Shoes: Try these Pair of Extravagance

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In this country of extravagance and excess, it’s easy to find an expensive, over-the-top pair of shoes. The recipe is rather simple. First, find a pair of high quality shoes. Then, cover it in expensive metals (preferably gold, silver or platinum). Lastly, take a handful of high carat diamonds, paste it all over the shoes and slap a high price tag on it.

But truly expensive pair of shoes are made with love, passion and a healthy dose of quality; not a pair of loafers covered with 24 carat diamonds (Nick C. I’m talking to you). Often made by luxury brands like Salvatore Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton, the prices rarely exceed $10,000. But, they are tastefully designed and sold at a price that will make you feel like you just got your money’s worth. Some designs may have some gold or diamonds, but they are subtle and difficult to spot from a distance.

Moro Monk Strap by A. Testoni
Made with alligator skin, the Moro Monk is a labor of love. Meticulously put together, these shoes are made to be durable yet soft and comfortable in any weather condition. Testoni also offers an option to add a gold, diamond encrusted buckle.

via Fast Life Luxury

via a.testoni

Manhattan Richelieu by Louis Vuitton
Also made from alligator skin, Manhattan Richelieu is put together using complex stitching methods and subtle designs expected from a $10,000 pair of shoes. It even comes with a discrete LV badge on the side of the shoe.via Louis Vuitton


Stefano Bemer Bespoke Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of shoes made just for your spoiled feet, Stefano Bemer bespoke shoes should be your first choice. Taking about 4 weeks to put together, each pair is specially built to match every curve on your feet. Customers can choose hides from a large collection of common and exotic animals (sting-ray and hippopotamus being just a few).

via Stefano Bemer

via Stefano Bemer


Aubercy is a family owned, high-end shoe brand based in Paris. Much like Stefano Bemer, they offer bespoke services to perfectly match the customers feet. With impeccable craftsmanship and dedication to absolute perfection, these shoes will mostly require a kidney or two.

via Aubercy

via Aubercy


Rapiécés Reprisés by Berluti
Put together with supple and high quality leather and inspired by Andy Warhol, Rapiécés Reprisés are for the gentleman committed to the high style. The shoes are made with complex stitching methods and finished with great scrutiny. Made in small quantities, they are truly a symbol of status.

via Rapiécés Reprisés

via Rapiécés Reprisés






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