Pump the Pompadour

If you are the type who likes to back school it, then the below should lead to a date!
The ‘50s was a decade known for experimentation especially with hair. It was the time of comparative prosperity, which influenced fashion and highlighted the concept of glamour.
Hairstylists invented new hairstyles and the rich and famous globalized it. French hair fashion made its way to the Hollywood, New York and London, popularizing the artichoke cut, pixie cut, bouffant and the most popular the pompadour for men.
Elvis Presley and James Dean to David Beckham had a great influence on the pompadour greased-up style that requires a lot of gel. This season be one to join the trend and wear on your best pompadour. The cut has been visibly popular among many designers during the fall 2014 menswear debut.
The pompadour requires thick hair so if you are lucky with that don’t hesitate.
Elvis Presley
Pompadour Men

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