Z Zegna Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Blue was a common thread in Z Zegna’s Men’s RTW Spring 2016 lineup. Creative directors, Paul Surridge and Murray Scallon, showcased their line on the runway with pieces that were sporty and held high-tech elements. 

Tailored pants and loose fitting shorts walked down the runway, mostly in muted colors, some of the pieces in repetitive patterns. They were paired with fitted jackets and plain tee-shirts. 

Outerwear’s finest piece was a blue and white waterproof anorak. It was cinched around the waist with a belt and paired with Bermuda pants. The ensemble did not end there – it was topped off with a PVC hooded zippered jacket with black details. This gave off a graphic vibe to the outfit, making it stand out from the rest of the collection. 

While most of the lineup consisted of blues, black, and white hues, orange as well as a muted red were featured in a few of the pieces. It was not an overwhelming amount of color, but it popped in just the right amount to make the collection lively and fun. 

This lineup proved to be a great success for Z Zegna; each of the pieces were very wearable for any occasion.

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