Quality Over Quantity: Why It’s Sometimes Better To Spend More.

Clothes, like cars or children, are investments. A person looking for a job will expectedly dress smartly depending, of course, on the type of job desired. You wouldn’t attend a formal event dressed informally unless you’re seeking to make a statement of some sort, or that is in fact the image you chose to portray. The type of clothes you wear says a lot about you as a person and it is up to you to acquire the right ones in order to be perceived in the right way.

Thus we enter the debate of quality over quantity. Often, big retail chain stores sell replicas of higher end designs, but you should not only consider looks or pricing when purchasing clothes. It is easy for any store to sell a basic white button down shirt, it’s a whole different story however when you consider the materials that make up this shirt and the way that is made. It is impractical to purchase a poorly made shirt for less money because it will eventually show the signs of its quality, and repurchasing it will, after a while, cost you more than if you had bought the more expensive but better made one. The term quality isn’t only applied to suits and shirts, everything, from t-shirts to sneakers can be well made.

Some things to consider when searching for well made clothing are the labels which tell you what kind of fabric is used and how it should be taken care of, and whether the fit is what you are looking for. Some stores to find quality clothing that won’t leave you bankrupt are Topman and ZARA. Shopping online would also be beneficial, as in most cases you will be able to read reviews of specific items and often there is a sale section containing reduced price goods.

via Zara
via Zara


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