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2014 NYC Auto Show – The New and Hot Cars!

At the 2014 NY INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW we get to experience the thrills of the road and the cars that will occupy them. All models are on display, for every budget. And future cars that will roam the roads soon to come. While every company showed off their top of the line models that most people could not afford, all the major brands had their entire model lines on display. Infiniti showed off their new Q70L, a new upgraded model of their flagship Q line of cars that competes with the other luxury high end auto makers. BMW features its new X5 e-Drive concept SUV. Now giving the ability to plug it in to charge instead of paying for gas. Also showing off their brand new X4 crossover, which is a smaller version of their X6 model. Mercedes-Benz of course blows away the competition with the premier of their S63 AMG Coupe. Because why limit luxury to always having four doors, when you can have everything with just two? Another first is Mercedes-Benz’s Apple “CarPlay” debuting with their upcoming 2015 C-Class models. According to the press release by Mercedes, “Now the company has announced the official completion and release of the iPhone-based solution under the name “CarPlay” which gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use maps, listen to music and access messages with just a word or a touch. Fret not, not only Mercedes Benz has advance to this level of technology and collaboration with Apple, Volvo Cars among few others too are advancing their future concept series with this must experience smart technology.

You can walk around, sit inside and get to experience first-hand what it would feel like to own, even if it is for a couple of moments. Just don’t take them for a test drive, or you will get a one way ride to a NYC jail cell. While seeing the latest models is always interesting to say the least, the most unique experience is seeing the exotic cars and the future concept that will be available soon. There are plenty of those from companies like Dodge with their new SRT Viper to the Bentley’s , Bugatti’s, koenigsegg’s, and the Rolls Royce’s.  It’s like being around automotive royalty. You can be so close with proximity and yet be so far financially at the same time. But the best part about the 2014 NY Auto Show is that there is always something for everyone. For the new car shopper that is looking to see next years and future models for when their current lease is up. For the mogul who is looking for the new hottest and best car on the market, and for the kid who just wants to see awesome cars that they see on TV and at the movies. It’s an experience for all, the buyer, the child and your chance to bond with both family and machine.  While we were privileged to have previewed  as VIPs, you too can catch a glimpse of the New York International Auto Show showing from April 18th-27th, 2014.  Certainly, you will be inspired and perhaps be perplexed and anxious [ all at the same time] as to which would be your next ride.

Are we ready for Y4K? The TV trend!

Are we ready for Y4K? Not on the calendar, the TV revolution. Just when you were so excited about your new LCD and Plasma HD screen, brought it home, set it up, turned on your favorite channel and saw a commercial for an LED TV. Slimmer with a better motion refresh rate. So now things were faster, less blurry and clearer. “Damn” were probably the nice words that came out of your mouth followed by a look at the return policy to see if you can get your money back and buy the newest TV out right now. Well that’s how fast technology moves these days, you buy the hottest item in the store, bring it home and something newer just came out or is being tested.

With TV’s it’s no different, Samsung, along with Sony, Sharp and LG, some of the leading TV brands are constantly innovating the modern HD TV’s, making them better, faster and more fun. What started with Plasma screens, became slimmer LCD screens, then evolved into lighter, slimmer, with better quality LED screens. Going from the high tech 720P resolution, to a 1080i, then to 1080P what we now know as full HD. How fast a picture changes on the device also became faster and clearer. Started with a 60hz rate, then doubled to 120hz on most LCD TV’s and now the norm is a 240hz rate which shows almost no blurs or distortions with fast moving scenes. The latest craze now are the 3D TV’s. Every major company has them even though most broadcasts aren’t in 3D yet. Movies are, but not the basic channels that we watch. So what is the hype? It’s the fact that it’s the newest model, something everyone wants, to be at the forefront of any new trend.

Are we ready for 4K TV’s yet? Netflix is getting there with House of Cards Season 2 set to stream in 4K, and YouTube is making it possible for 4K videos to be streamed as well. What about everyone else? The TV’s are still highly priced being at $2,999.99 for the Sony 55 inch XBR model and go as high as $39,999.99 for the Samsung 85 inch frameless behemoth. Being ready is one thing, are we prepared for what can eventually come next? An 8K TV that Japan is developing and is pushing to broadcast during the 2020 Olympics is the next step TV evolution and it seems to be hatching as we speak.

11 Unbelievable Sex Myths… Who even thought of number 8???

We have all heard them, read them or been told and at one point or another we believed it. We have lived our lives based on these myths that someone made up one day, and suddenly it caught on like a wild fire. Well here is a list of sex myths that are completely untrue. Now lets see how fast this truth spreads. Ummm, I  certainly doubt if it could any faster than a turtle.   Let’s delve right into them:

  1. Men enjoy sex more than women
    Women want and enjoy sex just as much as men do! Men are not the only ones benefitting from the sexual experience.

  1. You can judge the size of a man’s package by the size of his feet
    I’m sure we’ve all heard this one. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen this is not an accurate form of measurement, so stop checking out his feet!

  1. Masturbation causes blindness
    I’m sure a lot of guys and girl would be happy to hear this! Keep it up;  your eyes will be fine!

  1. You can get pregnant from kissing
    Uh, No you can’t. No other explanation required!

  1. You can catch an STD from the toilet
    Public toilets are gross, but STD’s are not what you should be concerned about!

  1. Aphrodisiacs Boost Your Sex Drive
    It’s all in the mind. Not a single food or drug has ever been shown to have any sort of positive effect on a person’s sex drive according to the FDA.

  1. It is possible to break a penis
    Those things are pretty resilient, so don’t worry yourself! Work it, ride it, with no mercy.

  1. Green M&M’s make you horny
    I’m loving the chocolate. I’ll have to try few more. Who comes up with this stuff and why green?

  1. Hot tubs can prevent pregnancy
    Nope, hot tubs are not birth control or spermicidal. Sorry!

  1. Drinking Mountain Dew decreases your sperm count
    I’m sure many guys have heard this, and many women have spread this rumor. Not only Mountain Dew I’ve heard, but also the colorful soda from the bodega. It’s all false!

  1. Blue balls can be fatal
    Guys you hear that? It’s not fatal, you’ll be perfectly fine!

So keep having safe, monogamous sex. And spread facts, not myths to help people make wiser decisions in a world filled with enough lies! But wait, which of these myths make your favorite? You may have other myths to share, comment and we may sum them all up for our next round of Unbelievable SEX myths.

The three things you need to do to not go broke tonight!

Just like anything in life like retirement and vacations, we need to save money to enjoy the things we love. And as we get our usual two weeks paid vacation every year which we use to go away somewhere, anywhere, just getting out of here is what matters. We have our usual weekend routines too, go out on Friday/Saturday nights and sleeping in Sundays or watching football when it’s on. But like any great experience we should be setting a budget for our weekend exploits. “Going VIP” should not happen always and making it rain should be normally reserved for the TV weatherman.

That’s how we can go easily bankrupt  too. Not filing for Chapter 11 and ruining our credit for around seven years type of bankrupt, but spending more than we should and not realizing until it’s too late. When you realize that you spent way too much tonight, it’s too late. So here are a few simple rules to have the most fun and not have to mortgage the house to do so.

Pre-game: Drink and eat before getting to your eventual destination. So that when you are there, you will be already in a good party mood and won’t be hungry either. You’ll save a ton on bar food and drinks, and when you find that girl to impress, you can still order a dessert to share. Women love desserts, and it’s a romantic gesture.

Designated Driver: If you don’t live in an area with round the clock public transportation then have a sober friend drive. It will save  your life and save you tons of money, oh, and you won’t have to worry about mistakenly tipping the cab a Benjamin on a $25 dollar ride, should you be inebriated past that point.

Have a pre-set spending limit: Just like anything, know what you can and can’t spend tonight. Having emergency cash is great and needed, but don’t spend your emergency cash on a non-emergency. Use it to get home in a worst case scenario, don’t use it on that sip of Louis XIII. The only time that emergency cash should be spent is during an emergency. Hence the name emergency cash!

Going out and having fun on the weekends is a tradition, and it should stay that way, but like with everything else in life especially in bars and lounges, you have to know your limits. Don’t limit your enjoyment just enjoy yourself more efficiently.

The Ultimate Thrill – Experience life to the fullest!

We always hear the words “you have to live life to the fullest,” and the key is that you have to have life experiences and stories to tell your friends, your co-workers and ultimately your kids. But what if you didn’t do anything thrilling yet? Well there is still time, as long as you won’t chicken out of the experience.

Roller Coasters: The easiest thrills of the four to experience is the roller coaster. Now, it’s not any old wooden or child coaster that just barely goes up and down, which you can run faster than. It’s the type that will leave you screaming, and your hair all out of sorts because of the speed or because of being scared to death. Something like Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure or even better is Insanity at the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas.

Driving: If you ever looked at the supercars on the street and thought to yourself, “I wish I can one day drive one,” this experience is for you. Imagine Lifestyles luxury rentals has the cars you want, and they rent them by the day, week and includes daily mileages. These are available throughout the country and over ten different makes and models that include Bentleys, Ferrari’s Lambo’s, and Phantoms.

Animals: If your adventure is with animals and live experiences you can go running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. But if you don’t want to travel across the Atlantic for a chance to get stampeded you can go diving with sharks. Shark diving is a thrill because we all seen the movie Jaws and we know what that shark did. These trips are available in the Florida, San Diego and Long Island Aquariums. Plus you can choose your own private adventure when you are on vacation. Just make sure you don’t have any cuts or anything like that, sharks do sense blood from over a mile away.

Flight: The most exclusive and the best thrill experience is that of flight. We have all flown to different cities, but we are not talking about that kind of flight. We mean Mach 2-3, zero gravity type flying where you don’t know if you are upside down or right side up. Russia has this with a company called Space Affairs and their edge of space experience. Where for a little over a mere $26,000 you can travel to Russian, board a MIG-29 fighter jet, and travel to the edge of space and back. Or you can stay in the U.S. and for only $4,950 take a Zero-G thrill ride and feel weightless like an astronaut about twelve to fifteen times.

The experience is up to you, but in order to live life you have to experience what life has to offer. So whatever your personal thrill is? Go ahead and take the plunge, dive, or step on the gas. But no matter what you do, experience it firsthand. Don’t listen to somebody else’s stories, tell your own!


Making technology smarter through wireless & Bluetooth

Why are wires and basic necessary items so hated? Everything from telephones to headphones are now wireless and employ the latest in Bluetooth and Smart technology. Yes, Beats by Dre are wireless too now. Even though those bright red cables are the attraction sometimes it’s easier without them. Most of your home is wireless, and if it isn’t it soon will be. Watching TV from your computer required an HDMI cable connected to both. Now for only $35 Chromecast by Google lets you watch what you have on your phone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly on your TV. No need to find the right wires and ports anymore. Just plug once and play always.

Everything is now connected through Bluetooth or a mobile app to make life a lot simpler and easier. Connect it once and set it up. Then it will automatically connect when in range. That goes for your house, car, and personal technology. People nowadays can operate most of their house with a smartphone and a perfect example of that is the Kevo by Kwikset. A deadbolt door lock that works with your smartphone without having to use an actual key when entering and leaving the house. We also now have smart appliances like the ones LG produces for the home that include washers, dryers, ovens, and a fridge. Our lives are built around the phrase “Smart”. Smart phones, smart keys, smart gear, smart cars. But is relying on all this technology in the end so smart? It is the trend that is leading the world and its industries. Who knows how smart this technology and trend can actually get, or will it one day make up our daily routines for us?



New Samsung Galaxy NotePro – 12.2 inches!

First there were laptops that were portable, then came the Kindle and e-readers. Soon after the IPad emerged, and to compete, Samsung developed the Galaxy tablet. The battle raged on for years between the tablets market always one upping each other. Becoming bigger, brighter, and faster than before. Now Samsung has pulled ahead again with its new Galaxy Note Pro. The newest version in Samsung’s arsenal will feature a 12.2 inch screen with a 4 million pixel display and an enhanced multi-window viewing ability. Now you can view four screens at once without having to toggle between apps. So you can watch your favorite show while live tweeting about it. You can book your vacation while looking at the reviews and watching videos while planning your trip itinerary all at once. And you though multi-tasking wouldn’t be fun.

Just because bigger and brighter isn’t the only thing we like, the NotePro also comes with Samsung’s S Pen, the tablets own stylus. Powered by the new Android 4.4 KitKat OS is what makes the NotePro go, for work and play. It’s built for speed, for business, for fun and for anything in between so whether you or your kids are using it, everyone will have a heck of a time.

The 12.2 inch screen is the size of some ultra-books, all while being lighter and more portable. With its on screen keyboard and S Pen, there is no need for anything else. Type, write, scribble, or just draw, it can all be done on your lap.

How big, bright and powerful can these tablets get, before they aren’t tablets anymore? How much more can they evolve to make the user experience more productive and enjoyable at the same time? We will just have to see what comes out next.

7 Guilt-Free Cocktails for the Summer – Number 4 is a MUST TASTE!

Carving out your beach body with tougher workouts and new diets? Don’t forget
to factor in the calories that you’re drinking as well! Here’s 7 alcoholic beverages with
lower calories, so that you can still enjoy night life this Summer.

1. Champagne. A typical 4 oz glass of champagne has only 85 calories! That’s
nearly 100 calories less than a beer!

2. Skinny Mojito. Making sure no syrups are used, and that diet Sprite or club soda
is mixed instead of regular Sprite can give you a Mojito as low as 75 calories.

3. Vodka and diet soda. Remember that a serving of regular soda is 170 calories
without alcohol. Instead, mix a diet Coke with a flavored vodka – Cherry or Vanilla taste
the best. Choosing diet soda can not only give you a mixed drink under 100 calories but
also give a greater buzz.

4. Skinny Cosmopolitan. A regular Cosmo is 212 calories for only 4 ounces!
Instead, have Raspberry vodka with club soda and a splash of cranberry juice – it tastes
the same but only has 115 calories!

5. Gin and Diet Tonic. Most people don’t realize that tonic water has 124 calories
in a serving. Adding in the 85 to 100 calories in a shot of gin (or any hard alcohol) gives
you a drink over 200 empty calories. Diet tonic or even seltzer water gives the fizz
without the carbs and added sweeteners in regular tonic water.

6. Bloody Mary. While more of an acquired taste, most of this drink contains
tomato juice, giving you Fiber, Protein, and Calcium! At 125 calories, this drink is a great
choice for dieters because it provides nutritional benefits!

7. Skinny Appletini. Typically 250 calories, this cocktail can be as little as 100
calories if mixed with a diet mixer.

The future S-Class: The 2015 S-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz just pushed another envelope over the edge of excitement and exhilaration by introducing their 2015 S-Class Coupe, a two-door sporty model of their flagship S-Class sedan. Why take a perfect car and “Coupe” it up? Because that’s what the people want. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues to be the world’s best-selling luxury sedans. According to Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, in February, 6,985 units of the sedan were sold around the world, more than twice as much as in the same month of the previous year. The same occurred for their E-Class model. What started as a four-door sedan eventually transitioned into also being a coupe, a convertible, as well as a wagon version. As any great company does, you meet the market’s demand and as any breakthrough company does also, if there isn’t any demand, then you go ahead and create the demand and the market yourself.

The S-Class Coupe which premiered at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show is being called by Mercedes-Benz “an aesthetic, exclusive high-end coupe” and “the dream car that was just a dream, until now.” The car will come powered by a 4MATIC 4.7L V8 Bi-turbo engine producing 449 horsepower. It will also include driving features like the world’s first active curve tilting which enables the car to lean into bends and curves like a motorcyclist or skier, thus reducing the lateral acceleration on the passengers and driver so they sit more firmly and comfortably throughout the ride, which is part of the MAGIC BODY CONTROL, the first “suspension with eyes.” It works by scanning the road and if the scan detects unevenness, it slightly adjusts the active suspension to deal with the road condition. “You almost glide over the road, as if you are on a flying carpet” explains Stefan Cytrynski the project manager who is responsible for the feature.

According to their press release, “sensual purity as an expression of modern luxury – this was the focus for the designers, and the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. The aim is to create clear contours and smooth surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal. Mercedes-Benz creates a bridge between modernity and avant-garde, between tradition and progressivism.” The cars exterior will feature the long hood with a dropping line and the iconic three-pointed star and one louvre on the grill. The headlights will be full-LED headlamps and include a unique optional addition of having 47 Swarovski crystals. The taillights will come with two horizontal rows of LED lights and look similar to their most expensive model the SLR and the SLS coupe.

The interior will feature an array of state or the art luxury and technological options while at the same time embody the ultimate in luxury by utilizing some of the best leather and craftsmanship known in the car industry. Having options that include Nappa designo leather with diamond backstitching patterns gives both a sporty look and a luxury feel to the car and the design. The high-tech dashboard will also have a two-part wide-screen display placed in what they call a “hovering” position in front of the trim surface. As an option a heads up display is available and will bring all the important information to the driver’s direct field by projection the vehicle speed, navigation instructions, and any important driver assistance system messages onto the windshield on an 8 inch by 3 inch virtual display appearing to float around 6 feet away above the hood. To add to the technology factor, the interior includes a touchpad that operates the head-unit and as on a smartphone the touchpad allows it to be operated using finger gestures while also being able to handwrite letters, number and special characters using one of the head-units languages. Combining both luxury and technology one of the more unique features of both the interior and the exterior is the “MAGIC SKY CONTROL” panorama roof. This new roof allows the user to switch the transparency from light to dark, so when light the roof is almost completely transparent giving an open-air experience and when dark less than one percent of light comes through. Adding a touch of elegance to the interior there are is also an ambient lighting feature that includes seven different colors of LED ambient lights that you can choose from. Not at the dealership when you purchase the car, but when you finally drive it home, you can have it light up in any of the colors, and switch it whenever you feel and are in the mood for something different. It’s not your basic beige and dimmed cream, you have the options of red, violet, teal and others to decide between wherever you decide to go. Pair that with their Burmester 3D surround sound system and you will have the ride of your life every time you decide to drive.

The new 2015 S-Class Coupe will be a welcoming addition to the flagship S-Class sedan line that is already considered one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world. It will be another option for consumers to choose when deciding on their next dream car. This car is a dream car, taking the luxury from the class leading S-Class, and adding a sporty feel by making it a coupe. You have to wonder if this is just the beginning of a Coupe revolution for the masses. Coupes are becoming sedans, but more so than not sedans are transforming into coupes. An S-550 sedan features options like a reclining passenger seat, so you can be driven around in comfort and style, but with this new coupe version set to hit the market, you will want to jump into the driver’s seat yourself and never get out.

It’s All In The Bag – A Guide to Men’s Bags and Functions

The bag has been usually synonymous with a purse, an over the shoulder object that women wear. But guys had to sometimes carry it if the woman had too much other more important items to hold on to like her shopping, which the guys would then swap in an exchange for the bag leaving them with hands full of shopping bags that outweighed their workout dumbbells. During all that carrying, how much of the man’s stuff was in any of those bags? Probably a miniscule amount if any. Then a revolution came and man saw the light realizing that an over the shoulder bag is much easier and more convenient to carry and pack than the standard one or two handle old fashioned briefcase and thus man’s bag varieties were born.

The most professional and business appropriate bag, isn’t really a bag at all. It is still a modern briefcase and attaché. A new variation that still features clasp closures, the new style is to have them on the outside usually with a flap or buckle. The new styles also feature zipper closures with a shoulder strap for an easy carry experience and a top handle for a traditional carrying style. Instead of having a large open rectangular section with an inside pocket, the new styles come divided into sections for your documents, laptops, and also come with both inside and outer slip pockets for your everyday non-essential documents and extras. Business is always changing and we have to adapt to the new ways business get done. Changing our briefcase should be part of the job requirements to stay up to date in all the phases of our lives.

A slightly more casual appearing bag to the eye, yet many times is just as functional as a briefcase and usually less expensive is the messenger bag. A more street wear designed bag and fits in more with the youth and college crowd because of its practicality. Still with a large interior laptop/documents section, interior pockets for the pens and work accessories, these bags usually feature an outside pocket that is either zippered or hidden below a flap for those times you need to reach for something quickly and not have to take the entire bag off your shoulder.


The all-purpose bag to use every day whether you are carrying your gym clothes or going away for a couple of days or the weekend is the duffle bag. Which is also called a weekender bag. This is the biggest and most versatile bag of the bunch because it has the most uses and can accommodate as little or as much as needed. It usually consists of one main center compartment with small side pockets for the small but necessary items. The bulk of the items is meshed together in the center. Enough to fit your work items and a change of clothing if necessary and are layered properly. Though these are more for the non-executive files because they could bend or wrinkle and nobody wants to sign non-polished looking paperwork, it would just be a disgrace. For all your other needs this style of bag will work wonders. It is easy to carry because it has handles, an over the shoulder strap, a zipper closure and you won’t have to worry about over stuffing it because there in ample room for whatever you might need. Unless you’re going away for a week or a month, then you are better off with a piece of luggage.

The tote bag is the median between all the bag styles. It has modern look and feel to it and has enough room and function to carry the casual items that are needed for the day. It isn’t something that can really carry business documents, even though they can fit, it was not designed for that type of work. It is for the everyday stuff like magazines, a tablet, a folded newspaper and other daily accessories and items that a guy would carry with him. A bag that belongs more on the beach than in a boardroom, but has the functionality for both. Usually consisting of just carrying handles or straps, tote’s have an interior center all-inclusive pocket with smaller interior pockets. The bag has a casual style because of its easy open design and layout where most of the items can be thrown in, with the case of packing for the beach, then most of the items will be taken out regardless. A great bag to have nonetheless, it has a modern and fashionable style with a lot of casual usefulness.

A small ultra-sleek and trendy version of a messenger bag is the hobo bag. Primarily used to carry only the little things like a tablet or the essentials, it’s perfect for the person on the go and will be able to hold the necessities, keeping the handles clean and free. Not much else could fit into the bag, but to carry the important tech and gear this will surely do the job. Plus it also creates a modern fashion statement and exudes confidence without taking away any of your masculinity. It only adds to the modern FashionMR look and style.

Whether moving around the city or traveling out of state, being prepared is of the utmost importance both in business and style. Knowing how to carry yourself and your belongings is just as important. With these bag styles a FashionMR will always have the upper hand in dealing with anything that comes his way with work, play, or anything in between because he will always be ready to take on everything and have the right style to do so. You wouldn’t travel to Antarctica without the right equipment and belongings? Then why not carry your stuff in the right modern trendsetting bag of your choosing?

Cash and Credit – How the fashionmister can carry them in Style

Not long ago or maybe it was long ago, every man was carrying a tri-fold wallet containing all of their personal belongings. It was all your files packed into a couple of tiny compartments. The ID’s had their own clear section, the credit and debit cards had their own section, the cash had its own section, and the receipts combined other useless papers that we managed to scrap up during the week were falling out of their own section. The times changed, receipts started to be emailed, cards were being accepted in more and more places, and now sometimes we don’t even have to take out our wallet to pay. We can use our smartphones and a variety of payment apps.
Just like payment processing and fashion trends have been evolving, the wallet you carry and what’s inside should evolve as well. There are however lots of choices regarding the what, and how to carry your necessary cards, cash, and ID’s.

One of the main options is the Bi-fold wallet. It has become a go-to for those of us who decided to slim down a bit from the pocket bulging tri-fold style of yesteryear. The more modern bi-fold design usually features six card slots which can accommodate your bank, credit, store cards, ID’s and has either a single or a double billfold compartment for your necessary cash. Some versions are also equipped with an attached money clip in the middle and center so the cash is waving side to side like pages in a new book. If only you could open up your favorite book and find money in it. The bi-fold wallets do have vertical versions which are just as practical, but have a different orientation of the same design to give the owner another level of comfort when choosing what suits them best.

The cardholder is another even slimmer option to carry what you need. It is an ultra slim design with no folds or extra compartments. Usually consisting of three to six card slots for your everyday necessity cards and ID’s with an open center where if needed you can keep a couple of emergency bills. This cardholder does not take up a large amount of space in any of your pockets and it’s a sleek version wallet style for the ultra-trendy.

Going truly modern, the money clip is the sleekest carrying accessory of them all. It is also the least formal. It does do the job it’s designed for, you can put your cash, cards and ID’s into the clip, and it will take up less pocket space than any other item, it’s when it comes out, that it can be a mess and make the wrong statement. On the other hand it can also make the exact statement you want by being the contemporary and style accessory that this generation uses. If our cards are on our phones already, the only thing we really need is a money clip. At the end of the day, we really only need to carry one ID, one or two cards, and some cash. The money clip has more than enough space for those couple of items. It will even leave extra pocket space for the car keys, if they aren’t already the smart keys which could stay in your pocket the entire time you open, drive and lock the vehicle itself.

Ultimately, the choice is yours with these carrying necessities to take you into the modern times of life and style. Most of the options come in a variety of different leathers that include soft, calfskin, and reptilian skins with each brands unique logo’s and designs and have different stitching and color combinations. You just have to choose what suits you best, carry it proud and take it out to show it off when necessary.

Ferragamo cardholder front
Ferragamo cardholder front
Ferragamo cardholder
Ferragamo cardholder
MontBlanc money clip
MontBlanc money clip


Magnetic Money Clip
Magnetic Money Clip



Giorgio Armani Pebbled Leather Card Holder
Giorgio Armani
Pebbled Leather Card Holder


Bosca 'Hugo Bosca - Old Leather' Trifold Wallet
‘Hugo Bosca – Old Leather’ Trifold Wallet







The Bachelor Pad – Versace Home style

When we dream, we dream of owning a high priced mansion somewhere by the ocean like Miami Beach or in Tuscany, we think of the celebrity homes and their furnishings. However, few people can afford those over the top mansions like the Miami Beach Versace Mansion. Once listed for $125 million, the Miami Beach mansion formerly owned by the late Gianni Versace has been sold for $41.5 million at auction. Not everyone can drop that amount of cash on a house, or the estimated $33 million dollars on improvements. However you can still live like Versace and not have to spend millions doing so.

To outfit your own palace, Versace has a couture line of home furniture for every room in the house so the iconic logos and patterns can be all around if you so choose. Feeling like the perfect collection for a most eligible bachelor to live in style, you don’t have to fly to Miami and go to the Versace Mansion, the Versace Home collection will come to you. The collection has everything for every room in the house, so you can get the couch, the bed, the tables, chairs and the overlooked items like glassware as well. Just don’t forget about the two most important pieces of furniture in any home is the living room sofa, and the bedroom set.

The living room collection bolsters a “Couture” modular sectional which features a metal frame with wooden armrests, polyurethane foam upholstery and is available in fabrics and leathers from the collection. The sectional also features the iconic Versace pattern at the wrap around rim of the sofa with a white square pattern on the cushions. Which can be perfectly complimented by the black or white and chrome “Curve” chaise that features a three layer design and a truly modern feel.
For the bedroom it’s another masterpiece that should be displayed because that is where the mood is set and the magic happens. The “Greca” bedroom set will be the perfect fit with its velvety texture and the embossed Versace pattern throughout the bed, and nightstand which is also shaped in the Versace maze pattern and features a wood structure with chrome metal inserts on the sides and a base with mirror inserts in the bed.

Having a designer bachelor pad is also all about the details like tableware and silverware as well. Otherwise it feels like a bed with no mattress. So to compliment the design the “Medusa Lumiere” glassware collection by Rosenthal will fit right in. With its clear long drink glasses having the engraved Versace Medusa logo at the base of each glass, every time you finish your beverage you will have a smile knowing that you are living the Versace dream, and drinking from his glass.
Being a bachelor is a lifestyle, and how you live aka your bachelor pad should complement that lifestyle. When you want to live like a celebrity you do what the celebrity does and act like a celebrity acts. That doesn’t mean always being a diva, it just means being confident, have the things you want in life and enjoying them. The designer pad is filled with those must love items that are personal to each of us, so why not have an ultra-luxurious lifestyle to return home to every night? Dorothy said it best in the Wizard of Oz, “There is no place like home” and there is no better place to have the luxuries in life you deserve either.

Couture-modular sofa
Couture-modular sofa
Curve chaise
Curve chaise
Greca bed
Greca bed
greca nightstand
greca nightstand

NCAA March Madness – Upsets Galore – WATCH NOW!

Once again the NCAA Final Four tournament aka March Madness is upon us. Everyone is talking brackets. “Bracketology” is now a science and even our President, Barack Obama gets involved in the non-political atmosphere of the college basketball championship tournament with his own Final Four bracket named “Barack-etology.” This year the President picked the Michigan State Spartans to win it all. Joining in on the trend, Warren Buffet and Quicken Loans this year came up with a Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge with the prize being one billion dollars to the person who can fill out the perfect NCAA tournament bracket. Brackets are everywhere so no matter what you do, and where you are in America you probably either filled out a Final Four bracket and maybe even ten of them. Or are on the complete opposite end where you don’t want to hear the word bracket ever again. This is considered by many the greatest day in sports in the U.S. and is debated plentiful.

There are sixty four teams seeded within four sections and each section has seeds one through sixteen. Now history tells us that there will usually be at least one number twelve seeded team that defeats the number five seeded team in the first round. This year was no different, the number twelve seeded Harvard University went on to upset the number five seed Cincinnati by a score of sixty-one to fifty-seven. Another more closely battled upset came to Ohio State at the hands of Dayton by only one point in a sixty to fifty-nine battle that came down to the final seconds. However this was not the upset of the tournament so far. The biggest upset came when the number three seeded Duke University lost to a number fourteen seeded Mercer. Duke usually one of the perennial favorites every year for the fact that they have one of the best coaches in history to ever coach college basketball in Mike Krzyzewski, who also happened to coach the Men’s US Olympic basketball team most recently. They are also a very talented and reliable team with one of the top college players in Jabari Parker, a lock for the NBA whenever he decides to become a professional basketball player and enter the NBA Draft. Duke lost by the score of seventy-eight to seventy-one in what is considered the upset of the tournament thus far. Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski went into the Mercer locker room after the game to congratulate the team and said “If we got beaten, at least we got beaten by a hell of a basketball team.” In life it’s important to always be a class act no matter the outcome of the situation, and this is why no matter what, every year Duke is always a favorite.

Google announces new Android Wear – Wearable gear by Google

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones, smart technology and technology that is readily available at our fingertips with these new smart watches that information is going to be available on our wrists. Powered by Google and the Android brand will let you have easy access to whatever you might need throughout your day without having to even take out your phone anymore. You will be able to get the weather, directions, find places, and even respond to text messages just by using your voice. You might say that is already available on mobile phones and it is. The main difference is that your phone does not need to come out of your pocket anymore. The technology is based on the same functions as your phone’s Google Now and Google cards features. Where based on your previous searches and inputs Google gives you updated information about what you might like and where you might need to go. All that will be required are two simple words. “OK Google” then either ask your question if looking for information like “where is the nearest flower shop?” Or say a command like send a text, or reply.


Google announces new Android Wear - Wearable gear by Google
via Android Wear – Wearable gear by Google

LG is partnering with Google to bring you the new Android wear which is scheduled for a Q2 2014 release. The G watch is the common square version of a smart watch and will include functions that will enable the consumer to call for taxis, make reservations and also have their tasks updated. Pretty much allowing them to use the Google functions without their phone making the technology at the fingertips much easier.

A newer version is also in the works by Motorola as well. It will be called the “Moto 360” which is set to arrive in the summer of 2014. There aren’t many details about it yet but the main feature is that it will look and feel like an actual watch. It will have the iconic round bezel with traditional hour, minute and seconds hands. Also featuring a leather band which can be interchangeable if necessary, will be water resistant and have gesture support “with just a twist of the wrist you can see who’s emailing or calling, what time your next meeting is or a friend’s latest social post.” One of the unique functions of the watch is that no matter how you wear it, whether it’s on the left hand or right hand, it is orientation free and that the screen will self-adjust to the relative viewpoint. Like most products it will run on the Android OS and by saying “Ok Google” followed by the phrase of choosing will enable it to function as you wish. LG’s Moto 360 concept is marketing itself with the slogan “It’s Time” and yes it is, it’s definitely time.


I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur

 Today I’m thinking about elegance—what it is, what it means, and what forms it can take.

    Much of our contemporary idea of elegance derives from the lifestyles and attire of the often frankly inelegant celebrities about whose lives we seem never to tire of hearing, and not only their fabulous vacations and torrid affairs but also the minutiae of their daily existence.

    Though the intensity of the modern West’s obsession with celebrity culture, and the massive cottage industry that has grown up around it, are wholly new, in matters of style the public has looked to distinguished individuals for guidance at least since the Duke of Windsor and Fred Astaire became synonymous with male elegance in the 1930s. And in this regard—elegance—it must be said that the paragons of yesteryear, whether heads of state or silver screen idols, outshone many of their latter-day counterparts.

    Michelle Obama wearing Junya Watanabe, adoring press notwithstanding, has style but lacks elegance. Carla Bruni, on the other hand, seems to have elegance in spades, as one might expect of a former model—yet she remains a model, wearing clothes well but without her own unifying aesthetic.

    What then is elegance? And what purpose does this palpable yet unquantifiable attribute serve, other than to aestheticize human existence and to draw the occasional admiring glance?

    These questions, never less than embers in my mind, were fanned into flame recently by my receipt of a rather astonishing photo book entitled Gentlemen of Bakongo: The Importance of Being Elegant. The subject of the book is sapeurs, the acolytes of a “religion of clothing” unique to the Congo, and the photographs depict real-life sapeurs in their native environment—the streets and open-air bars of Brazzaville and Kinshasa, the capital cities of the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, respectively, which lie in sight of one another on opposite sides of the Congo River.

    This book, as its title indicates, focuses exclusively on the sapeurs of the famous Bakongo neighborhood of Brazzaville. The photographer, Daniele Tamagni, has done an admirable job of capturing these rare birds in their often squalid environs. Indeed one might come away from her book with the impression that the streets of Congolese cities are positively crowded with peacocks young and old, nattily dressed in European finery.

    What youthful Japanese are often said to have removed from the Western styles of dress they’ve co-opted—namely, their emotional content—even while perfecting them to excess, these Congolese men have restored and heightened. Harajuku girls with more or less sunny dispositions may think nothing of draping themselves in black lace as Gothic lolitas, but for Congolese sapeurs elegance neither begins nor ends with colorful plumage.

    Tamagni writes, “Members [of SAPE] have their own code of honour, codes of professional conduct and strict notions of morality. It is a world within a world within a city. Respected and admired in their communities, today’s sapeurs see themselves as artists.” They are gentlemen, and although many younger sapeurs, unlike their forefathers, have organized themselves into competing gangs, they rarely brawl but instead engage in sartorial stand-offs, using their Sunday best as weapons.

    And yet many of these young men are unemployed or make pitifully small wages. Some must save up for months to buy a single designer ensemble. Many is the girlfriend and mother, one can imagine, who wishes that her lover or son would put his money toward more practical goals—like buying a house. Foolish as their indulgence in clothing they can scarcely afford may seem (and in fact is), it’s clear that sapeurs have found a way to transcend their filthy surroundings. That fashion is the vehicle for this transcendence does not invalidate either the goal or the achievement.

    It is easy sometimes for us to forget that money has no intrinsic value, and is useful only insofar as it can obtain for us goods and services that we need and desire. These things which money can buy, whether tangible possessions or intangible attainments such as an advanced education, do have value, either as means to an end or as ends in themselves. So although there is a sense in which the sapeurs, especially those in the younger generation—some of whom seem to compete with one another for gaudiest attire—dress to the nines for the sake of elegance alone, and although there is wisdom in urging them to use their incomes to better themselves, rather than merely their wardrobes, there is also much to be admired in the way they have forged, against the grain of their milieu, confident and unique self-identities.

    Forced to confront daily a world that offers them little encouragement or opportunity, the sapeurs don their elegant suits as a defense against poverty, hopelessness and death. And in so doing, they inspire the next generation to look beyond the dark world in which they are raised and dream of what might be.


I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur
I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur


I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur
I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur


I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur
I on Fashion: Elegance and the Sapeur



The Vertu brand is widely known around luxury circles because of its exclusivity. Like any Ferrari or an Audemars Piguet time piece, the finer the build quality and reputation the more expensive and in demand it is. Hermes, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and others are some of the designers that jumped aboard the IPad case bandwagon with their additions. Electronics and other on the go gadgets are no different. Vertu is the gold standard of the luxury phone world and with their new Constellation model they are soaring sky high. The luxury touches are all around the phone from front to back and all around even in places you don’t see. Starting with the fact that each phone is handmade in England, has a calf leather rear panel that can be accessorized with an alligator, ostrich, or a karung slip case of various colors. The front of the phone includes a forged titanium case and a 4.3 inch crystal sapphire screen. The best parts however are what is not visible to the naked eye. They are the inner functions of the phone itself. Features that include Vertu Life, Concierge and Certainty. Vertu life provides the owner access to invitation only events, private clubs, cultural experiences like Cannes Film festival and sporting events that otherwise are almost inaccessible like the Formula 1 events and the World Cup.

Vertu Concierge provides 24-hour worldwide assistance, recommendations, and priority benefits. It’s like having your own worldwide personal assistant with you all the time. You make the request, and they make it happen. Vertu Certainty is a security feature for their phones that enables the owner to have remote access for troubleshooting and the ability to encrypt their information for security reasons. Having a Vertu phone does two main things for an individual. The first is that it shows status to anyone who looks at it. As with any uber-luxury item, the people that know about it, know all about it. The second and the more important function that is does is make calls. It is a phone after all, no matter what options and features it has, it still needs to function like a phone at the end of the day. The enjoyment comes in knowing what kind of phone is being used.

Style Bonus: Colorful Dress Socks

Once you’ve mastered the rules, you can break them.  This is as true in men’s style as in many other fields, and the ability to violate the rules with aplomb can set the FashionMR apart from the crowd of unassuming men that surround him.  One of the cardinal rules of good style is that you should match your socks to your pants.  It’s a good rule, generally speaking: it lengthens your legs visually, makes you appear taller, and is a safe union of color between the pants and the shoes.  But like all rules, it can be broken, and if you break it with style, you can have a flash of bold dress that declares your sartorial independence from the ordinary.

First, some grounding rules- yes, there are rules for breaking the rules.  The whole point of bold dress socks is that they contrast the sober surroundings of your pants and shoes.  Therefore, if either of those happen to already be colorful, opt for normal, staid dress socks.  You wouldn’t wear red dress socks with blue suede shoes, for example- unless you seriously wanted attention.  Additionally, you should match patterns with solids and solids with patterns- if both your socks and your pants have a pattern, the effect will be too busy.

That said, use your dress socks for a flash of color in a normally sober outfit, like a colorful dress shirt.  In fact, if you choose, you can match your socks with your dress shirt- consider wearing pink socks with a charcoal gray suit and a pink Bengal stripe dress shirt underneath.  Play with complimentary colors, if you can: if you’re wearing a navy suit, try some orange socks.  Of course, if it’s summer and you’re wearing a white or khaki suit, all bets are off- be as colorful as you like.  Use your socks as a palette no less than the rest of your wardrobe, because every part of your body can act as a tool of expression.  You should be an individual from head to toe.