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Walmart stuns with new private fashion brands

Walmart has now made a massive shift to push towards online apparel to compete with Amazon. Walmart is betting on four new private fashion brands to push them to the front.

“Seeking higher margins via higher-priced goods, Walmart is looking to woo more affluent shoppers who buy technology and groceries at the chain but would typically walk past its fashion and beauty aisles,” Preston Bottomy, general manager of prestige beauty, said.

The brands launching for Walmart are Time and Tru for women, plus size label Terra & Sky, Wonder Nation for kids and also the relaunch of George, a brand exclusively for men.

Walmart, in the past, has struggled to find a good fashion niche in apparel beyond basic tee’s. As Amazon continues to spread in all categories, Walmart has started becoming more and more vulnerable to the online giant, as their competitor constantly betters price and convenience.

According to Matthew Kaness, the new executive in residence and vice president of Walmart US e-commerce, the retail brand is taking a more curated approach to enhancing its product mix across all categories.

Amazon’s new platform hints at the future of fashion

Amazon recently patented a product that hints toward the future and how people will soon be getting dressed. This past Tuesday, the tech mogul was granted a patent for a sort of reality mirror, which could ultimately project virtual clothing onto your reflection. It would also be capable of putting you inside a virtual scene like a beach or restaurant– something to match the outfit with the occasion.

The technology combines the use of mirrors, lights, projectors, displays and cameras to create an image on the display, according to the patent.

“These visual displays can be used to alter scenes as perceived by users, for example, by adding objects to the scene that do not actually exist,” the patent states.

It is still unclear if Amazon would use their own clothing line for virtual clothing, but it’s a possibility given how this new program could be a way for Amazon to sell apparel. In the past couple of years, the company has produced several in-house fashion labels such as James & Erin women’s clothing and Franklin & Freeman men’s dress shoes.

The smart mirror would be an unusual move for the tech giant. It could serve as a helpful extension for its newest product Echo Look ($200). This device is designed to be a style assistant to help a person figure out what to wear. It has a voice-controlled camera that takes pictures of the customer in different types of outfits that works through an app.

Other retailers are also using the concept of a smart mirror in brick and mortar stores. Rebecca Minkoff’s connected store concept has mirrors built inside that have integrated touchscreens, allowing the customers to search for looks, colors and different sizes. Nordstrom has also test types of smart mirrors in their fitting rooms.

Men catching up to women in online fashion shopping

Women are considered to be very active online shoppers, but as of late, it seems that men are slowly catching up and creating competition. Men are already taking the lead in footwear and accessories.

According to Rashi Vasudev, vice president at Flipkart, men’s footwear was the number one category expected to grow the fastest over the course of the next two years with an online penetration up to 18 percent, while clothing will see an increase of 5-6 percent:

“Over the years, we are seeing the otherwise active ecom shopper, who is male, foraying more and more into fashion online. Market size of both men’s and women’s clothing online is at neck and neck now. However, in terms of footwear and accessories, men’s market online is far ahead.”

A report released by Boston Consulting Group stated that between 55 and 60 million consumers are currently buying fashion products online, and the market is getting even bigger. Men’s fashion is expected to get another boost by this new growth.

According to Kabir Mehra, co-founder of Herringbone & Sui (a label that creates made-to-measure suits and Indian formal wear), there will be an increase in new portal introducing more menswear to the growing segment of consumers. This will become a trend with more men opting to shop online rather than at brick and mortar stores:

“As a trend men are more likely to shop on occasions, as opposed to indulging in the activity as leisure. They are also shoppers of habit and tend to research thoroughly on any expenditure they make when it comes to luxury ensembles. Given this, the online landscape has drastically changed.”

Women also tend to shop for their partners or male family members online, since it’s much easier and more convenient to shop this way rather than taking them to a store.

“They can simply share link of what they think is a good purchase and all the men need to do is check this on their phones, thereby making the process quicker,” added Samarth Hegde, the other co-founder of Herringbone & Sui.

Arun sirdeshmukh, head of Amazon Fashion says that they have witnessed almost 100 percent growth in the menswear category from 2015 to 2017.

“With the growing appetite for up-to-date trends, men are getting increasingly fashion forward,” he said.

Calvin Klein, Inc. having holiday retail with Amazon Fashion

The holiday retail experience will be the first between Amazon Fashion and Calvin Klein. The collection will include exclusive styles available only to Amazon customers at the pop-ups and the online brand store. The pop-up shops will be located in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and also in the city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles. The Collection will be available to be purchased now until December 31st.

Each location will be selling Calvin Klein Underwear products, including both the men’s and women’s underwear and loungewear offerings. The online Calvin Klein store will offer a bigger selection of both the Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans products.

We are proud to collaborate with Amazon Fashion on this exciting retail concept,” said Cheryl Abel-Hodges, head of Calvin Klein Underwear. “It is our goal to deliver an immersive and content-driven shopping environment to the consumer, and we are thrilled to introduce this experience to CALVIN KLEIN and Amazon shoppers, both online and offline, just in time for the holiday season.”

The customers at the pop-up shops will be able to purchase goods by scanning the barcode in the Amazon App and It can be shipped to their home. The fitting rooms will have Amazon Echo devices, which allow the shoppers to ask Alexa (the voice from the Echo) questions about the Calvin Klein products, control lighting features, and play some music of their choice.


Both the pop up shops will have feature areas that are there to keep the customers engaged and entertained. There will be customization stations that allow shoppers to have their purchased Calvin Klein Underwear items specially embroidered and personalized. They will also have content creation spaces will encourage shoppers to create some unique social media clips. Lastly, they will have lounge areas that will connect both the shoppers from the west and east coast pop up shops via video calling on the Amazon Echo Show, allowing them to interact and share news with each other in real time.


During the holiday season, the shops will be hosting various special events with famous personalities, including supermodel Karlie Kloss and comedian Lilly Singh. Kloss and Singh are being featured in the Amazon.com/mycalvins brand shop and throughout the pop-up shops during the entire holiday retail experience.

“The holiday season is one of the most important shopping times for our customers, and we are delighted to team up with Calvin Klein to provide a fun, interactive experience that connects our customers to product in an engaging way,” said Michelle Rothman, Vice President at Amazon Fashion. “Customers will also be able to shop exclusive CALVIN KLEIN items on amazon.com/mycalvins.”

Amazon moves into fashion while Asos tries to take lead digitally

Fashion label Asos will be testing new digital features that include a gifting assistant and a “pay later” feature. The fashion company is also adding a chat box feature on its Facebook page starting November 8th for shoppers in the UK and France. The Shoppers will answer a series of questions that will help the chat box compose a list of suggestions for potential gifts that are available on the site.

The chat box service is originally set to run through Christmas but there is a possibility that this simple addition to the website could lead to a foundation for Asos to work with artificial intelligence. Earlier this year Asos began to test a virtual assistant that would help customers search for products and it even kept a profile of their personal data, including size and their specific preferences.

Asos has also been the newest company to try the “try before you buy” trend. This trend is similar to Amazon Prime Wardrobe. The shoppers who buy from Asos app will only have to pay for the items they want to keep by selecting the “pay later” option that gives the shopper 30 days to use their payment method to confirm the purchase of the clothes they were indecisive about. Asos focuses on the shoppers who don’t want to buy clothes rather than trying to persuade the shoppers to not return the items like Amazon Prime Wardrobe would do.

Asos said, “the service will appeal to customers who want to try on everything they’ve ordered and only pay for what they keep. Not being able to try on items before buying them has long been a challenge, so it made sense to explore a try-before-you-buy service in the U.K.”

Asos has partnered with provider Klarna to be able to offer the “pay later” feature that had a successful test in Germany. The company doesn’t have enough expertise to be able to provide its own flexible payment process like PayPal and it also doesn’t have ownership of a logistics process like Amazon.

“The positive experience of flexible payment options in other territories, our belief in the Klarna service and a clear desire from customers made us confident that now would be a good time to launch.” Nicola Thompson, Asos global trading director said.

Asos is using this new feature to battle against other top brands like Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and Amazon have all already started offering services like this. With Amazon, they began using the feature US this summer that let Prime users order high ends brands like Hugo Boss, Adidas, and Levi’s without having to pay upfront. Shoppers were given seven days to decide to keep the items or not.

With this new feature in place, it will give shoppers a bigger incentive to browse the website and look at different items they wouldn’t have thought twice about. Users spend an average of about 80 minutes per month on the website but the business has admitted that only a small fraction of its catalog gets looked at due to limitations in screen size, search, and navigation.

Netflix talks price increase

Netflix just announced that it will be soon raising the price of its online streaming service an extra $1-$2 per month from the current $7.99 monthly rate. The exact rate increase is still being discussed and decided on by the Netflix corporate executives. This is only for their DVD-less streaming Netflix service. Netflix states that the way the program works is that “For only $7.99 a month, you get unlimited movies & TV episodes instantly over the Internet to your TV or computer. There are no commercials, and you can pause, rewind, fast forward or rewatch as often as you like. It’s really that easy!” We have thousands of movies & TV episodes available to watch instantly right on your TV via a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 or any other device that streams from Netflix, or to watch instantly on your computer.”

This price increase was previously tested in Ireland when Netflix earlier this year raised prices in Ireland by one Euro, current members though were locked into the €6.99 rate for two years. Netflix has learned a lesson or two about how to communicate pricing changes to customers. In 2011, when the company last announced a price hike, subscribers fled, the stock price sank and Reed Hastings, the company’s CEO, had to apologize to members. So now they are approaching this extremely sensitive topic in another way. According to their statement to shareholders “Our current view is to do a one or two dollar increase, depending on the country, later this quarter for new members only. Existing members would stay at current pricing (e.g. $7.99 in the U.S.) for a generous time period. These changes will enable us to acquire more content and deliver an even better streaming experience.” “We are approaching 50 million global members, but that is far short of HBO’s 130 million. We are eager to close the gap.”

This new rate hike would still keep the price of Netflix under the magic $10 mark, which is sort of the cutoff point for monthly subscriptions. I guess we will just have to see the exact increase when it happens soon. But for now, if you’ve been on the subscription fence about Netflix, maybe it’s time to sign up quickly to see if you can lock in the lower $7.99 monthly rate before the price hike happens.