La Perla Men’s Collection Slated For Pitto Uomo

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When people think of La Perla, they think of luxury lingerie for women. La Perla is an italian clothing company that specializes in women’s lingerie, like corsets and lace panties. Well apparently, under new ownership, the company has decided to relaunch a version of their menswear label at Pitto Uomo in Florence on June 19th.

Emiliano Rinaldi, the company’s creative director has been given the task of completing the project. Rinaldi released that the collection is “inspired by the submarine world.” The designs in the collection will have a lounge wear feel, but will also have beachwear. In the past, La perla had designed mostly fine t-shirts for men and “hasn’t ever been reminiscent of sportswear” says Suzy Biszant, La Perla’s CEO of North America.

There will be cameos of jellyfish, giant oysters, fish and sea horses. Sounds like a bad school trip to the Aquarium, so why are we so interested. 2014 has been the year of the selfie explosion, and with that being said guys have been taking more pictures of themselves in their tighty whities  than ever before. Now would be the time that a luxury lingerie company might make their move to gain attention of the FashionMister by releasing more luxury loungewear for men.

There will be a runway collection and a main collection. The collections will be reaching La Perla boutiques Spring 2015.

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