Men’s Facial Hair Styles

Facial hair is nothing new for men and is something they deal with every day. Over the years, the way that men wear their facial hair has changed. From completely burly beards, to more tidy mustaches and goatees, and then to completely clean shaven, men have been able to express their personal style by the hair that is on their face. Now men wear their facial hair in any way that they please, and there has been an increase of grooming products for men’s facial hair.

More recently, the term “lumbersexual” has been floating around. This word means that, for some men, that they look ultra masculine. These men have super burly beards and some of them are rocking the man bun. These guys look like they just walked out of the woods from cutting down trees all day, hence “lumbersexual.” They don’t really do anything for styling their hair, maybe tie it up, but that’s about it. The long beard is essential and has grown very popular.

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