Maison Margiela’s Men’s RTW Spring 2016 For the Modern Man

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Maison Margiela’s Men’s RTW Spring 2016 evokes royalty. With both ancient and futuristic essence, the spring line of menswear celebrates the classic yet fashion-forward man. The menswear seen in the collection is for the dapper, non-conformist man on the go. Pieces like light rust-colored trench coats, monotone glittered suits, leather buckled vests, and sheer muscle-tee like tops with graphic detailing stand out amongst the more conventional menswear collections.

The models rock studded boots and Birkenstock-like Roman sandals — a refreshing blend of seemingly timeless Western looks. The overall looks have a slight feminine feel, and each item of clothing could be transitional between genders. Rich coppers, onyxes, navies, beiges, and cornflower blues make their way throughout the collection — very atypical for a spring look, but it most definitely works.


The brand posted an image of their Spring 2016 models to Twitter:


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