Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys

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Russell Westbrook, point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team might just be a modern day Renaissance man. More than just a basketball star, the 25-year old athlete is taking his talents into the fashion world by collaborating with Barneys New York. The Fall collection, called Westbrook XO (Exclusively Ours) Barneys New York will be available in stores this July.

The California-bred athlete turned into a fashionmister as he got older and earned enough money to really explore the fashion world. He names some of his favorite labels as Givenchy, Naked & Famous, and Rick Owens.

He tells Women’s Wear Daily: “I wasn’t able to buy things when I was younger, but now my fashion game has expanded.” Expand it did. The athlete is now known for his eclectic, bold fashion statements off the court with his signature bold patterned shirts, lensless glasses, and fitted trouser pants.

The fashionmister admits he is certainly not an outfit repeater. “I never wear the same shirt twice. Maybe I’ll wear jeans more than once. But some of the things I wear are loud, so once I wear them, that’s it. I give them away to friends or family,” he tells WWD.


Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys

Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys – Photo: Courtesy Photo

Westbrook will be sharing some of his stylish pizazz in his exclusive collection containing over sixty pieces. The looks include sportswear, eyewear, leather accessories, footwear, luggage, and denim. The athlete has partnered up with labels including Nike, Del Toro, Marcelo Burlon, Naked & Famous, Selima Optique, Globe Trotter, and Want Les Essentials de la Vie. Barneys executive vice president for men’s wear, Tom Kalenderian quoted in WWD said they “chose they designers because they were experts in their field and there was a natural fluidity with Russell’s style and taste”

Westbrook told WWD that he was “very involved” and “hand-on” in selecting the items of the collection, which Kalenderian attested to. He said Westbrook was “very accessible and stayed close” and “everything was very collaborative.” The collection will be shown later this month in Paris.




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