On Trend Hair Styles For Men

More recently, men have been trying new ways to wear their hair. Men test new products to try and achieve a new style they have seen and get different haircuts to try out new looks. Men are getting adventurous when it comes to their hair, and it is appreciated. Here are some of the more popular hair styles men have been wearing.

via hairdesign.com
via hairdesign.com

A textured cut that is slicked to the side has become very popular. This look and cut works the best on guys with pretty thick hair. Men, there is finally a way to tame that thick head of hair of yours. To achieve this look, you can start with a texturizing spray. These are things you can get at the drugstore. If you want more control over the look, blow dry your hair into the shape you want. Then place the hair as you see fit on the sides and front. Don’t be afraid to use a light hairspray to keep the hold of the look. Thick hair likes to do what it wants so the hairspray will help fight that.

via flavorwire.com
via flavorwire.com

A more James Dean look has remained popular for years and with good reason. It is similar to the first but with more volume. Add a white t-shirt and some jeans to look like the classic bad boy. To achieve this look, blow dry the wet hair and use a brush to achieve the volume you want and the control you need to style it. Now take your pomade and slick the sides and the front up for slightly more volume. If you want to feel like a 50’s greaser, you can use a little comb to sweep the side and front to where they need to be. Add some hairspray for hold, and you can meet up with Pony-boy and the gang.

via "Thrift Shop"
via “Thrift Shop”

A look that has become more notable since Macklemore has hit the scene is long on the top with shaved sides. This is a very versatile haircut for men because they can slick their hair back or to the sides and be able to make it volumized on the top. For slicking back pomade will be your friend. It isn’t as heavy as regular gel and has a more natural finish. For the volumized look, a volumizing mousse to start is always very helpful. After adding the volumizing mousse, blow dry and brush through the hair to achieve that really volumized look you want. Then try to round the hair at the crown of your head, add a little hairspray and there you are, as fly as Macklemore.

Guys a little product never hurt anyone. They are your friends, and they will help you achieve the looks you want. There is no shame in the hair styling game, especially when you look so good.

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