Bow the Tie

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Clearly the outfit below is heading towards the bow tie route, so ladies fasten it. A brief history of this must wear accessory for the Fall/Winter season won’t hurt nobody:

Roots: Croatian
Date: 17th century
Originally: Cravat
First adoption: French upper class
Came to fame: Since birth and became a staple in men’s fashion by the ‘90s
Today: Worn by you
When talking bow ties, the mind drifts towards a generic black bow tie and that is normal. But this season we are stepping aside from generic and aiming towards the large loose hanging schal bow tie. Just think of Hedi Slimane’s big debut collection at Yves Saint Laurent back in 2012 and the image is drawn.



Whether you are opting for the tuxedo look or simply dressing down with a sweatshirt, do not hesitate to address a bow tie. Many designers have integrated the bow tie concept to their collection this season and the best idea is you don’t need to buy it because you can make it.

The two-step procedure will keep you trending all season long: Just grab and wrap a simple schal.


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