North Penn graduate launches upscale men’s store with Philadelphia Eagles player

Jay Amin has tried his hand at different career paths throughout his young life, but throughout it all there was always one thing that stood out, the North Penn High School grad has always been one step ahead of everyone.

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“Fashion has always been an extreme passion of mine, and my dad was always into suiting and looking his best, so I grew up knowing what different things about the suit were. As I got older I paid more attention to European styles, since I was from there,” noted Amin, who was born in London and moved with his parents to Upper Gwynedd when he was eight years old. “Caring about my appearance was always very important to me and I’ve always been in industries where suiting was required.”

With his careers ranging from being a hotel owner to a pharmaceutical start-up and even included a short time in the Navy, it always loomed in the background that the world of suits and ties. It was no surprise then when Amin partnered with Eagle safety and a known fashion maverick, Malcolm Jenkins. Together they opened up a high-end affordable men’s store called Damari Savile at Washington Square in Philadelphia last summer.

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“I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, and I’ve always kept my eyes open, and although fashion is a very difficult industry to get involved with, it was just a good timing thing for me to do this now,” Amin said. “Malcolm and I kind of bumped into each other and we realized that we both wanted the same exact thing at the same exact time, and we both had the resources and the time to put into it so we kind of jumped in with both feet and here we are. It all happened quickly. Our partnership was formed in March and the store was open in June.”

The store is located at 709 Walnut St, Philadelphia. ““Damari is Malcolm’s middle name and Savile is named after Savile Row in London, where I’m from,” Amin explained. The store features Amin’s tailoring philosophy for custom-fitted suits as well as ready to wear. The store is quickly becoming a statement for style sophistication in a city that is not well known for its fashion sense.  The store is aiming to target the younger millennial market, while the store also caters to wide demographic, including plus-size males.

“Fashion for men is not very prominent here. Philadelphia guys just don’t care as much as guys in other cities,” Amin said. “There are places in the city where you can get custom suits but it just wasn’t what we wanted it to be and it became a lot of time wasted, making the purchase, getting alterations and it became very tiresome. So we just sat down and realized we had this opportunity to effectively create what people were looking for. Malcolm and I have completely different styles as well,” he added. “Malcolm is very outspoken with his dress and mine is very subtle. For me, less is more.”

“We’re definitely not a fashion company. Fashion comes and goes. We’re not the company that goes on the Internet to see what’s cool this month and try to replicate that. That’s not what we’re about. We really try to help men identify what their personal style actually is, because style isn’t something most men will take the time to think about. Identifying your style is key to moving in the right direction.”

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