Acqua Di Giò – Scent of Freedom

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Armani presents a new fragrance for men collaborating with an Italian Olympic swimmer Luca Dotto. Armani recalls the fragrance “Acqua Di Giò – Scent of Freedom”. The fragrance itself derived from a variety of things. “A light distinguished fragrance  inspired by fresh sea, warm sun and richness of the earth” as Armani portrays. The collection includes the cologne itself, body spray, deodorant stick, hair and body shampoo, and aftershave.

In the advertisement, the fragrance splashes all over the rocks and joins with nude Luca Dotto. He then runs towards the light and flies into infinity as he sets himself free. Check out the official video below and some behind the scenes of the advertisement.

The 2011 World Championship Silver Medalist is also the face of Armani Underwear and Eyewear campaigns.



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