Raf Simons Men’s RTW Spring 2016

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It’s a wonder most of the models were able to get down the runway untroubled at the Raf Simons Men’s RTW Spring 2016 show. Making their way down the runway, their vision was impeded by checkered scarves, sending some of them tripping off the catwalk onto the concrete floor below. While it might not have been the greatest idea to obstruct his model’s vision, Raf Simons presented a very youthful and energetic collection.

From the oversized macs decorated with grommets in geometric formations to the oversized grommet-studded nylon rucksacks dragged from heavy chains over the shoulder, there was a punk inspired feel to the lineup. However, there was also a return to the normalcy of typical Raf Simons wear in the rest of the collection. Shrunken sweater vests helped exaggerate the oversized pants, and tailored jackets were seen as lean or slightly oversized in sturdy woolens. 

The image of a model’s head draped in a scarf is quite haunting, making this collection stand out by a mile from many of the other shows this season. 

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  1. Stephanie

    July 16, 2015 at 1:20 am

    Yikes! That’s unfortunate for the fallen models. I’m all for making a bold fashion statement but this is a bit extreme and distracting from the overall collection

  2. Katie16

    August 7, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Sometimes function should mean a bit more!

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