Three Steps Towards Becoming A Man

The three easy steps to improve your life and become a better man.

First Step: Think Manly

Think about the type of man you’ve always wanted to be, inside then out:

  • Who does he look like?
  • How does he act?
  • What makes him happy?
  • What does he eat?
  • Where does he eat?
  • How does he dress?
  • How does he think?
  • Where does he work?
  • Why is he different from every other guy?

And become him.

Most of the time self-improvement starts at the gym and ends at the dinner table. But first, I recommend you actually take some time to do some maintenance inside. Your internal dialog should always be positive and confident, when the world beats you up enough, stop giving yourself the cerebral black-eye. More importantly, surround yourself with people that build you up, not cut you down.

Second Step: Dress Dapper

Pick a person who’s style you admire, and model your own style after theirs. Maybe even combine two or three famous men who’s taste in clothing you respect. Make sure that you have similar body types. And create a visual list of clothing pieces you would like to add to your arsenal of clothes. I cannot stress this enough, but make sure that you are constantly improving, your appearance as well as your style. When you start to make these improvements you’ll see why it’s so crucial in your mission to becoming a better man.

Via Lionsgate UK
Via Lionsgate UK

Third Step: Live a Macho Life

This touches on the point I made in the first step, surrounding yourself with people that build you up. If you have a friend that you’ve always thought, “he’s got it all figured out,” then ask him about the tools that helped him build the man that he is today. Don’t be afraid to develop a team of people that have qualities you admire. Through your interactions with them you would have already become a better man. Go out and do all the things you think a man should be doing, chopping wood and catching fish with your bare hands. Be an active member of the world, join rec teams, and seek out a new experience away from the computer.  Because that’s very macho.

Macho is as Macho does, take note from Clint Eastwood
Macho is as Macho does, take note from Clint Eastwood Via United Artists


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