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Apple fought a fashion company called “Steve Jobs” and lost

When the name Steve Jobs comes to mind, most people think of the founder of the massive technology company Apple. Steve Jobs Inc. is a completely different entity.

Steve Jobs Inc. is a fashion brand (and aspiring electronics company) based out of Italy. The company registered the trademark under the name “Steve Jobs” with the European Union’s Office for harmonization in the Internal Market back in 2012. The brand has a registered logo that consists of a “J” that looks like it has a bite taken out of it with a single, angled leaf at the top. This logo is similar to Apple’s.

Apple tried to fight the trademark application, but Business Insider Italia reported that the massive tech company lost. The fight ended back in 2014, according to Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, the brothers who both founded Steve Jobs, the company. The brothers wanted to wait until after they extended their trademarks around the world and were free to use them before they announced this battle, the Telegraph reported.

The company is solely focused on fashion– especially denim– for the time being. Their social media pages show off Steve Jobs jeans and a Steve Jobs bag made from denim. The brothers told Business Insider Italia that they created the brand in hopes of becoming an electronic label.

“Clothing and design are the industries in which we worked, but electronics have always been the goal of the Steve Jobs brand,” the brothers explained.

The brothers are fully aware of the problems they could stir up with Apple: “Imagine devices marked with the name Steve Jobs with Android as an operating system.”

Apple’s conflict with them was never the name but the logo they trademarked.  However, the court ruled that the letter “J” isn’t edible and sided with the brothers, allowing them to use their logo.

Shortcut: The Barbershop in Your Pocket

In a world of on demand everything, the Shortcut app brings you yet another service right to your door. But instead of offering taxi service, it connects customers to door-to-door barbers. Offering high quality haircuts in various styles, Shortcut is quite simple in practice. Download the free app on the Apple App store, create an account and request a service. The app will then choose a barber to suit your style and send them to your door. A cut for one person is rather expensive, but it gets cheaper if you add more customers to a single visit. Shortcut provides service from 8am-12am; more hours than a local barber. For more info, check out the Shortcut website.


China’s Answer to the Iphone 6 Pocket Bulge

Now that iPhone 6s are rolling out in China, customers are dealing with the same pocket issues western users have been having for the last month. The bulge from tight, stylish pants are becoming more prevalent. While it does deserve the hashtag “#firstworldproblems,” it doesn’t mean the concern shouldn’t be addressed.

A few weeks ago in Amsterdam, the local mobile service provider KPN, took a creative step in solving this problem. A bicycle powered mobile service offered potential iPhone 6/6+ customers the option to resize their pockets as they waited to purchase their devices. Customers temporarily traded pants for white gowns as their pockets were tailored to accommodate Apple’s new, larger phones.

China took the next step in fighting the iPhone pocket bulge. A telecom company, China Unicom, offered tailoring services to new iPhone customers. Coupled with a decorative kiosk and tailor, People’s Daily China shared some images of the setup at Shanghai’s Unicom store.

Apple announces 7-for-1 Stock Split

Apple announced another stock split that will occur on June 2nd 2014, and begin trading at the lower split adjusted price on June 9th. This one is a little different than before. Not in any financial way, just that this time it will be a 7-for-1 split. This will not have any direct impact on the company’s financials, it will simply dilute the shares and ownership percentages while making it easier monetarily for the average investor to purchase a share of the stock. At the closing price of $594.09 as of 4/28/14 it would be a little more difficult for the average investor to purchase that one share of Apple Inc. However, after the stock split, one share would then only cost $84.87. The number of authorized Apple common shares will increase from 1.8 billion to 12.6 billion as a result of the split. The major difference is that one share gets one voting right, but now that same share would still get the same one voting right, just there would be seven times the shares out in the market, so your percentage of company ownership which each share of stock entitles you to have is minimized proportionally.

On the Apple Investor Relations page website when asked “Why have you decided to split Apple’s stock?” The reply was “We want Apple stock to be more accessible to a larger number of investors.” This will be Apple’s fourth stock split since going public. Apple’s common stock split on a 2-for-1 basis on May 15, 1987, on June 21, 2000 and also on February 18, 2005.

How this affects the investor. If you ever wanted to buy a share of Apple stock, but had the mindset that it was too expensive for you to afford, now that will change. You will be able to buy a share at 1/7th of the current price, so getting a share at under $100 will be very possible and likely as of June 9th 2014. You should consult with your financial adviser before jumping into any stock, but if you always wanted shares in Apple, but the price was always too high, this will be your chance to jump in.