Suiting on a Budget

Finding the perfect suit can be trying at best especially with the large divide between design and affordability. Then, when you take into consideration shirts and accessories, looking good can amount to quite a lot of effort and money. Never to fear, the fashion world had heard your complaints and many brands and designers, some having experienced the difficulty of finding the right suit, have created their take on men’s suits at a much lower price.
First up is Brooklyn Tailors ( You might have heard of this brand started by Husband and wife duo Brenna and Daniel Lewis. Their accent began modestly with them catering to a few locals out of their apartment in 2007. Four years later, they made the leap of opening their first store and selling their own line of already made clothing. Brooklyn Taylors boast crisp suits, pinstripe button downs, and colourful ties for an all together hipster businessman look.
Indo Chino ( ) is a men’s store offering a wide array of suits, shirts and accessories. The brand was created two friends, Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko, who agreed that the men’s suit industry needed a revamp after Heikal had a bad experience trying to purchase one. Together they started planning a company that would create custom suits for each man’s body type. IndoChino has expanded greatly since its birth and like many great ideas it was born because of someone’s intolerance for inconvenience.
It’s no secret that JCrew ( ) is a big name in menswear. They and other brands like Topman provide designer quality suits for less than designer prices. Their Ludlow Suits comes in a variety of colours, styles and fabrics and feature quality workmanship that will stand the test of time.

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