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If you are going to Dress like a Dapper Gentleman, You have to Smell like one too!

Throughout the past couple of years, Oud fragrances have made a global impact on society. By dominating the market, oud fragrances have taken the form of “liquid gold” since it is one of the rarest and most expensive components used in luxury fragrances. An oud fragrance is best worn during an evening event or when you want to make an impact!

Featured Image via Pexels/Terje Sollie

Authentic ouds are known as “big” meaning they consist of intense smells that allows you to use less of the product. In this case, less is more so you are not overpowering every person around you. If you are looking for a scent that is extremely powerful, then try Oud Alif by Shay & Blue, Ermenegildo Zagna Indonesia Oud, Armani/Prive Oud Royal, or Creed Royal-Oud.

An accessible Oud fragrance scent allows it to be a less overpowering, which allows it to be less noticeable from the people around you. Specific brands that are known for Oud fragrances with a less intense aroma are Tom Ford or Comme des Garçons. If you want to try a fragrance with a less intense smell, try Tom Ford’s Oud Wood or Spicy Tobacco Oud. Other brands to try are Comme des Garçons Wonderoud, John Varvatos Oud, and Boss Body Oud.

Now there are other ouds that are phenomenal but have a weird mix of scents. One example would be Tom Ford’s Private Blend Oud Minérale. This scent is the combination of smoked wood that resembles warmth with a hint of salty marine like fragrance. Another example is the Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud due to the mix of lemon and wood. This creates a rich and fresh scent leaving behind a hint of smoked citrus. Other fresh ouds consist of Jo Malone’s Oud and Bergamot.

To beyond the realm of fragrances! We find ourselves searching for other useful oud products, which are available. If you are addicted to using oud fragrances you can purchase the Carsons Apothecary Oud Beard Oil. If you happen to not have a beard, well… now is the perfect time to grow one!

Other products are mainly household items. Since everyone likes their home to feel warming and inviting, you want to have a nice scent that will make your guests want to come back as soon as possible. So purchase an Oud candle. Some examples would be the Timothy Dunn Oud candle or the Acqua Di Parma Heavyweight Colonia Cube candle. Incenses can be purchased as well. A few great products would be the Bakhoor Insense or the Tom Dixon London Scented Diffuser.

Hopefully you make the right choice to purchase one of these rich and inviting scents to allow you to become a better-rounded dapper gentleman!

Acqua Di Giò – Scent of Freedom

Armani presents a new fragrance for men collaborating with an Italian Olympic swimmer Luca Dotto. Armani recalls the fragrance “Acqua Di Giò – Scent of Freedom”. The fragrance itself derived from a variety of things. “A light distinguished fragrance  inspired by fresh sea, warm sun and richness of the earth” as Armani portrays. The collection includes the cologne itself, body spray, deodorant stick, hair and body shampoo, and aftershave.

In the advertisement, the fragrance splashes all over the rocks and joins with nude Luca Dotto. He then runs towards the light and flies into infinity as he sets himself free. Check out the official video below and some behind the scenes of the advertisement.

The 2011 World Championship Silver Medalist is also the face of Armani Underwear and Eyewear campaigns.



Macy’s Trending for Spring/Summer 2014

The newest fashion trends for the spring and summer are bright colors, and relaxing styles. Colored loafers are back in season, so are casual oxfords and boat shoes. These new styles show an image of cool and casual because now the code of “dressed to impress” consists of shorts and a seersucker blazer. Also new light materials are being shown off to give breathability to your everyday clothing by featuring very light and airy fabrics with colors and patterns you would see on a holiday trip to the Hamptons, Miami, or Italy. There is absolutely nothing missing from these styles to back up your globe-trotting and high end lifestyle, except for maybe a beautiful female by your side. But that might be an option that will come later, after the clothes are worn and observed.

Trending now are the brighter pastel colored shorts, polo’s and blazers with a weekend casual vibe. The top designers who are already showing off their casual spring and summer collections are Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Tallia, and Nautica. Each has its own style, however the most uniquely designed piece is the Hugo Boss blazer with zipper shoulder sleeves which can be taken off and made into a vest. So with Hugo Boss, whether it’s chilly or hot the same blazer can be used and worn in a multitude of ways. Casual formal with the full blazer, rocker-hip with the sleeves unzipped to form a vest, or just with a t-shirt in both scenarios. Spring is in the air and summer is coming. Bright cool colors and fabrics are going to be all over the streets soon, so why not get your jump on the seasons fashion now? Don’t be a follower, be the trendsetter this season!

2014 Summer Must Haves!

Now that summer is just around the corner, we have come up with the 5 summer must haves that every guy should have this year. The list is not only about clothes, it’s about the main things that will make this summer season one to remember. Of course clothing is a big part of summer but so are the experiences.

So here are your summer must haves in order to make the best of what the season has to offer.

The Clothes – You have to get some new summer shorts and also a few t-shirts to brighten up during the day. Along with of course a pair of swim trunks. How can summer be enjoyed and not at the beach?

The Accessories – Every season new sunglasses come out and so should yours. It’s the perfect season for shades. The sun is shining in your eyes, and you don’t want to wear a hat. Also you can people watch without them knowing and it adds that cool trendy factor.

The Protection – Oh this is a need for all people. You probably will get burned if you go outside. So have some sunscreen with you. Not that historic cream, but a spray on sunscreen that no one knows you’re wearing. You don’t have to sacrifice skin care for style.

The Body – Getting into shape should be a priority. Everyone wants to have that beach body. Having nice biceps, a chiseled chest and what everyone dreams of, washboard abs. It will make you look better, be more attractive and build confidence. Mainly it will be a major advantage with the last must have on our list.

The Fling – The best thing about summer are the females. All slim and tanned, wearing low cut skirts, see through shirts and looking for fun just like you. So this summer a must have is the relationship. Even if it will undoubtedly end in a few months you should still enjoy them. And no better way to enjoy summer than with beautiful lady by your side.

Instead of people watching in the summer to see what is out there, be the guy that other want to see. Make everyone else people watch you! Let someone come up to you and ask if you believe in love at first sight? The reply by asking if you should walk by again.