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The Empire State will light up silver for 50 Anniversary of Warhol’s Empire on 7/25

“I never liked the idea of picking out certain scenes and pieces of time and putting them together, because… it’s not like life… What I liked was chunks of time all together, every real moment.”

The late American Artist, Warhol stated this after producing the most unique film of the 20th century. He was known for his ambiguous productions of art. He stuck by his own visions and perception of beauty and gave his viewers a journey through his eyes. His love for the Empire State building was so grand; he created an eight hour filmed dedicated to the building.

via moma.com
via moma.com

All throughout July you can catch a Viewing of the film Empire in the Empire State building. Also details of the artist and his creations will be accompanying this tribute to Warhol and the building.

On July 25th, the building will be will filled with thousands of white lights dedicating the honor of the film’s anniversary in 1964.

Be sure to hashtag #WarholEmpire while tweeting your pictures!


Photo via Linghao