What to Wear to a Funeral

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It happens, and most times suddenly. Oh well, its part of life and we all in some way have to deal with it and also support others with their bereavements.  In this newest installment of the What to Wear series, we confront arguably the simplest sartorial quandary a man can face: what to wear on the tragic occasion when he must attend a funeral.  We call this simple because the answer to the problem is, at first glance, fairly straightforward.

A funeral is perhaps the only occasion in which a FashionMR can get away with wearing a black suit during the daytime.  Black is the color of mourning, and is the ideal outer garb for attending the solemn marking of another person’s passing.  Moreover, a funeral is a formal affair.  We must remain solemn and respectful in recognition of the seriousness of death.  Combine these two factors and you begin to realize why the black suit is the ideal funeral piece.  Moreover, the pairing of a white shirt and a black tie with the suit make further sense.  The combination of black and white is stark, bold, crisp, bringing the seriousness of the occasion into sharp relief.

However, not every FashionMR has a black suit in their closet.  Beyond funerals, black is not a versatile suit color, and outside of funerals, it is a bad color to wear during the day.  Therefore, in lieu of a black suit, we recommend that you dress as formally as you can manage, in colors as dark as you can find.  If you have a navy blue suit, that will serve; a charcoal gray shirt is fine as well.  Above all else, keep your wardrobe simple and sober.  Funerals are not the time for bold patterns or bright colors.  You must recognize the quietude and the softness that comes of a person passing from this world.





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