seeking a certain Italian style. But his newest venture, located on 15 West 55thStreet, is something you have never seen before.

This unique venture is a Domenico Vacca flagship that is 10 stories, in the middle of Manhattan. The building boasts two full floors of shopping, as well as a barbershop, spa, beauty salon, cafe, as well as exclusive apartments designed by Vacca himself. It really is a one-stop location for all your luxury needs.


Domenico Vacca had big ambitions in mind with this building, and had this to say on that topic:

“This building is a mecca of extravagance and comfort, each aspect and detail a labor of love. For the new retail space, I wanted to create a place that is not just a storefront, but a destination that draws people in to connect, shop, and relax, reviving the in- store shopping experience.” -Domenico Vacca


If you find yourself in New York City with a craving for the fine life, and don’t want to travel around the city, be sure to check out the new Domenico Vacca Flagship! Totaling over 8,000 square feet, there really is something for everyone here. If one lived in one of the apartments above the building, it would be conceivable to never have to leave the building to get all your needs fulfilled…