Rynshu - Men's Paris Fall/Winter 2014/15 Review

Rynshu – Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014/15 Review

Inspired by the ability to have a unisex collection and multi-functionality most of his designs are able to be worn by both males and females. That is exactly how the collection started, with a woman coming down the runway in a blue leather pea coat with black bubble prints and matching pants. Then the guy wore the same style dinner jacket. Same materials and having the exact same design just with a different cut. A lot of his collection was made with that intention. Being able to interchange clothing between the sexes and if not interchanging then just matching together. Imagine arriving to a special occasion with not just matching your tie to the dress and vice versa. But having the same style patterns and designs. It doesn’t even have to be the blue color, it can be one of the other pieces like the suede two piece suit with the pleated suit jacket both available for him and her. Matching wasn’t the only attraction in this collection, it was the use of different leathers and patterns that include the aforementioned bubble pattern also variegated rugby stripes, tapes and the use of a snakeskin design both with fabric and patterns on matching jackets and pants.

This collection does have both a rock and an elegant flare because of the pants. They are skinny pants that have horizontal tears starting at the thigh and going below the knees. They are however transformable into nighttime wear because each tear has an attached zipper. So if you don’t want the tears to show then just zip them up giving you have a perfectly un-torn pair of pants that can compliment your dinner jacket. Functionality and versatility are keys to this collection. Items can be made both formal and casual within seconds while being wearable by males and females alike. Next time, go anywhere with matching Rynshu jackets and pants with one person wearing the pant tears open and the other zipped up. Then after some time switch the styles around and see the reactions. Both people will have a laugh and a great time showing off their personal and unique style even if the looks were swapped.

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