GQ reveals its best and worst dressed men

Fashion can be confusing and difficult to keep up with at times. What’s hot and up and coming one minute is out the next, with almost no reasoning behind any of it. Even with this, there are still mass amounts of people out there who dedicate their lives to fashion and always seem to look perfect. There are also mass amounts of people who could care less about what is on their body.

For both groups, there always seems to be a list, a list that is always new every year to praise and highlight the best dressers. The list is published in GQ’s January edition annually, but it can always change every year. 12 months is a long time in fashion terms.

GQ’s top editorial staff help decides who made the cut for both, after all, they’re a men’s fashion magazine who constantly write about the fashion world for a living. However, they are not the only ones casting votes. There are also top names in the fashion industry doing the voting. These names include Giorgio Armani, Christopher Bailey, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Sir Paul Smith.

Those who made the top ten best-dressed lists contain; Famous English actor Matt Smith, critically acclaimed rapper A$AP Rocky, Oscar-nominated actor Jeff Goldblum, recent solo artist Harry Styles, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actor Andrew Garfield, grime artist Skepta, Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed, infamous actor Ryan Reynolds, son of the one of the England’s best soccer player Brooklyn Beckham, and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

Those who made the list of worst dressed contains; Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington, famous writer Paul Merton, supercar driver/youtuber Shmee150, British politician Jacob Rees-mogg, Singer Morrissey, most subscribed youtuber PewDiePie, filmmaker Louis Theroux, musician Marshmello, Tesla founder Elon Musk, and British fitness trainer Joe Wicks.

Unless you spend your whole life studying fashion it is quite hard what to make of the list in terms of conclusions. Bottom line from the best dressed is that they all have their own unique style that also somewhat fits their personality.

When it came to the worst dressed list, you can easily tell that all of the men on that list dress in the most basic attire with not a lot of personality behind it. There are jumpers over shirts, plain suits, or in the case of British fitness coach Joe Wicks, all gym shorts. These men are not dressing to impress but just dressing to get the job done.

One big conclusion that can be drawn is that all the top ten on the “best dressed” list are mostly actors and singers with the exception of Brooklyn Beckham and Alessandro Michele but those two are heavily tied with the menswear fashion world. The top ten from the “worst dressed” list are from all different types of fields like politics, business, fitness, and non-scripted television like YouTube.

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