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Adidas’ new boost shoes are a throwback with a twist

1996: inventor Frampton Ellis came to Adidas with a new way to create sneakers. Squared-off edges, he argued, were a driving force behind rolled ankles and should be replaced by wider, rounded soles that would produce more stability for athletes.

Adidas took his product and produced a new shoe called Feet You Wear. Adidas went on to use the bulky, rounded soles on everything from the Forty Low Trainer to the Salvation Running Shoe.  Kobe Bryant’s signature Adidas kicks, the Adidas KB8 III, used this tech.

This month, Adidas is bringing the soles back but with a more modern take on Boost technology to give them a more 2018 look.

NBA fashion persona star Nick Young has already been seen wearing a pair of what are now called “Crazy Boost You Wear” on the basketball court. He was wearing a pair of on court shoes rather than the streetwear ones. Both shoes are built to allow more natural movement for the wearer.

The shoe is cut into three parts, making each sole completely separated. The overall product is one of the most comfortable shoes you can wear.

The return of Feet You Wear on Kanye West’s Yeezy 500s and the new Boost You Wear is bringing back 90s nostalgia. This time, it might be around for good.

Dwyane Wade drops new athletic line

Dwyane Wade is trying to accomplish the one thing everybody hates about working out or activities that cause you to sweat; he wants you to not smell anymore.

Dwyane Wade dropped his new collaboration line this past Wednesday that has some high-tech performance qualities. The new compression wear collection with Mission has figured out how to keep you smell-free by using VaporActive technology into the designs, that has odor-killing and moisture-wicking particles right in the fabric.

“The one thing they know that I’m all about is how you smell,” Wade told Men’s Health about what he thought was the most important factor when it came to creating his new collection.

“We need to control the odor, that’s definitely number one.” Dwyane Wade said. “After that, it’s about style, because we all want to look good. And comfort. You want to make sure you feel good in it.”

The new line will be a symbol of Wade’s eighth year partnering up with the mission brand, and it’s just the newest addition to his growing fashion collection. So far Dwyane Wade’s collection have included neckties, socks, shoes, and even jewelry. Dwyane Wade admits that this newest addition might be the best idea yet because of the line’s “flash on” technology that will only show up in photos.

“When you take a picture, like we all do, it flashes and it has this light,” Wade explained. “It can turn into so many things—it can turn into words and colors and designs—and I thought it was so cool.”

The line will start off with three different colors as the base. The colors are gray with red accents, all black, and a nice “white springy color that makes you feel good when you put it on” which is Wade’s favorite, that also comes with green and yellow accents. All the pieces will include the “flash on” technology.

Wade says his favorite piece of the line is the tights. “I love tights. I’ve been wearing tights since my second year in the NBA.” He said. Wade feels they are more of a performance enhancer rather than just a flashy fashion statement.

“The reason I wear those is to get my body loose and get my body warm, especially on the basketball court where it’s cold or you’re sitting down—you want to keep your body warm you never want it to cool down,” he said. “It’s the same thing when you’re in the gym. Once you get your body going, you want to keep it warm.”

Mission x WADE 11.8.2017 #FlashYourMove

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The three-time NBA champion says the line can pique the interest of anyone because there is always something in his collection for just about everybody.

“The one cool thing is everyone is an athlete,” Wade said. “If you just decide to just power walk down the block, this is something for you. If you decide you want to do more and have a trainer, then this is for you. If you play a professional sport, this is for you.”