The Manimalist

Minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements, to simplify it’s minimal art. By being a minimalist you are part of being more with less.

The fashion industry can get pretty overwhelming; everyday a new trend comes to life. Designers have made the list from A to Z fairly indigestible and when you want to simply follow a trend, you find yourself comparing it among a minimum of 100 designers.

This is when choosing becomes more important than buying. This Fall season you are avoiding looking into your stuffed closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear!” and will know exactly what to wear.

For the Fall 2014 season the below are what you need to own:
-Backpack: that will work professionally and casually
-New Balance shoes: will be worn for working out and casual affairs
-Boots: one pair
-Loafers: one pair
-Leather Jacket
-Trench Coat
-Four dress up shirts
-One Suit
-Four T-shirts
-Two cardigans
-Ten pairs of socks
-Two sweats
-Two shorts

Kindly donate the rest.
Dress up shirts

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