Nick Graham SS 2015: A Cornucopia of Color

In his posh second floor studio overlooking Bryant Park, designer Nick Graham, creator of Joe Boxer, showcased his upcoming collection of shirts and ties. While all of NYC was enjoying an unusually warm fall, the tables, shelves and hangers inside the studio were adorned with colorful apparel; giving a spring/summer vibe. With this season in mind, Nick developed styles and patterns synonymous with that time of the year. Shirts in different shades of green, blue, yellow, red, gingham and pinstripe patterns were just a few of the items on display. But the event wasn’t all about shirts. The line also showcased bows and ties, in the similar eccentric yet tame designs; funky lobsters, red camo and crossbones to name a few.

The collection is sold as single pieces as well as sets; tie and shirt. Tastefully prepared, they are catered to the consumer who needs a little boost picking colors to match. Style Kits are priced at $99, shirts alone for $69 and bows and ties for $59. You can find the new line at Macy’s or at Nick Graham.

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