Magnises! The new exclusive members-only perks card you’ve been waiting for!

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Magnises, the next best thing for exclusive members-only perks! It’s another new black card that is supposedly being used to gain great and exclusive rewards that Magnises itself offers to its clients. It’s a metallic card so it feels more expensive and exclusive than the basic plastic card you probably currently carry.

The way the card works is that you fill out an online membership application, and if accepted into the club, you will get your own personalized metal Magnises card. Then your next step is to stop by their townhouse located at Abington Square to activate the card by connecting/linking it with your current card. The way that happens is by extending the magnetic signature of your personal card to your new Magnises card. Once that happens, you are ready to use their new metal card, the same way you use your regular everyday card. By linking the cards together you do not lose or change anything that currently exists on your accounts. The bill stays the same, your current rewards stay the same, but now you will receive the added exclusive perks that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

According to the Magnises website, these ultra-exclusive perks include “securing reservations and receiving top-tier treatment at restaurants throughout the city. Shop and experience special unveilings and service at some of NYC’s best luxury boutiques. Get automatic upgrades and premium service at top hotels around town. Ride in style with our hand-picked drivers. Receive access and recommendations to many of the most fun venues across the city, and attend cocktail parties, dinners, concerts, art openings, and other unique events hosted by Magnises.”

All these perks do not come free, there is a $250 annual fee if given membership. Much like great rewards and exclusivity cards that include AMEX, and the Visa Black Card, in the end, much like everything else in life “you get what you pay for.” The important question and decision is whether the perks justify the price?

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