Raf Simons and American Apparel

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American Apparel’s style is known throughout the world as a particular kind of modern. It’s not bohemian contemporary, like Free People or Anthropologie, but American Apparel owns its own kind of look that is ultra city-chic.

After an attempt to reconstruct 21st century standards of female beauty by putting pubic hair on their mannequins, American Apparel came into the spotlight for being even more in touch with the zeitgeist than the fashion world originally thought. But as well as this brand creates and develops funkier and funkier ways of wearing Lycra, the element of couture is not often apparent.

Introducing Raf Simons’ Spring/Summer 2014 collection, a myriad of looks seemingly evolving from the archetype of the traditional New York University hipster.

There is, of course, androgyny. Male models wear pink collared shirts, and even appear to be wearing skirts. The color palette is very 90’s, hinting at those well-known artificial turquoises, mustard yellows and bubblegum pinks. But there is also an element of the superhuman in this collection, or maybe the impeccable blend of masculine and feminine is still so futuristic that individuals aren’t fully able to grasp it yet.

No particular look strays more toward one gender, considering the openness in fashion, with regards to androgyny.

Raf Simons’ Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is the American Apparel Haute Couture dream collection; it’s revolutionary without stating so. It’s simplistic, modern, and dark with a touch of neon light.

Here are some looks from the collection.




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