Are You Bananas for Bernhard Willhelm’s 2016 Ready To Wear Collection?

There is no doubt that the inspiration for Bernhard Willhelm’s latest collection was bananas. There were fabric bananas hanging from various pieces as well as embroidered bananas and painted bananas. You name it; it was probably in his collection.

Willhelm played with boundaries this year in terms of Ready To Wear. It’s a playful collection that is vibrant and questionable and encourages consumers to wear something out of the ordinary. The looks are far from what we would see out on the streets today, which to some isn’t exactly what Ready To Wear collections should be about. The only stylish trend in the collection was the socks and sandals that many of Willhelm’s models were wearing. But the sandals and socks that were chosen weren’t exactly something that a consumer would see in store today.

On the plus side, though, Bernhard Willhelm did play with more feminine pieces on a male. It’s a nice change that more and more designers are doing. Willhelm clearly pushed boundaries, which is a huge compliment because some designers still can’t figure out how to do that.

Just where will this collection take society? Only time will tell us that. Until then, I’m sure the hipsters will be all over this collection. It fits them perfectly in terms of fashion aesthetics. Maybe they can teach the rest of society how to make this flattering for all figures and consumers alike.

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