Fresh Looks by Mike Q

Photographer and style blogger, Mike Quyen shows off his classy looks on his site, Quyenmike. Predominately sartorial in style, Mike’s outfits are tastefully framed and edited. He applies his photographic prowess to provide unique and rather clever shots that make you not only love the outfit, but respect the image as well. Mostly shot on outdoors on the streets, it’s very common to look at an image and wonder how it was taken. Often when the images are this creative, it is easy to get distracted from the most important part of each photo; the outfit. But, the outstanding outfits in his collection make it difficult not to pay attention to them.


Here is a clear example of a shot that can get the viewer distracted; especially with the beautiful image of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Mike combats this with his stylish set. With a black suit and a matching suitcase, he adds a bit of contrast with an overcoat by Marsay. Mike completes the look with a necklace and ring by Topman.

mikeq2_fashionMRIt’s images like this one that makes Mike Q standout from the rest. While most style bloggers are busy taking unoriginal and rather played out “walking across the street” shot, he breaks boundaries by applying a creative touch to what was already an amazing shot/outfit.


Yeah, yeah levitation photography is nothing new. But, Mike takes it up a notch by adding a touch of his own style; stylishly and photographically. For this look, he makes use of a light colored jean jacket and matching jeans to provide a more casual/urban setup. Mike then finishes up the look with a casual shoes from Clarks.

Photo Credit: All Images by Mike Quyen


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