Justin Timberlake’s favorite new shoes

Justin Timberlake has had a couple of style eras over the course of his career. When he was a part of ‘NSYNC, he was rocking the blond curly hair and all denim-everything trend. When he went solo, he took some of Pharrell’s skate sensibilities and took it into his own form by rocking beanies, graphic tees, baggy jeans, and sweatbands. Around 2006 though he was rocking a 3-piece YSL suits with sneakers. Then turned around and made a song about his admiration of Tom Ford suits.


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But after the suit & tie era ended Justin Timberlake has been spotted sporting an everyman kind of casual look. But besides this Justin Timberlake has taken a liking into the Visvim FBT’s, a sneaker that has a rich sneakerhead history because of the price tag and the number of predominant names they have been seen on.

The shoe is a type of sneaker-moccasin hybrid that is considered to be Visvim’s signature product, the show debuted a year after Visvim’s launch in 2000. The sneakers were inspired by a pair of shoes worn on the cover of an album by the Fun Boy Trio and over the years has had many different models that come in suede, full grain leathers, and corduroy. Timberlake favorite pair so far has been the classic brown suede pair.

The FBT’s are nowhere near cheap, the shoes usually range from $600-$800 retail. The pair Timberlake rocks are currently going for around $600, the pair he wears are a little different from other versions of FBT’s because of a small red bead on one of the ties that connect the suede collar to the shoe’s proper upper. No one is exactly sure what brought Justin Timberlake to the coveted shoes but he could of have drawn inspiration from the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Kanye West, who have been seen wearing the shoes.

Patrik Ervell talks working for Vince

Patrik Ervell, who constantly portrays a true New York designer, has recently moved to Los Angeles. This past September Ervell was announced as the new men’s designer for Vince, the Los Angeles based brand most famously known for its sweaters. Vince moved to Los Angeles to add to the list of growing New Yorkers moving out west to chase bigger opportunities. Ervell is tasked to elevate a brand who isn’t in danger of dropping down a tier, but a brand who has struggled in recent years to find an identity.

GQ caught up with the experienced designer in a recent interview to talk about his new job and being a New Yorker in the city of angels.

“How does it feel being in L.A.?”

“It feels great. I’ve always had a craving for L.A., like almost anyone who lives in New York.”

“Are you still doing your own line?”

“I mean, I’m not doing seasonal collections. I’m definitely not doing shows. I think it exists as a kind of project, which for now is TBD.”

“how did working at Vince happen?”

“The conversation started a while ago. Over a year ago—a year and a half ago, even. I always liked the idea of Vince and its most basic building blocks. They made a lot of sense to me. I felt like the men’s at Vince was, I don’t want to use the word blank slate, but kind of a blank slate. There are so many ways for me to engage with those building blocks and to build on top of it, and turn it into something really dynamic and exciting.”

“What will your Vince look like?”

“What we’re honing in on it. What it will be about going forward is a kind of high classic California aesthetic. It’s the most essential, most elevated version of that aesthetic.”

“Any specifics?”

“There’s a certain ease of dressing in California. The codes of menswear that are still important in the old world, meaning New York and Europe, are abandoned there. That’s always been an important idea for me and the way I design clothes. I’ve always talked about the captains of industry. In California where I grew up, no one was wearing a suit. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with wearing a suit. A suit is a beautiful thing. [But in California, there’s] not a formality built around those old codes. Those things are abandoned, and you can develop new codes and new uniforms. That’s really exciting.”

“Have you gained some distance and perspective from the rest of the fashion world since you got there?”

“Yes, absolutely. I think it’s never felt more like the future. Since World War II onward, it’s had these moments when it was like Wow, look what’s happening in California, but I think, now more than ever, the future is being created in California. I felt that way in college, when I was at Berkeley in the late ‘90s, and what was happening in San Francisco was the invention of the internet. I never felt like California was a peripheral place. I felt like it was the center of the world.”


“what is the most iconic Vince piece?”

“It’s sweaters. It’s knitwear. I think what you’ll see in Fall are some kind of entirely new, almost virtuoso versions of this incredibly beautiful knitwear.”

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Dave Franco talks about working with Dior

Dave Franco is no stranger to the red carpet, especially red-carpet style as of recently. The actor has been spotted at multiple events making rounds promoting his new film with his brother called “The Disaster Artist. Aside from his outstanding acting career, Dave Franco has been circling around the fashion scene, killing the bold tailored look at almost every event.

Dave Franco did an interview with Esquire.com and he dropped some valuable information in the process. 

First, Franco talked about how he got started working with Dior.

“They invited me to Paris Fashion Week a few years back, and I think that was the first fashion show of any kind I had ever attended. And it was Dior and it was Paris so it was as good as it gets. I remember watching the show and just being so impressed by the spectacle of it all. And the time and the energy and the creativity that goes into it—all of this being done for a 10 to 15 minute show. So even though it was my first fashion show, I could still recognize that there’s a reason why Dior is Dior; it’s all about the craftsmanship and the tailoring. It’s all perfect. I think at the time I probably only owned one suit, and it definitely wasn’t Dior. But I respected them afar, and when they approached me for that event I was very flattered. I don’t think I’ve ever looked better than I did at that event.”

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Franco then proceeded to give a little inside on his red-carpet style looks.

“I like to keep it pretty classic and clean. I look at guys like Paul Newman or Steve McQueen who just have a kind of timeless style. All that being said, I like to add just the tiniest pop of something, whether that’s a funky shirt or a unique tie or even an interesting detail on the shoe. Just to make the whole outfit feel a little more original.”

Franco opens up about past style mistakes.

“I’m sure I have many of them. The one that comes to mind: In high school, my favorite pair of jeans was from the Gap. I wore them every day for years, and they had so many holes in them. I literally wore them until they fell off my body. But before I retired them, the back pockets actually fell off the jeans and I continued to wear them, and you could see my baggy boxers through the jeans. I essentially had one strip of jean going down my butt crack. All my friends called it the jeans thong. It was not my best look.”

Finally Franco talks about what he thinks is exciting that is going on in the men’s fashion world right now.

“Maybe this is just the people that I’ve been around, but it feels like men have been more into fashion than ever. My friends who used to not care about fashion at all, they now respect fashion as it’s own art form—which it is—and they appreciate brands like Dior. One trend that I’m intrigued by but that I could never pull off: the fact that men are wearing track pants everywhere, even on the red carpet. I like the idea of it, but the reality is me just looking like a doof. I guess I just respect any trend that prioritizes comfort. For me, comfort is the most important thing. Even if I have a really nice jacket or something, if it doesn’t fit exactly right, I just won’t wear it.”

Kith x Moncler newest winter collection

Earlier this month, Moncler announced that it will no longer be doing two separate runway collections for Moncler Grenoble and Moncler Gamme Bleu. They announced this in order to end its relationship with Gamme Bleu’s designer Thom Browne. In a statement released by Moncler chief executive Remo Ruffini he said, “The group must vary and open up towards different horizons.”

After this statement, it led to an announcement for a collaboration with the NYC streetwear brand, Ronnie Fieg’s Kith. The collection first made its debut in Kith’s major 100 plus look runway show back in September, which had the likes of Scottie Pippen and LeBron James join in on the catwalk. Kith had feature collaborations with Nike, Champion, Adidas, Off-White, and the addition of Moncler. The runway show produced a range of new takes on Moncler’s signature puffy jackets. Adding to the classics, the gear consisted of logo-heavy sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and even footwear that came in the form of hiking boots and sneakers.  The collection even had a rare triple collaboration: a winter take on Fieg’s all-time favorite model, Asics Gel Lyte 3.

At first glance, the collaboration seemed a bit odd given the fact Moncler is seen as a European luxury brand and its prices are significantly higher than Kith’s. but Kith founder Ronnie Fieg saw the opportunity as a desirable collaboration. “It is the most top-tier outerwear brand when it comes down to materials, construction, and style. When you think of most pinnacle cold-weather product, Moncler sits above the rest,” Fieg says.

So far most people think the pony hair hiking boots is the best piece of the collection. Fieg himself calls it “top 5 hiking boots of all time.” While this could be a bold statement he has good reasoning to speak so highly of them. The boots are made in Italy, using top-line Italian leathers, and are lined with genuine shearling to the toe. Even the traditional colorways for the shoes are filled to the brim with details.

Fieg’s favorite piece in the offering is what’s called the Lachat down hoodie which is a pullover style that is a serious head turner in New York and also can keep you warm in the harsh weather. Fieg explains that this hoodie represents Kith’s next big step going forward. “While all the pieces in the collection showcase both brand’s DNA, the Lachat really reflects the direction we’re headed as a brand,” he says. “The evolution of a hooded pullover. It’s a silhouette designed through our lens that feels unique while still sitting cohesively within a timeless collection.”

The Kith x Moncler collection will be available to everyone on December 2, with a second drop of the collection on December 9 at http://Kith.com

Harry Styles reveals his fashion inspiration

Ever since Harry Styles left his One Direction is fashion sense went from boy-band clothes to rocking the highest end in suits. Harry Styles unique fashion sense makes him stand out among other popular artists with his non-conforming outfits. But when we see Harry Styles we assume his fashion inspiration comes from rock stars or other stand out artist way before his time.

In a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight”, Harry Styles admitted who his secret inspiration was. The interview was recorded in Shanghai before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. With the recent interview, Harry Styles shocked the world when he told us who he truly looked up when it comes to fashion. Proving everyone who assumed that his outlandish outfits came from rock stars or even iconic figures like Prince or David Bowie.

“I think both music and fashion, [my] main influence was probably Shania Twain,” he said. “Yeah, I think she’s amazing.”


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Shania Twain is an iconic performer in her own way. She is known for her famous hit songs like “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. Twain is known for wearing strange outfits like long leopard print jackets, full sparkly cat suits, and matching wide-leg pants and crop tops. Twain embraces her own fashion sense and never fails to impress with something new out of her wardrobe all the time. Taking this into account, it’s no surprise Styles takes after her so much with his own unique suits and outfits.

Sidharth Malhorta set to start his own apparel and accessories line

While the fashion industry constantly attracts actresses and actors into their world, they just added a new member looking to try their hand in the business. Gen Y star Sidharth Malhorta is reported to have plans to launch his own apparel line which is currently in the initial stages.

Malhorta has constantly been catching the eyes of fashion critics with his effortless styles. The admiration has started coming since his debut “Student of The Year”. Malhorta has had experience in the past being the face of apparel brands which likely led to him trying to produce his own.

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One source says, “Sidharth has plans to come up with his own clothing line, since he has an amazing sense of styling, and it would be a wise decision for him to do so.”

The reports say that Sidharth Malhorta is looking to launch a line or casuals and party wear along with a lineup of male accessories such as belts, cufflinks, and sunglasses. The collection is set to be filled with colorful pieces and it is supposed to include a range of material used. In his debut film, he wore a pair of red-rimmed glasses that might make a return in his collection that could have a variety of red-rimmed glasses.

When it comes to his own personal style and fashion interest, he told a magazine, “I’ve grown up watching Mr Bachchan. I’ve got long arms like him. I loved the jackets and trench coats he sported in Yash Chopra’s films. I watch a lot of British and American TV shows. Happy Days was one of my favorites. I admired the style of a character named Fonzie (Henry Winkler) on the show. He’d wear the most amazing leather jackets and jeans. At some point, even my haircut was like his.”

Speculation also circles around that the collection might just be a part of an e-commerce site. Malhorta is yet to release a comment about the collection but is set to maintain a date in 2018 to release an official announcement on his latest fashion move.

Giambattista Valli launching an active wear collection

Giambattista Valli will be launching an activewear capsule collection in the coming year and is even gearing up to make a retail push, marking the first steps to grow his label under its new partnership with the billionaire family Pinault.

Giambattista Valli is a designer more commonly known for his flirty cocktail dresses and sculptural evening gowns, but in recent seasons has shifted into a brand with a more casual presence. In recent shows, he has brought out taffeta jackets with Nike running tights for fall and has introduced logo-printed denim for spring 2018.

Valli will be added to the list of luxury brands trying to get a profit out of the increasingly growing athletic garment market. According to Euromonitor, sports-inspired footwear has increased by 10 percent and sports-inspired apparel has increased by 6 percent in 2016.

By the end of his decade-long partnership with Italian luxury outerwear firm Moncler as the creative director of its Gamme Rouge line, Valli will showcase his new namesake activewear collection of 50 to 60 pieces, including coats, puffer jackets, sweatshirts, and tracksuits, to customers in January.

“It’s a capsule collection where we will express a more functional side of the brand, while remaining faithful to the atmosphere of contemporary chic that is part of its DNA,” Valli told WWD in an exclusive interview.”

“I love the idea of introducing new materials to active wear by applying the house’s know-how in handling certain fabrics to this segment,” he added. “It’s extremely Valli, extremely sophisticated, extremely luxurious — but on the other hand, today’s customer mixes Uniqlo with luxury brands.”

The base prices for the collection will range from 1,303 USD to 2,962 USD. The line is expected to be dropping in June of 2018 to go along with the pre-fall season. The collection will be a color-coded label, it will be sold in Giambattista Valli boutiques and select specialty stores, and will even be displayed on the catwalk alongside the main collection.

Ever since Artémis, the private investment of the Pinault family, took a stake in Maison Valli in June, the two companies have been devising a plan to develop the brand into an all-around franchise, Valli said.

“We really want to develop the brand in every direction. This is just the start,” he explained. With the recent expiration of his contract with Italian fur-maker Ciwifurs for his own fur coats and jackets, Valli has now brought all production and distribution in-house.”

Maison Valli was founded back in 2004 and has produced haute couture, the Giambattista Valli and Giamba ready-to-wear lines has gained quick recognition as a very important fashion and luxury player, dressing some of the best-named socialites and celebrities like Amal Clooney, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, and Diane Kruger.

“Over 12 years as an independent label, I created a niche for this house. It’s nice to be able to apply that formula, that magic, to products that are a little unexpected for the brand,” Valli said.

“I think today, the concept of luxury has become a little duty-free everywhere. It’s always the same thing. If you’ve been to one store, you’ve seen them all. And I love this idea of slightly more individual, dedicated spaces that each have their own personality,” he said.

“With the arrival of a French family, the brand has entered France’s heritage. The longer-term ambition is to turn it into an exceptional and historic brand,” Valli said. “We really want to explore the brand, to give it the widest scale possible while keeping that sense of privilege that you have when you approach it.”

Simon Spurr and his return to men’s fashion

About a week ago, Eidos had announced their new creative director which rung a couple familiar bells. The name was none other than Simon Spurr, who back in 2012 was among one of the driving forces in American fashion. Spurr help top design jobs in the past at Calvin Klien and Ralph Lauren.  Simon Spurr has been a recipient of a CFDA nomination for best menswear designer for his eponymous brand. His brand was a hit in both critical favorite and enjoyed retail success. But two days after getting the industry stamp of approval, Spurr walked away from his label after a major dispute with his business partner. After this fallout, Spurr took jobs at Savile Row house Kent & Curwen, and then Gieves & Hawkes, but somehow nothing seemed to be like a long-term job. Last year he started a footwear brand called March NYC which was supposedly the official staple of his return to fashion but has yet to make any magic of his golden days.

Spurr has officially taken the brand over from the hands of Antonio Ciongoli, who was taking the brand into a perennial insider-favorite for over five years. With all the fuss about Spurr officially coming back into the limelight, GQ style decided to get an exclusive interview with Simon Spurr. Below are a couple of the best quotes from the given interview.

“What made you get back into the fashion world?”


Spurr answered with, “I mean obviously fashion’s going through an interesting time if you’re looking at it from a more sartorial perspective—we’re in a sportswear and streetwear moment. So I’ve definitely taken inspiration from those other projects I was talking about, and obviously working on my own line of boots got me back into it. And I still love what I do, I still have a passion for fashion, and I have a lot of people around me saying, you have to get back into it, don’t do it for yourself do it for us. [laughs] So there was a ton of support around me getting back, and I just took so long because I was trying to find the right fit. Now, for one of the rare occasions in my career, with the people from Isaia I’m working with true craftsmanship and precision. I built my own brand’s reputation for quality and execution. So, to have the freedom that Isaia has offered me has been a great opportunity.”


“Where do you plan on taking Eidos?”


“I had a pretty clear brief from [Isaia CEO] Gianluca [Isaia] to keep the brand independent, but elevate it a little bit so that the Eidos customer can move up to Isaia when they have that disposable income. So I think the collection itself will have a little more color in it, it’ll still be very wearable, but the way it’ll be styled will be a little more European. And then my reference points will hopefully bring a cultural aspect to it. In the time off I’m heavily influenced by artists like Carmen Herrera and Sol Lewitt, and the kind of methodology and the mathematics behind their approach to creating their work. I want to underscore the intellectuality of the brand and increase that out-of-the-box thinking.”


“What does being a New York designer mean to you?”

“I probably only know how to be a New York designer. Next year is my 20-year anniversary in New York. But New York is a multicultural epicenter of the world, it’s a very democratic kind of environment—I don’t mean politically—where you have to be very aware of everyone that’s here, consumer demands and needs and taste levels, and it’s international and very culturally saturated. For me it’s one of the best places to be. I think American menswear in the past has gotten a bit of a bad rap, it’s been so commercial, but now Thom Browne’s been on the scene for a good number of years, you’ve got Raf Simons at Calvin Klein, and I think people are starting to embrace smaller brands as well as consumers look away from overly-distributed brands. They’re looking for smaller, more independent brands, which is one of the things that attracted me to Eidos. So I guess New York for me is about having an international point of view. I don’t know if a Parisian designer would say the same thing. And one big difference I’d say as a European in America is you can still get things done here. You can still meet a stranger in a bar and they’ll open up their rolodex and help you out and make connections within 30 minutes of talking to them. That doesn’t happen in Europe. Sorry to coin a phrase, but it is still the land of opportunity. Could I have achieved what I achieved at Simon Spurr had I done that in London? Probably not.”

Varsity jackets are back

Varsity jackets were the best thing to happen for a while until we got overfilled with them. But recently with the weather coming back, there seems to be a drive for people to bring back iconic outwear, which is making a surprisingly major comeback. With that being said one of the outwear piece that is standing out is the varsity jacket.

Those sporting the varsity jacket once more are some of the biggest superstar names. The likes of David Beckham and John Legend have been spotted bringing the hot trend back again. A varsity jacket is a good staple piece to finish off the right look.

David Beckham was spotted wearing a flashy Louis Vuitton blue varsity jacket with some sleek white sleeves. The Louis Vuitton logo was prominently displayed on the chest and left arm. The jacket may quite well be out of most people’s price range, costing around $2,700. But there is no doubt this jacket has sparked in interest in many to brush the dust off of their own varsity jacket sitting in the closet or even go out and by a newer one.

With David Beckham being more of a standout with his jacket, John Legend quietly did the opposite. Legend was seen moving around with a black/gray/white varsity jacket that was missing a standout branding mark on it, but with upon further investigation, it was clear the jacket was Saint Laurent.

A good varsity jacket can take a nice outfit into a great outfit. With the year being 2017 most of the jackets are very colorful and are easy to match with anyone’s personal style taste.  A varsity jacket is sporty, preppy, collegiate, and has a relaxed feel to it.  The jackets can range from some of the cheapest to some of the expensive depending on the color scheme, look, and brand, but there is always a varsity jacket out there for everyone. There is a reason why the varsity jacket can make countless comebacks without ever going out of style.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik choose different directions in men’s fashion

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik were both once part of the famous boy band “One Direction” and although they spent much time together, the two seem very different in both music and fashion.

Harry Styles has recently been wearing exclusively Gucci according to “Esquire”, and Zayn Malik is new designer and face of Versace’s Zayn X Versus. Styles wardrobe consists of vibrant floral Gucci suits which contrasts drastically with Malik’s lifelong style of black leather and earth tones.


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Zayn Malik has said he never felt he fit into the One Direction image and Donatella Versace didn’t either. When Donatella met Harry Styles and Zayn Malik years ago, she said it was only Zayn Malik who caught her attention. According to the “New York Times”, Malik was the perfect fit for Versus.


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Donatella said, “I was not exactly a fan of that band. But then I met him [Zayn Malik] again when he started to date Gigi, who I work with all the time. And he impressed me very much — he was so mature, so thoughtful, treated her like such a gentleman. They are very nice young people, a lovely couple, in fact. And then he told me how much he loved fashion. It was then I knew he was the right face for what I had in mind.”

Zayn Malik’s Versus collection came out last summer and it was a hit and right around that time was when Harry styles bought a full wardrobe of Gucci then proceeded to go on a world tour. While Harry Styles and Zayn Malik both have very different styles, there has been a couple of times where they both seemed to match but which is not quite often.

Both Zayn Malik and Harry Styles fashion styles just give a glimpse into the men’s fashion world and how diverse it can be. This gives hope to most men which gives them a sense of freedom and aren’t bound to any one certain style.

R.E.M. and Paul Smith team up to create a collection for ‘90’s nostalgia

If you remember the ‘90’s then you remember how pop culture thrived throughout the ‘90’s, especially for alternative music. R.E.M., the band who had hits like “Losing my Religion” and “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”, was one of the few groups who thrived throughout the whole time-period. The group’s album titled “Automatic for the People” has turned 25 years old this year which the band is celebrating by partnering with the British fashion designer Paul Smith to mark the anniversary.

“Doing collaborations is nice because they’re very challenging; they’re not your normal thing to do,” says Smith. “And certain albums just mean so much to people, from school or university or family. There’s a strong power. Is it linked to something sad, something beautiful? You forget how much music really means.”

The designer kept the collection close to R.E.M. by using a lot of the bands lasting sentiments including song lyrics, album artwork, and promotional photos. The collection contains graphic T-shirts, woven scarves, and silk pocket squares.

Although mixing fashion and music is not a new concept, there is always many different and unique ways to go about it and create something new. “I feel like [music and fashion] have always been next to each other,” says R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe. “Creativity is creativity. The need to create is profound and so important to people who need it. [Smith’s] interest in everything is infectious.”

Paul Smith used his signature pops of colors and graphics to create a very limited run of the collection. The highlight of the collection arguably is the woven scarf, which has the “Automatic for the People” album cover displayed. The scarf is not screen printed like most others but is instead woven into it. “In this world of excess, it’s nice to have something that there’s only a limited amount of,” says Smith.

The difficult part is making a business work in an oversubscribed world,” he says. “Having a point of view is the key. But we’re not complacent about it; nobody cares how good you used to be. It’s always about today and tomorrow—not about yesterday.”

Paul Feig teams up with J. Crew

Paul Feig has decided to take matters into his own hands to disturb the “tyranny of casual”. The famous director/producer behind the movies Bridesmaids and the newest Ghostbusters, is known for wearing suits to set every day and decided to have his own line tailored by J. Crew.

The suits, shirts, and accessories will be resembling J. Crew’s basics style with a touch of Feig’s showman style. ““This line is all about taking a great suit, then putting your personality into it,” he says. “There’s something playful about it that says, ‘I’m in control of this look.’”

Feig describes himself as a “wrinkle chaser”. He is willing to visit a tailor up to five times just to get it exactly how he likes it. Even if you yourself aren’t a tailoring maniac it will be helpful to know that all of J. Crew’s stores offer tailoring services. Feig’s collection has recently just dropped.

The difference between Feig’s suits than regular bland suits is that his suits are filled with fine details that boost the suits with personality.

“Suits have stood for bad things over the years, either an authoritarian figure or somebody you’d have to get through to get what you want, like the guy who’s gonna approve your loan at a bank,” he said in an interview with Men’s Journal. “I just want to tear that down and make the suit not such a taboo for guys anymore.”

The collection will have tons of colors to choose from but none of the colors are too bright to drive you away. Feig, who is a lover of double-breasted suits, worked with J. Crew to create one-and-a-half-breasted suits that don’t look dull unbuttoned. The suits are also tailored in a way that lets the underneath vest show through without any hassle.

“They can be a bit of a handful sometimes, because if you don’t have it buttoned, there’s so much extra fabric that flaps out,” he said.

The biggest crime I think you can commit—and crime is a strong word—the biggest laziness you can commit is to just not have a style. To just dress so that you’re not getting arrested when you walk out on the street,” he said. “You are a canvas walking around in this world. Why not paint something nice?”

Dwyane Wade shows offseason lifestyle

For people who have always dreamed of what a life of an NBA player looks like off the court now have a chance to get a glimpse of one particular player. Facebook Watch has recently just released a new five-series docu-series that is circled around NBA champion and Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dwyane Wade. The series is following Dwyane Wade around during the offseason before he began his new season with the Cavaliers. The series is titled “BackCourt Wade” and premiered yesterday on November 20, 2017 and will air every Monday.

The series is jammed packed with some very memorable moments that fans can look forward to. Some of the moments include Wade traveling to Paris and Milan for Men’s Fashion Week, doing some golf practicing, caring for his precious dog and a sneak peek on what goes inside during Dwyane Wade’s business such as his Way of Wade brand and Wade Wine labels.

#FBF at the Hall of Fame with some of the GREATS!!! Swipe left!

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“I’ve enjoyed partnering with Facebook to share some of my off the court moments in this five-part series,” Wade said in a statement. “I’ve worked hard to continue to play the game of basketball, build a successful business with my team and enjoy the opportunities with my family and friends that life presents when you are willing to put in the hard work. I hope by sharing some of these candid moments that it helps inspire others to follow their dreams, take risks, challenge yourself to get through life’s obstacles, and take the time to appreciate and enjoy the life you work so hard to build.”

With Wade entering his 15th season as a professional basketball player, his mentality will certainly be different and it can be seen in the show and his interest which include fatherhood, fashion, family, and his business branding.

The new series featuring Wade is one of the few newest series Facebook is hosting featuring star athletes. The other sports-related shows Facebook has been “Ball in the Family” which is centered around Los Angeles Laker’s point guard Lonzo Ball and his talkative dad along with his two younger brothers, and the show starring Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch called “No Script with Marshawn Lynch”. These abundant shows complement the websites growing coverage of the sports world.

You can view the trailer for the series below.


A look into Dwyane Wade’s Off-Season as he travels the globe for Fashion Week, visits China for his annual tour, builds his business portfolios and prepares for his 15th season on the court.

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Steve Aoki dressing up his fans

Steve Aoki is a well-known DJ who has been nominated for two Grammys. Aoki is a man also famously known for throwing cakes at his fans during his performances called, “caking”. But Aoki has recently tried something new amongst all the things the constantly moving artist does.

Steve Aoki is a multi-hyphenate artist who tends to spray Champagne at his fans. Steve Aoki is best described as a long-haired, bearded-tattooed and a Las Vegas lover. Aoki is the son of the late Benihana restaurant founder Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki. Steve Aoki is an icon known for his EDM scene, being based out of the Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Aoki found Dim Mak Records in Los Angeles, where he once called home growing up in Newport Beach, in 1996.

“I never thought of myself as a DJ,” Aoki said in the 2016 Netflix documentary “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” “I always thought of myself as a promoter and record label guy.”

Aoki was at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills on a mid-October evening after a video shoot and a stop by his hotel. Aoki, who is 39 now, was wearing distressed jeans and a white graphic shirt under an oversize green-and-and-black-check flannel shirt.

“Today is a really big day,” he said about the Saks event he was hosting in celebration of the arrival of his Dim Mak Collection men’s streetwear line. “The soul of what I do has always been based on music, but I’m always going to follow my passion and interests in fashion equally. It’s just a whole new wheelhouse. … It’s like nurturing a second child.”

“When you’re in a band, you have to make those T-shirts,” he continued. “So, I was making T-shirts for my bands when I was 15, 16 years old. … I learned how to play guitar. I learned how to write a song. I learned how to screen my first T-shirt. Through the course of doing that, I got more and more interested in fashion. … Music and fashion are all part of the same culture and lifestyle.”

Steve Aoki has been very successful with his music career that he’s financially stable enough to be able to pursue a fashion project and other things. “I’m all in,” he said. “I’m not saying all of my money is in it. I’m just saying my mind is all in, and it’s an incredible journey. … The DIY spirit never left — but now it’s a little bit more expensive.”

Fashion is a new way for Aoki to get into his creative spirit in new ways and to reach his fan base. “Instead of doing music collaborations,” he said, “we’re doing fashion and art collaborations.”

Steve Aoki released a new album this year called, “Steve Aoki Presents Kolony”. This past Friday Aoki with Lauren Jauregui called “All Night”. Aoki also has his schedule full of highly regarded shows at festivals and clubs all around the globe.

Aoki is pretty popular on social media as well boasting 5.7 million Instagram followers, where Aoki constantly posts pictures capturing his most adrenaline filled moments like stage diving into the crowd.

Through fashion, Aoki is setting himself up to reach a bigger audience.  Aoki started his men’s indie-rock- and skate-culture-inspired streetwear line, Dim Mak Collection, in 2014 as a way to help him grow his brand.

“The dream is to do a collection,” Aoki said. “You get to that point. You’re, like, ‘OK, I’ve done the T-shirts. I’ve done the hoodies. I want to immerse myself in cut and sew. I want to immerse myself in the full array of what fashion is.’”

Dim Mak Collection, was previously only being sold in Japan, the streetwear label had its North American debut this year at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. and this upcoming season it will be carried by select Saks Fifth Avenue stores, that includes Beverly Hills, and also online.

Calvin Klein, Inc. having holiday retail with Amazon Fashion

The holiday retail experience will be the first between Amazon Fashion and Calvin Klein. The collection will include exclusive styles available only to Amazon customers at the pop-ups and the online brand store. The pop-up shops will be located in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and also in the city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles. The Collection will be available to be purchased now until December 31st.

Each location will be selling Calvin Klein Underwear products, including both the men’s and women’s underwear and loungewear offerings. The online Calvin Klein store will offer a bigger selection of both the Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans products.

We are proud to collaborate with Amazon Fashion on this exciting retail concept,” said Cheryl Abel-Hodges, head of Calvin Klein Underwear. “It is our goal to deliver an immersive and content-driven shopping environment to the consumer, and we are thrilled to introduce this experience to CALVIN KLEIN and Amazon shoppers, both online and offline, just in time for the holiday season.”

The customers at the pop-up shops will be able to purchase goods by scanning the barcode in the Amazon App and It can be shipped to their home. The fitting rooms will have Amazon Echo devices, which allow the shoppers to ask Alexa (the voice from the Echo) questions about the Calvin Klein products, control lighting features, and play some music of their choice.


Both the pop up shops will have feature areas that are there to keep the customers engaged and entertained. There will be customization stations that allow shoppers to have their purchased Calvin Klein Underwear items specially embroidered and personalized. They will also have content creation spaces will encourage shoppers to create some unique social media clips. Lastly, they will have lounge areas that will connect both the shoppers from the west and east coast pop up shops via video calling on the Amazon Echo Show, allowing them to interact and share news with each other in real time.


During the holiday season, the shops will be hosting various special events with famous personalities, including supermodel Karlie Kloss and comedian Lilly Singh. Kloss and Singh are being featured in the Amazon.com/mycalvins brand shop and throughout the pop-up shops during the entire holiday retail experience.

“The holiday season is one of the most important shopping times for our customers, and we are delighted to team up with Calvin Klein to provide a fun, interactive experience that connects our customers to product in an engaging way,” said Michelle Rothman, Vice President at Amazon Fashion. “Customers will also be able to shop exclusive CALVIN KLEIN items on amazon.com/mycalvins.”

Sterling Shepard and Stefon Diggs become NFL’s fashion Ambassadors

Fashion and football are rarely ever in the same conversation unless you are talking about Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. But with second-year wide receiver Sterling Shepard from the New York Giants and star wide receiver Stefon Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings now taking the roles as the NFL’s fashion ambassadors, fashion and football might be going hand in hand. Shepard and Diggs will be serving as the ambassadors throughout the 2017 season for the NFL’s Men Lifestyle Campaign.

Styling up my team’s gear for fall. #ad #nflfanstyle #giantspride

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“It’s awesome,” Shepard said. “You get to see the collaboration of style and the NFL coming together. I date a supermodel, so fashion is pretty big around me.”

Shepard and Diggs will be featured in print and digital assets throughout the season. Shepard will even have his own fashion trading cards designed by Panini America in support of the campaign.

The campaign is called “Inspired by Football, Defined by You” which is supposed to help those fans how to personalize NFL gear to their own specific individual style. The main objective of the campaign is to depict NFL players as not just athletes but fashion icons as well.

Stefon Diggs said, “I’m extremely excited. It’s a blessing to get this opportunity, just being a part of something special. I get to influence a lot of people and give people that confidence that you can rep your squad on Sundays, and you can wear it casually during the week. It’s just an everyday thing of wearing your team whenever you want to, and just having the confidence of wearing it. So, I’m pretty excited.”

Diggs and Shepard are arguably two of the most fashionable men in the league and while both being relatively new to the league still. Diggs especially has a reputation off the field for having a high fashion IQ and tends to have his own style which gains lots of followers. When asked about his fashion influence and being one of the more stylish players in the league he added, “It means a lot. As far as having individually, and bringing what you want to bring to the table – wearing what you want, wearing what makes you happy. Not really caring how everybody else feels about it. Sometimes it is outside the norm, not what somebody would typically do on their every day. It’s another way of expressing yourself.”

The collection is available online at http://Nflshop.com

I let em stare if they stare at us…

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Bruce Pask: his personal style and job

Bruce Pask is a name that should relatively ring a bell in the fashion industry, specifically in the menswear category. Pask was named the men’s fashion director at the New York store Bergdorf Goodman back in 2014. But before he got the job at Bergdorf Goodman, Pask worked as the men’s fashion director at T magazine and as an editor for GQ magazine before that. Before his professional career kicked off Pask worked for Gap and ESPRIT on summer breaks during college. A position that requires the employee to understand the best men’s clothing and accessories for years and requires them to spend a good amount of time on the floors of the three-floor store fits no one more perfectly than Pask.

“I work in the store and my office is a block away,” he says. “I’m here every day, I interact with customers every day. We have the most direct line to the customer by being here and being available.”

While Pask job on the floor in an impressive Manhattan shop on a daily basis may seem like a small task, Pask is known globally for his own personal style, most notably during the biannual men’s fashion show circuit. Pask is glorified for his ability to tweak and modify classic pieces just enough to make people turn their heads twice at him. Where most fashion icons are content with showing off the season’s flashiest, over the top designer pieces, Pask can make an ordinary look or piece seem like an unexpected gift for the fashion world.

Currently, Pask is obsessing over big pants. He said a few months ago he woke up and felt like he needs to wear what he referred to as “fashion pants”. “I woke up and was like, I need big pants,” he says. “I’m felt like that was what’s going to make me feel more jazzed about what I’m wearing.”

“It’s really broad in its interpretation,” he points out. “They can be denim, worsted wool, they can be flat-front, they can be pleated, they can be cropped, they can be long. I don’t care, I just want them big.”

While big pants may not be most men’s go to, for Pask, he backs up his statement by fitting them into his uniform. Pask combines the trousers, which are usually on a dark palette like navy, black, and gray, and adds them with a mix of menswear staples like turtleneck sweaters and heavily detailed outerwear.

The idea of wearing a uniform for me, I’m out the door in half an hour.” he says. “I don’t spend a ton of time thinking about it, that’s what the point of a uniform should be. It’s iterations. I’d rather spend time thinking about the store and our work than what I look like that day.”

In his new role, Pask has two concerns, those being shopping for himself, and shopping for his customers. “I’m very clear about what I like and what works for me. There’s a balance of a tailored piece with something casual so there’s this mixture of like slightly dressy in a casual presentation. There are a lot of things in the market that I see and that I love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to buy it for myself.”

Being a men’s fashion director requires a good bit of time on the road to get the best of the best. Pask often travels with just a carry-on, but he does check a bag for month-long trips. Pask has hug himself deep in the menswear scene. Bergdorf as a store has taken the streetwear in with open arms as well.

“I think social media has had a huge influence on menswear, in that it has exposed the general population, certainly men who may not have had a big interest in fashion, has made this information so readily available. It’s sort of easy to look at and absorb it, distill what’s interesting. In general, the populous is much more informed,” he says.

While adding streetwear may make his job a bit harder, it definitely will make his life a whole lot more exciting. “I love being here and being in the store,” he says.

Zara heading in a gender-neutral direction

Fast fashion brand Zara has hinted at the fact that some of their pieces can be might be gender-neutral.

The fashion retailer has yet to make an official announcement regarding unisex clothing, but some shoppers have noticed that some of their clothes are being modeled by men and women online. A $209 checkered coat is advertised as being on the Zara Man, even though it is being modeled by a woman and also appearing in the women’s coat section. Another long-checkered coat at $209, that is also advertised for the men’s collection but is being modeled by both genders.  This garment also appears in the men’s and women’s outerwear sections.

This wouldn’t be the first time a billion-dollar brand to embrace the gender-neutral clothing. Back in 2016, Zara released a unisex line named “Ungendered” which had eight wardrobe pieces such as hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts, all in neutral colors. The collection was met with mixed reviews which some shoppers praising the collection and others criticizing the clothes for being too plain.

“When will we move past this notion that genderless clothing simply = plain t-shirts/sweatpants? why is this “bold”?,” tweeted Tyler Ford, associate editor for Condé Nast’s new LGBTQ platform, “Them”.

Some other customers were upset as well, with one consumer saying the line was “literally just male coded lounge wear”. Others went as far as to suggest Zara should’ve added more subversive options like skirts.

Zara wasn’t the only major fashion retailer to follow the forward-thinking idea. M&M launched a unisex denim line and John Lewis stopped labeling their clothes for “girls” and “boys” on their children clothes.

Regarding the recent modeling images on their website, Zara told The Independent “this isn’t something that Zara would provide a comment for.”

You can still shop Zara’s ungendered collection on their website and select stores. There is no clear indication if Zara will be releasing a statement regarding the images on their site, for now, we can just indulge in the fascinating news happening around the fashion world.

Esquire magazine upgrades their style section

Esquire magazine has relaunched its online Style section. Redesigning its landing page to make it a more visual design and doubling their coverage over fashion and style.

Esquire.com’s Style section is said, by the publisher, to be focusing more on original photography, celebrity style features and long-form trend articles.

“Style is part of Esquire’s DNA” and is pillar of our brand,” Esquire.com site director Michael Sebastian said.

“Now we’re giving it more of the attention and care it deserves. We’re creating high-production, quality content around what we know our readers are already looking for — whether that’s the best winter coats, the hottest new sneaker launches or the most stylish watch,” he said.

According to Hearst, Esquire has been getting a 15% increase in traffic to fashion and style content every year.

Sebastian took over as Esquire’s site director in May, and he told WWD, “Style was the area that kept coming up where we thought, ‘We do a lot of good stuff, but it’s not as high profile as some of the stuff we do around politics and entertainment.”

Esquire has even hired “Blamo!” podcast host Jeremy Kirkland to publish a weekly column on the latest watch trends. His first weekly column did a review of Shinola’s Lake Erie Monster watch. Author Lucas Mann has also been added to the site as a columnist. Mann will be adding a touch of humorous commentary on all the latest men’s fashion trends.

The site has brought back the “Esquire Endorsement” column, which used to show up in the magazine hardcopy that featured one editor-selected product, hack, tip each week. According to the side note in the column, it is meant “to find the best ways to spend your hard-earned cash”. The first-ever “Esquire Endorsement” column was famously dedicated to Levi’s trucker jacket.

These new additions are an effort by Hearst to boost the revenue from e-commerce affiliated links. The publishers get a portion of the purchase made by the readers who click on the links and buy any product on an e-commerce platform.

Esquire has said the company has been receiving a recent surge in e-commerce affiliated revenue. As part of the newly revamped launch for the Style section, the brand began a weekly YouTube video series called “Re-Fashioned”. In the new series, style influencer Sabir M. Peele will be highlighting the fashion trends that are making a comeback. The series will produce a new video every Thursday.

Walmart set to join the high-end fashion industry

Walmart will now be selling high-end fashion merchandise alongside their usual selection of abundant accessories. The mega retail chain now has a partnership with the department store Lord & Taylor. The partnership is said to “create a premium fashion destination on Walmart.com,” Denis Incandela said.  Incandela is head of fashion for Walmart’s US e-commerce business.

The idea is set for spring 2018 which will be a Lord & Taylor store on Walmart’s website and app that will give the Walmart online shoppers access to the labels sold by Lord & Taylor. As of now, the announcement did not say if they will be including all the items available by Lord & Taylor such as Vera Wang gowns, Kate Spade coats, Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters, Badgley Mishka dresses, and other expensive pieces.

“We see customers on our site searching for higher-end items, and we are expanding our business online to focus on adding specialized and premium shopping experiences, starting with fashion,” Incandela said in the announcement. This new plan will be a step away from the normal cheap clothes that are at Walmart.

Walmart has been trying to turn itself into an online fashion giant as part of the successful effort to grow their e-commerce business. Walmart is doing this to stay competitive with Amazon, which has been taking practically all of the US e-commerce, including clothing retail.

In just a year, Walmart has acquired online footwear seller ShoeBuy, outdoor brand Moosejaw, clothing retailer ModCloth, and menswear brand Bonobos.

The new Lord & Taylor deal will certainly help grow Walmart’s fashion business although it can be tough for a brand who is known for cheap and uncommon products to add high-end products, as shown by Amazon. Walmart already sells a good amount of designer labels on its site just like Amazon. Walmart does this to allow third-party sellers to reach Walmart’s large online audience.

The deal will also allow Lord & Taylor to reach even more shoppers. According to the announcement they can reach “exponentially more” shoppers than it currently does through their own website. Like many other department stores, it has seen its own sales fall as fewer and fewer people go to the mall and do more online shopping.  They have also seen their sales drop as more people are going towards fast fashion brand.

Lord & Taylor recently also sold off a large part of its historic New York City flagship store to WeWork. The store will keep its bottom floors, while WeWork will have the rest.

If this new partnership goes well there will certainly be even more partnerships to soon follow after.

2017 MTV EMA’s was filled fashion statements

It’s very rare we ever get to see an event filled with a wonderful array of different types of style, whether it be classy to casual, there MTV EMA’s had just about everything. Beside the streetwear scene that happens during Fashion Week, nothing has a higher concentration of menswear trend than an MTV red carpet.

At the 2017 MTV EMA’s, artists brought out all of the decade’s most defining styles whether you hate them or love them.  Some of the best outfits even came from some unlikely well-dressed celebrities

The embellished and distressed trend was still running wild at the red carpet. The look seems to be an ongoing style that comes with the personality of a rapper, famous soccer player, or even an internet “personality”. This style was spotted on the likes of Houston rapper Travis Scott, Swae Lee from Rae Sremmurd, and Famous Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli. Although this trend is showing no signs of slowing down, one can question the point in a shirt filled with multiple holes.

In 2017, it seems like more and more people are bringing the track suit trend back. Thus, making the red carpet no exception to exclude the trend. But on the red carpet the cozy suit came in bold colors and fabrics that practically caught everyone’s attention. Those on the red carpet sporting this look were famous actor Jared Leto and British rapper Stormzy.

Skinny jeans are miraculously still a trend in 2017. The skinny jean trend used to famously belong only to boy band or just celebrities with a questionable fashion sense. But for the most part skinny jeans can be played off with a nice jacket. The red carpet had different jackets from satin bombers to leather trench coats. Celebrities with this trend spotted on the red carpet were famous producer David Guetta, former One Direction member turned solo artist Liam Payne, and James Bay.

Night owl suits are back and better than ever. Today’s generation of young celebrities don’t ever wear suits as much as older generations before them but when they do, they tend to go all out. Today’s young famous guys are all about the fashion tailoring. Specifically, flashy, nightclub suiting that shouldn’t belong in the office space. The celebrities rocking this look were Shawn Mendes, John Grimes and Edward Grimes of Jedward, and the full band of The Vamps.

Shawn. Peter. Raul. Mendes. That's all! ? #mtvema

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Russell Westbrook’s new unisex streetwear brand

Russell Westbrook love for fashion goes beyond other celebrities who use their image to try to create their own line of fashion collections. Kris Van Assche and Kim Jones mean something to the famous NBA basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Last Month Westbrook released a book with Rizzoli called “Style Drivers” that also included cover art by Ray Pettibon. The book talked about style evolution and the designers and personalities who inspire last year’s NBA MVP.



Westbrook has finally designed his own collection titled “Honor the Gift”. Westbrook’s new collection did not drop with Barneys New York, a company he has regularly worked with, nor did he decide to introduce the new streetwear brand in Paris where he visits often for Fashion Week. Instead Westbrook chose to showcase the brand in a body shop in Oklahoma City. It was held at Penn Automotive on 2104 NW 39th Street Last weekend, and hundreds of fans were outside for hours waiting to be the first people to get a look at the new line which is said to be “unisex streetwear”. According to an official release, the “Honor the Gift is a brand of self-belief and dedication to honor the gift ‘he’ has given you, shaped into different product offerings that represent a personal promise to challenge all and achieve greatness no matter what hardship”.

Launching it in OKC (Oklahoma City) was a good move for Westbrook who has been with the cities team since he was drafted back in 2008. Launching it in OKC gives the diehard fans to be the first customers to shop the line, and he has told Vogue that he doesn’t want to stray away from his daily job.

“My humble beginnings started here,” he told Vogue. “I’ve been conceptualizing the idea [for] many years and felt it’s time for me to launch my own brand with my own messages. Honor the Gift is a brand of self-belief and dedication to honor the gift ‘he’ has given you, shaped into different product offerings that represent a personal promise to challenge all and achieve greatness no matter the hardship.”

@honorthegift Coming soon……..

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“Street wear has always been about comfort. I wanted a collection that both males and females can get into.”

Westbrook’s collection includes some neon shirts, stripe sweatpants, racecar graphics, and more “caution: and construction symbols. Westbrook said all of his collection was inspired by “vintage automotive [design] and a sense of danger”.

The full collection can be shopped online that will open up on November 22nd at Honorthegift.co. Pop up shops will also be scheduled soon so keep an eye out for those as well.

Lux Industries teams up with brand ‘One8’

Artimas Fashions Private Limited, a majorly owned subsidiary of Lux Industries, has acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights for the premium innerwear category of the Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli’s brand ‘One8’. Lux will soon drop a different collection for the One8 brand, while handling the manufacturing and marketing. The collection is going to include socks, innerwear, and sleepwear.

Lux is predominantly known for its innovation and customer-demand driven products. The company is on a constant plan to shake up the stereotype of the pioneering initiatives that come along with the innerwear category. Artimas Fashion is going to be the brand in direct collaboration with Cornerstone Sport, the owner of One8. Together the brands will work as a unit to make One8 the most sought-after innerwear brand for the youth in the premium category. The brands will still be working alongside with Lux Industries, who will be adding their knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, designing, marketing, and retail.

Lux Industries has one of the strongest capability in manufacturing and distribution channels within the organized innerwear segment in India. It is a strategic initiative as we have been consistently looking to associate our proficiency in manufacturing and marketing with premium brands in innerwear space. With One8, Lux Industries aims to disrupt the premium innerwear segment through innovative product offerings. We feel extremely confident that the distribution and resource strength of Lux Industries coupled with the youth appeal of Virat Kohli will make One8 the most preferred brand in the premium category for the youth of India in a couple of years”, said Saket Todi, a Vice President of Lux Industries Ltd.

One8 brand comes from Kohli’s jersey number on the cricket team, 18. Kohli feels this number is special to him, so much that he holds it in high regards. The one8 logo is also spectacularly different, stylish, and bold. Each article from the One8 collection resembles his bold and outgoing personality while also sticking to his passion for an active lifestyle. The high-end innerwear, socks, and sleepwear that will be manufactured by Lux Industries will incorporate One8’s branding, look, and feel. It will still emphasize the simplicity of Virat Kohli’s style. One8 is focused on providing the best quality for their products alongside comfortability that will instantly catch the eyes of the younger generations.

Virar Kohli said, “With One8 we intend to make a substantial inroad in men’s premium innerwear segment and I am glad to partner with Lux Industries as they have the right expertise to augment growth. I am extremely passionate about One8 as a brand and now feel confident about establishing the brand and reaching out to the right audience in India and abroad.”

When it comes to the partnership a Vice President of Lux Industries, Udit Todi said, ““Lux Industries’ plan to associate with Virat Kohli is to fill the need-based vacuum that is created in the premium innerwear category and with One8 we would be able to provide a perfect synergy to that requirement. We are glad to discover that our style towards building the brand is in perfect sync with Virat’s sentiments to nurture his brand. Through this partnership we wish to explore the territories unexplored and needs unmet.”

Corey Moran named head of industry, fashion and luxury for Google

Google has officially named Corey Moran as head of industry, fashion and luxury. Moran will oversee Google’s interactions with the fashion and luxury sector, working on brand activations, partnerships, and utilizing data to get the most out of brands and consumers.

This position, which Google has for every sector, serves as the go-to contact for each of the industries.

“The way we position it here at Google is that its sort of like the publisher of a magazine or the GM of an online brand,” Moran said. “We want to be the first phone call a brand makes when they are faced with either a challenge or an opportunity. Our charge is to be the front line for any of their needs when it comes to Google products or services,” he continued.

Moran has been an account executive for Google since 2016. Before that position, he was working for Coty Inc., as a senior director of U.S. marketing for the beauty company’s fragrance portfolio.

“Google has never been more committed to the fashion industry in my time here or my time when I was on the other side of the business working with Google as a partner,” Moran said.

Moran cited Google’s latest fashion week efforts, where the tech company had tried to target users who searched any content similarly relating to fashion week with news and information, another example Moran cited was Google’s partnership with the costume institute. The partnership combined virtual reality with fashion history for users to enjoy.

As the ecosystem grows, so does the sheer amount of data that we have to inform our decisions,” he said. “Having tools and resources to mine for insights and provide actions is key to building for the future. Many tools are already available and many more will follow.”

Joe Mimran and his fashion dynasty

Joe Mimran is typically a soft-spoken, kind man with a perfect smile. Mimran didn’t quite show the general characteristics of a dragon when he appeared on the Canadian version of the popular television show, Dragons’ Den, a show which shows off thriving entrepreneurs.

The 65-year-old Moroccan Jewish immigrant has spent the majority of his life working alongside fashion and is most notably known for being the backbone of big brands like Joe Fresh and Club Monaco. But Mimran was no stranger to having his own memories of up and downs along his long career. Joe Mimran still believes he is “no smarter” than all his peers, but he has always had a passion for his work starting at a very early age.

“I always loved design and I always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” he says.

Around the age of 12, Joe Mimran had already had his very own houndstooth suit that his mother made him, just because he wanted to be able to dress up like Sean Connery. Even with his own father being an entrepreneur with his own grocery store, it was his mother couturier business that had all his attention growing up.

He grew up helping his mother run the company from their home and soon after she had opened up a small factory in Toronto’s garment district, she had asked Joe Mimran to take over the company.

“I always wanted to get into business and it was a fantastic learning experience,” he says.

The family business had their niche in selling garments specifically for women. Joe and his brother Saul had seen a different vision for the store. They hired designer Alfred Sung to help them design an off-the-peg line of clothing that would be sold on High Street.

“It turned out to be a hit with consumers and showed me that a business gamble could pay off,” Joe Mimran says

But the rise to stardom didn’t come easily for Mimran, Club Monaco didn’t start off the way they planned it to. Two of the biggest Canadian department store chains at the time, The Bay and Eaton’s, decided not to carry the brand in their stores cutting off a major route to the high-end market.

“We realized that we had all these goods coming in and the only way we could move forward was to open our own stores,” he explains. Mimran recalls that around this time it was unusual for consumers to purchase clothes from a smaller store, typically they would buy their articles from wholesalers.

Mimran recalled on how he took a gamble on hiring Alfred Sung and how well that paid off, so he went along and went for it. Opening stores for his own brand had ultimately gone his way with lines being “around the block” on their first day opening in Toronto.

“Sometimes you just have to dive in,” he says, “a lot of business people, having had lots of problems in the past, will try to dissuade somebody else. But your idea might be done in a new way, might resonate in a way that this very experienced person didn’t, couldn’t, anticipate.”

The jump had worked so well for Club Monaco. The company had branched begun to branch out to New York and other global cities before it was bought by the fashion giant that is Polo Ralph Lauren in 1999 for $52.5 million.

Although Club Monaco and other brands created by Mimran such as Joe Fresh have had success they have also had their struggles as well. Fast fashion and online retailing have made it harder to hold up a traditional fashion brand.

These market forces have cut some of Mimran’s collection.  A resale agreement with US department store giant JC Penney was terminated in 2015 and the companies New York store was closed.

“I’m not smarter than everyone else out there because you’re only as good as your last season,” he says. “And, no matter… what you know, you can still fail in our business. It keeps you pretty grounded.”

Dion Lee crowned the 2017 Australian Fashion Laureate

Dion Lee is the newest member to join the list of recipients of the prestigious Australian Fashion Laureate. The New York-based Australian was given the award at a gala dinner for 300 at Sydney’s Barangaroo Cutaway venue this past Thursday evening.

Lee has become the youngest ever to be named the Laureate, Lee is currently 32, which is now going onto its 10th year. The award recognizes those with outstanding industry achievements. Previous recipients include the likes of designer Akira Isogawa, Toni Maticevski, and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia founder Simon Lock.

The Laureate is the newest addition to a collection of awards for Lee, who launched his own business back in 2018, after graduating from Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio and quickly growing a base of followers for his deconstructed tailoring and his signatures dresses that include complex surface treatments.

A sale of a crucial stake in the business of the Sydney-based Cue Clothing Co. back in 2013 allowed the designer to rapidly expand his retail in Australia, where he controls eight stand-alone stores, in addition to his e-commerce and concessions that lay within the David Jones department store chain.

“[The Laureate] is a bit of a landmark moment for me — knowing that it is voted by your peers,” said Lee, who recently has become a New York Fashion Week runway regular and has over 70 global wholesale stockholders.

“It has been a really surreal journey and not a journey without its ups and downs in the past few years. I feel really lucky for my brand to have been supported by our industry from such an early age,” he continues.

The Australian Fashion Laureate is decided by a panel of 50 members which is managed by IMG Fashion, the Australian Fashion Laureate Awards also includes five other smaller prizes.

Zimmermann was named the 2017 Best Australian Women’s Wear Designer, while Jac + Jack was named the Best Australian Men’s Wear Designer. Harrolds won Best Australian Retailer, P.E. Nation being named the Etihad Airways Emerging Talent Award, and Dinosaur Designs getting the inaugural Best Australian Accessories Designer award.

In honor of the event’s anniversary, Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences will host a retrospective exhibition of works from all the 10 Laureates that will be called, “Catalysts and Creators: The 10th Australian Fashion Laureate”. The exhibition will run from November 10th through March 11th.

Before the kick off at the museum, there will be an industry panel discussion program, it will include speakers like Australian model Gemma Ward, Collette Dinnigan and Margaret Zhang.

Burberry shares experience biggest drop in over five years

Burberry shares have taken their biggest plummet in over five years last Thursday after investors didn’t feel confident about the new strategy Burberry was making to propel the brand into a “firmly luxury fashion” business.

Marco Gobbetti, the official chief executive since July, told Burberry investors that the brand would “sharpen” its brand and elevate profit margins to match those of Gucci and Hermes. They would do this by selling more expensive leather goods, such as their $1,708 Bridle handbags.

The city has been unsettled by the multi-million spending being done by the new look Burberry. Burberry said that it is expecting to spend between $197 million to $211 million next year and could also spend up to $276 million during their “medium term”.

The company has reaffirmed that it is still going ahead with their cost-cutting plan to save around $150 million over the next five years, but the majority of those savings will end up going towards its huge investment program that will take at least two years to make a “sustainable” return. The Burberry shares have since decreased on this news, going down by 198p, or 10p, to $23.57.

Gobbetti, who joined the Burberry team from Celine, has announced that Burberry would “re-energize’ its business by remodeling stores to “enhance our luxury services” and getting rid of some of their “non-luxury” wholesale and retail locations. Burberry has said it will face a $20 million loss that will come from store closures without saying exactly how many stores are getting shut down.

The new strategy has scared some shareholders away who have seen a similar shift happening in rival brand Mulberry who made a fatal move to increase the prices of their handbags, which ended with cutting off the majority of their customers and preventing the brand from growing.

Lucas Solca, head luxury analyst at Exane BNP Paribas said, “metamorphosis isn’t necessarily straightforward” because Burberry’s reputation didn’t come from high-end goods but rather their trench coats. Mr Gobbetti stated that Burberry’s “evolution” was coming from a “position of strength”.

“We are already playing in the luxury space, this is not a movement upwards because the brand is already not that accessible… Our trench coats are £2,000, our leather handbags are not $400 (£305), they are $1,000 (£762)” said Gobbetti before also saying that their rivals could charge 50pc more for a regular polo shirt.

Burberry’s new shift in a different direction came just a week after Christopher Baily, their last creative director, announced he would be leaving the brand after 17 years of working alongside the fashion company.

Gobbetti said the search to replace Bailey would “impact the phasing” of his new strategy.  Some analysts have questioned how Burberry could announce a new brand identity while they are still missing a long-term creative director could lead the way for the new shift.

Phoebe Philo, Celine’s designer, is still speculated to be the front-runner for the prestigious role. ““I think finding someone with the same creative vision as Christopher Bailey is impossible but it will be a question of finding someone with the creative vision for Burberry’s next decade,” said Gobbetti.

Burberrys; new strategy was announced alongside a first-half result which showed a 26pc rise in pre-tax profits to $168 million and a 4pc increase in sales to $1.7 billion.

New app ScreenShop aims to be the Shazam for fashion

Molly Hurwitz has co-created an app aimed at shoppers to help them look for the clothes they want. Hurwitz got the idea when she was going through Instagram for fashion inspiration but couldn’t quite find the pieces she saw in pictures and google wasn’t much help either.

The app is called ScreenShop which launched November seventh. It allows users to buy clothing and accessories they see on social media, online, or even on the streets by taking a photo or screenshot on their phone.

The user uploads a photo of the outfit they like onto the app. ScreenShop then identifies the items in the photo by using computer vision and then proceed to suggest similar clothing options that vary in price ranges from different brands. The shopper can then click on the item they want to buy from the brand’s website, all without having to leave the app.

What we built is the Shazam for fashion,” said fellow co-creator Jonathan Caras, what was referring to a popular app that tells you the name of a song that is currently playing.

Kim Kardashian West is an advisor for the ScreenShop app and has been with the company since the beginning. It is said she will be sharing information about the app on her social media pages, according to the company.

“[With Instagram] you’re limited to that specific item that people and brands are tagging, and it doesn’t solve the overall problem,” Hurwitz said.

Even with users being able to tag brands and items on their photos on Instagram, Hurwitz believed it didn’t fully solve the problem.

“I don’t want to spend $1,800 on a dress, but I do want the inspiration,” she said. “The idea [with ScreenShop] is to be able to take your inspiration from anywhere, from watching a movie or browsing online or a magazine.”

ScreenShop isn’t the only service offering help based on a visual search in fashion. Asos had their own version of a visual search earlier this year on its UK app, but with Asos, it only suggests products from its own website and not an overall search. ScreenShop has partnerships with over 450 retailers like Nordstrom, H&M, and Topshop. Screenshop’s catalog includes around 10 million items that vary from seasons. When customers do make a purchase through the app, ScreenShop gets a percentage.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android users can sign up to use the beta version.

The Fashion industry is going green

The textile industry is debatably the second most polluting factor behind oil. When so many people purchasing clothes more often than a couple of decades ago there has been a huge concern on how ethical the clothes are being made, and it could be causing a huge problem.

Some major fashion labels are looking to change that. H&M and the company that runs Lee, Vans, Timberland, and The North Face are trying to force a change in the multimillion market. They say the push against this major challenge comes from the companies and not the consumers or regulators. This means learning about the importance of sustainable fashion is a big part of the job now.

“We want to make fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable,” H&M Group’s Vanessa Rothschild told a reporter at a side event at the UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany.

Elin Larsson, from Swedish company Filippa K, says they’re slowly starting to see a move toward values-based consumption as more and more consumers are starting to question where their clothing is coming from.

Ways companies are trying to reduce pollution is by energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. A big part of what the companies are trying to do is wanting to move towards a source of more sustainable fabrics and even encourage better agricultural practices.

As of right now, to make around one kilogram of cotton fabric it takes 3000 liters of water and one kilogram of chemicals. While doing so it also produces 16 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions and half a kilogram of other harmful waste.

American company VF international, the big corporation in charge of 25 of the biggest brands, buys about one percent of the world’s cotton.

Because of this sole reason, agriculture is one of the central topics on the green plan for some of its brands like Timberland, who is looking to only use sustainably farmed cotton by 2020. VF and H&M are also investing into innovation. Their sustainability directors both learned during a panel of discussion that they were looking into new technology. The new technology they are looking into would create fabrics from carbon dioxide emissions or would get rid of carbon dioxide emissions in the air.

“Can you believe that we’re able to actually make products out of CO2 emissions? It’s very exciting!” VF’s Anna Maria Rugarli said.

Enrica Arena, the creator of a startup which has come up with a way to turn orange peels and pith from juice factories fabrics, has teamed up with Salvatore Ferragamo and she says that every week a new big label brand wants to work with them.

Even with new ways to create a greener earth the big named companies still say it is expensive in order to act responsibly and sustainably.

“In order to create the change we want to see, it needs to be more expensive to make the bad choices because that’s not the case today.” Larsson said.

“We need the support from politicians … because we cannot count on frontrunners for sustainability in business or voluntary actions to create the change.”

“Fashion will be disrupted as well soon by those companies … who really combine social, environmental and ethical terms into their operations to produce goods that don’t only sell for a good profit but are good for the planet,” Alexander Meyer zum Felde said, a sustainability expert with the Boston Consulting Group.

Zum Felde believes that fashion industries are moving in the right direction but they need to do more. He warns that fashion is a prime candidate for digital disruption, following the major changes happening to the energy, automotive, and chemical industries.

Dwyane Wade drops new athletic line

Dwyane Wade is trying to accomplish the one thing everybody hates about working out or activities that cause you to sweat; he wants you to not smell anymore.

Dwyane Wade dropped his new collaboration line this past Wednesday that has some high-tech performance qualities. The new compression wear collection with Mission has figured out how to keep you smell-free by using VaporActive technology into the designs, that has odor-killing and moisture-wicking particles right in the fabric.

“The one thing they know that I’m all about is how you smell,” Wade told Men’s Health about what he thought was the most important factor when it came to creating his new collection.

“We need to control the odor, that’s definitely number one.” Dwyane Wade said. “After that, it’s about style, because we all want to look good. And comfort. You want to make sure you feel good in it.”

The new line will be a symbol of Wade’s eighth year partnering up with the mission brand, and it’s just the newest addition to his growing fashion collection. So far Dwyane Wade’s collection have included neckties, socks, shoes, and even jewelry. Dwyane Wade admits that this newest addition might be the best idea yet because of the line’s “flash on” technology that will only show up in photos.

“When you take a picture, like we all do, it flashes and it has this light,” Wade explained. “It can turn into so many things—it can turn into words and colors and designs—and I thought it was so cool.”

The line will start off with three different colors as the base. The colors are gray with red accents, all black, and a nice “white springy color that makes you feel good when you put it on” which is Wade’s favorite, that also comes with green and yellow accents. All the pieces will include the “flash on” technology.

Wade says his favorite piece of the line is the tights. “I love tights. I’ve been wearing tights since my second year in the NBA.” He said. Wade feels they are more of a performance enhancer rather than just a flashy fashion statement.

“The reason I wear those is to get my body loose and get my body warm, especially on the basketball court where it’s cold or you’re sitting down—you want to keep your body warm you never want it to cool down,” he said. “It’s the same thing when you’re in the gym. Once you get your body going, you want to keep it warm.”

Mission x WADE 11.8.2017 #FlashYourMove

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The three-time NBA champion says the line can pique the interest of anyone because there is always something in his collection for just about everybody.

“The one cool thing is everyone is an athlete,” Wade said. “If you just decide to just power walk down the block, this is something for you. If you decide you want to do more and have a trainer, then this is for you. If you play a professional sport, this is for you.”

Olly Murs auctioning off signed shoes

When it comes to charitable acts many famous celebrities, actors, and athletes have done their fair share. Adding to the list of those well-known doers of good deeds is Olly Murs.

Olly Murs is set to be auctioning off a pair of signed shoes and will be dedicating the proceeds to Small Steps Project charity. Artist Olly Murs donated a pair of Givenchy shoes he wore on his UK arena tour to the Small Steps Project charity that will be auctioned off. The singer also donated a pair of canvas trainers that he wore on the same tour that will be auctioned off on the organization’s website. Olly Murs has donated shoes in 2016 as well.

Olly Murs isn’t the only famous star to donate shoes to the Small Steps Project charity. Sia, Lorde, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Michael Caine had all donated shoes to the organization as well. Olly Murs hopes his shoes will sell for a lot.

“These are the designer stage shoes I wore for my arena tour earlier this year. I did a lot of dancing in them for two months and absolutely loved them! I hope that the money raised will go a small way towards a very worthwhile cause and charity. I have donated my shoes to the Small Steps project because it is such a fantastic charity – I really hope that they raise lots of money to really make a difference to children’s lives!”

the description of Olly Murs shoes listed on the Smallstepproject.org website says: “Olly kindly donated a pair of shoes last year, and this year he is collaborating again with a pair of black and red Givenchy, leather, elastic shoes in a UK size 8.5/9 that he wore during his arena tour in early 2017. The shoes are also both signed on the front.”

Bidding on the shoes is set to end on November 27, 2017. The top bid so far is $350. The Small Steps Project is a charity based in the UK that strives to provide aid in the form of shoes and food to children and communities. They also try to support the children to take steps into education and adults into employment.

Amazon moves into fashion while Asos tries to take lead digitally

Fashion label Asos will be testing new digital features that include a gifting assistant and a “pay later” feature. The fashion company is also adding a chat box feature on its Facebook page starting November 8th for shoppers in the UK and France. The Shoppers will answer a series of questions that will help the chat box compose a list of suggestions for potential gifts that are available on the site.

The chat box service is originally set to run through Christmas but there is a possibility that this simple addition to the website could lead to a foundation for Asos to work with artificial intelligence. Earlier this year Asos began to test a virtual assistant that would help customers search for products and it even kept a profile of their personal data, including size and their specific preferences.

Asos has also been the newest company to try the “try before you buy” trend. This trend is similar to Amazon Prime Wardrobe. The shoppers who buy from Asos app will only have to pay for the items they want to keep by selecting the “pay later” option that gives the shopper 30 days to use their payment method to confirm the purchase of the clothes they were indecisive about. Asos focuses on the shoppers who don’t want to buy clothes rather than trying to persuade the shoppers to not return the items like Amazon Prime Wardrobe would do.

Asos said, “the service will appeal to customers who want to try on everything they’ve ordered and only pay for what they keep. Not being able to try on items before buying them has long been a challenge, so it made sense to explore a try-before-you-buy service in the U.K.”

Asos has partnered with provider Klarna to be able to offer the “pay later” feature that had a successful test in Germany. The company doesn’t have enough expertise to be able to provide its own flexible payment process like PayPal and it also doesn’t have ownership of a logistics process like Amazon.

“The positive experience of flexible payment options in other territories, our belief in the Klarna service and a clear desire from customers made us confident that now would be a good time to launch.” Nicola Thompson, Asos global trading director said.

Asos is using this new feature to battle against other top brands like Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and Amazon have all already started offering services like this. With Amazon, they began using the feature US this summer that let Prime users order high ends brands like Hugo Boss, Adidas, and Levi’s without having to pay upfront. Shoppers were given seven days to decide to keep the items or not.

With this new feature in place, it will give shoppers a bigger incentive to browse the website and look at different items they wouldn’t have thought twice about. Users spend an average of about 80 minutes per month on the website but the business has admitted that only a small fraction of its catalog gets looked at due to limitations in screen size, search, and navigation.

Steve Aoki talks fashion and movement

Steve Aoki is a musical genius who literally never stops moving. Aoki plays over 200 shows a year around the world and loves to be moving constantly. Aoki loves movement in both the travel sense and body sense.

“My life is movement,” Steve Aoki told AOL Entertainment at the ASICS ‘I Move Me’ campaign launch at Public Hotels recently. “Everything we do is based on that fluidity. Music is all about connecting with people, but in order to connect with people you have to move with people. One of my favorite things to do in life — and I can’t see the train stopping anytime soon — is touring. When I do over 200 shows a year around the world, it can be daunting. But I love it.”

“The spirit of that movement is in my DNA,” Aoki continued. “I’m not the kind of guy who puts his feet up on the table to chill and watch TV while eating a bag of chips. That’s not me — I can’t do that. I need to constantly have action, mobility and movement.”

Dark Knight ? @officialbelaire

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Steve Aoki will never stop not moving. Aoki works out every single day and can’t bear to sit still. During a day off after a radio show in Maui, Aoki connected with a professional surfer and spent all day learning about foil surfing rather than just relaxing by the beach. During another off day in Las Vegas, Aoki went skydiving off a helicopter over The Strip.

“When I have a day off, I’m thinking, ‘What bucket list item can I fulfill?'” he said.

It’s these exotic adventures that Aoki does that inspire his DJ work. Aoki refers to himself as a ‘walking sampler” and tends to document the things around him where he is. It could be taking pictures, audio samples, or notes. Aoki is always leaving for something to ignite the imagination inside his brain to create even better music.

“I realized that my creative outlet isn’t just one linear idea,” he says. “Going into the studio is one, but so is going out and building a fashion collection with a brand like ASICS. There are so many different ways to find your output, so I just follow my intuition and feelings.”

“All of the fleeting moments that pass you by, those are the things that are the blueprints of your next product,” he added. “If you don’t take notice of that, it’ll just go away. It’s like a dream.”

Aoki has always had a passion for fashion and it’s been very clear recently. Aoki says that fashion has “always been my blood” and even after many collaborations with athletic brands in the past, his new collaboration with ASICS is what really has him excited.

“ASICS wanted to give me a voice,” he said about his “I Move Me” campaign. “It wasn’t just about a name or a face. I wanted to add so much to the fashion sensibility, and working out on a daily basis is something I already do every day and promote on social media. I was already going in that direction, and ASICS wanted to give me the infrastructure to just do me. It was perfect.”

Mr. Porter’s New Mr P. collection

After being the go-to for catwalk fashion such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Gucci while also the go-to for luxury brands like Berlutti, Brunello Cucinelli, and Tom Ford for the past seven years, online menswear brand Mr Porter is finally adding a new label to their endless roster of more than 400 brands. Its very own collection called “Mr P.”.

“We want men to take the clothes and make it their own thing instead of copying what the catwalk says,” says Olie Arnold, Mr Porter style director. “That’s what most men do anyway.”

Their new collection is a mix of always available items called Essentials. They are those hard to find classics men are constantly going back to, as well as a good mix of forward fashion with their drop of five limited-edition capsules that will be on target with current trends. They will also be looking to men’s trendsetters of the past and present for inspiration that will be developed by their design team.

“We’re all product nerds here and really love menswear,” says Olie Arnold in a phone call from home base in London to Hollywood Reporter. “We all geek out when something new comes in. So we started to see some gaps and then you start to add up those gaps.”

Every man has got to have denim in their wardrobe and luckily Mr P. includes selvage jeans and an up to date trucker jacket priced at $290 that is made at a specialty Japanese factory. “We couldn’t launch a brand without great denim. A bunch of us sat in a room and we brought in our jackets and said what we liked and didn’t like about each one,” Arnold says. “We thought about the fit of the jacket so, along with things that are quite classic, we brought it up to date. It fits slightly shorter, but it’s just a nuance.”

The team also paid special attention to creating the best white cotton shirt. Their version cost $200 and has a slim fit to it, but it’s not as skinny as other designers have their own. “It fits in all the right places. I can’t tell you how many protos we went through. The tail is long enough so that when you tuck it in, if you raise your arms it doesn’t come out in the back,” he says. “And it has a ‘bluff’ collar, without topstitching so it’s really clean. A lot of people say a white shirt is a white shirt, but I disagree.”

Mr Porter admires the male style icons, as you can tell by just looking at their site and seeing the number of photographs they have. They tend to pattern their mini-collections after notable men, they were inspired by London’s 60’s era that had the likes of artist such as Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon.

“We really like storytelling and evoking a reaction and emotion in our customer is important,” says Arnold. “We want to talk about what makes them iconic and these young men were wearing the same kinds of clothes as their fathers but starting to mix everything up.”

The Mr P. collection has prices ranging from $75 to $1,120 with their most expensive piece being a black aviator jacket. The line quality is around the same as any other elite fashion label under Mr Porter. “We wanted to make sure the quality is more attainable and we’ve really stretched to get best fabrics and best manufacturers,” Arnold says about the line which will primarily be made in Italy, with certain items coming from Portugal and of course their denim from Japan.

Mr P will be launched next week with a campaign shot “real men” by photographer Sefan Heinrichs in cities like London, Paris, Copenhagen, and Berlin.

Men’s fashion at Heineken Lagos Fashion Week

The Heineken Sponsored, Lagos Fashion and Design week this year was astounding and riveting. It was themed “Shaping Fashion’s Future” and it took place at Eko Atlantic, Lagos.

The show absolutely put the African fashion industry in a standstill with how the fashion showcases showed plenty of new and fresh collections. The fashion shows were met with bigger crowds than normal and they came with an even bigger appetite for fashion. Although there was a diverse collection for men’s fashion, there were a couple collections that didn’t quite sit right with the crowd. Maxivive’s menswear and Clan’s class collections had some remarkable pieces that more than likely will never go out of style.

Even with the clothes setting off fireworks, the runway was also focused on pageantry and entertaining the crowd. Designer Mai Atafo combined every factor together during his collection. His designs were fun, versatile, and just plain amazing, but the closing dance was arguably the best part. The People of color collection was by far the boldest. It was filled with daring and beautiful colors. Overall with this collection there was a very playful and laid-back vibe.

The men’s collection was more so a mix and match type of fashion show, showing the audience some ideas on the wearability and styling options for each outfit.  Fashion overall has evolved into a new era where accessories are everything. A lot of the models wore sandals, homegrown trainers like xeexs, and a variety of them were showing off long beaded necklaces over their outfits.

The shoes from the attendees also were making a statement of their own. The shoes worn really showed off the personality of the owner. Slips on were running amok and the more fashionable men paired them with bold looks.

Noble Igwe, Denrele Edun, and Denola Grey really displayed their ‘bad boy’ side of fashion. The Sound Sultan, Enyinaya Nwigwe, Bovi, Bryan Okwara, Yomi Casuals all showed up with class, with little or no persona attached to their plain but outstanding outfits.

What followed the fashion show was also just as spectacular. The Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ party was the after party for the Lagos Fashion and Design Week.  The party kicked off with Dj Big N and Dj Neptune playing the best hits from Nigeria’s biggest artist to really set the tone for a really extravagant night of music.

Do-2d-tun had a special feature that night called the ‘takeover’ session. This special segment provided the guests an opportunity to ‘live their music’ as the crowd had the chance to vote for their favorite songs through the Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ wristbands they wore.  The songs with the highest votes were played in real time for the Dj set. The headliner of this amazing music event was none other than Jidenna. Jidenna played all his hits like ‘Classic Man, ‘Little Bit More’, ‘Particular’, and even premiered his newest single ‘Boomerang’.

For photos of some of the best looks go to, http://allure.vanguardngr.com/2017/11/mens-fashion-at-heineken-lagos-fashion-and-design-week/

How top fashion brands recruit

The days of mass sending your applications to nearly every single brand hiring just to try to get an entry-level job are being numbered. With top fashion brands looking for the most qualified and creative, they have now turned to building relationships with schools and companies to funnel their search.

If you would want a higher chance to work at Tommy Hilfiger and their design headquarters then you should consider applying to Kingston University. The students there have collaborated on multiple projects with the PVH-owned brand. Brioni, a company managed by Kering, has a partnership with London’s Royal College of Art that holds a talent competition each year that helps them recruit interns.

These are just a couple examples of how many top luxury fashion labels are developing programs with some of the best universities. The feeder programs such as, Kering’s program with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion, to Sup de Luxe at Paris’ École des Dirigeants et des créateurs d’entrepise, that offers a master’s and bachelor’s degree in global luxury management. ECF is financially supported by Richemont-owned Cartier. These feeder programs are now the best way possible to land an entry-level position at some of the top fashion brands.

“It’s more about partnerships these days,” says Karen Harvey, who is an executive recruiter who assigns candidates in positions on the creative and business side of fashion. “Through these long-term relationships, companies get to meet with the students more than once or twice. It’s not just about glancing through their portfolios.”

With different schools offering different opportunities with a variety of brands. There is some list of formal and informal partnerships between labels and some of the top fashion schools.

Kering works with brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Alexander Mcqueen, and Brioni. Kering has formal partnerships with HEC in Paris and London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. The partnership with HEC they sponsor the ‘Kering Luxury Certificate’. This program has seminars led by Kering managers and even holds visits to Kering brands. The program ends with an annual competition judged by the HEC professors and Kering directors. In 2017, there were 39 participants admitted into the program and according to Kering, this ultimately leads to appointments within the group. The program with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion has a master’s course in sustainability. It also has the annual Kering award for Sustainable Fashion, which is a prize and also could include an internship placement. They also have an annual talk given by a Kering executive.

“A key objective of the group is to attract, recruit and develop the best people for every aspect of our activities, wherever they may be,” a spokesperson for the group told Business of Fashion. “We want to create an environment where each of us is encouraged to learn, to grow, to fulfill our potential and to have a positive impact. Diversity in the workplace — of gender, nationality, age, background, sexual orientation and talent — enriches us all and is a key driver of creativity and growth.”

LVMH works with Louis Vuitton, Céline, Givenchy, Dior, Loewe, and Marc Jacobs. LVMH has plenty of partnerships that vary. They recruit from traditional design schools including Institut Français de la Mode, Central Saint Martins and Parsons School of Design. At the ESSEC business school near Paris, students have a chance to work on projects with an LVMH brand manager. On the creative side, LVMH recruit’s interns and entry-level designers from Central Saint Martins and Parsons School of Design. LVMH launched ‘Sustainability and Innovation in Luxury’ in 2016 which is a partnership with Central Saint Martins to find “cutting-edge solutions to address future sustainability and innovation in luxury”.

“The immediate benefit for a brand is the ability to learn from the talent and to be able to hire the individual,” Burak Cakmak, the dean of fashion of Parsons, says. “But it will always be a small number of students who achieve that. No matter if you are directly hired, what matters is what you have on your CV and diversity is critical.”

PVH works with top brands Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. PVH has a 10-week summer internship program that involves 300 to 350 interns at its New York location. They also hold similar programs with its European locations as well. PVH has a history of hiring 20 to 25 percent of its interns each year. Calvin Klein hires 50 new interns each semester. “They do real work,” says Dave Kozel, executive vice president and chief human resources officer at PVH.

Unpaid laborers are adding extra tags to Zara merchandise

With fast-fashion becoming a growing trend all across the country, there has also been a serious concern other the ethical values of the brands. Zara has recently been a brand under fire for not paying their workers’ wages that have been on hold for almost three months.

Zara makes around $69.8 million in annual sales and has around 2,200 stores worldwide. Highly considered one of the most successful fast-fashion companies. Amancio Ortega, the owner of parent company Inditex, is the world’s richest man.  But there have been times when the brand was caught not always making their revenue on a clean slate. The Associated Press reported on November 3 that shoppers in Istanbul are finding unexpected tags inside Zara merchandise claiming, “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it”.

Turkish workers who are employed by the third-party manufacturer Bravo are the ones saying they are owed three months’ pay after the company shut down overnight. It is reported that these same employees are walking into stores and manually attaching these tags to the clothes in Zara, hoping the customers who read their notes to help convince Zara to compensate their lost wages. Zara did not respond to the Associated Press when asked about the controversy. This has not been the first allegation casting light on the labor workers at Zara’s factories. Project Just reports that only 1 to 25% of Inditex’s traced facilities pay a living wage.

This isn’t the first time Zara has been under fire for an unethical move and it might not even be the last.  Zara on multiple occasions have caused major environmental damage, ripping off fashion designers, and refuse to address the conditions of their own factories.  The Spanish brand had even been sued for poor working conditions and accused of using slave and child labor. During the Syrian crisis, the brand was also accused of exploiting the Syrian refugees as young as the age of 15. An incident even occurred that was arguably the icing on the cake for the brand to fix its bad practices. There was a dress bought in Connecticut sore that had a dead rat sewn into a seam of a dress. Equal Times writes, “Zara is a company that would rather pay fines than rectify its bad labor practices”.

Just last month Inditex published a press release saying that its dedication to working with the International Labor organization to “[enhance] labor conditions at all levels of the garment sector value chain”. In response to the news though, Inditex spokesperson told The Independent, “Inditex has met all of its contractual obligations to Bravo Textile and is currently working on a proposal with the local Industrial affiliate, Mango and Next to establish a hardship fund for the workers affected by the fraudulent disappearance of the Bravo factory’s owner.”

“This hardship fund would cover unpaid wages, notice indemnity, unused vacation and severance payments of workers that were employed at the time of the sudden shutdown of their factory in July 2016. We are committed to finding a swift solution for all of those impacted.:

Zara has, on multiple occasions, promised to look into incidents and never seem to claim responsibility for the actions of its third-party factories. The company has yet to do anything to fix the flaw-filled system they pioneered. The response they give is just like any other fast-fashion company would say to defend their reputation. When smaller companies like Everlane can successfully run a fashion brand that has ethical work conditions and fair labor wages, it makes you wonder why a giant company like Inditex, which makes around $27 billion annually, can’t seem to solve their own labor crisis.

Criquet Shirts founders are bringing their brand to the top of the menswear world

Austin, Texas is a growing trendy city that’s located in one of the friendliest states in the United States to start a new business. Two friends from the Northeast are now trying to take advantage of that while trying to export a preppy style around the United States.

Menswear Criquet Shirts was founded by Hobson Brown and Billy Nachman. The two New Yorkers came grew up together at the time of the 1980’s prep-fashion that included the likes of L.L. Bean sweaters, Docksiders and polo shirts. Their coming of age during this year is what mainly influences their approach to designing Criquet’s wide and colorful selection of leisure shirts and sweaters.

The east coast, especially New York, is a fashion goldmine but the founders of Criquet wanted to begin their store in the growing city of Austin, who has a reputation for being a business and technology-friendly hub. A 2016 American Business Journal study ranked Austin as the number one city in the United States to start a small business.

“Austin has a laid-back vibe and a real appreciation for the work-life balance,” Brown said. “And that’s an attitude that we want to capture with our shirts. It’s a uniquely Texas brand.”

Criquet is taking advantage of the tremendous growth of the men’s apparel market. Research from IBISWorld shows online menswear grew at an average rate of more than 17 percent over a 5-year period, generating an annual revenue more than $20 billion.

Criquet has one brick and mortar store in Austin, but its primary source of revenue is from its online website. The website currently makes up for 80 percent of the company’s total sales. Criquet maintains retail locations at approximately 150 private stores, including pro-shops and country clubs in Palm Beach and Jackson Hole.

“We’re well positioned for future growth, and we want to do it right,” Brown told CNBC in a recent interview.

Criquet says its apparel is designed to “be worn with jeans and cowboy boots, dress slacks, or even shorts”. Brown says, “they’re great for work, play and relaxing… for your own ‘19th Hole’.”

The term ‘19th Hole’ is a slang term used that refers to a bar or restaurant near a golf course.

The 19th Hole is “a mythical place where, after a hard day’s work, you go to relax and recharge. And that’s deeply personal, so it means a lot of things for different people,” Nachman said.

In Austin, it could be golf, or it could be sitting around a fire pit with a cooler of beer, fishing on Lake Travis, or pub-crawling on 6th Street. It’s not ‘work hard, play hard.’ It’s ‘work hard, then hit the 19th Hole…wherever that 19thHole is, for you.”

Criquet has one major advantage most new apparel brands don’t have. A star name who can serve as a pitch man.  Hobson and Nachman signed a deal with Hollywood actor and native Texan Luke Wilson, who also attended the University of Texas. “This was kismet, for all of us,” Brown told CNBC in an interview.

We saw Luke wearing one of our shirts on a late-night talk-show. After the show, we reached out to him through a mutual friend, and sent him a few shirts. Not long after, he visited our store in downtown Austin, one thing led to another, and now he’s not only the face of our brand, he’s a partner, too.”

Nachman says Wilson was the perfect choice to promote Criquet Shirts. “Luke is the everyman with an edge. He’s a Texan who just happens to live and work in Hollywood. He’s laid-back and likable, and really personifies our Texas lifestyle brand.”

Kroger launches its very own fashion line

With other large supermarkets, such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, expanding their target audience with its own apparel, Kroger, the largest US supermarket chain, decides its time for them to jump on the experiment. Kroger is said to be planning on releasing the clothing line in fall 2018.

The launch of the apparel line is set to make the collection available in 300 stores, including the Fred Meyer and Kroger Marketplace locations. The US supermarket says it will be “playful, simple, and uplifting”.

The collection is set to sell “modern lifestyle” clothes that are intended for kids and adults.  The fashion line will be called “Our Brands”. The line will focus on activewear and basic essentials. Kroger’s says they are “clothes to truly live life in, and look good doing it.”

Robert Clark, the vice president of merchandising, said, according to a statement released, the brand “gives Kroger a chance to inspire and connect with our customers, offering effortless style every day.”

“This launch of Our Brands fashion will re-invigorate Kroger’s apparel line,” Robert Clark said in Friday’s release. “We will be able to serve our customers across the country, the inspiration they are looking for, which translates into an immense opportunity for growth in sales, share, and loyalty.”

Competition has become even more intense since Amazon.com Inc has started to expand into Kroger territory forcing the brand to find new ideas to keep up to date. It is said that most new Whole Foods customers were once former Kroger loyalist. This increase began after Amazon took over Whole Foods. Even European grocers like Aldi and Lidl plan to open more stores in the United States which will add even more pressure to supermarket chains that are affiliated with Amazon. Lidl itself has launched an exclusive line with celebrity designer Heidi Klum that will more than likely expand Lidl even more across the United States than it already has begun to.

Kroger has already been under enough pressure giving the fact that share values have dropped almost 40 percent this year. But the shares climbed 2 percent after this clothing apparel was announced. Food deflation and discounts has made the sales decrease and the profit margins to be almost nonexistent.

Opening their own clothing line could be the boost Kroger needs. Private labels have sometimes proven to be a money maker. A report on October 27 on Investor’s Business Daily addressed the private label trend, calling it “a bounty waiting to be innocently discovered online as modern shoppers ditch old-school name brands and seek out stuff that’s cool but cheap.” The fashion line is part of the company’s “Restock Kroger” plan.

“As part of our Restock Kroger Plan, having Our Brands be a strong, vibrant growth vehicle for Kroger is a top strategic priority,” said company spokeswoman Kari Armbruster.

Kroger is investing into more technology as more and more shoppers are doing their purchases online. The company has even opened up a restaurant as well. Kroger is even considering selling their convenience stores that generate around $4 billion in sales.

Kroger soon might be the go-to place for your daily groceries and clothes for your average days of the week.

KYLE drops shoe collection with UGG x Footaction

KYLE recently announced he will be the head figure for a UGG x Footaction collection. Footaction will be the only place you can score these surprisingly cool UGGs meant for a cool laid-back guy.


West Coast rapper KYLE had the breakout track “ispy” hit number 1 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart and was even featured on its way up on Billboard Hot 100 with the song hitting its prime at number 4.


If KYLE had to describe his own style in one word it would be California. The 24-year-old rapper grew up in a small surfer city called Ventura which is located in southern California. KYLE stated in a Billboard article that UGGs were the go-to shoes in Ventura.


“In my community, the surfers were looked up to as the coolest people, you feel me? It wasn’t the football players, it wasn’t the super thugged-out dudes, it was the kids who knew how to surf and all of them were rocking UGGs,” he tells Billboard Style, “so for a surf town, it represents the cool.”

“I really love how versatile the UGG styles are,” he said of the unexpected collaboration. “I’m a dude from California and I can rock Ugg any day. It was dope to be able to partner with UGG and Footaction on this campaign.”

“I’ve always loved UGG, I’ve always shopped at Footaction and I felt like it was really something that was actually a part of my childhood and my life,” he says, “when I got the opportunity, I was mad excited. It just made perfect sense.”

“With a shared California heritage, unique sense of style and jovial spirit, KYLE represents the true essence of UGG,” says Andrea O’Donnell, president of fashion lifestyle of Deckers Brands, who is the parent company of UGG’s.

The campaign was shot by a well-known photographer who goes by the name of Chris McPherson. McPherson took the shots for the campaign when KYLE was in New York City filming his debut acting career in Netflix’s new series called “The After party”, which is also featuring fellow artists like Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. The campaign follows KYLE throughout The Big Apple, exploring some famous landmarks like Central Park and Times Square, all while wearing UGGs.

When asked about the campaign shots for the collection in an XXL article he says, “It was really dope! The campaign was actually shot in reflection to how I actually felt in New York. I’ve never really spent more than a day in New York and that was the first weekend of me being in New York because I was shooting a movie. They had me doing a lot out of tourist stuff for the campaign. As a California kid locked in the city, I like going around doing all this awesome stuff. So, I got to do a lot of stuff that I always wanted to do in New York like seeing the Statue of Liberty and stuff like that and they just documented the whole thing, which was really cool. So, they really captured KYLE’s first trip in New York.”


KYLE is set to perform at ComplexCon this weekend in Long Beach for his very first time. At the event Footaction x UGG will be hosting “Kyle’s Place” which will be a visual experience that uses his own music that will portray a way fashion and music create something bigger.

The campaign styles will be including three new colorways of the brand’s lace-up Neumel Chukka model. Most of the shoes in the collection will have a variety of color-blocked varieties and even some waterproof versions as well. The collection will also still include the signature Classic Toggle hi-top slip-on boots that the brand is famously known for. If you want to get a pair of the shoes they are already available online and at select Footaction and UGG stores worldwide.

Local Malaysian menswear brands get a boost of confidence

Sultan KL, Serve All Mankind, and Cheesedenim Works made their debut at Isten Suria KLCC a month ago. While their small shared retail space at the site seemed like a small achievement, to these menswear labels, it is just the right step to their big dreams of becoming the next top labels in the fashion industry.

Small and independent fashion entrepreneurs, getting space in a retail atmosphere like the one at the international departmental store like Isetan is not an easy task. Bur to Konsvltan, nothing is impossible for the homeboys.

Konsvltan Sdn Bhd is a group of members who provide a platform for local menswear brands to expand. The members of the team include Sauffi Roslan, Ammar Abdillah, Hafidz Fazly Zaharin, Zahlan Zain, Shabir Ahshrup, Hasnizam Mohamad, Hasri Abd Rani, and Rashdan Rosly. They all fall between the ages of 26 and 44.

“We’re the people behind the scene. We’re the outsiders looking in. We observe the community, the fashion movement and as a result of our observations, we try to push local ideas to the global audience,” says Konsvltan founder and chief executive officer Rashdan Rosly.

Konsvltan is a continuation of Sultan KL which is the brand Rosly created in 2011. Konsvltan got its chance because of the lack of originality amongst the local independent fashion brands.”

“It all started with a vision that I had 10 years ago of a conglomerate among close friends who share the same interests and a dream to produce practical, long-lasting men’s clothing.

“Isetan is like the go-to mall during our younger days. So, from buying goods there to placing our own brands, it is a dream come true.”

“In terms of brands, it’s hard to find one that stands out nowadays. The scene is saturated with half-baked brands copying other brands, or those which launch so-called limited editions or streetwear collections, without a thorough understanding of streetwear culture.”

“And that’s why we came into the picture. We want to curate quality brands that offer something unique or can inculcate a culture in which the people are confident to be different.”

Besides being a stand out brands, the brands selected by Konsvltan all share the value in cultures and garment-making.

Kuala Lumpur-based denim maker Cheesedenim Works has paved its way into the industry for 10 years and is well known for its finely crafted denim. Sultan KL is known for melting the gap between traditional and modern wear by introducing various Malaysian or Malay Archipelago influences like the batik or single stitching of benang emas. Serve All Mankind makes vintage-inspired clothes while also using the same workmanship by using vintage machines.

“Serve All Mankind is our in-house brand that gives a modern touch to pieces inspired by the good old days.

“We change the silhouette, fabric or styling, but we keep the way it is done intact”, says Rosly, “We don’t compromise on the quality of fabrics and materials. We source fabrics and materials from Japan, the United States, Thailand and Indonesia. We’re very selective and we choose only the ones choose that can be turned into garments that can last longer or can be passed down to the next generation. And we make sure all the brands that we curate speak the same language when it comes to standards.”

Konsvltan is expected to be adding even more local brands to add to the departmental store landscape.

“We’re launching another in-house brand, Gedio (active wear) soon. We’re also helping SangatStyle (a big player in the independent fashion scene) in rebranding and raising its standard to prop it to a greater height,” says Rosly.

ERDEM x H&M takes a step away from fast fashion

Erdem Moralioglu, a world-renowned London designer, has tried his hand at making a collaboration with retail giant H&M. But with Moralioglu’s collection seeming different than most collaboration among other designers and brands.

When designers tag team with brands to create a collaboration line, they don’t really hold up to the expectations many people thought they would. With a lot of the collaborations seeming like a knock-off of the designer’s original line and seemingly being priced higher than normal clothes at the brand’s stores, Erdem Moralioglu decided to finally change the ongoing cycle.

Erdem Moralioglu created a London-based label which was founded in 2005. Moralioglu graduated from Royal College of Art began his career interning for Vivienne Westwood and Diane von Furstenberg. His portfolio has blown up in the past couple years, thanks to his famous fans who often wear his signature floral prints. The group of fans includes: Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Dunst, Kate Bosworth, Kate Mara, and Meghan Markle.

“When you hear about these collaborations, it’s often something that’s ‘a lesser version of’,” he says.

“It was about creating pieces that have a permanence to them and doing the opposite of something that feels like ‘fast fashion’.”

Moralioglu, who is now 40 years old, has created an accessible and affordable line with one of the leading fast fashion brands in the world. But unlike most fast fashion, his collection is filled with timeless silhouettes, luxe fabrics and superb tailoring to make his clothes last years. Moralioglu has said that he believes his pieces from this collection can be worn for 10 to 20 years and are adaptable enough to be mix and matched.

Moralioglu’s new collection even something he usually isn’t known to do, menswear. The menswear collection will include T-shirts, hoodies, a backpack, and sneakers engraved with his name. Moralioglu’s says his collection with H&M is his cure to disposable fashion. Moralioglu is most notably known for his ultra-feminine dresses and bold floral prints.

“Creating these pieces that have an odd classicism to them is almost disruptive to the idea of ‘Let’s consume it, let’s buy it, let’s wear it for a bit and let’s discard it,'” he says.

Moralioglu has said in an interview with straitstimes.com, he got his inspiration for the collection from a music video for a 1990 Pet Shop Boys song, Being Boring, that he first saw in high school.

The video is set “in this old English country house with young people inhabiting it – girls in bias-cut dresses wearing sneakers and boys in tuxedos with T-shirts. And there was something so democratic and inclusive about this idea of formal and informal and having something that would be amazing for someone who’s 16 or 75,” he adds.

The designer also took inspiration from his childhood memories, in which his time was split between Montreal, Canada, and Birmingham, England.

“I wanted to work with Harris tweed in Scotland and create a perfect tweed suit, and have the jacket sold separately from the trousers so a man could wear it almost like a jean jacket or as part of a suit.”

The designer says he did this collection the same way as he does with his main line. He starts with “the idea of character and narrative” for inspiration then he pays incredible detail the workmanship. Ms Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s creative advisor believes the line has the capacity to stay around a while and even reveals the company has learned a couple things from working alongside Moralioglu.

“His clothes have longevity. These are precious things you can save in the wardrobe and take out over and over again,” Ms. Johansson says.

Mural created in memory of John Hanna, a Canberra men’s fashion icon

John Hanna was a proud Canberran and world-renowned men’s fashion icon who kept men looking as sharp as ever for more than 40 years. With his legendary store Bunda Street closing this past July, with Hanna losing a hard-fought six-month cancer battle. Now, there will be a mural dedicated to a legend, thanks to artist Christopher Toth, on a curved window on the ground floor of Bible House in Garema Place and will remain there until December.

John Hanna’s death came as a shock and saddened many people, including the owner of CRE8IVE, James Wilson. Willson owns more than 20 John Hanna suits, and described Hanna as “a truly wonderful man”.

“He was a father to so many boys – he didn’t have sons but he had this amazing association with men from all walks of life”, Mr. Willson says, “words are often said too late, but I wrote him a letter before he passed away. I was a kid when I first walked into John Hanna and he showed me style … he sold confidence. You’d walk out of the store feeling a million bucks.”

The mural took Toth longer than he expected to paint the three-meter-high mural than originally planned.

“I was just constantly interrupted while I was painting”, Toth says, “And I loved it. People were just commenting and asking questions and telling me their own amazing stories about John. Even people that I didn’t suspect, a lot of the homeless community that were walking past were going ‘That’s John’ and one man said ‘Listen, I’m homeless, but John knew me by name’.”

Toth was assigned the incredible task by the In the City Canberra who gave Toth total freedom. Toth wanted to create something that would “send a message to the community”.

“Then I saw the article in The Canberra Times about John and I just thought ‘That’s it’”, he says, “It was important to me that I capture his energy and his personality, and not only that but I wanted more people to know about him. I wanted to educate people on who he was, he was part of the community for so long – nearly four decades – and this way he’ll live on a bit longer. It’s something very special for me as an artist. You’re always a bit apprehensive as to how it’s going to be received but to see the way people are reacting to it is phenomenal – they’re stumped, they’re really amazed.”

The mural was so impactful it had John’s wife Diana teary-eyed when she first laid her eyes on the masterpiece. Diana says John would be “chuffed” with the portrait and its bold details and artwork.

“I was standing there beside him thinking ‘Keep it together girl, keep it together’”, Diana says, “I think Christopher has captured the essence of the person – I love the eyes, his hair. The colours are very bright but he was a rather bright personality, wasn’t he? I think that’s part of who he is. He was very involved in the city area – always involved and very interested – and he loved Canberra, he loved living here. It’s just a pity he doesn’t know about it, he would be very happy.”

When Hanna’s store was closing he had an interview with The Canberra Times in which he had a memorable quote that showed what he gave to the city.

“We’ve tried to bring forward-fashion but not avant-garde fashion to Canberra over the years and, Canberra being a fairly conservative market, has tested our patience and our skills”, Hanna says, “it was with a little bit of trepidation and a little bit of guts that we took the plunge and introduced what we did. But it’s great to see that the standard of dress in this town – with our influence – has probably risen and I’m happy to have been part of that.”

Designer to turn Flint water bottles into clothes

With Flint, Michigan still in the midst of a water crisis, there has been a severe increase in water bottles. With so many empty water bottles in one place, one designer had a great idea to turn them into fashion.

The Flint water issue has been a problem since 2014. During that year, the city of Flint decided to get its water supply from the Flint River. The water wasn’t being properly treated right to prevent pipe corrosion which caused lead to be infused in the water supply for the majority of the city.

The state is required to give each Flint resident 14 bottles a water a day. Flint has a population of approximately 97,000, which can lead up to 1.3 billion water bottles that are handed out per day. That can lead up to an abundance of plastic and most are never recycled.

“It’s about something that is empty, like a water bottle, fulfilling the potential of jobs and manufacturing that has also been lost,” Chin told FOX 66 News.

Artist Mel Chin, a Houston, Texas native, has started the project Flint Fit. Chin who also helped the Fundred Dollar Bill project to eliminate lead poisoning in children, has teamed up with Detroit native designer, Tracy Reese (known for designing a dress for Michelle Obama that she wore at the Democratic National Convention in 2012) and the Queens Museum in New York City to create raincoats, swimwear, and other accessories out of the recycled water bottles, which was reported by the Flint Journal.

“This is a prototype of a big triangle of association of creativity and just the will of people.” Chin said while speaking to local media on Monday, October 30 at the St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center.

According to mlive.com the water bottles are being collected from homes, community centers, and other locations. They are then being sent to Greensboro, North Carolina where they will be turned into fabrics and thread by the company, Unifi Inc. The fabrics will end up back in Flint where members of St. Luke’s N.E.W. Life Center sewing program will create the patterns designed by Reese.

A fashion show is said to be held in New York City in April 2018 which will then be followed by a show in Detroit.

“This project would only work with the people in this city,” Chin added. “Having the people finish all of the designs in Flint is what makes this a very amazing opportunity.”

Laura Raicovich, executive director of the Queens Museum, said she admires the way artists like Chin “can contribute to the transformation of the really tough issues that we face as a society.”


Pop up shops taken to a new level

The fascination behind pop up shops is that one day they’re in a town near you, and then next they’re in a town miles away from you. The pop up shops force you to wait to shop as much as you can before its too late. But not many pop up shops will travel quite as much or look as good as Aether.

“The problem with pop-ups is that they often don’t look at all like the brand,” says Palmer West, co-founder of outerwear label Aether. “Racks in a box, no life, almost apologetically temporary. The customer doesn’t get the full picture or emotion of the brand.”

West, along with the other founder Jonah Smith, set out to fix the pop up shop dilemma. They got help from Parisian designer Theirry Gaugain to help create their own version of a pop up shop that Is designed to keep the simple aesthetics the brand carries.

“The versatility of our outerwear is tremendous, but we pride ourselves on the fact that isn’t obvious from how it looks,” says Smith. “We appreciate utility within great design.”

The brand first tested out this new concept in New York at their latest pop-up shop. It does seem a bit odd given how most pop up shops only get 48 hours to set up, and given how detailed their set up seems it could be quite tedious. Their set up definitely doesn’t look temporary, the large trunks that fold out to reveal shelves inside and the hangers too feel like they could stay at the locations permanently. The wooden accents also add some warmth to the all-white rooms.

“We have always said, if you walk into our stores and feel at home, or understand what makes us different, then you probably will like what we make,” says West. “At this first pop-up location, we were making sales within two days of showing up [in New York]. Selling jackets almost as you hang them is a nice feeling.”

Aether is going to be taking this portable pop up shop on the road very soon but they are being very selective on where to.

“We are expecting to go from a city to a mountain town, back to a city. The pop-up will follow our lifestyle DNA: city to mountains,” says Smith. “I can’t name the town yet, but it will be at a U.S. resort in the heart of ski and snowboard season.”

Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw brings out the best flower child vibes

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival – Day 2 Link in bio

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Tyler the Creator has started his sixth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival this past weekend and it has brought out the best fashion for the flower child era. The carnival takes at Exposition Park in southern Los Angeles.

Thanks to the two-day events mixed lineup including the likes of, Migos, Lana Del Rey, Kelela, and Roy Ayers, the festival has attracted people from all kinds of spectrums. One thing was for sure, the event had the same style as past years. The event still brought people with bold, bright, and brash clothes and accessories.  Concertgoers were decked out in the usual flower headbands, tie-dye t-shirts and more.

In a recent article on vogue.com they went around the event and interviewed some of the goers on what they thought about the new flower child era. In this article, we took some of the best quotes to show those who are still curious about the new trend and event itself.

Camping with @fidlar ?: @mariokristian_

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Malcolm Squire, fermentation engineering lab tech

“I grew up in Iowa and I’m currently living in South San Francisco. I moved out there about three years ago. I like it up there, it’s a very accepting place to live. Coming out there and seeing people be so open with their daily style—I appreciate all of the diversity. I actually take photos, too. One of the things I like to do on my commute is to take photos with a disposable camera. You just get so many good ideas from seeing how other people dress. I feel like the concept of the flower child has definitely evolved. It’s definitely not what it was back then”.

TyJaye Capell, musician

“Green is definitely one of my favorite colors. Even Tyler said it, this color feels lucky. I feel like a fucking leprechaun when I wear green all the time. Tyler encourages people wearing bright colors, passing around love and joy. Without him, I know most of these kids wouldn’t be out here. There aren’t many artists who promote just being yourself. Not even afraid to be homosexual. Kids have that outlet. Tyler is that person. Through him, they can bond together. Tyler is just as important as Kanye was the generation before”.

Mohammed, student at University of San Francisco

“I’m originally from Saudi Arabia. I go to school at the University of San Francisco. I’ve been in California for about a year. The style in Saudi Arabia is pretty conservative. Usually, boys wear a thobe—a long all-white or all-black dress for boys. Since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten to embrace color in my personal style. I have more freedom. I can wear earrings. They’re not really allowed in Saudi Arabia, but here, I can do me”.

Smile @yungtaco ?: @everettfitz

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As you can tell from these excerpts, Tyler the Creator and his colorful carnival has given many people from different areas of society to express themselves in their own unique way. Tyler even incorporates the flower child trend in his new collaboration with Converse called Golf Le Fleur*.

To see the photos and other concert goer’s quotes visit, https://www.vogue.com/article/camp-flog-gnaw-carnival-2017-best-street-style-portraits

Adidas releases beer and vomit resistant shoes

When the long Saturday night turns into an even longer Sunday morning, sometimes your stomach can’t handle it all and might surprise you with a very unpleasant surprise. More than likely you didn’t get a chance to change out of your night out clothes. You end up vomiting all over the toilet and on your nice shoes, most of us have been there.

Luckily Adidas has released a pair of trainers to help prevent ruining a good pair of shoes. The Adidas Münchens are specially coated to stop spilled drinks and bodily fluids from ruining the leather. The trainers cost roughly around $233 USD but are currently sold out.

The Münchens were specifically released to go along with Oktoberfest, hence why they are being advertised as “beer and vomit repellant”. The design is lined with a red and white micro-check pattern that matches the tablecloths at the iconic Bavarian festival and have a nice brown leather. The DPBR coat is what ensures that it can stay puke and beer resistant. To finish up the shoe the word “prost” is stitched in right next to the three stripes. “prost” means “cheers” in German.

Oktoberfest is a folk festival originating in Munich, Germany where more than six million people around the world partake in. The festival usually has plenty of beer and food so the shoes are great for attendees seeing how rowdy things can get that can lead to a beer or two spilling.

The festival can be a scary scene for your brand-new clothes, especially your shoes, which makes these shoes a guaranteed match for these kinds of events. The shoes are even perfect for just normal wear around town or hanging out with friends. The shoes are stylish enough that even hip parents can wear if they are used to their own children spilling stuff everywhere.

Christopher Bailey to leave Burberry by the end of year

Christopher Bailey, president and chief director of Burberry, will be handing off the reigns of the brand by 2018. The decision was announced today on a statement by Burberry.

Bailey was arguably the reason Burberry went from a collection of check-lined trench coats to a global luxury brand. The British designer began his tenure at Burberry 17 years ago, taking over as creative director in 2004 then being named chief creative director in 2009 but has been with the brand since 2001.

British culture was the man inspiration that helped Bailey reinvent Burberry and its style of clothes. This could be seen by how he filled the front rows and ad campaigns with British people, from models to actors and even singers.  Bailey was also always on top when it came to change up the house’s iconic trench coats and its military outerwear.

Bailey has helped make the brand’s signature Nova Check pattern as ubiquitous as Louis Vuitton’s “LV” and Coach’s intertwined “Cs”. His role at Burberry has propelled the brand into a digitally savvy brand while other brands are still trying to catch up.

In the statement released on Burberry’s website (http://Burberryplc.com) they stated as follows, “As Burberry begins the next decade of its journey, Christopher has concluded that after 17 years it will be the right time for him to pursue new creative projects. Christopher will remain President and Chief Creative Officer until 31 March 2018, when he will step down from the Board. He will provide his full support to Chief Executive Officer Marco Gobbetti and the team on the transition until 31 December 2018”.

Although as Bailey’s resignation may seem as a major hit to Burberry’s future, it might a step in the right direction. Burberry has been statistically late when it comes to fashion. They underperformed the FTSE 100 index a good portion of Bailey’s tenure as CEO. With that being the case, the timing is still terrible considering the past six months Bailey was showing a return to his regular form, with some stellar collaborations and a superb show at London’s Fashion Week in September.

The company is said to already be on the search for a successor and people have speculations to believe that it can be Phoebe Philo, who has worked with Gobetti in Celine. Also in the running is Gosha Rubchinskiy, who Burberry collaborated with earlier this year.

Chris Bailey said, “It has been the great privilege of my working life to be at Burberry, working alongside and learning from such an extraordinary group of people over the last 17 years. Burberry encapsulates so much of what is great about Britain. As an organization, it is creative, innovative and outward looking. It celebrates diversity and challenges received wisdom. It is over 160 years old, but it has a young spirit. It is part of the establishment, but it is always changing and always learning. It has been a truly inspiring place to work and the decision to leave was not an easy one. I do truly believe, however, that Burberry’s best days are still ahead of her and that the company will go from strength to strength with the strategy we have developed and the exceptional talent we have in place led by Marco. I would like to thank all my colleagues as well as Sir John Peace and the Board for all their support and faith in me over the years.  I am excited to pursue new creative projects but remain fully committed to the future success of this magnificent brand and to ensuring a smooth transition”.

First ever indigenous fashion week held in Canada

Cultural appropriation has been a very controversial topic now more than ever in a very torn America. Finally, there has been an event that correctly displays indigenous culture and its people. But the first ever event of its kind, happened in Canada.

Since we began wearing clothes, there has always been a meaning behind most of our garments. Whether it be a necklace or a shirt, fashion has always been meant to portray a story. And that is exactly the style of Canada’s Aboriginal people. Being one of the oldest civilizations on earth, their traditions and native costumes have been used in ways that have been considered inappropriate by the community.

A few months ago, the first ever Indigenous Fashion Week was held in Vancouver, Canada. It was created by the First Peoples as a reclamation of their long-lasting heritage. Aboriginal style has been around for around 14,000 years and has been used a good amount in mainstream fashion. Native patterns and headdresses have marks all over pop culture and across hundreds of fashion magazines. Not many people realize the designs and styles have hardly ever been used correctly.

“Cultural Appropriation is a touchy subject”, founder of label EMME, Korina Emmerich says, “While I don’t feel it comes from racism, I do feel it comes from a place of ignorance. So, I urge people to do their research”.

Held in July 2017, the inaugural Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week was created as a way to show consumers, who want to wear native style clothes, how they can wear it respectfully while also buying it from First Nations designers. The event was over the course of four days and showcased Aboriginal designers and models.

“I think Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week is incredibly important to highlight Indigenous designers”, Emmerich says, “Many designers today are inspired by Indigenous regalia, but often miss the mark on representing it in an appropriate and respectful way”.

Many of the VIFW collections paid tribute to the designers’ heritage and homelands. They accomplished this by using a mix of natural materials and traditional handicraft methods with a contemporary aesthetic.

Emmerich was one of the more established artist showcased at the Indigenous Fashion Week. The designer competed in the U.S ‘Project Runway’ and was shown at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Esquiro was another established fashion designer as well. She Creates contemporary designs using traditional techniques with recycled textiles and ethically sourced wool, fur, and leather. She is one of the few Canadian Aboriginal fashion designers who has international attention. Recently she became the first native designer to be a part of the first fashion show on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

“Opportunities like this are things that a girl from a small community, like myself, could never dream of”, Esquiro says.

In menswear, Curtis Oland is the name that sticks out. Having been named ‘top emerging talent’ at last year’s Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, Oland gets most of his inspiration for his Lil’wat First Nation heritage.

Culture appropriation, for the time being, will be a touchy subject but with events like these kinds will surely help non-indigenous people to understand and respect the cultures. The VIFW was a huge success and there are plans already to make the event annually.



New trends for mens fashion during Autumn-Winter seasons

It’s starting to seem more and more noticeable that the 1970’s has been heavily influencing the men’s fashion scene. Even with warmer temperature than usual, fashion labels have been filling the racks with many seasonal offerings any man can appreciate. With more trends being noticeable I have created a

To start the list of new trends off, the somewhat dull color brown has been making a huge comeback. With Gucci, who arguably started the 70’s trend, having used colors like brown and camel in the past few seasons, now has other big Italian labels hopping on the brown bus. Brands like, Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali and Brunello Cucinelli, have all been smashing the style too.

Up next, the color orange has recently been popping up down many catwalks. Orange has been a more provocative trend this season, being featured amongst the more youthful labels such as Dior Homme, Etro, Marni, and Ports 1961. The fashion inclined youngsters could be seen wearing orange jackets, trousers, or even the full out all orange look. For the most part, though, the orange touch will be displayed with tees and sweaters.

Recently, a move away from the skinny look, which took over much of the 2000’s has pushed its way through, starting with tops and jackets and not pants or trousers. The boxy jackets were storming through Paris, London, New York, and Milan. Brands like Balenciaga, H&M, Paul Smith, and COS, have all contributed to kick-starting this trend. Balenciaga’s Autumn-Winter show had the biggest take of the trend with square shoulders, which will most likely be the biggest influence when the trend goes full mainstream. COS has the most affordable collection for this trend.

It’s beginning to be loose all over with, quite literally, all the major labels sending models down the runways with flowing bottoms. mid-rise and high-rise bottoms have been on the rise this season. The advantage of being looser means the comfort level goes through the roof. Zegna, E. Tautz, Marni, COS, Topman, and Zara, all have their own styles of the loose trousers.

Incoming, Corduroy is making a major comeback. Corduroy was a big part of the catwalk this season. With most labels incorporating corduroy jackets, or corduroy trousers, luxury brands such as Prada and Officine Generale have turned all their attention to having all-corduroy suits. The biggest noticeable part of this trend was the different colors brands were offering. Giorgio Armani, Hermes and more, were offering burgundy, blue, grey and other sophisticated colors to add a more ordinary workwear feel.