September Guide for a New York Bag

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Having a style that falls in the unisex category, and a wardrobe that could style a man perfectly, I will attempt to minimize the feminine direction of the article and place importance on objects needed by both genders.
Now please keep in mind that is an open discussion and having not lived in New York during September, I will need your experienced expertise as well. I have done enough research, random street conversations and major summer experiences to allow me to list essentials that I am positive you will nod your head with approval.

The number one essential is, the “Umbrella” because no you can’t stand under anyone’s umbrella, since half the people will be running to escape the rain. Always have on in your bag, New York is the moodiest when it comes to weather and you will never now when the emotional feeling hits and it starts to cry.

Via Flickr/Gwenael Piaser

Via Flickr Gwenael Piaser

Number two goes to “Band-aids”; you are probably staring at a blister this very moment and agreeing “So True!” New Yorkers are fortunate to have the choice to walk anywhere and even if you don’t like walking at one point you have to walk. So with that, I am sure each person reading this has had the worse blister experience and it’s painful I know.

Via Flickr/sarawestermark

Via Flickr sarawestermark

Falling in third place, the “Portable Cell phone Charger”. The sad part is, not many people know it exists, but the happy part it does. Do yourself a favor and head to the nearest Duane Reade and buy yourself one.

Via Halo2Cloud

Via Halo2Cloud

Number four, “Cash”. If you are a brunch person, happy hour person, pizza person or simply a person, always carry cash with you. Most spots in New York have ATMs that will charge you an extra fee and cause an extra hassle.

Via Flickr/Tax Credits

Via Flickr Tax Credits

And for the finale, “Bottle of Water” if you ever get stuck on a subway for 30 minutes you will thank me.
Awaiting your feedback.

Via Poland Spring

Via Poland Spring


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