Accessories for the Nonconformist

Unless you’re a skilled artisan that makes his own clothes, you’ve probably had an awkward encounter with a stranger wearing the same outfit. The style-less, juvenile self won’t mind, but you’re no longer that guy. You now have more sense than that. Situations like this now phase you, leaving a bad taste and that sinking feeling that your wardrobe is inadequate. In a world of overly done rice rockets, rhinestone covered denim jackets and flimsy iPhone cases, the next logical step to standing out is to accessorize your outfits. Bags, watches, ties, cuff links and hats are just some of your run of the mill conventional choices. They will help you add a personal touch to your outfits, but you can also make waves using some of these unconventional choices.


Minimalistic Single/Fixed Gear Bicycle


Not all fashion accessories are slung on a shoulder or worn around the neck. This accessory is of the sitting variety, and probably the most utilitarian option. But, be very careful about choosing the bike’s color scheme. If the colors are too bright you just might find yourself in hipsterville. Single speed setups with a healthy mix of chrome and leather give the bike a more vintage look. When choosing a frame color, traditional colors like navy, black and grey are always welcomed and safe choices. But bolder options like olive green, cream white, and teal work equally well with a healthy pairing of chrome and leather.


Vintage Film Camera

(Via Menstyle1)

Disclaimer: For this next accessory, it helps if you are a photography enthusiast. So, feel free to skip this one if you think a vintage camera only adds strain or arrogance to your neck.

Most camera snobs know and believe that the most quality and “built-to-last” cameras were made pre-80s; before the dawn of cheaply made plastic monstrosities. The prime example amongst a laundry list of cameras is the German made Leica Rangefinder camera. These German made beauties of brass, metal and leather are known for their photographic pedigree and reputation for quality. Adorned in front of any clothing ensemble with a matching neck strap, is sure to add a level of sophistication.


A Pen

(Via Flickr)
(Via Flickr)

While not quite an unconventional accessory, it doesn’t get enough consideration for how stylish and useful they are. A quality pen, ball point or fountain, provides that extra splash of class and sophistication. Whether it’s a Mont Blanc, Aurora or Cartíer pen, it deserves a permanent place in the front coat or shirt pocket.


Lapel Pins

(Via Etsy)
(Via Etsy)

A rather simple accessory, the lapel pin is a cheap and cheerful way to add flare to your outfit. Whether you plan to match it with your tie or pocket square, the lapel pin is another accessory that doesn’t receive much recognition (popularity on the rise).


The Clutch Bag

(Via Closetfreaksblog)
(Via Closetfreaksblog)

Yes, It is technically a bag, but the clutch bag is often free of shoulder straps. Designed to carry the bare essentials, the name explains how it should be carried; held up at the pits or clutched between your arm and torso. The bag usually comes coupled with a leather strap and made to carry a smartphone, wallet and at times some essential toiletries.


Collar Pins

(Via Rothschildt)
(Via Rothschildt)

Designed to hold the collars together and to accentuate the knot portion of the tie, collar pins are growing in popularity among shirt wearers. It is usually tucked away and out of sight, but it adds a subtle flair to any outfit it’s paired with. The ends of the pin also come in a variety of different designs, adding extra style to your collar.

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