5 Notable Lookbook Bloggers You Should Be Following

Many fashion conscious individuals live and die on inspiration. Whether it’s through online sources or from people watching on the streets, inspirational styles can be had easily (that’s if you live in a fashion rich city like NYC). When it comes to social media, sources like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr are full of style bloggers who passionately display their style through hashtags like #ootd and #picoftheday. And religious followers flock to these pages to get the “latest and greatest” styles from very attractive users.

Lookbook is another source for inspirational fashion. Much like a “Facebook for Fashionites” (if you didn’t know already), it has a global reach with members based in many different parts of the world. If you’re a Sartorialist junkie like myself, you’ll be happy to know that it is filled with Sartorial inspiration; so much so that it’s hard to pick your favorite. But here at FashionMR, we strive on making those tough decisions. So, here is our list of top 5 notable Lookbook bloggers to look out for.

Marc Galobardes

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Marc is a styleblogger with a healthy dose of sartorial and casual looks. And mostly taken while standing, his images are staged but bordering on organic. While he only has 66 images in his archive, you can find more of his looks on his site Carrouselmc.

Marcel Floruss

With over 37,000 followers on Lookbook, Marcel is an established styleblogger and founder of the site, OneDapperStreet. And much like Marc, he shares a mix of dapper and casual styles. Based in NYC, his styles are clean, well thought-out and down right classy. But simply telling you about it doesn’t do his styles justice. Take a look for yourself!

Christopher Michael

From the west coast, Christopher’s styles are dapper with a mix of casual. Many of his looks are very thorough. Showcasing all aspects of each outfit, viewers get to not only see the entire ensemble, but the individual parts that makeup the whole (i.e.: accessories and shoes). Check him out on Lookbook and on his personal site UnbearablyStylish.

Marc Bueno

North of the border, Marc Bueno is another styleblogger that offers up refreshing looks bordering on avant-garde territory. And with a fresh array of looks and a helpful collection of links to copy the look, Marc is definitely someone who you should be looking out for. Find him on Lookbook or at his blog, TheBuenoFashionisto.

G.one Kang

A jack-of-all trades (singer, song writer, designer and fashion blogger), G.one Kang is the founder of the blog mela-blog. Known for his casual looks, each of G.one’s outfits are tastefully put together and displayed to mostly showcase his style. His face is usually cropped out from the rest of the picture.



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