Antonio Marras at Milan Men’s Fashion Week


An ode to fine tailoring, master sewing techniques and a tribute to his father was how this show started for Antonio Marras. The collection was filled with mixing fabrics and subtle colors into singular pieces with touches on modern design and flare.

The collection started with a white polka dot pattern on a deep navy suit combination and followed by a white shirt with a print of his father in a pinstripe suit. That was the start of the tribute from the son, which was shortly after followed by a double breasted coat that featured two different color block and fabric combinations with the chest and sleeves.

The tailoring was so detailed that on that piece it was possible to see the stitch line as one fabric changing to the other. Further showing fine design techniques was a jersey cardigan which transitioned from a gray color to a charcoal blue plaid pattern.

Turtle neck sweaters had various designs and patterns including rugby stripes both in regular and cropped versions of the same design while Fair Isle patterns in sweaters brought some history back into the collection with a traditional feel.

The tribute didn’t stop there because almost every design had some sort of pattern, fabric combination, print or modernization of a classic design from the past. That included having suit pants conceptualized from a sporty fabric held up by drawstrings instead of belts. An original makeover for a design that has been the norm since it can be remembered.

Two pieces stood out because of the fabric combinations with one of them being a cropped leather motorcycle jacket that had pinstripe suit sleeves. However, the most intriguing item from this collection was a double breasted jacket that included three different materials. With a felt fabric going to a glen plaid wool and ending with a white shearling.

The ultimate homage didn’t come from the clothing though in this show, it came when all the tailors sitting behind their sewing machines stood up and put on their still torn and unfinished blazers and walked out down the runway. A fitting end to a tribute collection from son to father.





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