Zegna Fall/Winter 2014-15

Space is the future and everyone wants to be a part of it. People want to be astronauts and go to the moon or just take the new voyage around the atmosphere. Well even though space is the future it is here now both in fashion and in life. The Zegna collection joins in on the action with a galaxy inspired runway. The show did merge future and present with its video of the earth seen from space and then zooming in and focusing on cities like New York, and Shanghai. Both business and fashion markets and two of the top places where we would find a Zegna suit or coat being worn.

The fashions started with a traditional gray two piece suit with a futuristic space theme by employing a glitter style giving off a galactic visual effect. Then bringing the collection back down to earth with a set of traditional checkered coats including a pea coat and another that featured a fur hood. The looks included three main designs consisting of a quilted pattern, a checkered pattern mainly used with suits and coats, and a combination of the two layered together usually with the quilted jacket tied over the checkered coats and suits. Layering was a big statement with this collection where by the designers own words the inspiration behind the looks was “It’s like the perspective of fashion—sometimes close, sometimes far, but always present. Everything is relative.” Mixing patterns was also a staple in the collection and consisted of a houndstooth overcoat with a plaid interior lining and cuffed sleeves. Mixing the patterns was a little risky but nobody can predict the future so this very well could become a new trend. There was a standout piece which brought the history back into clothing and by history it was the Jurassic age where a navy blue belted cardigan had a Stegosaurus spine appliqued onto the arms, while unconventional it did bring the individualistic style into tradition. Thus being able to go between land and space was the theme here, and since we are still on land for now this was a fitting design spectacle of luxury and innovative classical style.

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